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hamster7/8/05 - Day 6
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Fishies are dying

They killed one of the fishies already: they said it was ok yesterday and this morning "when we were feeding them" - timing is everything.. The girls are concerned that the sick fishie will be taken to the fishie ER and not just be flushed - they haven't figured out yet why all the fishies are the same color this year

Eric & Michael have a very serious discussion about Jennifer, kinda
Michael: There was this guy at the art studio, I'd be sculpting my things and he'd be sculpting his things, and I could never figure out why he wouldn't talk to me.. he was always so arrogant and rude
Eric: Cuz I would never cockblock you, yanno?
Michael: That's not what I came here for man, I made a pact with myself, no fuckie-fuckie
Eric: Ok cuz I would never cockblock you, yanno?

Outside on fishie-scoop lockdown James gives Jennifer bikini assistance; Ivette, Maggie & Sarah talk about periods; bathing beauties go on parade - Howie's into it

Ivette: It's such a pain having my period
Maggie: That's why I don't have it anymore, I have endometriosis, that's when all your back muscles shed away, that's what causes the pain


More bikini adjustments - hormonally challenged feedsters are losing it - Howie's never far away either, but soon he & Michael turn their attention to their battle for supremacy

MEETING! They file dutifully to the eviction area - Rachel seems unsure of herself and comfortable at the same time in den mother role.. audio cuts out but we get to keep video for a bit and then fishies

The knives come out

Even though they're all acting "normal" lunchtime is tense.. the PB&J crowd do theirs and the others have salmon.. nobody's talking to Ashlea and she's not talking to them: it's like Adria all over again, except Ashlea hasn't done anything to deserve it.. Rachel's starting to feel guilty

Howie: What's the beneficial.. the beneficial.. you know, whatever, of the veto thing?

Other bits 'n pieces: Beau doesn't rush when lockdown's called.. April's proud of her boob job, and despises Kaysar cuz he said he doesn't pray for animals, that they don't have souls.. Eric, James & Ivette will each debate anything to the death (be warned).. Janelle & Kaysar are playing chess a lot - neither's quite sure how to deal with the other's "type" but they're doing ok.. Jennifer's going after Michael in a big way
Jennifer: Would you go out with me in the real world?
Michael: You asked me that already
Jennifer: I did?
Michael: Look at that dragonfly, wow

Eric has designated himself Fitness Coach - Beau and James are apt pupils


It's obvious what BB really stands for - April likes telling stories about hers.. Janelle had a long talk with Kaysar about hers.. Jennifer's just pouty

Ashlea has a terminal case of plague - James talks to her for awhile, but she can't be his pair cuz feedsters have already matched him up with everyone else

Michael tells his story again and says he doesn't want to be perceived as [the kind of guy we're all perceiving him as] - he seems flustered when Sarah hops in the next shower.. Janelle & Ashlea chat over manicures
Janelle, about veto options: If I do that, then I'm already exposed as being your friend
Janelle: [Ivette] and Beau, I dunno, it almost seems like they know each other

A stray Howie quote - this doesn't really need a picture - "The day I win the grand prize, if I don't hook up by then or one of you doesn't jerk me, I'm heading right to the bathroom and I'm jerking it!"

And a stray Eric quote - same deal - "I had a guy once who cut his arm open with a Skillsaw.. what was cool about that was when he moved his fingers you could see the tendons moving inside"

Ashlea finally starts playing - she works on Howie a bit but it goes over his head

And then, what's this? James & Sarah whispering.. the key words were Sarah's "It's hard cuz I'm used to being so emotional with you" - the nature of their tie was solved with a smacky, sloppy kiss (capped by JustinRocks)

Moments later Eric and Ivette are in the hammock bashing Janelle, Beau joins in and they agree to stick together to get rid of "the bitch" - Eric says "And I wanna bring April too, she hasn't done anything wrong and she's cool, let's bring her too" - hmmm we all thought he was paired with Maggie; maybe he is and April is another alliance he's got - busy guy

It doesn't take a genius to realize they're throwing us these little bones cuz there's no show tomorrow, and they need people to sign up whose 3 day trials are running out

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Newsflash: Thursday's premiere won its timeslot ratings-wise, but it scored 8% lower than last year's debut

Delaying the feeds 4 days was bad enough, delaying them after the easties' show ended was surprising, but starting them up 15 minutes into the westies' show was awful. As we have no 'what really happened' to compare tonight's edits to, they luck out - but all the 'only one hour to pack!' stuff was ridiculous: there was plenty of time to make all those 'I'm so hot' videos of them at home, and anyone who believes the hamsters don't get a chance to make real-life arrangements to be away for 3 months is a fool. Entering the house in groups was odd - it could only be for a future memory comp - and the junior high salaciousness of the food comp (all in bathing suits, grabbing at 'coconuts') was silly, but all in all it's just good that we've finally started and that in itself earns them an upgrade.

She talks a lot, but I'm not sure yet if she says anything. She is big on game-talk, but usually whoever she's talking about it to tells her to settle down. It's looking like she's paired with Jennifer.

She wasn't saying anything to anyone - I think she decided they all hate her and they're gonna kick her out. If this is the best she's got, they should. On the other hand, they're all acting like they hate her, and there's no call for that. Now it sounds like Janelle is her pair and they're trying to work up a plan. Ashlea did come out a bit, generated hatred, and withdrew again. First to say she's not in it for the money.

He's having a low-profile day already - that can't be good.

Turns out Dad knows all there is to know about everything. Line of the day, explaining what a good dad he is: 'We don't go many places without the kids' - I guess 3 months away from home doesn't count. He hates Janelle with the kind of venom that's a bit strong for this soon - who expected 'every time she opens that cockholster she calls a mouth' from dad o' the year? Maybe she wouldn't give him the time o' day when they met - well, he's married.

He's not going to change no matter what, but he's a hoot to watch.. he's like the kid who wants to be in the cool group and thinks saying he is will make it so. That'll get real old real soon, but for now he's funny. Kaysar, Rachel & Beau did a late night personality intervention on him, and he said he's up for it.. if it'll get him chicks.

She talks a lot too, and when she has a point to make she hangs on to it like a pitbull until everyone's heard it three times. She's got great potential to annoy the rest of them. She hates Janelle as much as Eric does or more so, and she can't just leave it at that - I think she'll be our venom spewing champ this year, although Janelle & Ashlea have a healthy hatred for her too.

He's got zit squeezing down to an art - be glad I lost the caps, but I'm sure there will be many more. He's acting a little gay today, fixing the girls' bikinis and talking about female plumbing.. I'm still waiting for politics hour to start. Looks like he & Sarah are pre-swoony with each other so if sex is gonna happen this year these two are likely suspects. Expect a big fight between him & Eric over a quarter on an upcoming show.

She's a lot smarter than she looks. She's bonding with Kaysar today - interesting if she's paired with Ashlea. She better get in with the girls soon though or they're going to realize they're jealous of her and kick her out. She went off on Ivette to Ashlea so strong she lost a lot of potential internet fans today.

She's hot for Michael and hanging all over him, but he's got a 'no fuckie-fuckie pact'. She looks pretty bummed most of the time - I think we have identified our drama queen, and I think it's cuz her pair (likely April) is in the surf alliance and she isn't. Her self-esteem doesn't seem too healthy.

I'm not pleased that he got an alarm clock - special treatment for religion is against everything BB stands for - but he ignored it this morning so it's ok. He's looking like the smartest guy in there, and all the more so cuz he doesn't keep saying he's the smartest guy in there. He's pretty funny when he gets going - hope he sticks around.

This is what I was afraid of: she's going to talk in medico terms all the time, and she has half of the maladies she describes. I think she's slipped a couple times flagging her & Eric as a pair, but I'm not keeping track.

He's given up on Janelle and moved on to Jennifer today, alternating between lecturing her about Caesar and talking in funny voices. He too is gonna get old fast but for now he's hilarious.. he told his euro-history story yet again, this time prefacing it that he didn't want to seem too worldly. The girls are laughing at him already, and by the end of the day they were all complaining about his grabby hands - but not to him.

She's taking her HOH responsibility way too seriously and seems socially unsure of herself - she'd do well to get with Ashlea and patch things up but I think she's afraid nobody would like her if she did. She's also a prude - saying 'eewww' about 100 times to whatever Howie said - she wants to 'fix' him. She's doomed.

She continues to shine, fitting in with everyone and not making any visible blunders - she's the epitome of likeable, her choice of boyfriends notwithstanding. She's shunning all the other guys' advances but they keep trying - maybe James will go off on one of them soon.

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