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hamster7/7/05 - Day 5 (Day 1 for us)

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And so it begins

Five minutes til showtime and they are scooping out (floaters??) from the fishies - could this be an omen for season 6?

I hope to be able to keep up with them - I've never done HamsterWatch from the beginning when there are so many inside, and last year when I started I was doing what turned out to be a "Lite" version considering what came later.. I'll do my best to catch the high points and those that may have future implications.. and of course the things that make them look like eejits

The feeds came on at 8.15pm BB time - easties were annoyed at waiting, and westies had to dive in right off the bat juggling the show and the feeds.. but at least they are drinking in there

Feeds quality is bad so far, especially the audio - call or write Real to complain if you're a paying customer, or they won't bother to improve them

But the good news is they're back, we're back, and the game is on! Let's see what we have to work with..

The hot tub's already open - Rachel seems to want to draw attention to her chest (consider her competition); Janelle and Sarah are already in

Howie doesn't even disguise his line of sight around the girls; contrary to all her promo material Jennifer is being pretty reserved so far; inside she perks up a bit as they swap stories and get to know each other better

April's a table-sitter - internet wrath will rain upon her for that; as I predicted Ivette and Beau are the fun ones - he's already made a tinfoil cell phone to ease his withdrawals; Ashlea's hands don't look at all like they used to belong to Ashford

Michael is bored when not talking about himself; Kaysar's just hanging - he seems cool and (as predicted) more Americanized than many expected; alone in HOH Rachel goes thru her drawers and seems self-conscious of the cameras.. she prolly added to her HOH-too-soon death warrant by going up to hibernate when everyone else is still up

So far Beau seems to be our social gadabout - here he is making his rounds

Maggie directs bed re-assignments (nobody out here knows why they are rotating); James brushes his teeth like a good boy - looks like he's going to be The Shirtless One; and we have our first body count

Janelle surprises hamsters & feeders alike by being a chess player.. there's some blatant flirting going on over the table when she plays Michael, til she says "He looks like Beavis" - the crowd goes wild - Michael's ego visibly deflates, and does again when she wins the game.. he keeps at it but I think she's playing him like a cat with a mouse.. by the way, Michael rounds out his Rico Suavé flirting technique with funny voices and <vroom-vroom> car noises

For now it's all about getting to know who's who and who's paired with who (or whom, for purists).. we know we have an early alliance of Rachel, April, James, Sarah, Janelle, Howie, and Maggie - which means there's at least one pair in that group, and at least one future backstabber

There are clues that Sarah & James are a pair, and Michael & Kaysar, and Howie & Rachel.. if so, that leaves April, Janelle & Maggie as odd hamsters out and potential liars to this "from the beginning " alliance - there's no surer way to alienate the jury

Meanwhile, back to the show.. Ashlea watches the chess game quietly, too quietly.. Rachel & Ivette go spy-screening - does this make them a pair, or is Rachel already spying behind her alliance's back?

BB gives them a midnight curfew (!!) so I don't have much else, sorry - but it's only the first day.. here are some random caps - we all need to memorize who's who anyway

Maggie & April looking interested; Jennifer looking parannoyed; Eric, Ivette, her cleavage, and Jennifer again

Janelle looking posed; Michael looking Rico Suavé; Maggie looking bored, already

The Night Prowler, version 6.0

Seems like Kaysar is finding out what so many before him know: it's a bitch being nominated

All the others are obediently in their beds when we discover Kaysar prowling the house - first he's at the table playing with some blinking thingy and worrying.. then he's pulling out the little key-slots under the electronic pics (which are off) - repeating their names and muttering to himself

He's studying



Then he's back to the table - clearly stressing - and then making his Night Prowler rounds of the house like our lil buddy Cowboy used to do: checking the gym door (still locked), asking BB for some honey for a sore throat (no response), and finally bed


Overnight update Kaysar did get an alarm clock! It went off at 4.49am - he turned it off, and went back to sleep

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Today's must-click special: The BB1 revolt ahh, the memories

Special first day 'No negatives' just this once, and I'm letting their official pics run one more day. You & me to the end!

Delaying the feeds 4 days was bad enough, delaying them after the easties' show ended was surprising, but starting them up 15 minutes into the westies' show was awful. As we have no 'what really happened' to compare tonight's edits to, they luck out - but all the 'only one hour to pack!' stuff was ridiculous: there was plenty of time to make all those 'I'm so hot' videos of them at home, and anyone who believes the hamsters don't get a chance to make real-life arrangements to be away for 3 months is a fool. Entering the house in groups was odd - it could only be for a future memory comp - and the junior high salaciousness of the food comp (all in bathing suits, grabbing at 'coconuts') was silly, but all in all it's just good that we've finally started and that in itself earns them an upgrade.

I don't have much here - neither the show nor the feeds focused on her much that I saw. I haven't seen any of the animated, talkative, funny, or drama she advertised, but I am hopeful.

She didn't take her nomination well.. her tears made Rachel feel guilty and she can buy something with that in the future, but none of the others want to know. I have a feeling the 3 syllables (Ash-lee-a) is a recent invention, but I'm pretty sure the TG rumors are nothing more than slander so I'll say no more about them. Between crying at noms and Kaysar studying up a late-night storm, she better hope for a veto.

He's a walking stereotype and that will be fun - even homophobes thought his tinfoil cell phone was pretty funny. I liked that he packed his 'beau-a' and just wish we could have seen it on feeds - plenty of time for that though. I have a feeling he'll provide most of our entertainment.

Scratch what I said earlier: he's not going to go for the cool older brother role so we're left with nagging dad (not a good gameplan). He said about 3 times what a bad scene it is that there are so many women in the house - hard to say if that's smarts talking or just misogyny.

God's gift to women, men, and squirrels - this guy's a piece of work. Apparently he's already been on a few shows including 2 dating shows - and he still can't get laid. It's fun watching him watch the girls, you almost want to reach out and wipe the drool off his chin. He's making a lot of gay jokes though - maybe he's a future Bath Buddy! Let's hope so.

I didn't hear much of what she said, but it looks like she'll be the life of most parties (til her self-professed Big Mouth shows up anyway). She looks to be good at making social rounds in the house too, chatting here & there with most everyone, a good sign.

He's trying too hard, too soon. Sacrificing himself off the HOH surfboard so early was a transparent move to save himself that may come back to haunt him along with his teacher lies. A highlight of the show was him announcing that he'd figured out there was a bed shortage right away: 'I did the math in my head' - uhh James, most third graders can do mental math up to 14. I'm ready for a politics battle - it's inevitable. Ups for being eejit of the day.

She's smarter than she looks and smarter than James too - at least she waited a bit before bailing the HOH comp, and they all fell for her blonde 'I don't think I can win anyway' line. She does a world class flirt 'n drop, which Michael learned the hard way (but he'll forget tomorrow), and whether through pairing or circumstance she's aligned herself early with the 'good kids'.. that's probably good for her but they're already suspicious. She was surprisingly low profile in the show (other than the requisite trot 'n bounce clip) and in the house - who'da thunk it?


She talked the talk before coming in but it all dissipated pretty fast. She seems bland, bored, and boring. Maybe she was just having an off night, and we only saw them for a couple hours, but so far she seems like a dud entertainment-wise.

Ok, it's pronounced Kay'zer not Kaiser, got it. He's an early front-runner with internet fans and is taking his nomination better than we've seen anyone do in ages. Signs are strong that he's paired with Michael but I'm confident he can overcome that. He's studying, and as a bonus he's our new Night Prowler.

From what I've seen, she seems sarcastic and that's going to turn a lot of people off, but I see nothign wrong with it <blink> I have a feeling she's a late blooming hamster and it'll take them - and us - a little while to get to know her.

As I predicted, his whole 'I'm so worldly and cosmopolitan' thing is just about all he's got. I don't think it's necessary to say things like 'Last time I was in Italy..' in a casual convo with new people, is it? He also made several references to wanting to run away & start a new life - maybe he's as tired of his act as we already are. He didn't seem surprised when Janelle worked him into a frenzy and then dropped him like a used kleenex.. guess he's used to that.

Not much to go on here at all except that she didn't know being first HOH wasn't necessarily a good plan, and neither is leaving the party this soon to hang out in her private bed & bath. At least she did use the spyscreen - I wonder if she found it or if it was given? I also wonder if she's used it on her own or just when she has company.

All signs look positive except that she seems paired with James, but maybe that's an accident of birth and not her fault. Internet fans seem to like her unanimously, and there doesn't seem to be any reason to think the hamsters will feel differently. She may end up being a little boring, but so far she seems fun and animated, and that's what counts.

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