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hamster7/20/05 - Day 18

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Old news

This is prolly just news to me, but everyone's in such a tizzy over safes and puzzles and clues that they have us all going.. I never noticed before tonight there's a picture of the Eiffel Tower in HOH

Kaysar & Janelle took the map off the pimp room wall awhile back looking for clues.. but I wonder if anyone's looked closely at Paris on it

They had to get HOH opened.. which led to getting the pimp room opened.. it makes sense each might hold a clue, and the fake books didn't pan out.. then there's the two spin-lock design tables - one has dots on the side - I don't know, but it's easier to play this game than try to keep up with all their parannoying

Last night attw x caught Kaysar doing his homework, maybe going down a geography path too, checking out a compass and the gumballs

Today Janelle, Michael & Kaysar outted their pairings to each other, and shared the info with Howie.. I missed it.. apparently Howie didn't mention Rachel

Michael & Kaysar are still playing Find The Clues but once again they don't get far.. they keep getting distracted (especially Michael).. hmmm I thought Janelle told Kaysar she wasn't gonna do this stuff in front of him anymore

Howie's working Jennifer lately.. she talks to him more since that post-tears marriage proposal the other night
Howie: You'd be so cute if you were single

Almost all of them sit down to eat together.. like a big happy family.. it's weird
Tacos.. no lettuce, no cheese.. they even have some cross-table conversation

The new fishies moved in today - let's hope they don't kill these too.. they act entranced.. they give them all names and everybody uses them.. pretty soon a crowd gathers - you'd think it was a yard full of pug dogs.. the little guy with the surprised look is back from last year - well, there were rumors this would be an All-Star season

Kaysar makes his own meal - the crones bitch about it later "a whole week's worth of fish for everyone, in one meal!" - Howie & Eric play Coasters on the little clue table.. Howie wins and rubs it in
Eric: Maybe my kids are watching now
Howie: How many kids can say their dad was in a fight on national television?

April & Ivette have a hammock meeting.. April tells her she told "somebody" that "somebody" had told her she's a dumb blonde, and then Maggie told April she heard that "somebody" thinks she's a dumb blonde.. Ivette starts guessing who but April stops her, saying she made it up to see who spreads stories and how fast.. Ivette is surprised
April joins Mike & Janelle who tell her how much they like each other.. she says she doesn't mind at all if they kiss, so they do.. Janelle leaves and Michael tells April he has a secret, he knows "something about some people in here who are very conniving, very evil" April wants to know what and who but Michael doesn't tell her
He gets very dramatic and accent-y.. she's on the edge of her chair, chain smoking.. he says he knows he's leaving tomorrow and she nods.. he says he might take his information home with him, or he might do something with it tomorrow.. a bit later he tells her the secret is about "two people"

Janelle tells Maggie she doesn't appreciate being gossiped about having fake lips, fake body, fake hair, etc.. Maggie says "somebody" told her and she just wondered if the botox or lip implants hurt, she thought it was true.. they have a nice chat, glad they can talk in the open.. Janelle says she's really pissed at "someone" spreading such nasty lies about her.. (it's clearly upset her)
Jennifer & Rachel join - the "hot chicks of BB6" are looking a little rough tonight - Jennifer has hives, and the live show's tomorrow.. uh oh
I may have some of this out of sequence and with the wrong pics - sorry - but it all happened.. hey if CBS can do it like that, so can I

Make mine a double

Against all odds, they get a booze delivery

After all, in 24 hours one of them won't be here anymore

The nominees toast each other, privately

April starts sharing her new secrets - she hardly knows where to begin.. somebody finds a bee and April shouts "Kill it! Kill it! Somebody could be allergic and die!!"
April: I didn't look but I knew they were frenching, I could hear it, it was disgusting
April (about Janelle): She could have come in here and just been pretty & smart, been herself.. we would have been fine with that, we would have liked her
dingo: She did, and you didn't

Eric has the strangest life in there.. within an hour he gets inspected/picked at by Jennifer & Rachel, harassed by Beau, and discovers he can't see over Ivette's shower door.. he told a couple Polish jokes in that hour too

Michael & Janelle make out and play Nominee Tandem Hammock Dump.. they wrestle and threaten hickeys and make out some more.. Howie oversees, giving stage direction and crude comments
Howie: Are you two even listening to a single obnoxious disgusting thing I say?

Later Michael tells Howie his spin on everyone in there, who should go and in what order so that Howie, Kaysar & Janelle can finish together.. Howie takes it all in - most of it sounds good, chatters praise his brilliance - but he's still going home tomorrow

Paranoia strikes deep

Finally April gets a chance to tell all her juicy new secrets to Eric & Ivette

They wonder what Michael meant, who he meant, what he's gonna do tomorrow, what a horrible bad man he is

They talk about the pairs theory they've heard about and they take turns trash talking whoever isn't present.. April always sticks up for Jennifer when she gets dissed and Eric always sticks up for Maggie when she gets dissed - it's so transparent it's hilarious - Ivette doesn't stick up for Beau cuz his name never comes up
They get all worked up into a frenzy.. when Eric says he never used the words "sexual harassment" internet fans worldwide reach for another drink.. they spread the news and carry it on to bed

Jennifer comes in saying she just saw Michael in the bathroom "He pointed at me and said 'I know'".. she adds that she's scared, and is that door locked?
They all keep saying Michael just wants to freak them out, there's nothing to it..
but it looks like he freaked them out pretty good

Meanwhile in the pimp room/honeymoon suite Michael & Janelle go to bed but the thrill is gone.. she says she likes him & she wants him and he talks about Greece.. something is very wrong with this picture

On quad feed Kaysar does his prayers in the living room.. we hear a fart and an immediate "sorry" - is it Michael? Kaysar? Then it happens again, a few more times.. Amy's Bus Ticket is on the case and reports that Howie's covers moved, a little flutter with each fart/sorry cycle (thanks once again Ticket)

The lovebirds turn away from each other.. Michael goes to sleep.. Janelle sheds a silent tear and lies awake awhile

Overnight update: Janelle was restless most of the night, getting up a couple times (rare for her).. she's gonna need extra under-eye circle concealer for Thursday primping


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Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Big Brother said today 'Mike, please stop singing!' - when did they start calling him Mike? They need to spell out the puzzle clues to these guys or just give them the damn answer - fans (paying customers) are not happy looking at tables all day. Nice to have new fishies though - I guess they went through all the yellow ones in SoCal.
Tuesday's show needed much more space.

She was definitely good tv today, getting told exclusive secrets one after another and parannoying all over town with them. Screaming KILL IT! KILL IT! at a visiting bee put her officially into 'lost it' territory. We know now where she draws the line: pray for the fishies but bees must die.

Beau the busybody.. he really isn't doing much in there at all but being a stereotype and a token, and acting like he's in the middle of everything when he's really just a fringe element. But I do like it when he harasses Eric.. he's gonna get slapped for it one of these days, and I hope I'm there to see it when it happens.

The best part of the day was realizing he goes back to being a peon tomorrow. I hope CBS heard him telling Polish jokes and making Howie-caliber crude remarks today - their hero is sabotaging all their grand plans for him. He's taking notes from Jennifer now claiming he never used the words 'sexual harassment'.. Maggie deserves a better partner. Fun watching him get all worked up tonight while saying 'we can't get all worked up about this!'

He & Rachel are on most of the baddies' radar screens as the team to beat, but they're all so busy imploding and parannoying that Howie and/or the lady next door may just go the distance. Both camps still confide in Howie but less than they did. It's criminal that we rarely see team Crude/Prude meetings - they are tricky but the feedmasters are trickier. It's been bugging me but I finally figured out who Howie sounds like: Drew Carey.

She's getting scared. She's still in almost every scene but she isn't heard as much lately (much to our relief). Maggie and April are both telling her things that she wasn't able to find out, and she was shocked to hear about April's gossip detection plan and realizing she'd never have thought of it. She's prolly getting an inkling that they're turning on her slowly - if only we could see her face when she finds out her little buddy Eric is as sick of her mouth as everyone else and he's the one telling them to start planning her exit.

He's just there taking up space, with a bad case of PMS. He thinks he's Eric's co-pilot but Eric knows he was the holdout vote last week and wants him out ASAP. Nobody trusts James and I don't think anyone even likes him except maybe Sarah.

She's not going anywhere. Kaysar's glad she won't be distracted anymore and can get back to playing the game.. she did good today by bringing some of the nasty things said about her into the open, which impressed Maggie. It was sad watching her pass Kaysar by and go for Michael, but even sadder to watch her feeling rejected tonight.. only Michael knows why he kisses her all day and leaves her cold at night but he hurt her feelings tonight. She's due to move out in a week if 'they' win HOH tomorrow, but if 'they' don't she might take over the house - it's hers anyway.

The 'poor me' girl was back in action tonight: getting hives before a live show, starting up 'I'm afraid of Michael' again, and being almost taken in by Howie's charm (hey, it's attention). She's getting left out of more and more meetings and don't think she hasn't noticed. Pretty soon she'll have something to cry 'poor me' about, and we'll get to see that saying she'd be 'just fine' when nominated was false advertising.

He was off camera most of the night, but it's good to know he was up late studying last night. I missed it but I have it on good authority that he and Michael really showed their friendship for each other today, giving daytimers a nice 'awww' moment - something that's been sadly lacking this season. He and Howie are like Bogey and the cop at the end of 'Casablanca' - they seem to be starting a most unlikely but beautiful friendship. Let's hope the baddies don't triumph tomorrow so we can watch it for awhile longer.

She was impressive today during the botox convo, and I think I believe it when she says she doesn't like all the lying and sneaking she has to do these days. But as we know, that doesn't really make for good tv.

Big ups for winding everyone up again - somebody's gotta do it. It seems like he starting playing the game today, and playing it well.. too bad he didn't start before his eviction votes were cast. He's walking the plank to Julie's boudoir tomorrow and odds are good she'll be interviewing 'The Continental'. He prolly has no idea he hurt Janelle's feelings tonight and you just have to wonder why he did.. not that they have to go at it like monkeys, but all-day foreplay is supposed to lead to something. There's evidence he may be embarrassed by his equipment, maybe he's afraid of the cameras (us) seeing, he's said he doesn't want her to look slutty.. maybe all of that's true, but it's a fair bet he's got problems with intimacy and it's never fair to take someone else along on that ride. The good news? His blogger can come out and play now.

She cooked tonight.

She ate tonight, and she named all the fishies.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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