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hamster7/18/05 - Day 16

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Body count

April looks like a corpse today

Ever since Eric spontaneously combusted the other night (and CBS let him stay) fans are going after each other.. we sound like Ivette & April.. hostility is contagious

But hey, "it's just the internet"

James didn't use the veto - big deal, nobody expected him to.. Howie's poopy pants last night are the talk of the house - you heard it here first

This guy's on cam duty again.. you'd think with all the Sexual Harassment flying around lately they'd tell him to cool it for a few days


Jennifer's doing everyone's nails, today it's Rachel.. Howie & Beau talk about gay stuff at the pool.. Howie turns into Burt Lancaster for a minute

Some groups stay tight.. some mingle.. Howie just gets around.. they're talking about the "live feeds" today - diary must have tipped them off
Howie: The difference between pink and purple is your grip
Eric (watching from insde): People just baffle me
Eric: I don't have to cuss if I don't want to, you've seen that
dingo: err no we haven't

These two are still at it.. so are these two.. Eric laughs about his blow-up the other night - he says Michael gave him the "stink-eye" three times
Beau: It just shows how much bigger a man you are than him
Eric: It'll make good tv, I can't wait to see Julie's face when she sees it
Eric: He hasn't done that stink-eye since, have you noticed that?

More relaxed convos today - pasts, futures, relationships, movies - Kaysar's involved again and Howie drops in again.. Rachel falls asleep on the couch.. Eric comes over "Damn, that's sexy, look at that, the small of her back, that's the sweet spot".. he points it out and the others look.. Kaysar & Maggie stay and chat awhile longer
Jennifer: What movie character would you be?
Howie: I would be a jedi.. 'You will put out for me'
dingo: Maybe pointing to a sleeping girl & telling a crowd 'look how sexy that is' wasn't covered in his sexual harassment class

Beau & Sarah tease and harass Eric - they want to pluck out a hair or something - he seems upset.. maybe he's playing
Eric: I'm telling you, don't do it! I'm telling you, I'll put my boot right up where you were split when you were born! I'll rip your face right off your head! I'm telling you, don't do it!

Backyard socializing continues - Rachel's very chatty today.. in the pimp room Michael, Janelle & Howie fail Safecracking 101 again

Dancing with the stars

Kaysar got stung by a bee
or they want to wax his eyebrows
or something

Nothing comes of it

Jennifer tries teaching Rachel her Desperette dance.. more attend Beau's class
That slow-zoom-on-the-girls cam guy is back from his dinner break

Kaysar talks to Janelle on the treadmill.. she asks again if he's mad at her, or upset
Kaysar: Just something kinda creeped me out.. it's not a big deal
Janelle: Did somebody say something?
Kaysar: No.. when we were talking and Michael came up and started doing stuff with you.. it just made me feel uncomfortable
Janelle: I won't do that anymore
Janelle: I won't stare at him in front of you
Kaysar: It's ok, it's me
Janelle: I know I've been flirting a lot with him, I can't help it.. work out with me?
Kaysar: Ok

Rachel tells about her bad boyfriends at length (again) - this time to James & Sarah.. Howie pops by now & then.. James is riveted

Jennifer's crying again, about the bad boyfriend again, to Eric & James this time.. five years and no ring.. she hardly ever sees him.. Eric & James coddle her "don't settle" "you're worth so much more" "if this guy scares you, move to another state" (Eric).. James is more invested in this story than Rachel's.. Howie does cleanup
Howie: Marry me. We need to date for a year or so first but then we can procreate
Jennifer: My eggs are running out
Howie: I'll be a bigtime weatherman-slash-meteorologist, we'll have a nice house
Jennifer: I can't even walk, I have to pee so bad
dingo: how come she finishes every convo with that line?
dingo: perhaps five years and no ring means he doesn't want to marry her

We couldn't agree more, Janelle

Janelle comes into the bathroom and tells Maggie & Jennifer that she just broke up with her boyfriend in Diary

She says she realized it just isn't going to work out.. they hardly ever see each other.. she doesn't want to string him along from inside here

Jennifer tells her if she gives the finger they can't use the footage - she says she learned that from "Reality Show Secrets" on VH1

Maggie's fascinated.. Jennifer's not - she's got the same boyfriend problems and the pretty blonde one-upped her again
Maggie: How funny! Here's Jennifer and me committed to our boyfriends at home, and you're all free in here!

Part 2 of this very busy night is incorporated in Tuesday's episode


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These are today's pics but yesterday's ratings - like day old bread, they're cheaper but they taste almost the same

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Watch the veto comp carefully - it turned into a 2 day event 'practice' and 'real' but they had to wear the same clothes which likely means massive editing. Chances are things just didn't turn out 'as planned' on day 1.

Viewers demand a realistic 'Eric is the true psycho' segment. My guess: CBS is still pushing for fireman hero and Grodner/Shapiro are trying to fight it - they know the deal but CBS writes the checks.

Saturday's show made Ivette seem not so bad and quoted her saying 'Ashlea was exhausting' jeez. They made Janelle out to be an evil femme fatale bitch, but at least they're showing viewers she's smart. First ever kudos for background music: Eric's nom ceremony was good, but the 'evil elf tiptoe' tune for his HOH debut was brilliant. They're still trying too hard to push Beau as the token gay guy, since he's been mostly absent. They skewed the start of the Jennifer-Michael harassment situation worse than the hamsters have, but they are starting to show Eric as the loony control freak he is, so tonight's fight won't come as such a surprise to tv-only viewers. I see they're still picking up many convos & pics highlighted here days earlier.. just freaking hire me.

If she can repeat herself endlessly and run everything into the ground, so can I: She's as much of an instigator as Ivette but she's just a little quieter about it so she doesn't catch quite as much flak as the chief crone does. Kaysar's on to her though and already has her doubting some of her bedmates.

All signs indicate he was behind Eric's spontaneous combustion by tattling to Ivette what Michael was saying, and he's suddenly making as many rounds as Howie, April & Kaysar. He deserves big ups for turning out to be snitch of the year but we rarely catch him in the act.. that makes him a snitch deluxe but keeps him stuck in neutral.

Do it again, Eric.

He's been oddly quiet and off-cam so far today for the most part, but when he does show up he's a hit. Who would have thought someone saying 'boobies' could calm down a nest of 12 angry hamsters enough for a comp? Howie's the only fun in there and everyone knows it, even those who are disgusted by him. Highlights: sitting down on the big lawn chair with Michael 'Is this your bee, or is this Kaysar's bee?' and asking Kaysar if he wanted his poopy pants back.

Someone needs to clue her in that a) respect is earned and she hasn't and b) everything she does and says in there is against her religion, too. First this year to utter the inevitable and wimpy non-threat 'I won't walk him/her to the door' - nobody cares if she does or not. She needs to STFU.

It's time for PETA to come in and investigate the mass murders of the fishies - that would get James going and that's what we need. He prolly didn't want to win this veto comp but apparently Janelle was about to win so he had to step it up. We'll finally have a chance to see what he's made of and how he handles real pressure.. he's looking tense today and Kaysar's already at work being his new buddy.

Mostly absent today so far but then she had a daylight make out session with Michael, above covers. After they realized the cameras were tracking them they freaked out a bit.. and carried on! Things are looking up for voyeurs.

Her sexual harassment game is finally losing steam but I think I see some new potential in her: she's looking like the hamster most likely to gain weight she won't like and she's also looking a little swoony when Kaysar talks about principles, morals, etc. Either has great possibilities for hysterics and drama, and so does the fact that her crone pals are catching on to her sneaky behavior and her made-up/highly exaggerated stories. Looks like she's next on the Harassment Alliance hit list.. ironic isn't it?

The Harassment Alliance implosion he's been working at is starting. He's the smoothest operator around - he's cozying up to each of them on their own terms like Karen last year, but without trading the nasty comments on each pass. He doesn't think much of most of them but he's smart enough to keep that to himself for the most part. Today he started a 'normal' convo and also gave us a 'peace out homey' - enough to qualify for ups right there.

Card-carrying member of the Hypocrite Club. As long as Eric's inside there's a bonafide threat to everyone's safety and everyone knows it.. I guess Maggie only has concerns like that when her money isn't at risk.

Game-wise he's toast. He threatened to walk out last night but he's still here (see Janelle). He could rile Eric up again sooo easily, but I think he's finally caught on that it's not good for Kaysar's game when he does that. Michael is an illustrated definition of 'riding coattails' - hopefully he'll stay busy enough smooching Janelle that Kaysar can get on with things without having to keep making repairs for Michael's damage.

I don't think she'll ever be 'good tv' but she came out of her shell enough today to talk about her horse dying, her bad boyfriend, and her wish to be on 'The Bachelorette'. Then Kaysar gave her a hand massage that turned her to butter - he doesn't need much help, but it's good to know he's listening to my suggestions.

Mostly absent again.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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