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hamster7/25/05 - Day 23

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Can we fast forward?

We're only into Week 4 but it feels like late-season drag has set in

James used the veto per plan and the two supposed grownups are up for eviction: Eric's empire has officially crumbled

Afternoon check-in finds them sniffing around for changes after lockdown.. Janelle's on get-around duty which includes friendly conversations with former mortal enemies James and Ivette.. Ivette makes a hummingbird bird feeder out of paper towels

Janelle talks to Kaysar about her indecisiveness in life.. the HOH doorbell chimes a few times and we're back to talking game, even though it's all been decided for a few days
James: Maggie is the sacrificial lamb.. Eric is Jim Jones, David Koresh
Janelle: He is David Koresh and this is the Waco compound
James: And I'm Janet Reno, bitches

The losing team mopes around the hot tub, grumbling.. double agent Rachel's there, so are April & Jennifer - they all play both sides so well nobody knows for sure til Thursday which of their lies hold water

But then.. wait, what's this? Is Jennifer showing us what she thinks about Ivette behind her back? And Beau's joining in??

Omygosh they're playing! Even that guy I said I wouldn't cover anymore is getting in on it, but April's the champ.. Ivette has a little trouble
But with proper coaching, she gets close.. they all cheer and.. yes, they laugh!

There's more fun in HOH.. apparently Kaysar & Janelle were talking seriously for awhile - feedsters are turning on the star duo already - I missed the heavy chat and came in on the flirty fun
Janelle: I'm gaining weight in here.. is that Shamu in the kitchen? No, that's Janelle
Kaysar: Oh jeez I was kidding
Janelle: Blue whale in the kitchen
Kaysar: You had a modeling career when you got here, it's over now
Howie: You're ok for a fat chick Janey, for a plus model you're skinny

Bath buddies 2005

Beau & Ivette entertain April & Maggie in the showers, dancing and laughing, yukking it up.. Jennifer watches and screams with laughter

That's when I remember.. the hamsters on the losing team are always the fun ones

The showerers join in the fun like bath buddies do.. the divider flies as April grabs Maggie's butt
Even Eric gets in on it.. but Beau & Ivette do it better

The Dream Team aka De-Cappy-nators aka Sovereign Six pontificate and pat themselves on the back in HOH.. James & Kaysar do most of the yapping - it's no fun at all - they discuss world history & politics, practice nom & veto speeches, and plan the remaining executions.. they're all so brilliant.. it's all so much hot air

Julie can't out the pairs on live tv, but she's still going to drop the $1 million - $250 thousand bomb and all plans will fly out the window.. for all of their "it's not about the money" each of them is going to be looking at the others a bit differently: Maggie won't seem like such a problem anymore but James/Sarah, Howie/Rachel, and April/Jennifer will be wearing bull's eyes come Thursday night.. Ivette will prolly be out first unless one of the crones wins HOH, and then the "winning team" will start eating their own

Back to the fun, Howie goes after Beau again.. maybe he's serious and maybe he's working, or simply playing.. Beau says it grosses him out cuz Howie's straight, but homophobia bursts out all over the web anyway
James & Sarah coach from the hammock "act like it's your first date" "push him up against the window"
Later James discovers he can get a job as pool boy after Big Brother.. Beau checks out Ivette's homemade hummingbird feeder - it's pretty cool.. MacGyver couldn't have done better

Fun turns ludicrous when Eric coaches Ivette in the fine art of Coasters.. he talks about technique and "all in the wrist".. the ridiculous part is that they're whispering, as if they think it's going to be the HOH comp on Thursday
Eric: I hope they don't try to make a monarch of me
dingo: I don't even know where to start with that one

Howie sits with his barbell whispering about Yoda, clearly uninspired.. Janelle comes outside to exercise.. the evening cam crew goes for a crotch shot.. she tells Howie she can't even do a sit-up anymore.. he gives her a pep talk and they work out together

Most of them go to bed early.. Kaysar's no longer the Night Prowler - he's fried.. James & Sarah retire to the pimp room and don't entertain anyone.. Ivette whispers to Beau, telling him to offer to jerk off Howie in exchange for his vote.. Beau scampers off but Howie turns hims down - he tells Janelle if he let him do it, he'd want it every night

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Final edition - this is as good as it's gonna get

Nielsen watch: Saturday's show tied with 'Cops' on Fox.. that can't be good

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Saturday's show got off to an iffy start with a rerun of the skewed sex 'n violence themes but big ups for compressing the chaos of the last couple days into handy bite-sized morsels. I'm not pleased with some of the edits but overall they did a good job with this mess, and gave us a Howie segment too (but won't the tv-only audience be wondering why nobody's crying Sexual Harassment on him??) As predicted, they kept Eric in the shadows except for the cheap shot shout-out to his kids from the CBS Eric Hero campaign.. let's hope they don't try to make him a martyr now that he's leaving. They balanced Ivette's first 'I'm gay' sweet moment with some vicious footage of her, and they wisely were careful with preliminary pairs outings since it was all still up in the air at edit time. As it stands now, Thursday's big reveal is gonna be a fizzle of a non-event.

I didn't see her much today and that's fine with me. Somebody with so much angst and paranoia and meltdowns should be way more fun than she is. Wait til Julie drops the million dollar bomb on them Thursday - still-paired April is gonna go well past bonkers into territory most of us have never seen before.

He's not playing the game, he's just playing. The funny thing is that Ivette will be even more of a target once the others find out about the big prize for pairs so Beau's got a good chance of skating through many more weeks. He might even make it to finals. He let Ivette try to pimp him out for a vote tonight, but Howie turned him down.. that's gotta hurt.

He participated in a little of the losing team fun today, but I feel the same as yesterday. Peanut butter & pond scum on toast.
Still investigatable item: he's got the same last name as an 'Amazing Race' producer - it also airs on CBS

He's not as much fun as he used to be but he's still the fun leader by far. He keeps scooching up to Beau and Jennifer and neither of them are sure if he's serious or playing them. Neither is anyone else, but it sure makes internet fans freak out when Howie tries to kiss Beau and that's always a good thing.

I have to admit it: she's more fun more of the time than some of good guys these days. It doesn't excuse the last three weeks though. She better learn what STFU and "low profile" mean before Thursday night - or win HOH - or she's a goner.

He's simply obnoxious. He keeps talking about what a great manipulator he is, how brilliant he is, but he's as transparent as the two-way mirrors in there. His mood tells all: he goes from elated arrogance to sullen and bitter depending whether his ego was stroked or bruised, and he treats Sarah like a dust bunny. I've said it before: that's fine if it's defined & agreed between them, but I don't think that's the case here.

Internet fans are turning on her now that she's on the winning team and no longer the love story of BB6 or isolated outcast. She's shallow and bigoted and a shameless flirt - more reasons her fans are turning rabid - but she admits it, and she doesn't mind at all if you hate her cuz she's beautiful.. she's used to it. Star of the show so far.

I didn't see much of her today but when I did she was cracking up, even screaming with laughter. It was good to see. She's lucky her pair April has become such a nutcase - that'll mean Jenn's safe til all the remaining pairs are disposed of after Julie tells them about the million bucks.

I'm this close to giving him a negative cuz he won't stop pontificating about how great his plan is, how well he executed it, bla bla blah. We know already! All of his flock is gonna turn on him like they did on Eric if he doesn't STFU soon, and for almost the same reasons. I had everyone figured out in the first few days or so too, but do I have to keep blowing my own horn about it? Oops.. nevermind.

No comment - I'm done with her.

I don't know if I trust her or not. She seems to be riding on both teams, ready to jump on the winner just before the finish line. But it won't matter after Thursday: she's one half of a remaining pair and for some reason, those guys in there still think she's smarter than Howie.

She seems to be having a wonderful time at summer camp. That will change when they find out about the big money and everyone decides to break up the two-member James Gang.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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