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hamster7/22/05 - Day 20

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>> Kaysar is Head of Household - Maggie & James are nominated <<

Kaysar takes out CBS

In less than 24 hours he's taken all the wind out of their sails

CBS was likely relieved Eric wasn't nominated so they could keep him out of the spotlight and let last week's furor die down, then bring him back to win the game like they obviously wanted, but Kaysar's getting rid of him.. he's also put all the pairs out into the open a week before the big CBS reveal

The hatemongers are getting sent home too and CBS will be forced to air a show with ethics, intelligence and fun instead of continuous venom spewing over petty bullshit for the rest of the season

It's ironic.. odds are high they cast Kaysar as a token, hoping to stir up jihad with conservative James - I guess CBS underestimated Kaysar as much as most of the hamsters did

This is all great news - CBS needed to learn they can't show us what happens 24/7 and then put a completely distorted version of it on tv three times a week.. they should give up Big Brother to a network with the brains to cast real & interesting people and the guts to air what they do and say

There's no way I can replay everything that went down today but here's what it gave us:
James & Maggie are nominated.. Ivette will play veto for Maggie
Beau thinks he'll play for James but James is picking Howie
Eric thinks he'll play for Kaysar but he's picking Janelle
(There are contingency plans if Maggie doesn't pick first and catches on that James picking Howie is weird)

All signs in the universe point to Howie or Janelle winning over Ivette, and then he or she will use the veto to save James and put up Eric

Eviction votes for Eric will be Howie, James, Janelle, Rachel, Sarah - 5
Eviction votes for Maggie will be April, Beau, Ivette, Jennifer - 4

Neither Eric/April/Ivette nor their minions Maggie/Jennifer/Beau know it's coming


Kaysar masterminded the power exchange today - he's been working on it for weeks - he brought The Twist out from the shadows and nobody in the new Do The Right Thing Alliance has to hide their pairing from each other anymore.. but before that, it's a tense habitat after the nominations

James is the get-around guy today, with the most unlikely people
James (to Janelle & April): I just wanted to get to the sequester house, cuz I don't have a job to go back to
April: But you're getting paid all summer, right?
(remember, he told them he's a teacher)
James: Well, school starts in August.. my checks stop then

Nominee Maggie is shocked and not happy at all.. Eric isn't too pleased either.. Ivette went off on a hating jag to no one's surprise.. Sarah's pouty cuz she thinks James will be sent home and leave her in there alone
James: Kaysar told me last night that he was gonna put me & you up, to get Ivette out, then he told me I was safe
Maggie: How come you didn't tell me?
James: I told Eric
James: If I were you, don't trust Rachel
Maggie: Why?
James: Cuz she & Howie are in this together.. think about it
Maggie: I don't have to think about it
James: Knew it all along didn't you? (pause) err.. do you think I'm right?
Maggie: Yep
Maggie: I just want to be judged by everything I've done before I went up on the block

April & Jennifer get in on the angst party of course cuz they can't figure out why James & Maggie, and cuz it's what they do.. the whole house is so freaked out and distracted, Howie & Rachel even let themselves be seen together for a minute
The strangest sounds come over the feeds: Ivette's on the treadmill mouthing off about Janelle & Kaysar - her usual loop - only she's.. it can't be.. it is! She's crying! She's marching and mouthing off, but her voice is catching.. she's trying to stay tough but she's losing it.. Eric seems surprised, but he gives her the pep talk like he does "you have to calm down, don't get emotional" but then..
Ivette: I think loyalty's gonna fuck me up in this house
Ivette: There's people in this house taking care of business for people who already left

Sitting next to the treadmill Sarah suddenly opens the floodgates.. "it's all too much.. the pressure, the lying, the stress.. no support system in here, no family, no dog.." She doesn't slip once by mentioning James or eviction.. Eric was right there in no time, holding her, like he does

Dream team

HOH is Grand Central all afternoon, everyone lobbying for their cause.. Eric is first in there after the comp, to no one's surprise

Separately, James & Sarah again deny knowing each other when Kaysar asks them directly

Feedsters are glued to our screens.. updaters & cappers go berserk trying to keep up
A very long story short:
Kaysar got James to admit Sarah's his girlfriend.. Janelle got Sarah to admit James is her boyfriend.. James agrees to play on Kaysar's team, with Sarah, to get the baddies out.. Howie's in too of course.. almost all pairings are out in the open

Janelle, Kaysar & Howie compare notes and realize they've pulled it off.. the plan has risks but it's almost a sure bet.. they say they've gone from outcasts to Dream Team

Just a little more housekeeping.. Rachel comes in and Kaysar gets right to the point
Kaysar: I'm getting rid of the dirty players.. I knew you had integrity from the start
Kaysar: I've been planning this for two weeks
Kaysar: I know you're with Howie
Kaysar: I trusted James up to a point but he wouldn't cop to Sarah, she's his girlfriend
Rachel: Are you sure she's not his sister??
Kaysar: I want a level playing field, a clean game.. I've made it all transparent so you know you can trust me
Rachel says very little - she's stunned - read the entire convo thanks to Phish

Just one more thing and it's done: Kaysar tells Howie "I know you're with Rachel"
Howie laughs "I figured you did" - it's a non-event and it's out of the way now

"The other guys" are clueless all this is going on but they know something is.. they're whispering and worrying and freaking out all over town.. outside Howie announces that he's touching Beau's peepee and it's like nothing's changed at all

In other news, a giant chess knight appeared and the Tom Servo gumball machine disappeared.. feedsters are convinced more things are being moved and removed but nobody inside is taking much notice

And oh yea, they don't get any food this week - that'll help stir it up
(as HOH, Kaysar still gets to eat.. heh)


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Special morals clause edition

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

They aren't fooling anyone with the Michael/Eric peace treaty: it happened days before the fight. Ditto with the hacked-to-pieces Diaries: Kaysar's 'tough decision' between Michael & Janelle vs. Maggie's 'mess with my friend & you're going down!' clearly shows they're still pushing for Eric to win and they're prolly hoping we'll shut up now that his team is out of power for a week.. it ain't gonna fly. Cheesy 70s porn music for Michael & Janelle and 'reunited' couples were the usual filler, but I'm surprised they recycled the cheap T/F booths for HOH comp. Which House Are They Watching Award goes to Julie's 'Michael making amends all week' - another little bomb from the CBS Eric Boosters club. Why didn't they show us the votes, or at least the one for Janelle? If Julie looked tired, it's cuz she started her 'Early Show' reporting extra-early this morning about London.

It's killing her not knowing what's going on and not being a part of it. She's just lucky Ivette's in there or she would be the focus of (almost) the entire internet's wrath.. it's just a matter of time and she will be. You get the idea that this is the real April, jumping on any bandwagon that might be useful for her and changing every story she repeats (which is all of them) so she comes out looking superior to everyone. I bet her friends watching at home don't tell her too many secrets after this.

Like the other tagalong halves of each pair, he's dead weight in this game. Even if today hadn't come down like it had his days would have been numbered in there. He & Ivette are the last to catch on to full extent of The Twist and that's not doing much for their game life or their reputations. You have to wonder if he listens to her spew about everyone at home all the time, or if he gives her two snaps and a bitch slap when he's not on tv.

It looks like the Little Emperor's reign is over and none too soon. Even as his followers were deserting him without looking back, he kept up the act barking orders about who sleeps where and commending Kaysar for winning HOH cuz 'anyone who can win HOH deserves it'. I don't know why CBS cast this guy but they're aware now that they managed to hang their seal of approval on a guy so despicable that fans don't even love to hate him. Investigatable item: he's got the same last name as an 'Amazing Race' producer - it also airs on CBS

He never fails to disappoint. Even amid all the flurries and meetings he kept making jokes and commentaries, relieving some very high tension, but he surprised a lot of people with his savvy serious side today too. His game defies all logic but it's working, and a good thing too: it means he'll be sticking around longer and we're all going to have fun again after all. I think he's a genuinely good guy and (despite disclaimers on this page) he's the one I'd be most likely to hang out with.

She's going to flip out bad when she finds out what's going on, but she bought it herself. Somewhere along the line Ivette got the idea that continually saying how horrible other people are makes her look good.. maybe cuz she's the youngest of .. was it nine kids? No excuses - she's not five anymore. It was sweet if a bit evil to enjoy catching her crying, and all cuz one of her crones got a nomination - tell it to Michael & Ashlea. She knows something's up and it's killing her that she doesn't know what. Payback's a bitch.

Big ups for making the right move for a change, and pulling Sarah out of the clones' grip as a by-product. But I don't trust him yet - I think he would have packed Sarah's bags for her if it meant he'd get to stay. I don't know if Kaysar trusts him completely either or if he's just saying he does for two valuable votes, but we'll find out soon enough. James ran a gamut of extreme emotions today which I suspect was a first for him, but he better wipe the smile off his face or the whole plan is toast. He'll also have a problem if it comes out in the next few days that he's the one who created the Ivette/Janelle feud out of thin air when they moved in.

She deserves almost as much credit as Kaysar, having been in with him from the start on this plan, and she did her share of work today and all along to make it all fall into place. If she hadn't taken a week off to lay around with Michael she might have had a shot at being a millionaire but that's how it goes. She's letting a little bit of vulnerability show every now & then - she says she doesn't care if the crones hate her, that she's used to that.. but one time she said it tonight there was something in her voice that sounded like it did hurt some, or has in the past.. as it should. We've seen it happen: they do hate her cuz she's pretty & smart.. it's sheer, black jealousy.

She doesn't seem to have a clue what's going on in her own camp let alone the other one. She'd be easy prey to bring into the new fold if it weren't for those lifelong sorority ties - if April was a mere relative as was speculated earlier, it'd be a done deal by now. She's going to push the panic button pretty soon if she doesn't start getting some of the spotlight.

I'd like to say I told you so but it isn't nice to gloat. Anyone who's been paying attention saw this coming but it was still great to see it done so neatly and quickly. You never can tell with hamsters though, so it might all change tomorrow - but today was Kaysar's all the way. He took down an empire in a day and proved that the game can be played - and played well - with smarts & integrity. He needs to be careful he doesn't get cocky about being the master social engineer or they'll get squirrely like people do when Janelle says she's cute: it might be true but it sounds bad when they say it. His work done, he got his first full night's sleep since he got there.

She's the closest thing we have to an innocent victim in this mess, but her uppity attitude is getting old and today's moping bordered on pathetic, even if her fireman hero partner did leave her moping to go plead for his own life. She's not going anywhere yet anyway. Some people think she & Eric are good buddies back home, but the other day she was surprised to learn that his wife sold Avon or similar, so it's a fair bet they don't socialize and that's a good thing. The sooner Maggie gets away from the tyrant who dragged her down with him, the better. All indications say she's got a good life with a good job and a good man: what's she doing here?

Courtesy ups for finally getting onboard with the guy taking the high road - you'd think she would have 'crossed over' much sooner than this - but maybe Howie made her stay in bed with the baddies to keep an eye on them while he floated & played the field. She made an excuse today when everyone was crying over nominations saying it has to be done every week and will always be disruptive 'except for that first one' - tell it to Ashlea. She's just lucky Kaysar isn't as vindictive as the crones she's been hanging with or he'd put her up like she did him. She looked like she'd pooped her pants a la partner Howie when Kaysar laid it all out in her lap: all this time she's been thinking she's The Smart One.

Courtesy ups for character but ups all the way for good tv. She mopes around James cuz he's not being her boyfriend, and she cries when she thinks he's gonna get sent home and abandon her here. A few more rounds of 'I have no support system here' and everyone who's not in there with a significant other are gonna throttle her. She keeps saying how much she doesn't lie but she's done her fair share and more blatantly than most.. but I hope she's taking notice of how easily James lies, and how smoothly he slides from one lie to the next cuz that's the future she's trying to buy. She's too young and too naive to be here, but she gets a free pass today. She might find a real friend in Janelle.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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