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Today's must-click special: Grin's BB5 Park: Day 36

8/6/04 - Day 36       >> to the future     >> dwell in the past     >> latest

Holly's gone. Scott's gone. The Four Horsemen and Santa Monica Van Boys are shattered, and the hamsters have dulled down to a nub. I warned them this would happen, but did they listen?

Roll call

"Pussy Power" Waffle Alliance
The Surprisingly Solid One-Man-Band Secret Marv Alliance
Diane Takes Credit For Everything Including Sunrise Alliance
Nakomis Goddess Of All That Is Deep And Kooky Alliance
Twins "It's Over, Move On" Alliance
Cowboy's Faded Glory Tattered Alliance
Jase's Rock Solid Deal® (version 2.0)
Absent: Fun

The hamsters got a dart board today.. wait.. there's a twist.. it's twins!
(just what this group needs: sharp flying objects)

Even hammock time is dull these days, despite (or possibly
because of) the everlasting chatter about everything and nothing

You know that "wah-wah-wah" sound the adults make in Charlie Brown
cartoons? That gives you a good idea what today was like..

Drew asks the girls if they look? Do they know when a guy has a boner?
The girls are talking and laughing about HJ, BJ, FJ, LJ..
Drew: What's LJ?
Diane: Leg job, you know.. we had a conversation about it the other day
Girls: We think Drew is mostly interested in FJ
Drew: Yea, or BJ
Diane: As long as you don't take off my hand with your toe

No bath buddies again tonight.. sigh


I am nervousing

I will tell Nakomis she is being used as a Pond

I like blonde brunettes

If you want to actress then I say go fer it

Let me to tell you a story about a pony, manure, and the King..

I am about to shove that nose up your smile

Pictures are everything.. they say over 100 words, or more

Scott: Hey you wanna pass 20 minutes? Cowboy, say the alphabet

Let the chips lay where they lay or fall.. however you pronounce it

If I don't get a TV deal out of this I at least want to be in a soap opera

I have a sitcom all planned out: One Night Stand

How many people do we have in here?

I am thinking about going to medical school if the actoring don't work out

I like to entertain and help people, so I will be an actor and a doctor

If I took her to a hockey game she would go

(about his fiancée): As far as sex, she's the best I've ever had.. if I went by looks, I'd never have experienced that

You don't even spend two hours with us anymore Jase.. you didn't play putt-putt with us tonight

Scott: Cowboy gives 120% but only for like an hour

I want some "why-whist-cherry" sauce on my burger

Mexico don't have no Olympic team!

(someone walks in during whispering/strategizing): He's telling us all about his 401k's

Marvin don't like me cuz everyone else likes me moreless

You have a unibrow too

(the twins reveal): I knew it.. it's Holly.. it's Holly.. it's Holly

Marv: Here's Cowboy's problem - he's always been everybody's Robin. Now Batman's gone.. who is he gonna be Robin to?

(about Nat's shirt.. koff): That's a nice kitty.. I see that and I just want to pet it

Drew (about double twin nominees & veto): I'm scared.. I dunno what to do.. it's like the first time in this game that I've felt like this..
Cowboy: No, it is not the first time! Ha ha ha ha!

To be honest with you, that's being truthfully honest

Big Brother: What's your favorite western?
Cowboy: Mickintawk.. Millinnock.. McTinlock.. awww.. Lonesome Dove

Cowboy says he has "sleep acne" (apnea)

(about Marvin's Young & Restless win): It's the expense of a lifetime!

I been wondered.. (meaning wondering)

Drew: So who do you think has the strongest alliance in here right now?
Cowboy: Marvin

Cowboy: What do toilet paper and John Wayne have in common?
Everyone: What?
Cowboy: They're both rough and tough and don't take shit off nobody
Adria: But.. doesn't toilet paper take shit off people?

(on sex): It's not how big the worm is.. it's how you wiggle it

I was talking my mouth off.. sorry

(to Drew): How old is your brother?

I wonder if we get a free hot tub tonight?

April graduated Victorian of her class

You know, Drew, my bed may be calling me at 10 o'clock (hmm.. "special" nap time?)

(on Drew shaving his body/pubic hair):
Cowboy: So do you just have to keep shaving the rest of your life?
Drew: Or I just let it grow back
Cowboy: I could never be a model.. I couldn't shave myself like that

(what he likes about Diane): Well, for one thing, she's skinny.. I don't know.. everything
(followed by): April, for one, is not skinny.. I kind of like that

I didn't do so good on the.. on the bouncy

Diane (about Marvin): I don't know about him getting his own tv show, some people work years for that.. they didn't just see Oprah on the street one day and say 'hey want a tv show?'
Cowboy: Actually they did

I've never eaten turkey ground beef before

I guarantee you if it's between me and them (Karen & Nik) for endurance.. I'll win

I don't know which was more painful, this game or my divorce

(Nik agrees to let Karen put makeup on her):
Karen: Really? You're gonna let me have my way with you?
Nik: Sure
Karen: I'm not gonna put foundation and crap on you though - you have such good skin you don't need it
Cowboy: I can do it

If I dated Hillary Duff I'd be rocking the cradle

I think taking naps is very entertaining, especially the way I sleep

(also about their many naps): This is how I look at it: we give 'em good tv at night

The Discovery Channel is too slow-paced for me

(on playing chess with Scott): You take out his queen, he falls apart

Karen: Good night, Cowboy.. see you tomorrow
Cowboy: I'll be here

24 hour internet feeds will stop the day this is over.. I wish they wouldn't

joking about movies and actoring:
Diane: I declined Titanic
Cowboy: That's funny, so did I! I turned down Ben Affleck's part.. I mean Matt Damon's
Cowboy: Wait, I know, I know.. Cappio

You know, we didn't do anything for September 16th.. err.. wait..

thanks to KC-HOH, The Ray, and all contributors for helping compile the Cowboyisms
I can tell them apart but I don't know which is which. They both talk too much.

The Hamster Watch Star of the Day! See Cowboyisms below to see why.

For two weeks it's been "take a drink every time Diane says H-O-H" but after the last few days, hamster watchers need to dry out a bit.

Psst Drew.. there's a Plan in the works to take out Jase.. your friend.. your leader. Quick, run and ask Diane how to think! (While you're at it, find out WTF happened to her PLAN)

Save yourself Jase! There is a new Rock Solid Deal® and it isn't designed to be Jase-friendly.. Hey, I know! Cozy up to Diane, shower her with attention, tell her she's cuter and smarter and sexier than Holly - you just might be able to stay and be fun again!

Finally Karen wigs out, cries, and irritates just about everyone. She's a keeper!

"Thanks to those who voted for me to stay.. and to those who didn't: if the good die young, I hope y'all live forever."

The gameplan, according to the brains of the operation: "As long as Neil Armstrong is still going to the moon, that's all we need to know.. there's gonna be a touchdown, or there's gonna be a Challenger disaster." More of that stuff please (and leave Jase alone)

I can tell them apart but I don't know which is which. They both talk too much.

I want to like him, and I think I know they "have to lie" to win, but the Rock Solid Deal® lie came too easily from him. It takes a lot of practice to appear that sincere & believable.

Ok, they pulled this one off - about 3 weeks too late - and only after a montage of horribly out-of-context snippets complete with over-melodramatic and sappy-sad music. Scott's exit interview was dwarfed by PROJECT DNA as much as Julie was dwarfed by him; but not as much as the big reveal dwarfed her moneyshot punchline: "Houseguests, get to know Natalie.. oh, you already know her, ha ha!" <thud>

The goon is gone - long live the goon :)

Unique, fun, annoying, ditzy, and oddly vulnerable. Bless her pointy lil head.

This year's Lisa, but without her luck.

xThe Don
Smart or not, he was first out: 'nuff said. Fold your arms and go home.

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