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Where were we?

We have to catch up the visuals to yesterday's episode - it's easier than making a Part 2 page - sorry for any confusion.. there are some juicy snippets of conversation here

Jennifer & April head to the hammock where Jennifer tells about Janelle dumping her boyfriend in Diary.. revelations ensue

But first, Nurse Maggie inspects Eric's latest injury and rags on BB for not providing him the right Advil.. and some hot tub shots cuz people like those

Jennifer & Michael are in the gym.. it's silent and tense, awkward.. Michael flies off the treadmill Jackass style (only not on purpose).. he says something about his pants' fault.. Jennifer reports the incident to April gleefully

Later, back at the hammock.. April & Jennifer start putting pairs together, again.. Jennifer says she heard she & Sarah might be next.. she says she'll be fine with being nominated, she won't care.. Beau joins and they tell him about Janelle, about Janelle & Michael, how trashy they are.. popcorn accompanies the gossip
Jennifer: I don't ever want to go in the gold room again.. you know they're gonna fuck tonight.. it's funny, he was all over me and I turned him down, so he goes on to the next one
April: I can't believe she broke up with him.. maybe Michael's her boyfriend, it's one of the twists
April: Did Maggie tell you I talked to her? You better be totally honest with me!! Huh?!
Jennifer: No.. well just for a minute.. no, she didn't
April: My advice is from now on if somebody says something bad about someone, to not tell anyone about it, cuz of all the lies and stuff
April: You know Ivette, how she told everyone that you said that Michael hit the wall? And you're saying now that he really didn't, but that got around
April: And also in the bedroom that day how you were really crying about Dan [not Michael]
Jennifer: That's not my fault, nobody asked me about it


Julie says it means Summer of Secrets, but Howie looks like he wants to send us an emergency message

"These people are lunatics - get me outta here"

In HOH James & Eric discuss pairs possibilities again, and nasty stuff about Michael/Janelle/Kaysar.. James disses Maggie to Eric (who covers badly) and Eric disses Sarah to James (who covers badly)

James says he caught Howie & Rachel last night talking but they split up when he came along.. he tries to explain to Eric how that doesn't jive with the relationship those two seem to have in the house.. Eric doesn't follow.. James points out how quickly Howie jumped on Surfboard Alliance night when it was just he & Rachel left.. Eric nods.. more people arrive and Eric becomes a chiropractor
Pretty soon HOH is full of them, all parannoying and all talking badly about Michael/Janelle/Kaysar.. Eric says Michael won that battle cuz "I let it get personal".. mass hysteria takes over, like it does with these people, soon they all agree that Kaysar was about to hit Ivette on fight night and that's what got Eric so heated up in the first place.. Eric mentions how happy he is to be having The Experience.. they all agree Janelle is a slut who just wants to have sex on tv.. Jennifer says she was Michael's first choice and he settled for Janelle when she turned him down.. they all agree and say "poor Jennifer"
They have the spyscreen on apparently see nothing noteworthy.. eventually it's just James & Eric again and they go back to their evil plotting ways

And then there's this:

At 2.30am in the backyard Ivette (noticeably absent from most of the night's shenanigans) outs her lesbionic self to April.. she makes a short story long of course, and tells her about her girlfriend Maggie.. April doesn't miss a beat "Is this the Maggie in the house?"

They talk for another hour or so, quietly and pleasantly.. it's not so bad.. Ivette is very taken with her Maggie.. April says "Oh sure, I've had gay friends"

Ivette's confession pic stolen from Aldav - everyone else was too stunned to snap it

Does anyone have a clue?

And on to Tuesday

Feedmasters have been showing this view on the feeds a lot the last couple of days.. 13 people in there and we're lucky if there's one or two on the people channel while this airs on the other

Lots of people think there's a clue to the safe here and that's why they're doing it.. they want us to play along.. the safe combination can't be too difficult for them to figure out - the stopped gym clock was staring at its own locked door and let's face it, they aren't going to give them a calculus problem to solve

Personally I think it's time they paint ACME on the safe and drop it on them

There's the subway sign MTA 317.. another theory is that the combination is their groupings when Julie banished them to the house.. makes sense - no other reason for that bullshit - but there's a problem with that theory..'s recap of the first episode describes it like this:  

Julie welcomes the nubile newbies to their decked-out palatial pad, first sending in April, Howie, Ashlea and Jennifer. In hot pursuit are Kaysar, Beau, Rachel and Maggie. Janelle, Michael, Eric, Sarah and Ivette bring up the rear

With the whole Winston thing they obviously want us to play along, but I am pretty sure the combination isn't 4 - 4 - 5 cuz that's only 13.. it boggles the mind that nobody's realized yet they left out James from this article
If the page gets fixed at this late date, I'll consider it a personal shout-out

But these are the guys who left this cryptic message today

Timezones really aren't that tricky to understand - a tv network should have it down.. or at least hire a proofreader

Which leads us to Ericgate and the way it was depicted on the show.. I was off my feeds most of the day so I don't have a lot to report but I'll sprinkle this rant with a few random shots & snippets I caught.. it's the usual suspects


Feedsters demanded a couple things this week: a Michael Is No More Guilty Than Howie Or Eric segment and an Eric Is The True Psycho segment.. CBS knew the video was plastered all over the web so they couldn't sweep it away entirely, and they at least made an effort to vindicate Michael a bit and they did show the fight night, kinda

However.. Michael said in Diary "I don't want to seem like a bitter little child" - but that's exactly how he was edited to look.. Eric's temper tantrum wasn't portrayed nearly as intense as it was - his chair didn't even fly on tv


According to the rules and the two previous kicked-out hamsters, Eric should have been kicked out for his 85 mph leap at Michael, yet he still came out looking like a good guy.. maybe the apology was spontaneous and sincere, maybe not.. same with his announcement to the group about how it had all gotten out of hand.. but he hasn't stopped bitching about Michael since, and his words and tone are hateful - this guy is not sorry for what he did

The veto comp was very fishy too.. if Day One was indeed just a practice, they wouldn't have had to wear the same clothes for Day Two.. likely it just means CBS and/or the producers didn't get the results they wanted on the first day, so they did some more crafty editing to make it come out per script

And how about those scores? 6.48, 6.44, 6.31 - it doesn't seem possible with all that slopping water and fumbling flying that it would be decided by mere seconds.. this was not an Olympic event.. although the zip line flight did look kinda fun


Eric isn't as far ahead as he was on the CBS poll, but he's still doing pretty well which is shocking because nearly every "internet fan" wants him out of there - to the point of a phone/email campaign to be consistent and apply the threat of violence rule like they have in the past (for less) - but usually (always?) the site won't allow people to vote on the hamster popularity poll.. what's up with that?

It seems pretty obvious that CBS and/or the producers want and expect Eric to go far in this game and are editing (if not outright arranging) that he will, while feedsters who know the full story are irate and losing interest.. we don't even love to hate him


Ivette and Kaysar had some strange editing themselves - she was built up a bit as the hateful shrew we usually see her as, but they leaned heavily on her lines about being Cuban rather than her continuous barrage of loud, hateful venom (her heritage is barely mentioned around the web).. meanwhile her part in the moments just before Eric's outburst was edited and skewed, as was Kaysar's, and viewers were left thinking he had physically threatened her by standing up

All in all it showed what a casting disaster this season is turning out to be.. when the nervous-sounding live voice came over the speakers it was like a parent telling hyper kids "Shut up, I don't care who started it, go to your rooms" - and they did


Does CBS care? Not if the tv-only audience doesn't, and they are the majority by far.. do Shapiro/Grodner Productions care? I'd like to think so.. possibly CBS is forcing their hand since CBS signs their checks

We all know how drastically editing changes history.. what I don't understand is why

Back to our program

Meanwhile in the habitat, life is good

As far as we know April hasn't told anyone about Ivette yet

Behind closed door, Eric & Maggie are turning against James, Ivette, Rachel, Howie, and Jennifer

James hates pretty much everyone but Sarah, and falls for Eric/Maggie's assertions that he's co-alpha male of the house and a natural leader

Michael & Janelle are kissing all over now but only openly in front of Howie.. at bedtime Michael's spirit took a dip realizing he was about to get voted out second, nearly unanimously.. he rallied by describing each hamster's psyche (hmmm sounds like someone I know.. uh oh) - when Janelle asked him to analyze himself he sounded detached and told a tale of somebody mysterious in third person.. she gave him a massage and they fell asleep unentwined

about Janelle:
Eric: You can't scare that woman.. after the way Howie's abused her? And she still takes it?
James: She's got no self esteem

about Ivette:
Eric: We have to work on her fucking emotions, keep them in check
James: It's funny, I didn't think of myself as an alpha male

about Jennifer:
Eric: She'll drink the water but you gotta lead her to it

Kaysar: Ohh, those hamstrings
Janelle: I'm trying to work my abs
Kaysar: I was doing Howie

Big Brother: Ivette please go to the diary room
Eric: Ivette, please don't lose your temper today
Maggie: Evilette

Sorry hamsterwatchers, I know it's not much but maybe things will improve

Thanks for encouraging my behavior


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Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Tuesday's show needed much more space.

The blonde crone is as bad or worse than the others, and is starting to turn on her own outer circle. She transparently sticks up for 'poor Jennifer' whenever someone mentions her negatively (which is more & more often lately). But as far as we know, she didn't give up Ivette's secret in spite of all expectations, so she gets to go to neutral.

He's a snitch, he's a tattletale, and he's far more stereotype than he is genuine people personality. The gay press is upset, the hamsters are upset, and we are upset that he isn't more fabulous more of the time.

If this is America's idea of a hero, we are in more trouble than I thought. Crude, lewd, and rude. As for Mr. I'm In Shape's comp performance: 'For a fireman, Eric is not very good transporting water' - Cherryred

Some of them are starting to catch on to him and that he isn't as dumb as he seems. But he's the only entertainment we've got and we need him desperately for that. He seems to be only one with the final day in mind - he hasn't said anything hateful about anyone.

It's a courtesy neutral, only because her confession to April last night came with a calm, quiet conversation where she actually seemed like she could be almost decent, and it sounded like she loves someone. Bonus for us that her someone is named Maggie - that could get interesting. I'm sure she'll be back to downgrade in no time.

He said on Tuesday's show that 'Michael is a threat to the harmony in here' - somebody buy that boy a dictionary! He's falling for Eric & Maggie calling him 'co-alpha male' and he doesn't have a clue it's just a smokescreen to satiate his little boy ego til they can give him the boot. Until then he gets a little more tense and a little more mean every day.. maybe he'll blow up next.

I think she's cozied up to Michael cuz they're both professional flirts: look good, have fun, be seen, hook up, and wonder why it all seems hollow after a little while. Hopefully she'll get back to playing the game once he's gone - there's still a chance if the Final 9 keep speeding up their inevitable implosion. She told Howie tonight she didn't have a partner in there and I don't know why. She's got nothing to lose now by saying Ashlea was her girl does she?

A professional victim who has prolly gotten away with 'It wasn't my fault' her whole life. Not only did she start the entire harassment situation, but she helped it grow out of control when she could have stopped it with a word. She was all over Michael at the beginning and pouted when he didn't jump her bones, but now she claims she's the one who pushed him away.. hmm.. think those two things could be related? She claimed she wouldn't care if she got a nomination.. we'll see about that. Her number's coming up soon.

He seems to have given up, but maybe he's just taking a break. I give him credit for planting the seeds that are now sprouting doubt all around the Harassment Alliance/Final Nine, but he's losing Michael; Janelle seems to have given up; and nobody can tell where Howie's true allegiance is. CBS made him look the villain with Ivette when everyone who's been paying attention at all knows that she's the evil force in that matchup. Kaysar's been working on everyone but not maliciously - if anything, he's the only one who brings out each of their humanity on a daily basis, if only for a few moments.

She's smart but she's getting to be a little too gloaty and a little too high 'n mighty to be much fun to watch. She has a handicap being partnered with that ass Eric, but it was her choice to come in with him. I can't see her ever scoring very high on the fun meter.

He got a little depressed tonight after covering it up all day & evening. It's a shock to the arrogant pretty boy that he's not so popular after all, and the poor guy doesn't know what to do with Janelle but smooch her now and then, say 'hi' and talk in silly voices. CBS gave him almost-fair treatment - he was being a slime early on - but he didn't deserve what he got, and he sure didn't deserve to be edited as a whiney 'poor me' type. 'The Continental' has left the building.

Busted on tv for snooping and snitching - who would have guessed it? Everybody wondered how Eric's volatile 'family' comments were delivered and now we know. If she tells the bad boyfriend stories again I may scream. She's nice enough if a bit of a drip and a prude, but why is she on tv? She's everybody's neighbor, co-worker, relative - we don't need reality tv to be this real <yawn>

She only shows up on the feeds at bikini time. She's got lots of fans for that but the rest of us want to see more James & Sarah interaction since she's just along for the ride with everything else. She opened the gym with the in-yer-face clue so why doesn't she crack the safe? The fun will really begin when Ivette's Secret Confession comes out and everyone stops to think about how touchy-feely Ivette's been with Sarah.. especially James.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

I love keeping tabs on the feeds during summer, and wish I didn't have to do this.. but the reality is it takes a ton of time that I can't really afford to give away. If you like the site and would like to help support it, please visit my sponsor links by clicking on the banners, or make a Paypal donation here. Please support other BB6 fan sites that you like, too - many many thanks!

This site isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.. that dingo

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