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hamster7/24/05 - Day 22

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>> Kaysar is Head of Household - Maggie & James are nominated - James won veto <<

Happy birthday Sarah

Everyone knows about last night's late revelations - it's not a big deal to most

James says he got Sarah a necklace for her birthday - Howie asks if it's a pearl necklace

She's all dressed up, having a friendly convo with Janelle.. Howie & Kaysar float in and out, James does too.. James makes some kind of concoction


They try to scrape together some fun.. Kaysar tells April to check out Howie's gargle cup - he never washes it out - she and Beau are disgusted by the layer of crud they find.. it's weird to hear them laughing, it's so rare

The tanning shift does their thing.. Maggie gets passive-aggressive toward April & Jennifer saying the vote count might not be in their favor anymore, asking about outing themselves last night.. more talk about playing with morality and ethics.. April starts to cry.. Jennifer's straps are out of a job for some reason

They're called to the pantry where they find pizza, cake, ice cream, and decoratons - Sarah holds up a card from her nieces.. Eric & Maggie hang behind
They string up streamers reminiscent of comps past, put on basketball party hats, and eat pizza and cake.. Eric & Maggie sit to the side - they have some pizza but won't eat cake.. Eric leaves soon to the gym.. Maggie stays and glares
The others have fun.. Sarah talks about her family.. she got a basket of lotions and lipsticks.. James sits with her just a few minutes

It's personal

I try to stay somewhat objective on this side of the page.. yea I get snarky when I think it's valid, but I'm done with these two

If they didn't spout nonstop about ethics, integrity, "just a game" and "not personal" they'd merely be sore losers.. but their despicable behavior and crybaby version of moral high ground makes them lower than pond scum in my opinion, so I'm not including their crap here anymore unless it's relevant to something or someone else... Sorry - lots of sites have updates & recaps if you want to keep up with them - links below

April brings a meltdown to Kaysar - she can't keep her deal if she has to stand by James.. it goes on for hours
Cut to the chase version: James told her to 'shut up' in passing earlier, she whipped it up

Heck with it - I'm going back to the fun stuff.. I'm putting too many hours a day into this to be dragged down by a bunch of temper tantrums and petty bullshit

Howie's the fun one - he plays corpses with Jennifer while the nasties spew, and he kisses Rachel's ass making her squirm - he can even make Ivette laugh
He strokes Beau and licks his silky smooth legs, prompting Jennifer to say he's all talk

James & Ivette have it out.. James & April have it out in private and take it public

They see a star.. they have another pizza party on PBJ day.. Howie grabs Jennifer      

Kaysar brings out his hookah and a few of them take a bong hit of apple tobacco

I've got another manic week ahead eking out my meager living, so apologies in advance for anything I can't keep up with - the pace is getting to me

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Late night update: Looks like Howie's working toward a threesome in his future.. Kaysar pontificated way too much.. feedmasters denied us Sarah giving her birthday present to James and only gave us the last moments - from here it seemed like his favorite activity he used to talk about all the time, but no Altoids in there.. he was talking game soon as it was done

Feedmasters owed us this one after all the fishies lately.. and don't talk about "privacy" - they signed up for the cameras


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The hamster hypocrites follow Big Brother's lead who gives them pizza & cake for lunch & dinner during PBJ week. They need to stop pampering these crybabies. Go back to BB1: no washer, no dryer, no clock, no microwave, no toilet paper - give 'em something to cry about

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Saturday's show got off to an iffy start with a rerun of the skewed sex 'n violence themes but big ups for compressing the chaos of the last couple days into handy bite-sized morsels. I'm not pleased with some of the edits but overall they did a good job with this mess, and gave us a Howie segment too (but won't the tv-only audience be wondering why nobody's crying Sexual Harassment on him??) As predicted, they kept Eric in the shadows except for the cheap shot shout-out to his kids from the CBS Eric Hero campaign.. let's hope they don't try to make him a martyr now that he's leaving. They balanced Ivette's first 'I'm gay' sweet moment with some vicious footage of her, and they wisely were careful with preliminary pairs outings since it was all still up in the air at edit time. As it stands now, Thursday's big reveal is gonna be a fizzle of a non-event.

Wah wah wah. She spent the entire day in hysterics, crying to anyone who will listen that it's just a game and she's going out with morals, but everybody knows she's not playing the game at all, and she lies as much or more than the rest. James called it right: she's insecure and she talks too damn much. Why can't she just admit that it all does bother her? The queen of denial who makes everything personal bought her ticket home today. I don't think she's eaten anything for 2 or 3 days.. she went outside and took a shower during the pizza party but it seemed more like anorexic avoid-the-food than a childish tantrum like Maggie.

He's totally checked out of the game and just hanging out now while the crybabies fight it out. Howie turned his sexual interrogator toward Beau tonight in an x-rated convo that feedsters would normally have run screaming from, but even the prudish and sheltered found it a relief after being subjected to all the horrors going on everywhere else.

He shares the all-time sore loser award with his cohort Maggie. He went last resort today and tried playing the 9/11-fireman-American card but nobody was buying. He can't just acknowledge he lost and it's over so he has to degrade everyone else 24/7. I can't listen to him anymore - and yea, it's personal.
Still investigatable item: he's got the same last name as an 'Amazing Race' producer - it also airs on CBS

Even Howie can't save this mess. He tried - he avoids the battles but he's always the first one on the scene afterwards to calm the casualties or provide comic relief to ease the tension. But it's a much bigger job than he can do on his own.

She's resentful cuz she was the only one who didn't figure out the pairs and the last to out her own. She aligned herself with the dirty players and nasty people, and now they resent everyone else for wanting to get away from their constant ugly hate.. that's how it goes. Deal with it. She had a few human moments again today, but far too little, far too late: she's the most universally disliked hamster ever.

He's running circles around his own hostility and roping in new victims every hour. He admits he lies and he admits he's an abrasive dick, but admitting it doesn't change it. He barely acknowledged Sarah all day except to say she's a liability to him in there. He also said today 'I love to fuck with people emotionally' - and we know it's true - lots of people do that but few are aware of it, and only the lowest pondscum does it intentionally.

She stayed off the killing fields for the most part today, which will serve her well. She isn't even Team Evil's main target anymore since they have so many more to choose from. She gets tempted to join in the ugly talk and gives in to temptation a little too often for her own good, but right now she's looking safe for many weeks to come.

She didn't do a lot today but she gets ups for being most improved. She took the leader role in her pair last night and that helped send April into her deadly tailspin. She's got the hots for Howie now even though he scares her silly, especially with his explicit sex chat but I think she's secretly intrigued by it too. She made a solid double play today: she yawned while Eric was trying to re-recruit her with his 9/11 spiel, and later she threw a shoe at him when he was going off about James & the hat again. More of that stuff, please!

I warned him to stop blowing his own horn so much. It's starting to annoy the others, especially James, who then spreads his annoyance all over town and drags everyone else into it. He got so angry tonight he nearly lost control when James reported back his volatile convos with Ivette and April, and he's gonna fall from grace sooner than later if he doesn't remember to take his own advice.

She shares the all-time sore loser award with her cohort Eric. She dipped lower than low today for being such a shit during Sarah's party, and she's not only looking like but sounding like the lethal Ad/Nat combo with her bitter and 'very personal' hatred for everyone. She's convinced now that she's the true target rather than Eric, but she's going to wear all his clothes next week anyway in memoriam. She's guaranteed to have the plague next week, and she bought it herself. She can't just acknowledge she lost and it's over so she has to degrade everyone else 24/7. I can't listen to her anymore - and yea, it's personal.

She's always near the battles but never involved. She may be a prude and a bore, but she's got some major patience and tolerance for putting up with all the crap flying around. The only time she takes a stand is when Howie says something too vulgar - now that they're outted she says 'How-ard!' instead of 'How-ieee!' like she used to.

She's young and idealistic enough that her birthday is a big deal to her and look how it turned out.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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