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Recap of the daily recaps

Post-season follow up
Swag deluxe; After words - Janelle welcome home pics

September 20 - Day 80 - The end - BB6 Park by TD
But wait, there's more! - wrap party pics; Your winner; That's that; Hamsterwatch and hamsterwatchers; plus several videos

September 17-18-19 - Days 77-78-79 - BB6 Park by TD part 1 - part 2
Nowhere to hide; Ladies & gentlemen of the jury; plus several videos

September 16 - Day 76 - Janelle evicted - BB6 Park by TD
Oh Janey - Janelle tribute; Ivette on her own; Untitled

September 15 - Day 75 - adult content, sort of - BB6 Park by TD
Janelle versus the sheep; Maggie versus the Worm, part 2; Maggie versus Janelle; Email from Howie; plus several videos

September 14 - Day 74 - BB6 Park by TD
Let go of him, April; Keep in mind I'm sly.. keep in mind I'm beautiful; Too good to be true; plus several videos

September 13 - Day 73 - April evicted - BB6 Park by TD
It's just a game; Hang on and spin; It's a new car! oops, nevermind; plus a few videos

September 12 - Day 72 - BB6 Park by TD
No shopping spree; Maggie versus The Worm; Picking a winner - commentary

September 10-11 - Days 70 & 71 - BB6 Park by TD
Girlfight; BB6: the nachos season; Morality Maggie gets a clue; Even the crew's getting sloppy; plus a couple videos

September 9 - Day 69 - BB6 Park by TD
Same stuff, different day; Cinderella goes off to the ball; After the ball; plus lots of videos

September 8 - Day 68 - Howie evicted - BB6 Park by TD
So long, Howie; Final four; Mean girls - a dingo rant; plus a few videos

September 7 - Day 67 - BB6 Park by TD
Coming & going; Things we do & don't want to see; The good, the bad, and the ugly; plus several videos

September 6 - Day 66 - BB6 Park by TD
Rampage & revenge, coming up - Hamsterwatch goes Kill Bill Vol. 2; Training continues; Boobies Coasters; BBQ 2005 Smackdown II: Silent Showdown; plus several videos

September 5 - Day 65 - BB6 Park by TD
What I'd like to see - Hamsterwatch goes Kill Bill; Supersize me; plus several videos

September 4 - Day 64 - BB6 Park by TD
BBQ 2005 Smackdown I: The Immolator; Practice well they do; plus several videos

September 3 - Day 63 - Beau evicted
That's that, maybe; But wait; Meanwhile in New Orleans; plus several videos

September 1-2 - Days 61 & 62 - James evicted
Uh oh, it's another buxom blonde; another feeds blackout; Another reality show with live feeds; Return of the Jedi; The Force is with him; plus several videos

August 31 - Day 60 - BB6 Park by TD
Good morning April; Beau's Bible again; plus several videos

August 30 - Day 59 - BB6 Park by TD
Strike a pose; Not bath buddies; Howie's jack in the box; plus several videos

August 28-29 - Days 57 & 58 - BB6 Park by TD part 1 - part 2
A beautiful morning; Janelle; compressed evening stuff; plus several videos

August 27 - Day 56 - contains nudity - BB6 Park by TD
Purple power of veto; O look, it's Beau; Ivette, please come to the Diary Room plus video

August 26 - Day 55 - BB6 Park by TD
All greased up; Looking for Pepperoni

August 25 - Day 54 - Rachel evicted - BB6 Park by TD
Bye bye Ray Ray; Your new head of household; Let the cheap shots begin plus video

August 24 - Day 53 - BB6 Park by TD
BBQ Smackdown 2005; No sharp instruments

August 23 - Day 52
Hamsterwatch lite (it bites); Nerd herd

August 22 - Day 51 - BB6 Park by TD
Coming and going; Maggie: We don't play personally; Ding dong, Howie calling; dingo rant about Ivette & her rant

August 21 - Day 50 - BB6 Park by TD
Don't get mad, get even; Damn I'm good; No soup for you

August 20 - Day 49 - Jennifer evicted
Re-entry and/or relapse; Full house

August 19 - Day 48 - BB6 Park by TD part 1 - part 2
Mornings are confusing; A bigger lie than Jennifer's - CBS shuts down the feeds

August 18 - Day 47 - Kaisar evicted again - BB6 Park by TD
Black Thursday, the sequel; But April, we thought you didn't care; Yes, they are this mean & petty

August 17 - Day 46 - BB6 Park by TD part 1 - part 2
Ze plane! Ze plane!; America's Sweetheart

August 16 - Day 45 - BB6 Park by TD
Busto; Remember when

August 15 - Day 44 - BB6 Park by TD part 1 - part 2
Wowie Howie; Round two; Round three

August 13-14 - Days 42 & 43 - BB6 Park by TD
Happy birthday, happy birthday; The Bible according to Howie; James' testimony is interrupted, again; All creeped out and rescued again

August 12 - Day 41 - BB6 Park by TD
Princess Jennifer's reign; See Jenny run; Save us Howie!

August 11 - Day 40 - Sarah evicted, Kaysar returns - BB6 Park by TD part 1 - part 2
82% can't be wrong - what up Kaysar!!!; Oooo that smell; And then there were two

August 10 - Day 39 - BB6 Park by TD
Never say die; Look Bullwinkle, it's a secret message!

August 8-9 - Days 37 & 38 - BB6 Park August 8 - BB6 Park August 9
More of the same; Much ado about nothing

August 7 - Day 36
America's Choice tie-dye campaign; "Just pawn me"; You've got to be kidding

August 6 - Day 35
What's this about, CBS? - America's Choice boo-boo; He does it again; April's tail

August 5 - Day 34
Rise and shine; Howie explains it all; Fiesta; Nobody gets out alive

August 4 - Day 33 - Kaysar evicted
Black Thursday; Here we go again

August 3 - Day 32
Bathroom politics; Howie's undies, again; The boobies ban

August 2 - Day 31
Down the toilet - another rant at CBS; Hammock 101; Bath buddies and good nights (good bye)

August 1 - Day 30
A bunch of morons; Howie's undies; Spy vs. spy

July 31 - Day 29
Even Maggie's fed up; How many hamsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?; Kaysar packs and leaves

July 30 - Day 28
Dangerously close to a pinky swear; Lozengers; Who touched my thing? plus Beau-watch update

July 29 - Day 27
Beau & Paris, you got some splainin' to do - another twist theory; Double, double toil and trouble; April's tinfoil hat; Five hamsters, one brain

July 28 - Day 26 - Eric evicted
Pond scum gets a new name - Hamsterwatch theft; "A quick fall from first to worst"; "Meet the new boss - same as the old boss"; Back to what matters

July 27 - Day 25
Bowling for hamsters; Skeeball showdown; Fingerpainting

July 26 - Day 24
Prude Jude speaks - interview with Michael's blog; Back to our story

July 25 - Day 23
Can we fast forward?; Bath buddies 2005; Yes, it's true - coming attraction & shameless plea

July 24 - Day 22
Happy birthday Sarah; It's personal

July 23 - Day 21
The replacement hamsters have arrived; The party's over; Final touch-ups - all pairings are outted

July 22 - Day 20
Kaysar takes out CBS; Nervousing; Dream team

July 21 - Day 19 - Michael evicted
Shopping with Winona; The wind shifts; (more to come)

July 20 - Day 18
Old news; Make mine a double; Paranoia strikes deep

July 18 part 2 and July 19 - Day 17
Where were we?; S.O.S.; Does anyone have a clue?; Back to our program - dingo rants at CBS

July 18 - Day 16
Body count; Dancing with the stars; We couldn't agree more, Janelle

July 17 - Day 15
The rooster (yanno he ain't gonna die); Pop pop pop; Maggie snaps

July 16 - Day 14
Ivette takes a fall; Another surprise kiss, and a fight; Flash flood warning - Eric spontaneously combusts

July 15 - Day 13
Maggie's a sly one; Reveille; Gag 'n hurl; It's all a blur from here; Smut 'n ethics

July 14 - Day 12 - Ashlea evicted
Thursday means primping; Something smells funny; Need some soap?; Sexual tension

July 13 - Day 11
Michael sent me email; Subliminal shirt messages; Bath buddies forever; also politics

July 12 - Day 10
Farm report; You cannot let them see you sweat; Jibber jabber

July 11 - Day 9
And we're off; We got tears; Howie's got a point (alert the media); also first cheeks

July 10 - Day 8
What's up with Howie? Beau knows fashion; Pray for the fishies; The penny drops (Kaysar has an epiphany)

July 9 - Day 7
Details, details; Paging Nurse Maggie; also alliance inventory and we find out James started the Janelle-Ivette feud

July 8 - Day 6 (2-parter)
Fishies are dying; The knives come out; It's poking at me; We got broken glass

July 7 - Day 5
And so it begins; The Night Prowler, ver. 6.0; HamsterWatch users guide

July 4-6 - Preshow prep, still
Early Show preview; Hamster trading cards; Morbid thoughts; Rumors; Memories; More rumors

July 2-3 - Preshow prep
Move-in day maybe; First video interviews (yay); James quotes; Pair predictions; Real math; Hamster film roles; BB International check-in

June 29-July 1 - Preshow prep
Jennifer twins rumor begins; Digging in the dirt; Meet 'n greet; Big Brother leaves them a housewarming gift

June - The fishies swim again
Feeds go live; CBS site launches; Caps & quotes from LA open casting call

March-April - Get Ready, HamsterWatchers
Preliminaries, application deadlines, rumors


It's over wrap-up special: BB6 Hamster Tributes awesome job by attw x

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An hour still isn't enough to recap 80 days worth of stuff and once again a live audience did nothing to help production values or Julie's script delivery. After watching Maggie & Ivette become less than best buddies in the last 24 hours of feeds, it was good to see them sweat in the eviction chairs after all the talk about not being there for the money. Aftermath of the jury Q&A was largely omitted to the surprise of no one and only reaffirmed the editing slant all season. It was tough but not unexpected seeing Maggie win - CBS almost got their wish for the fireman hero win when his game widow was chosen, but fitting that he got nothing while his partner and his protegée won it all. Janelle, Howie & Kaysar got the biggest cheers from the audience which wasn't surprising to anyone but the opposing team, and it was great fun seeing their faces for that! Howie got in a couple good digs; both he & April threatened Julie's time-per-hamster allocation and Ashlea was all but forgotten. Not a memorable show but few of them were this year: 'Big Brother' is always about the feeds more than the show. This year that was more true than ever, since CBS presented so many incidents and people 180° opposite on tv than what was seen & heard each week on Realplayer.


Head witch of the coven & chief mean girl and I think she just got lucky to get to Final Two. Acting smug & superior were her main talents, plus talking about sex & pretending she didn't, talking up a sense of humor we never saw, talking cheaters while pocketing quarters, and talking trash. Editing was way too kind to her and nobody knows why. She liked to make rules and she said a Lie of Omission was just fine. She won.
Note she has a supporting role in the audio linked below with April: while April calls us 'pieces of shit' Maggie keeps it simple with 'fuck them'.


She said going in she had a big mouth that often got her in trouble and that was no lie. She was a very strong player who often drove the game but some bad judgment and bad allies cost her. She's passionate about everything and that gave us some of the best Diaries, some of the best drama, and some good laughs but she went too far too often. I want to like her even when I don't and I wish her well in spite of this.
Note I have more of her more horrid moments if she or James want them.. I won't post them here though - even I have a line.


Buxom blonde bombshell and star of the season. Part femme fatale & part small town girl, she did anything but meet expectations. She wasn't a saint but she entertained and gained legions of fans. Her brilliance kept her in til the end in spite of being hated & lied about and she played a clean game despite what they say. She stood up to all of it, never cried & rarely moped, and rallied back every time til math took her out.


She ran from side to side every week with angst even though she DID NOT CARE! She tried to get Ivette kicked out & blamed it on Janelle, like everything else: she's most of the reason her fellow crones hate Janelle so much. She brought Gladys Kravitz into the house, picked her nose, freaked out regularly, lied & cussed up a storm, and called all us fans pieces of shit on tv, but thanks to her we got Howie's Busto rant.


Pure fun & entertainment, he gave us boobies, his jack shack, the Busto rant, and so much more. His friendliness & charm outweigh his explicit mouth & harassing ways and most everyone loved him in the end. He brought the Force into the house and inspired Jedi Janey to carry on. Never mind his looks, build, and future economic potential: his best trait is just being Howie.


As BB's double token he danced, he flashed, he puked and rode Ivette's jetstream. Not as fabulous as promised, and it doesn't seem right that he knows so many people that Janelle & Howie do, not to mention he's pals with BB2 Hardy. I thought he'd be this year's Cowboy at #2 but he won an HOH so he's gone.


He played a good game, saved himself too many times, and played both sides against each other instead of for himself. He wasn't a very nice boyfriend, and he was mostly dull with an excuse for everything. Arrogance was his undoing.


Half of the oddest pairing since Oscar & Felix, she did her best but went to bed too early to make it all happen. She's not the most fun hamster by a long shot, but she's one of the most decent and I wish her well.


She wanted to 'stir up the house like Kaysar did' but instead she stirred up everyone with a whopper of a lie to America's Choice, and she took out his partner with a huge lie of omission. So long Jenn and remember, roses really smell like poo poo.
(Big ups to Outkast for the ultimate Jennifer song)


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

This site isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.. that dingo

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