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hamster7/17/05 - Day 15

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The rooster (yanno he ain't gonna die)

Hamsterwatchers who went to bed are shocked to see he's still there this morning
Eric struts around just like a rooster surveying the henhouse.. the word "cocky" springs to mind

The rules have always been clear before:
Lies, verbal antagonism (Michael) = encouraged
Physical violence or close (Eric) = eviction

Listen up Big Brother you could save this mess and yourselves if you convince James to use veto, get Eric to put up himself a la Marcellas (the rules are out the window anyway), and get all the crones & gargoyles to realize what a scum he is.. time is short but you can do it.. it's the only way (plan courtesy of GoHowieGo)

On to mundane matters..
We come in on a happy congregation around the table - hmm, they're usually scattered all over for breakfast.. they sound like a bunch of chickens bok-bok-bokking quietly about that horrible Michael.. little tidbits of what happened are heard but none of them juicy.. Howie comes out, checks his breath, and says it's stinky
Howie takes inventory then starts his rounds.. he rubs shoulders and talks boobies, all around the table.. he carries on with a visit to Michael and talks more boobies.. everyone's equalized again and they prep for the veto comp again - in the same clothes they wore yesterday - this one is gonna be edited beyond all recognition

Fishies finally swim away, revealing James with the magic necklace.. but first I find Kaysar already on the job, laughing & rough-housing on James & Howie.. Eric came in 6th but says "even though he won, I helped him" then he issues a proclamation, telling them all not to ask DR for booze

Eric & Ivette corner each other and spew.. Ivette goes on a tangent.. Eric pounds his fist.. when they come out of storage Jennifer is seen walking away from the door.. Howie schmoozes Jennifer a bit and Kaysar chills
Ivette: ..a crack dealer with 15 years ahead of him and he's singin' like a frickin' bird
Eric: You can NOT get emotional in this game!
Kaysar: Yo

Kaysar & Janelle play chess.. April's on lookout duty over them.. so is Michael but for a different reason - he nuzzles Janelle and says "she's the only one I'm allowed to do that to".. Howie says "I'll be in my room if anyone wants to form an alliance or something"

Eric holds court in the gym.. they flitter in and out - psst pssst pssstt - but back to what counts: James Taylor claims another victim
After this, April reports to the gym to tell Team Las Vegas about the nuzzle and comment "..and I said 'well, if she wants it'.. there has to be a twist, something about those two"

Pop pop pop

The day is a big letdown after last night's shenanigans

I'm not stressing on the details

Kaysar talks to Rachel, she talks a lot about herself, her past.. April joins, then Beau, then Jennifer (who finishes every kernel of popcorn quicklike)
It's a nice convo.. "normal" - no game at all - it's like grownups talking
The others take off and Kaysar massages Rachel's hands.. she coos a bit.. Kaysar goes to tell Michael & Janelle that Rachel can maybe be swayed over to their team

No explanation needed..





Short explanation helpful.. Maggie warns Ivette "none of them" should be spreading stories about anyone's weight anymore.. Jennifer gets caught stuffing her bra


Outside it's deja vu all over - it's just like last night, just before.. then Howie gets a woody
This time it's James doing the slow burn.. he is not a happy hamster tonight

First HOH party of the season.. they turn on the spyscreen for a bit but waste it
Like all good parties it moves to the kitchen.. and another woody, kinda
Even Rachel's having fun, everybody is.. oops, almost everybody

Maggie snaps

Maggie rebounds like a champ - next thing you know she's whooping & hollering in the bathroom, and snapping towels with a vengeance

Of course Howie joins in - Beau's just given him a facial

(hey, get your mind outta the gutter)


The hate goes on & on & on everywhere.. it's wearing me out
Michael & Janelle get cozier & cozier

Late night update (does anyone care?) April asked Beau (whispering) everything she ever wanted to know about anal sex but was afraid to ask.. Howie had a little gas problem in the pimp room - ok, a major gas problem, poopy pants and all, really killing the mood for the horny twosome in the next bed.. he was wearing Kaysar's undies at the time - he washed them out, told Kaysar about it and asked "You don't want them back do you?" Kaysar stayed out in the hammock til 3am thinking, working


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Nine Hours of Fishies Saturday - BB5's 9 hour event beats yesterday's hands down - more of the same today

Nielsen watch: Our friends came in behind 'Princess Diaries' Saturday night

Final edition - this is as good as it's gonna get

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

12 hours of fishies out of 24 just as 2 week trials are winding down, and Eric's still there. Viewers demand a realistic 'Eric is the true psycho' segment. My guess: CBS is still pushing for fireman hero and Grodner/Shapiro are trying to fight it - they know the deal but CBS writes the checks.
(thanks to Cherryred for realizing SHP could save us all)

Saturday's show made Ivette seem not so bad and quoted her saying 'Ashlea was exhausting' jeez. They made Janelle out to be an evil femme fatale bitch, but at least they're showing viewers she's smart. First ever kudos for background music: Eric's nom ceremony was good, but the 'evil elf tiptoe' tune for his HOH debut was brilliant. They're still trying too hard to push Beau as the token gay guy, since he's been mostly absent. They skewed the start of the Jennifer-Michael harassment situation worse than the hamsters have, but they are starting to show Eric as the loony control freak he is, so tonight's fight won't come as such a surprise to tv-only viewers. I see they're still picking up many convos & pics highlighted here days earlier.. just freaking hire me.

If she can repeat herself endlessly and run everything into the ground, so can I: She's as much of an instigator as Ivette but she's just a little quieter about it so she doesn't catch quite as much flak as the chief crone does. Kaysar's on to her though and already has her doubting some of her bedmates.

All signs indicate he was behind Eric's spontaneous combustion by tattling to Ivette what Michael was saying, and he's suddenly making as many rounds as Howie, April & Kaysar. He deserves big ups for turning out to be snitch of the year but we rarely catch him in the act.. that makes him a snitch deluxe but keeps him stuck in neutral.

Do it again, Eric.

He's been oddly quiet and off-cam so far today for the most part, but when he does show up he's a hit. Who would have thought someone saying 'boobies' could calm down a nest of 12 angry hamsters enough for a comp? Howie's the only fun in there and everyone knows it, even those who are disgusted by him. Highlights: sitting down on the big lawn chair with Michael 'Is this your bee, or is this Kaysar's bee?' and asking Kaysar if he wanted his poopy pants back.

Someone needs to clue her in that a) respect is earned and she hasn't and b) everything she does and says in there is against her religion, too. First this year to utter the inevitable and wimpy non-threat 'I won't walk him/her to the door' - nobody cares if she does or not. She needs to STFU.

It's time for PETA to come in and investigate the mass murders of the fishies - that would get James going and that's what we need. He prolly didn't want to win this veto comp but apparently Janelle was about to win so he had to step it up. We'll finally have a chance to see what he's made of and how he handles real pressure.. he's looking tense today and Kaysar's already at work being his new buddy.

Mostly absent today so far but then she had a daylight make out session with Michael, above covers. After they realized the cameras were tracking them they freaked out a bit.. and carried on! Things are looking up for voyeurs.

Her sexual harassment game is finally losing steam but I think I see some new potential in her: she's looking like the hamster most likely to gain weight she won't like and she's also looking a little swoony when Kaysar talks about principles, morals, etc. Either has great possibilities for hysterics and drama, and so does the fact that her crone pals are catching on to her sneaky behavior and her made-up/highly exaggerated stories. Looks like she's next on the Harassment Alliance hit list.. ironic isn't it?

The Harassment Alliance implosion he's been working at is starting. He's the smoothest operator around - he's cozying up to each of them on their own terms like Karen last year, but without trading the nasty comments on each pass. He doesn't think much of most of them but he's smart enough to keep that to himself for the most part. Today he started a 'normal' convo and also gave us a 'peace out homey' - enough to qualify for ups right there.

Card-carrying member of the Hypocrite Club. As long as Eric's inside there's a bonafide threat to everyone's safety and everyone knows it.. I guess Maggie only has concerns like that when her money isn't at risk.

Game-wise he's toast. He threatened to walk out last night but he's still here (see Janelle). He could rile Eric up again sooo easily, but I think he's finally caught on that it's not good for Kaysar's game when he does that. Michael is an illustrated definition of 'riding coattails' - hopefully he'll stay busy enough smooching Janelle that Kaysar can get on with things without having to keep making repairs for Michael's damage.

I don't think she'll ever be 'good tv' but she came out of her shell enough today to talk about her horse dying, her bad boyfriend, and her wish to be on 'The Bachelorette'. Then Kaysar gave her a hand massage that turned her to butter - he doesn't need much help, but it's good to know he's listening to my suggestions.

Mostly absent again.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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