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hamster7/9/05 - Day 7

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Details, details

This is why I don't keep track of all the whispering details - most of yesterday's were about what would happen if each of them won the veto.. today Rachel got it so it's all so many whispers in the wind now

Now Ashlea is worried she's going home and will be forever remembered as first out.. well, she'll able to compete in that August modeling contest now

Sounds like it was a tough comp - ropes were involved and bodies are sore.. Janelle isn't pleased with the outcome but Ivette is.. Jennifer is in spokesmodel mode
April's changed her tune from "Pray for the fish" to "Kaysar's just adorable" and is already lobbying for him to stay

Lots of them are starting to catch on that they're not the only pair but so far it's just suspicion in there - let's see what our inventory shows

All but confirmed by Julie pairings are:
April/Jennifer, Ashlea/Janelle, Eric/Maggie, James/Sarah
beyond probable are Beau/Ivette
which leaves my picks Howie/Rachel and net faves Kaysar/Michael

Surf alliance: April, Howie, James, Janelle, Maggie, Rachel, Sarah

New riders in the Horsemen's cage: Eric, James, Kaysar, Michael

If looks could kill anti-alliance: Ivette vs. Ashlea/Janelle; also Ivette/Eric vs. Janelle

On the same page alliance: Eric, Ivette, Maggie, Rachel

There are probably more but I can't be bothered to keep up.. details

New bikinis come out - April, Ivette & Maggie bitch about Michael's hands and Howie's mouth - Michael finally gets told off on his next pass so he moves to foos with Jennifer.. Devil Duckie makes an appearance

From the What's Wrong with Howie? department:
Howie: I've done all kinds of women, I've done an Afro-American black woman
Eric: Have you ever banged a blonde?
Howie: Yea, I've banged a blonde
Eric: A blonde where the carpet matched the drapes?
Howie: I dunno about that.. but I've banged one where the carpet matched the tile

From the "Special Naps" department:
Sarah pounces Michael, who then makes a request
Michael: Can you do me a favor, can you rub my calves?
Sarah: Are you serious?
Michael: That feels so good.. I'm drooling
Michael: Mmmmmm

dingo: Will she tell James about this? Interestingly, she didn't tell April & Maggie who she joined right afterward.. will Michael tell James? Could be fun times ahead!

James & Sarah have a couple talk in the hammock and compare notes.. he says everyone likes her, she says she's crabby and misses him.. they all get called inside
James: I'll make it up to you when we get out
Sarah: How?
James: Lots of hugs
Sarah: Have to do better than that
James: Lots of sex?
Sarah: Better than that.. lots of shiny stuff
James: I can manage the sex better than shiny stuff
Sarah: Nope, shiny stuff.. from Tiffany's

Inside we find out how they've been picking beds each night: Spin The Sandal
Afterwards, back in the hammock, James tells Sarah he thinks there might be seven couples there.. he also tells her that all that stuff he told Ivette, that Janelle was talking smack about her? (which is the reason Ivette hates Janelle, and that in turn, is the reason Janelle hates Ivette) - he made it all up

Paging Nurse Maggie

Ivette still hasn't pooped and she's starting to feel some pain as a result

The girl could use an enema, and not just cuz she's constipated

Howie does a boogaloo on Jennifer.. Eric's jammies.. Kitchen group and I swear Rachel said "Who was the last one in the fridge?" - nobody answered and nobody closed it either

James seems to be the only neatnik but they're all aware of the importance of dental hygiene (lots of veneers in this group, I bet)

The PB&J crowd is counting the minutes now (do they know they might be on it another week if they fail the next food comp?).. we've found the Bible, and it's not color-coded.. Jennifer discusses her breasties with Beau and James

Ivette bitches to April for a few hours about Janelle and becomes the first to use the
c-word this year - she uses it liberally - even April has a hard time getting a word in.. Inside Michael pets Jennifer while she gives him "do me" eyes and says how she wants to be married and have kids - it's an odd convo that takes an odd turn
(after much petting and cooing, mostly on her side, she says she doesn't like that Johnny Depp hasn't married his girlfriend and that he spoke against the USA)
Jennifer: But I'd do him
Michael: Hey, we can tell all the celebrities we love them
Michael (to camera): Big Brother, world, I was thinking.. I'd like to ask Jessica Beale out for dinner
Jennifer: Ow, my ovaries are attacking me
Michael (babytalk, to Beau upstairs): Beau would you bwing me a mint? Pwetty pwease?
Jennifer: My ovaries hurt

James & Sarah hang out in the pimp room for a long time.. she seems a bit insecure about their relationship.. he is clearly the one in charge.. James knows about the spyscreen but they make out for awhile anyway

Kaysar and Janelle play chess into the night and have a very nice convo about life, choices, futures - they seem to genuinely like each other (maybe smitten even) - she admits to him that she's done some modeling work (but not that she's got trading cards and calendars)
dingo: Looks like Ivette is like Diane, in that she has to have some 'issue' going on at all times, and Janelle is her Holly.. I hope Ivette doesn't find out she's a model - we'll all suffer


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Daily ratings may change as the day/night progresses.. You & me to the end!

Saturday night and no show, boo. Tuesday expect to see a serious fight between Eric & James over a quarter, and much ado about the Ivette-Janelle feud which is already pivotal in the game. Some feedsters don't seem to be following well so maybe they'll let the frenzy work up a bit out here over the Janelle-Ivette hatefest before they tip the card that James instigated all of that - you heard it here first.

She talks a lot and most of it's negative, about other people, and behind their backs. Her voice hasn't won her many fans but it makes her easy to identify, especially in night-vision. She's definitely playing the game but her allies think she's a bit too hyper. She said she was born LDS (Mormon) - if Jenn's her sister that would explain her Mormon comment last night, kinda.

She's doomed and she knows it, so she came out of herself a bit finally and may actually try to have a little fun before going home Thursday. She & Janelle are paired, whether by blood or friendship, and they're a good match.. slanderous rumors that won't die aside.

He came close to smacking Howie today and prolly should have. He'll get flak for saying he came on the show to meet people, make friends, and enlighten people about his lifestyle - but Howie had just asked if Beau would like (somebody's) ass 'if he were a man' - just like jello, there's always room for enlightenment.

Eventually he'll run out of stories about sawed-off limbs and intubating people. Tonight he 'educated' them all about street drugs - chances are a couple of them could have taught him a thing or two about them. He could use some downers himself - he's a ticking time bomb that's already gone off once (with James) - I just hope I'm there to see the next time.

He's the guy who says one dumb thing after another, and has an unlimited supply for more. He's like a combo of Scott & Cowboy but with only the worst qualities of both, which makes him infinitely entertaining. He may get inspired in here and think about a career change: actoring would be easier than weathering.

For all her bravado she's proved herself a fool by believing James' story about Janelle on day one. The fact that she ran with it and polarized the house is gravy, but she won't get any benefit from it: she'll be out of there as soon as they get around to her. She'd be easy to win against in finals but they never think about that when someone's as annoying as Ivette.

I'd pegged Sarah as The Smart One based on their pre-show interviews so it's no wonder that her boyfriend is the guy driving the house. He admitted to her today that he made up the story he told Ivette on move-in day (that Janelle called her 'a bad seed') and that's set everything off and kept him & Sarah in the background: pure genius. I'm still waiting for political chat fireworks but maybe he's smart enough to tone that down when it happens.

A lot smarter than she looks but not smart enough to question Ivette's hatred for her and its roots - she must have figured she can take out Ivette with looks and charm, but unfortunately her rebound hatred has worked against her - and more immediately, against her pair Ashlea. Feedsters put down Janelle for saying the other girls are jealous of her, but it's true - and a lot of those same feedsters are too.

She does nothing but mope, flirt with Michael, and mope some more when he rejects her cuz he's too busy harassing all the other girls to realize he's got a sure thing with Jenn. She let slip a lot of background info today and it's probably true - she doesn't seem inspired enough to lie. April's clearly the leader of this pair and Jennifer's prolly afraid she's going to flounder on her own - she's prolly right on that one.

'Howie, you are so ridiculously dumb sometimes' is the kind of gem this guy comes up with, and we need more of that. Even April's ready to keep him over Ashlea now and she gets around, so it's looking likely he'll still be here next week. He's got incredible patience to weather all these airheads as well as he is, and he shows no signs of cracking at all.

I've seen her a few times today so I'm pretty sure she's still in there, but few would notice if she wasn't.

The girls were perturbed with his groping but afraid to say anything about it cuz of the game and the need to be liked by all - Numbnuts here isn't aware of any of this, nor is he aware of the fact that Jennifer wants him. For all his worldliness he treats the girls like a snotty 10 year old, and for all his big talk he acts like a guy who's never had a girlfriend or even a girl friend. He's still funny to watch but the fun's fading.

She's got that deer in the headlights look down. Now she's won two comps in a row that she shouldn't have, and that means even more will hold a grudge against her after she does her veto thing (or more likely, doesn't.) Nobody knows what her deal with Howie is, but she couldn't say 'Ewwww How-eee!!' enough last night when he was talking raunch, so brother or cousin seems likeliest. She's a prude, a drip, and no fun at all.

It almost feels like there's some kind of power thing going on with her & James but no matter, they're the brains of this game and she gets style points to boot. She keeps telling James when they're alone and talking sex 'my dad's watching' but James tells everyone about his Altoids/oral sex trick enough that daddy's either tuned out or is going to meet James at the end with a shotgun: they better hope they come out on top. It'll be interesting to see how she holds up as we go, but so far everyone inside and outside seems to like her.

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