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hamster7/21/05 - Day 19

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Shopping with Winona

The Smoking Gun is reporting that Janelle was in LA Superior Court just before moving in to the habitat for 2001 shoplifting charges (and not showing up to court for it.. several times) - she was fined $982 and ordered to stay 100 yards away from Macy's - not a problem at the moment

They also say she had a DUI arrest in 2000 in Minnesota ".1 or more" - the screencap is from that episode.. sorry Janelle, I have to post it all (I have to wonder if someone in Ivette's circle dug this up)

Speaking of scandal Tonight's show is already fulla shit 5 minutes into it.. the pleasant "can't we all just get along" convo between Michael & Eric was presented as if it came after the fight, a peace treaty.. but it came before

Michael's still got his goatee in the clip.. but it came off last Wednesday - 3 days before the fight - and everybody knows it thanks to his now-valuable phony blog

The wind shifts

Kaysar wins HOH - now it's on

This was maybe the most pivotal HOH comp until the end

Nobody expected they'd stick to their vow to not walk Michael to the door, but he trumped them by going back in for a semi-decent farewell before he walked the plank to Julie's boudoir.. he didn't do anything about the "secret info" he warned April about, unless it was behind the fishies

The post-show faces aren't happy.. Maggie takes inventory and prepares for the worst

The kitchen crowd seems like they're trying hard to appear normal, but voices are high and sound nervous.. Eric says "Yanno what? He deserves it" but nobody seems convinced.. Maggie's brushing her hair over the side like Janelle's - maybe it's subconscious.. the Pimp Room Alliance has a quick check-in to set up things for later

April joins Janelle outside at the smokers' lounge.. they compare how many cigarettes they have left, and they each go to work
Janelle: I dunno what I'm gonna do now
April: You can hang with Kaysar
Janelle: He needs his quiet time.. I wish there was someone I could hang out with
April: I've always liked you!
April: It's hard in here.. I'm sure we're all good people and we'd all get along if we'd met outside this house, all of us just being ourselves
Janelle: I actually think that I am like this on the outside
April: You know what I mean.. all the gossip and lies in here
Janelle: That's why I've been staying away from everyone - I can't stand the gossip
(April is nervousing bad, stuttering & chainsmoking - Janelle's cool as a cucumber)
April: You have friends here
Janelle: The two closest people to me have already left
April: I'm your friend!

dingo: April changed this convo in later retellings to Janelle practically begging her to be friends
'Nervousing' courtesy of last year's second place hamster and Julie's guest star tonight - see more Cowboyisms in today's featured link ('parannoying' came from from Diane, third place)

They're joined by Eric, James, Sarah, Beau, and eventually Kaysar who brings his dinner - it seems the outcasts are outcasts no more

Eric gives Kaysar the lowdown on what being HOH means as if he invented it, and starts making rounds in earnest - he is clearly worried about himself and his posse, in that order.. Kaysar tells them he's happy to talk with them anytime, open door policy etc.. and finally finally either celebrates his victory or wishes he could take it back - it's hard to tell

I'm catching up late from here on - sorry for the inconvenience - it's all been on the show so I'll just go for the highlights

Kaysar & Janelle firm up their plan.. Ivette is suddenly talking to Kaysar again (surprise!).. she & Maggie worry

HOH room is finally ready for the grand unveiling.. they gather round to see the goodies, GnR's Greatest Hits, and the hookah.. Kaysar's touched

For all his congratulations to Kaysar, Eric doesn't seem pleased for him - he leaves after a minute or two for the gym, but he's first in later to campaign for his team.. feedsters have a fit seeing him all sweaty sittin on Kaysar's bed.. James is next - Kaysar hopes he'll admit he's paired with Sarah but he doesn't

More to come - hopefully soon


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Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

They aren't fooling anyone with the Michael/Eric peace treaty: it happened days before the fight. Ditto with the hacked-to-pieces Diaries: Kaysar's 'tough decision' between Michael & Janelle vs. Maggie's 'mess with my friend & you're going down!' clearly shows they're still pushing for Eric to win and they're prolly hoping we'll shut up now that his team is out of power for a week.. it ain't gonna fly. Cheesy 70s porn music for Michael & Janelle and 'reunited' couples were the usual filler, but I'm surprised they recycled the cheap T/F booths for HOH comp. Which House Are They Watching Award goes to Julie's 'Michael making amends all week' - another little bomb from the CBS Eric Boosters club. Why didn't they show us the votes, or at least the one for Janelle? If Julie looked tired, it's cuz she started her 'Early Show' reporting extra-early this morning about London.

One of the first to cozy up to Janelle after Michael walked the plank but Janelle threw her for a loop and she's been 'nervousing' since, and also changing the story of what they said. Great tv but small doses only please. She said in her Diary 'I could just go on and on and on' about something, and we all nodded yes she can, yes she does. She's so scared now that she's hopped on the 'I'm not in it for the money' desperation train, and it'll only get better: she's due to run out of cigs pretty soon, especially at the rate she's going through them lately. She had an 'electrical problem' late tonight that took some of the fun out of being snarky with her, but she recovered fast.

He's present but not involved in most of Eric's Posse meetings, and his name never comes up in HOH meetings. I'd say he's got this low radar thing down pretty good except that he's paired with the most obnoxious one in there. Honorary ups for his simple and (probably) true statement that he didn't have anything against Michael and just voted him out 'for the team' - the rest of them have to keep fabricating reasons to hate whoever they vote out. He wasn't as nervous at his HOH interview as the others, but he sure talked fast. JoeyBB put it best: 'a butterly in heat'

He's such a pompous ass he should be fun to watch, but he isn't. He didn't like falling from grace and he couldn't hide it either: 'anyone who wins HOH deserves it' was bad enough but leaving Kaysar's basket party early was ridiculous.. Mrs. Eric won't be proud of that bad manners display. He's got his posse all worked up but he has no idea they're crumbling to dust. No bonus points for saying he'd made his apologies to Michael either - he's trying to reform the Harassment Alliance again as I type this. He finally dropped in the CBS popularity poll but I bet it's temporary, just to placate us for a minute.

He had his moment with Julie's post-show 'let's peek at the houseguests' and didn't disappoint, but 'Hey can we get knives now?' at their post-Michael dinner was classic. Overnight he's on everyone's hit list: one minute he's inside both camps schmoozing their brains out and out of the blue they all caught on and think he's a backstabbing spy. Things aren't looking so good right now for him but the BB week just started. Whatever else he is, Howie's the only person who smiles, laughs & entertains on a regular basis and that's more valuable than it sounds in there.

She lied right to Julie's face with 'I'm trying to keep my mouth shut' - even Julie had to choke on that one. Nobody can tolerate her but it sure was fun watching her scramble at 30 lies a minute to Kaysar tonight. I think she's well past remembering which lies she's told to whom and it's about to bite her. Volunteering to go up as a 'pond' was surprising, and if it happens she may be surprised too to find out that her co-crones are as sick of her as the rest of us. Stick a fork in her, she's done.

Another guy who's 'nervousing' bad tonight, and with good reason. Kaysar gave him a test tonight, giving him every chance to come clean and tell the truth (and possibly get in with Team Kaysar til the end) but he failed with flying colors. James was visibly shaking as Kaysar asked him one question after another and he lied to each and every one. Kaysar knew it too - it's why he asked the questions he did. They got the pairings thing out in the open but James expected Kaysar to believe he's the only one who's a solo act. He may have danced his way right out of the house tonight, but he might also get a free pass.. if he gets the pass it'll come with an IOU payable to Kaysar.

They barely acknowledged that she was nominated. 'Pond' or not, it's still a stresser and she continues to hold up well. She went right to work after Michael's exit when April plopped down to start the sucking up process. The remnants of the pimp room team are all a little leery of each other right now but they're all they've got.. I don't like playing favorites but I'm pulling for these guys. Sorry I had to post her mug shot but that's how it works, favorite or not.

Julie acknowledged her and she looked thrilled, and that's the last we saw of her until April one-upped her attention-wise with a medical emergency.

100 coconuts changed a course that seemed unstoppable. He held meetings in HOH cuz that's what they do this year, getting an earful from each of them - now he knows a little of what we go through. He tested some of them and somehow kept a straight face when they told him lies he knew were coming. He's got way more data than he needs right now so it's too soon to tell who he'll put up, but chances are he'll calculate every possibility thru September before deciding. His greatest asset is letting people assume whatever they want about him. Even if he blows it and goes home in 2 weeks, he'll always be known for bringing a hookah into the house.

She does her share of sucking up, trash talking, and low radaring, but she's worried now. Everybody knows that she's hitched to the biggest target in town and there isn't much she can do about it: only Ivette & Beau aren't in the outed pairs loop. Good thing she's in there with her first aid kit though - we may need it and she knows how to use it.

Kaysar told her he wanted to pick her brain tonight but everybody rushed ahead and she fell to the back of the line and missed out.. maybe she'd rather not be interviewed by the guy who's on to her game. Everybody knows she's with Howie (except slowbies Ivette & Beau) but still nobody can figure out their game.

She's in the same position Maggie's in: tied to a guy nobody wants around and thinking nobody knows. She was fun to watch in Diary trying to recite the script James gave her. Maybe she's needy and insecure but no wonder - we finally got a first-hand view of the emotional blackmail James uses on her, and it wasn't pretty.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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