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hamster7/10/05 - Day 8

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What's up with Howie?

Here he's feeling up Beau, caressing his legs and commenting on their silky smoothness

Nobody knows quite what to make of Howie, but most agree - inside and outside the house - that he needs a class in remedial social skills asap

Rachel didn't use the veto, big surprise

Then Howie says how Janelle wouldn't even talk to him in the real world, and goes on to prove it by asking her when she started having orgasms - she doesn't want to talk about it, so he persists - Michael tries to get it on it, surprising everyone by asking Howie if he's travelled much

Thanks to Yahoo's site caching, HamsterWatch pre-season projections are back in place

Quadcam now has audio for all feeds - it freezes up a lot more and is like being in a beehive, but it's good for deciding where to go

Howie tells a joke - Sarah doesn't find it funny but James does.. hmm..
(about someone who's had a sex change) Did it hurt when they cut off your johnson? No. Did it hurt when they cut off your lower extremities, your ball sack? No. You're telling me you went from being a man to a woman and there was no pain at all? Yea, there was pain, when they cut out 80% of my brain

Inside they gorge on beer and chocolate, Dad takes out the trash, and Rachel TP's the house - I don't know

Team SoCal has a tete-a-tete in the cot room.. they're joined by Eric, and then Howie who tries to follow

No Mixed Messages Here Department:
Jennifer reaches for Michael again.. Ashlea sends Ivette a not-so-subtle note via her shirt.. Eric tells Michael the girls are fed up with his grabby hands - Michael's surprised

More casting screwups:

Flying hamsters! Ivette, Rachel, and April do cartwheels but nothing here is without mishaps.. Howie gets a boner.. Where's Jennifer? Finally something she could play

Beau knows fashion

They decide to dress for dinner since it's their first together - all PB&J bets are off

It's a flurry of clothes and skin and hair flying everywhere - some need more help than others.. Beau is happy to pitch in, and does a good job - truth in advertising for him, anyway



Eric's cooking.. hey, is he using Wendy's chili recipe??

The Friends for Life alliance (© attw x) eats fast and all scatter to their corners.. Kaysar hones in on Sarah who talks about her "last boyfriend" who cheated on her.. he reads her self esteem issues loud 'n clear and even shines a spotlight on them
Kaysar: Why did he cheat on you?
Sarah (after a long pause): He said I wasn't a good enough girlfriend
Kaysar: And you believed that?
Sarah: I dunno.. I was young
dingo: I'll wager she's talking about James here.. they let some clues slip last night that they'd had these kinds of 'troubles' in the past

We get teasingly close to a girlfight but Janelle & Ivette just toss a few barbs and both back off.. Maggie tries to stir it up but Ivette's umm.. distracted.. Eric models today's jammies

Howie comes into the pimp room hoping for a threesome with Janelle & Ashlea, but instead they talk game to him.. his confusion is clear, but they offer to sleep in the same bed with him for two weeks if he helps Ashlea stay - that he understands

Hamsters are now using the term Surfboard Alliance - DR is stealing my stuff again

Pray for the fishies

Sarah points out which ones are sick, which means we're in for another round of which people are evil if they don't pray for sick fishies.. do they really think BB is rushing the lil yellow guys out to the fishie emergency room?

Next thing you know it's an outside lockdown at 11.30pm to scoop 'em out

April makes her tattling rounds, prefacing each convo with "I wish I wasn't involved in all this".. when she gets to Rachel and HOH she asks about the spyscreen.. Rachel says she sees no purpose in it, but "It's kinda cool to watch the fish" - which means Howie is the brains of that pair, heaven help them

Outside lockdown drags on.. Kaysar tutors Janelle about the game ("pick off the weak first").. Howie tells loud, elaborate, raunchy, bad jokes to the others - Eric's reaction speaks for all

The penny drops

Kaysar & Janelle stay outside chatting after the others go in.. they are almost flirting but each holding back, hesitant to go there.. it's a nice convo anyway.. Ashlea joins them and they all compare a few more notes.. Janelle & Ashlea tell him about discrepancies in others' stories, particularly Beau & Ivette, and he has a sudden realization about the full extent of the twist

"How could I be so stupid?" He heads off to tell Michael - which the feedmasters keep from us - then he goes back outside and explains the implications to Janelle, Ashlea, and Howie who's joined them of Beau & Ivette being a pair, and how that's the twist this year.. none of them are admitting they are also also in a pair

Perhaps a new alliance is born: the Unlikely Avengers
The only problem is one of them is going home this week for sure

Gems o' the day:

April: Shift your package.. That's gross.. You can like see the shape
Eric: What? I have a penis. It's not my fault I'm hung like a wild field mouse in a snow storm
thanks to seeley for catching this one

Janelle, after Kaysar gave her kudos for sussing the situation: Holy fuck, I'm not dumb!

Kaysar: You're a good man Howie, even though you talk about boobies and butts all day

Overnight update Michael got up to pee as Kaysar was finishing his prayers (4am) - Kaysar filled him in and we got damn fishies cuz they want that for the damn show, damn them!

Michael slipped some through between bubbles that he saw Eric and James at the hotel and knew they were going to be here, and they started tying a few people together.. Michael woke up enough to listen to Kaysar and take him seriously, saying "I trust you with this"

So it's all outta the bag now - everything from here on out depends on Thursday's HOH comp, and at least now Ivette will have a reason to hate Janelle


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Daily ratings may change as the day/night progresses.. You & me to the end!

Sunday downgrade for the unwatchable feeds quality.. 3 day trials aren't gonna pay up at this rate.
Saturday night and no show, boo. Tuesday expect to see a serious fight between Eric & James over a quarter, and much ado about the Ivette-Janelle feud which is already pivotal in the game. Some feedsters don't seem to be following well so maybe they'll let the frenzy work up a bit out here over the Janelle-Ivette hatefest before they tip the card that James instigated all of that - you heard it here first.

She's trying hard to be as hateful as Ivette & Eric but she's clearly out of her league with them. She got tipsy on 2 beers and then got way too defensive when she was teased about it.. I think we may have a sloppy drunk here - give her more booze!

She's doomed and she knows it.. she doesn't seem to care anymore. Big ups for her 'no habla español' shirt and the loud 'n clear message it sent to Ivette - brilliant! Too bad she won't be sticking around longer.

He finally lived up to his own hype and dressed them for dinner, except April - nobody could do much to dress up the sweats she insisted on wearing. Howie keeps feeling him up and making cracks about the gay boy - Beau's showing impressive restraint by not exploding.. go on Beau, nobody will mind. He also stepped up and gave a nice prayer before dinner when everyone else chickened out.

He thinks he's the leader of the BB6 boy band and he hates everyone else. He's giving a bad name to firefighters everywhere, and that's not easy.

Where to begin? Howie's got absolutely no filter on his mouth and he can't tell enough masturbation and sexcapades stories in between making a total jackass of himself every few minutes. He was on 'Blind Date' not long ago.. points to anyone who can turn up the tape.

She's awful to listen to and she sure stirs up a lot of shit, but she's only got 3 channels: Pray for the fish, Janelle's a ho, and Howie bit my butt, with occasional 'At least I'm all natural' inserts thrown in. She wins the hypocrite of the day award by saying they've all made friends for life as a p.s. to Beau's grace.

It may look like he's got the game sewn up for himself & Sarah.. except that he thinks Rachel, Howie, and Michael are the smarter power-players. He made a major fumble when he talked about his 'frat boy' clothes and stuttered trying to cover (since he told them he's a teacher and not a frat boy) but nobody noticed.

Her presence alone is enough to keep Ivette wound up, Kaysar intrigued, and Howie horny - all things that keep us entertained. She's not circulating enough to keep herself safe once Ashlea's out so she better get busy or hope to win the next HOH, or she's a goner.

After a week of swooning around unresponsive Michael she asked her gal pals if they think her boyfriend will be mad - this is the boyfriend she didn't see for 2 months before coming in - I doubt he's even watching. She's such a drip the producers are kicking themselves and wondering how they fell for her self-hype when she applied.

Clearly the front-runner for internet fans and he's gaining more every day. He was cast as a token and BB was hoping for controversy but he's too smart to rise to that bait. He's smitten with Janelle and admitted to her last night why he's doing so well so far: 'I listen'. He doesn't like much of what he hears, but he'll make good use of it.


I think they've all heard by now all about his eurotrash background and he doesn't have anything else to offer. He's already making plans to meet up with people after the show - Howie might take him up on it but the rest just nod politely. He was shocked when Eric gave him a talking-to about groping all the girls, but the damage's been done: they hate him.


She wants to be with her man and is having trouble accepting that he's ok with being nonchalant toward her. Rumors say he picked her up in a chat room when she was 15 which would explain a lot about his control and her neediness. It would be interesting to watch her operate on her own if he were evicted, but he's in thick with every alliance in town, and they're the best shot feedsters have at seeing some HOH action this year.

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