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hamster7/23/05 - Day 21

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The replacement hamsters have arrived

Major slippage by the weekend feedmaster crew when they let us see these guys at work rearranging & replacing stuff

Maybe they should stay.. they couldn't be any worse than the Casting Dept. choices

The breakfast club gets up early for peanut butter toast.. Rachel stresses cuz the kitchen's got ants, but she covers well as Eric stresses on the veto comp coming up

Next thing I know, project Do The Right Thing has come off exactly as planned: James has the veto, Eric's figured out he's going up, and Kaysar's told them the facts of hamster life.. they're a happy family again, sharing stories of how the pairs paired up, how they covered up, and how Kaysar brought us to this point
James' teacher lie is out, and the fact he started the Ivette/Janelle feud way back when

As usual with this group, the pleasantness doesn't last long as it slowly dawns on them this is only Week 3 - not the wrap party
For some reason that nobody can fathom, April/Jennifer and Ivette/Beau all still deny being in a pair even when asked directly.. their fun fades fastest

James makes his rounds, celebration and damage control.. I don't think anyone's worn the veto necklace so long in BB history

Outside Ivette and April try to figure out what happened.. Janelle takes lookout duty

They've been given some clues to opening the safes - "visible c's" digits etc. - and a blacklight.. their Coasters coasters are taken away & replaced with thunky ones that don't fly.. it's clearly a group project they're all supposed to play.. they poke around some and give up again

The party's over

The pleasant atmosphere dissipates as soon as it arrived

Pretty soon we're back to normal - we have a different group of outcasts but they're spewing the same old shit

Eric, Maggie and Ivette are floored realizing how cleanly they were beaten.. Maggie's getting nastier than we've seen her before
Maggie: He turned the whole place upside down, and he can do it again
Eric: I knew what was happening as soon as Kaysar picked Janelle
Maggie: They think I'm a bigger threat than you

They have a cycle: Kaysar outplayed them to defeat to resentment to anger to vindictive venom.. rewind, repeat.. Beau just seems to have checked out..
They never stop hating long enough to think about developing a counter-strategy

It's hard to find the fun today, but there's always some.. I don't know what Eric's doing here - it was during the happy sharing time earlier.. the new power hangs in the pimp room much of the day.. when Howie leans to give buddy Rachel a hug, Jennifer flies in from mid-air to plop right between them

Eric chats with Rachel (during the defeat part of his cycle) telling her to hang in there after he leaves and go far in the game

April's a nervousing wreck all day, fluttering here and there, repeating what everyone says with just enough changes each time for her to come out looking good.. Janelle & Ivette end up in the gym at the same time - alone - neither says a word

During a particularly nasty resentment-anger-vindictive venom cycle at the hot tub, the body language looks like they're all in self-protect mode, despite their hostility
Beau: They haven't called me to DR
Ivette: Cuz you're not important
Eric: I hope they don't spin this bad, so my kids won't be proud of me

Final touch-ups

In HOH Janelle touches up her roots (note to Ivette: they are blonde, just darker blonde)

Kaysar's fascinated - they talk and joke, it's easy and fun.. it's like the old Kaysar & Janelle

Kaysar: How do you do that.. you're so high maintenance
Janelle: I'm not high maintenance
Kaysar: It's like, you're high maintenance but you're the only person I'm ok with being high maintenance.. it's weird
Janelle: Want some highlights?
Kaysar: Maybe later

They talk about Michael.. Janelle says he really is the guy for her.. Kaysar cocoons as he admits that yea, he liked her.. it's all cool

Kaysar joins the party in the pimp room while Janelle takes a bubble bath.. for all their "we had to pretend we weren't boyfriend/girlfriend" talk James & Sarah still don't act the part.. Kaysar & James each expound on their brilliance a bit too much.. Howie sexually harasses Jennifer.. Ivette is caught in her skivvies

Kaysar makes it clear to April & Jennifer (mostly Jennifer) that it's not too late to admit anything they might want to admit.. they have a quick meeting outside and realize everyone knows anyway so they might as well give themselves up.. they rush back like giddy schoolgirls to spill their beans.. April starts to tell a too-long version - Jennifer says "shut up!" and does something we've all wanted to do for days
Jennifer delivers the news that they met a year ago at an audition for another reality show.. they've only seen each other a few times and are sorority sisters only coincidentally.. it's clearly a relief for both to give up their secret - they didn't know how to do it since they don't know each other well like the others - it's the happiest we've seen Jennifer since she moved in
The outcasts are now eight including the sleeping Rachel.. April & Jennifer agree to vote Eric out in exchange for two safe weeks

Back outside, April tells Eric that she & Jennifer are indeed paired.. Eric sinks to defeat mode and we get fishies.. when they swim away Ivette is paired with Beau and she's gay

Ivette's light and happy like the night she told April.. Eric's glad she came out - he listens & asks questions about her life - they're not bad people at all when they're like this.. he wants to wake Maggie to tell her, especially when he hears about Ivette's Maggie.. there's no game talk at all
April rushes to HOH to be the first to tell Kaysar, Howie & Janelle.. only sleeping Beau, Rachel & Maggie are in the dark now but that won't last long.. Kaysar surveys the house and smiles

Later in HOH Kaysar & Howie talk and joke - they'd be a fun final two to watch in there and it could happen - Kaysar says Diary kept saying "How did you come up with this?" and they laugh.. Kaysar says Howie can sleep in there if he doesn't fart.. James & Sarah sleep separately


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No more secrets edition

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Saturday's show got off to an iffy start with a rerun of the skewed sex 'n violence themes but big ups for compressing the chaos of the last couple days into handy bite-sized morsels. I'm not pleased with some of the edits but overall they did a good job with this mess, and gave us a Howie segment too (but won't the tv-only audience be wondering why nobody's crying Sexual Harassment on him??) As predicted, they kept Eric in the shadows except for the cheap shot shout-out to his kids from the CBS Eric Hero campaign.. let's hope they don't try to make him a martyr now that he's leaving. They balanced Ivette's first 'I'm gay' sweet moment with some vicious footage of her, and they wisely were careful with preliminary pairs outings since it was all still up in the air at edit time. As it stands now, Thursday's big reveal is gonna be a fizzle of a non-event.

Not copping to being paired with Jennifer just about killed her today, combined with her chainsmoking and the nastiness being spewed by the remains of Team Eric that she was more than happy to join in with. She spent about 10 hours with the vile & bitter crowd but then fell in with the Do The Right Thing alliance after about 10 minutes with them.. ambience is everything. She sure looked relieved when Ivette's secret came out - it was probably driving her crazy keeping it quiet but to her credit, she did.

He's just sitting there while the tide gets ready to sweep him out to sea, only cuz he's tied to Ivette and she's calling his shots. She snapped at him tonight that he 'isn't important' and while it may be true game-wise, he sure didn't deserve such a snippy crack after the loyalty he's shown to her in there.

At first it all looked good today - he accepted defeat graciously, commended his conquerors for a job well done, and enjoyed the camaraderie of the outted pairs. But it all changed and he spent the majority of the day being vile and hateful again, turning into a very poor loser with a very foul mouth. He rallied back to humanity again around 3am when he was genuinely happy talking with a relieved Ivette.. if he'd spent his time in there being that guy instead of the evil tyrant, he might have gone all the way.
Still investigatable item: he's got the same last name as an 'Amazing Race' producer - it also airs on CBS

He's being the low profile guy again, knowing what a good spot he's in and knowing better than to jeopardize that. His & Rachel's pairing was the oddest and everyone wanted to hear about it but there wasn't that much to tell. I kinda doubt they are as good of friends as they say, maybe a check-in phone call or email every couple weeks, but they were and still are a good team in there if only cuz they're the only pair with round the clock coverage of the habitat. Saturday's Pure Howie segment was great, as was watching him nuzzling Jennifer tonight - is he following up on that marriage proposal the other night, or just keeping her need for attention placated? We'll see. Outings Q&A of the day: 'What about the pervert thing Howie, is that an act?' 'Nope, that's me.' Perverts are people too.

Courtesy neutral for finally coming out of the closet and out of Beau's too. She was actually cute and likeable again for a minute when she fessed up to her Cappy but it was 3am and had followed a very long, very hateful day. CBS didn't cut her any slack either, airing her diary 'Allah gave Kaysar the HOH' - reality contestants & athletes usually refer to higher powers when they win, not when they lose - that was just evil. Maybe she'll change after tonight's true confessions but somehow I doubt it.

I don't trust him. It all looks good and it's all working good, and even though the Do The Right Thing alliance isn't really an alliance at all, it's obvious he's making every move for James alone - even he admits that. After 3 weeks of Sarah moping cuz he couldn't act her boyfriend, the truth is he's far more involved in the game than her.. this came out in a big way today when they were outted as lovers but he still kept his distance from her.

She & Howie came up with the James Factor that made Kaysar's solid plan even better and she's ok with not getting public glory for it. She kept on doing her job today, watching out for the unholy trinity and their minions and keeping tabs on April in particular, and she was her fun flirty self at the same time. Her diaries are getting better as they get ditzier since we know what else she's got going on behind the blonde act. Feedsters hoped for a girlfight in the gym but she took the high road by walking away from Ivette, which she might not have done a month ago. It was good to see her & Kaysar do their thing again tonight.. she may like Michael better 'that way' but she & Kaysar are a lot more fun to watch.

She came out of her self-imposed shell in a big way tonight and pretty much drove domineering April to Do The Right Thing. There was no reason for them to keep their pairing quiet anymore and they were both stressing bad trying to. When they finally came out it was Jennifer's doing and she deserves credit for it. She seems to be liking Howie's attention - strange but true - and I'm guessing it will all lead to something for us.. maybe an unlikely romance or maybe more sexual harassment charges. Good to see her happy and laughing tonight.

He's still the man of the hour but I think he's gloating about it a little too much. Sure, he figured them all out and told them what they wanted to hear, and he's getting the dirty players out of there (with the possible exception of James) - but he needs to stop repeating how he did it now. It's time to let them start thinking they're in charge of their own game again or they'll rebel sooner than later and all his work will be undone. He's wise for his age (24) and has amazing insight into human nature.. people tend to resent that sometimes (trust me on this one). Fans & hamsters alike will turn on him if he doesn't show a little humility soon.

Just when you thought she couldn't get anymore resentful for being nominated or vindictive about the anti-Eric rebellion she upped them both to new levels on a par with Eric & Ivette's worst. Send her home.

She's playing her part well (or keeping her options open) but she's back to just being there.. I think she still hasn't gotten over the shock of being duped so badly, but I don't think she'll get any more interesting when she does.

She's still whining about how hard it was pretending she & James weren't an item - pissing off everyone else who doesn't have an item in there at all - and after all that, they acted as distant as ever once they were outted. This girl has to sit up and take notice - she's just a pretty commodity in James' eyes. But it's her birthday Sunday so I'll go easy on her.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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