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hamster7/11/05 - Day 9

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And we're off

Janelle and Kaysar begin planting their seeds of doubt in minds that are already doubtful

Ashlea tells Maggie that Eric can't be trusted.. Eric tells Kaysar that Beau & Ivette might not be aligned just cuz they're from the same state.. Eric tells Ivette that James is nuts.. they're all cracking, already - sweet!

Ashlea: Eric's campaigning against me, for no reason!
Maggie: He is?
Maggie: Maybe it's not him - there are meaner people here
Eric (to Kaysar): Just because two people are from the same state.. I mean look at Ashlea & Janelle! You & Michael are both from California - how do I know you're not together? You gotta keep your emotions in check
Eric (to Ivette): We gotta get rid of that James.. Kaysar was all worked up, I'm like 'Take a fucking breath and relax'... if you go back to anyone with this I'll kill you!

Fishie-scoop lockdown and Howie can't figure out what Kaysar's got that he doesn't.. at the table things look promising for a minute: the Dixie Chicks' anti-Bush comment comes up and Michael Moore, but everyone (James) is calm and civil.. dammit

Back inside James & Kaysar finger-drum and rock out over chess and symbolism ("Everything's riding on this move" "Yep, everything").. Michael soaks his head

Eric and Maggie prepare watermelon for their bored older girls while the younger kids frolic in the pool.. I don't know what April's doing..

Pairs pair up and talk about car models & mortgages.. Janelle accosts Rachel in HOH and continues carrying out Plan Unlikely Avengers
(Janelle tells the apple crisp at the Cafeteria story)
Janelle: I think it's the twist of the show
Rachel: None of this makes any sense to me, maybe if I lived down there it would
Janelle: And they play drums together
Rachel: They said that?? Does anyone else know?
Janelle: James knows.. somebody else knows too

James says to Howie & Jennifer "Kaysar's already threatened me, he said his Arab friends will get me when I get out.. if you care about me you'll keep me in the house for a long time" - he's clearly lying, but is he joking? I don't know

Watch for a (fake) fight between Michael & Kaysar to throw anyone off who may think they're working together - you heard it here first

We got tears

It was just a matter of time

Jennifer's upset now because "other people" think she's stepped over the line with Michael, and that her boyfriend at home (the one she never sees) has already dumped her as a result

Diary room, I sense your hand in this

They're plotting here, they're plotting there.. Ivette says the vibe has changed but it's ok, Michael's on their side.. Jennifer tries to get reassurance from Michael that her outside man won't dump her.. Eric joins in and quotes from sexual harassment classes he's attended

Next thing you know, we got tears - and no shortage of comforters - Daddy's girl feels better when Daddy Eric says it's all that Michael's fault for being an evil bad man.. Ashlea walks in and takes a turn, shooing Howie away, then telling Jennifer all about this alliance, that alliance, this plan to evict Ivette, that plan to evict Beau.. uh oh

Elsewhere Kaysar tries to catch up on lost sleep but Beau keeps harassing him - maybe he has an inkling of why Kaysar was up all night

Ivette and Eric spew back & forth about Michael, hurling PC rhetoric back and forth.. Eric is about to bust a gut thinking Michael's "advances" are why Jenn was crying (I think it's cuz of the lack of them but she'd never admit it).. Eric says it's a liability issue and that he "called the producers on it" - he's a goner

Eric & Ivette proceed to work April, Rachel, Beau, and James into a frenzy about the homicidal maniac in their midst - who is blissfully unaware of all this, playing foos with Howie - Jennifer is also conveniently elsewhere so she can't set the story straight, and prolly wouldn't anyway since she's finally the center of attention, sorta
Funny, it was just earlier today that Eric said to Ivette "If you go back to anyone with this I'll kill you!"

Eric finally gets called into DR.. Michael the homicidal maniac tells Howie & Kaysar how Eric was accusing him of sexual harassment - they all laugh, it's so ludicrous - Kaysar does a hammock dump and Beau thinks it looked so fun he gives it a whirl too

The Harassment Alliance decides to hold a prayer vigil to deliver them from the evil in the house.. some have a little trouble deciding which denomination they are but it's Ivette's idea so she wins and leads it
No sooner than they've Amen'd, Howie find some undies and sniffs them, distressing the Harassees even more.. then Beau gives Howie a play-kiss which makes Howie want a real one "but no tongue, no tongue!"
Beau evades Howie's advances and climbs on Ivette instead
dingo: I tell a lie - of course none of this distressed them.. it wasn't Michael.. they loved it

Janelle says the panties are hers (her period panties) "EEEWWWW!!!" screech the girls - Howie just loves 'em more.. oddly, Eric thinks it's all a hoot, Rachel struggles to get it
cherryred: Where's Sexual Harassment Panda when you really NEED him

Howie's got a point (alert the media)

Late night chess, Kaysar & Janelle are trying to play but Howie keeps up a running one-sided convo about phone sex, penetration, jerking it, orgasms, and vibrators - and every topic involves Janelle. Both Kaysar & Janelle are fed up with it but they let him stick around cuz he's like a poorly-trained puppy who's kinda cute and you just can't send him to the pound.

But when Howie's right, he's right: "C'mon Kaysar, how many people worldwide are playing chess right now with a chick of this caliber?"

Later, there's this..
Howie turns off the water in the shower, says
"oh shit" then tiptoes out to get his shorts

First cheeks of the season -
who's surprised they're his?

(labelled cuz people steal the nekkies)

Bonus funny They are all convinced that tomorrow is live show, eviction, and HOH comp.. heh


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I can't believe we've had so much already without having seen a single Diary other than the Thursday intro's that didn't have anything we didn't already know.

Monday still neg for all 4 feeds on 1-2 people almost all day - there are 14 in there, c'mon!
Sunday downgrade for the unwatchable feeds quality.. 3 day trials aren't gonna pay up at this rate.
Saturday night and no show, boo. Tuesday expect to see a serious fight between Eric & James over a quarter, and much ado about the Ivette-Janelle feud which is already pivotal in the game. Some feedsters don't seem to be following well so maybe they'll let the frenzy work up a bit out here over the Janelle-Ivette hatefest before they tip the card that James instigated all of that - you heard it here first.

She's making her rounds nonstop and rarely shuts up but she gets ups today for her rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance - leaving out 'the flag' in the first line and 'invisible for all' later - she got about half of it right. Lucky for her Fireman Eric wasn't around at the time or she'd be looking for a new alliance leader tonight. She's already saying who she wants to be in Mexico with.. hasta la vista, baby.

She knows she's going home so figures she's free to make faux pas's right and left, which she did. She told both Maggie and Jennifer various things she was in on last night with instructions to keep quiet about it.. Jennifer prolly won't do much with it cuz she has higher drama to star in, but Maggie will run with it.

He's not the Marcellas the producers and all of us expected, but he's pretty good once he gets going. He harassed Kaysar today, kissed Howie (but evaded Howie's return smooches), straddled Ivette, and dumped the hammock. All in all, not a bad day for a hamster.

I bet Mrs. Eric can silence him with a look, but these guys just keep winding him up tighter. He's taken sexual harassment classes and decided he knows more about it than the CBS lawyers - I'm guessing Diary will work on the others to get him out of there pretty soon.. you don't go on a show like this and then proclaim the producers aren't on top of this stuff (especially when he completely misunderstood it all.) He loved playing Daddy to Jennifer's little girl in tears.. hmm.. ok, I won't go there.

What's odder, that we have a panty-sniffer in the house or that he announces it proudly? He's never had the attention of so many hot girls before and it just makes him act worse. We'll all be shocked if his Diaries show this is all an act (nobody's that good an actor are they?) but there's no other explanation for him being there. Rachel's prude act is no act, and if she's the smart one, why would she go in teamed with him?

I don't know if anyone tattled back to her that she & Beau are the first openly-outted pair or not, but she knows something's up and it's making her crazy. She's louder and bitchier than ever and stirring it up every chance she gets. Eric's blood pressure rises visibly every time she whispers at him, then she sends him off do her dirty work for her. She's a little black cloud hanging over the house, with poison-tipped daggers for raindrops.

He's loving all the chaos and mudslinging cuz none of it involves him, or so he thinks. Behind his back he's one of the top targets for just about everyone who's playing (which is only about half of them.) Feedsters everywhere are seeing what a controlling relationship he's got with Sarah - and maybe she's ok with that - but he's way too fond of saying what a good manipulator he is to get away with very much in here for very long. Eric & Maggie are on to him for sure, and others have their suspicions. But since his under-the-radar gameplan keeps him off my radar: downgrade!

She did good today carrying out the plot she hatched with Kaysar, presenting it to Rachel just right and seemingly planting all kinds of doubt. Even if Howie got to her first, Janelle added some new spin and came across genuine, because she was. She should be the breakout star of the season, but I have a feeling that won't be the case unless she can win over Eric out of Ivette's evil web and that's not likely. She and Kaysar have the only interesting grown-up conversations we've ever had in the house (at least when Howie steps away from them), and that's worth perma-ups in itself.

Poor poor Jennifer. She thought she'd be the star of the show and thought she'd win Michael's heart, and she's been a drip since realizing neither was happening. She finally cracked today (wah) but true to her spoiled princess spirit, she let Eric assume it was Michael's fault she was in tears instead of just admitting the pressure's getting to her. She's not cut out for this - or anything where she isn't the star - and big ups to her for proving to be the drama queen we all thought she would be.

He's smart but not quite as smart as he's supposed to be: I really don't think he's caught on yet that they are all pairs.. is it possible? He's got more between his ears than most of them put together, and seems good at reading people and knowing when & how to act on what he learns. He's falling hard for Janelle but I'm pretty sure he can keep that separate from game. And he's the only one who tells Howie to STFU.

Ok Maggie's in there. She does most of her work in the morning when I'm not watching, but I caught some tidbits today & tonight. It seems like she's letting Eric do all the driving and she's clearly uncomfortable with all the scheming and lying she's doing which doesn't bode well for a strong finish, but I'll give her a chance and am hoping she's got more than what we've seen so far.. it doesn't help that the feeds are rarely on her.

Not just a chair-thrower or knife-to-throater, nope, this year we have a bonafide homicidal axe murdering maniac, all right! He'd be pleased to know he was the subject of so much heated chaos today but sadly he was blissfully unaware, as usual. When Kaysar was explaining their plan to him pre-dawn all Michael could do was quote The Count of Monte Christo. You know it's bad when people (April) say they do not want to be in Mexico jury house with you.. I've been calling him Rico Suavé but Xanax anyone? pegged him as Christopher Walken's 'The Continental' - perfect!

All the hamsters seem to think she's the shrewdest one in there - apparently they think this HOH thing is more serious than the occasional script reading job it is once nom's are done. She's rarely on screen and when she is, she's got a deer-in-headlights look or else she's gagging over something Howie said or any sex convo in general. Some people say she's using sign language with Howie - I haven't seen it, but I did report on him signing in his sleep the other night so maybe it's so. There has to be some reason they're both here - I give up.

Pretty much all I've seen of her lately is tagging along with whatever crowd she's running with that hour and looking pretty. I suspect she's completely submissive to James, whether by choice & definition or intimidation & manipulation is what I'm curious about. Looking forward to seeing them interact more as we go on, but James may be gone before there's much chance of that.

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