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hamster7/16/05 - Day 14

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Ivette takes a fall

Sorry, wishful thinking

It's a long fishies day, they swim away after a few hours but apparently we have no veto holder yet.. we do have the gym open though

I don't know if April's been in there and gotten acquainted with her 'big O' machine yet

Ivette's bitching to Howie about whoever comes to mind.. she says "That's why sometimes I'm just quiet, I just sit back" - feedsters everywhere collapse in shock.. Kaysar schmoozes Eric, putting his motto to work "keep your friends close, your enemies closer" - Kaysar's getting a lot closer
Ivette-watching tip: whenever she says something good about someone she follows it with 'just like me' (i.e. 'Eric has a good heart, just like me') - just delete that 'just like me' and put it on the end of everything bad she says about someone.. it makes her more fun, and it's always true

Michael & Janelle make jokes about Ivette's "boat people" parents and Eric's height, and say Eric hates gays and Iraqis cuz he's a Jewish firefighter.. they're giddy with nervous energy - it's gonna be a very late night for hamsterwatchers - but it's too early for that stuff now so they go cool off

April bitches about Eric (!) and Janelle to Sarah, who's so eager to join the hating that her nips pop.. Howie shows up like he always does (he's on every team).. James joins

James then repeats to Beau the parts that work for him.. he may have outted his teacher lie by saying something about going back to school or maybe "do some modeling again".. Beau joins the Just Happy To Have Met So Many Good People club

A nice turn of events as April & Sarah discuss pairs - April says "no no no no no no" when Sarah asks her, laughing, if she knows Jennifer? Sarah tells April about last year's DNA DoNotAssume twist and Cowboy & Nik discovering they were siblings, and could it be something like that this year too? April freaks out "mother of God!"

Howie comes into the pimp room and right into bed with Janelle.. it could be me but Michael seems a bit threatened male ego-wise.. Michael gets wine and proposes a toast - how much he's thinking, how great he's doing in the game, etc. - and to the fact the room seems to be theirs now

Another surprise kiss, and a fight

Kaysar continues his rounds with James and then Sarah.. he & Sarah hug.. Howie (never far away) jumps in, and plants one on Kaysar

Kaysar freaks out - "Why did you.. FUCK!"

Howie & Kaysar go into the pimp room and tell Janelle & Michael.. Beau's there.. Kaysar sits in the corner "God! What did you do that for?? Just don't look at me".. they chat and laugh, Howie asks Beau about gay stuff he's done
dingo: I'm wondering if this is how Howie does his game work, with the intimate questions disguised by the crude goofy demeanor - how people react to that, whether they answer or not, what they tell - can give away a lot of info about someone's personality

Kaysar works on Beau some, and outside Ivette and Eric are simmering.. Eric saying Michael said something about his kids "I told you coming in, you do not talk about my family!" Ivette says she is gonna "shred him".. Kaysar starts to work on Ivette, slowly, but she's very defensive and very wound-up.. then Michael comes outside
Eric jumps for him - the guy is fast - "YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT MY FAMILY!!" there's a small peni comment in there too.. it's chaos all around the hot tub, and then fishies

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quad view by bbfan (Windows Media Player) - feed one by csnet (RealPlayer)
(These are the originals that BBQ stole and plastered their name on)

I just remembered Michael & Janelle talked about the violence clause yesterday, and the two hamsters who'd been kicked off for it in the past.. Michael talked about getting Eric all riled up so he'd get physical, and get the boot

Flash flood warning

TV10 saw it all coming

Note also how he's not tagged "Fireman" or "Married dad" anymore.. just "Maggie's friend" - poor Maggie

The few surviving fishies swim away 5 hours later or so.. most hamsters are tucked in.. Kaysar is alone in the yard.. Michael & Janelle let us know that Michael wanted to leave but was talked out of it, for now.. they canoodle for a bit and Michael goes outside to talk to Kaysar, who gives him many game and life lessons that Michael may or may not have understood.. nobody says anything about Eric - according to BB precedent he should be gone, but then he's spotted on F3
Michael goes back to the pimp room, they whisper about September and she asks "do you really have a girlfriend?" (making it sound like she doesn't really have a boyfriend).. they sleep in separate beds - Michael says "so she doesn't look bad on tv"

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Nine Hours of Fishies Saturday.. BB5's nine hour event beats today's hands down

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Shame on CBS for still not letting on that Rachel cut deals as HOH, and for keeping the early Eric-James fight off the air - will they ignore this one too? We should get a realistic 'Eric is the true psycho' segment.

Saturday's show made Ivette seem not so bad and quoted her saying 'Ashlea was exhausting' jeez. They made Janelle out to be an evil femme fatale bitch, but at least they're showing viewers she's smart. First ever kudos for background music: Eric's nom ceremony was good, but the 'evil elf tiptoe' tune for his HOH debut was brilliant. They're still trying too hard to push Beau as the token gay guy, since he's been mostly absent. They skewed the start of the Jennifer-Michael harassment situation worse than the hamsters have, but they are starting to show Eric as the loony control freak he is, so tonight's fight won't come as such a surprise to tv-only viewers. I see they're still picking up many convos & pics highlighted here days earlier.. just freaking hire me.

She's as much of an instigator as Ivette but she's just a little quieter about it so she doesn't catch quite as much flak as the chief crone does. Kaysar's on to her though and already has her doubting some of her bedmates. I very much like the idea of April wondering which of them is her surprise secret sibling - kudos to Sarah for inadvertently planting that in April's head.

He's definitely out of the woodwork now - I think Ivette finally put in his batteries and told him to go fetch: he's here, he's there, he's giggling up a fabulous storm.. until Kaysar corners him in an intense convo that makes him take heed. Beau thinks he's spying for Ivette but everyone knows these two are paired so nobody gives up much when he's around.. although odds are 10-1 he's the one who ran off to tell Eric about (whatever) 'family comments' were made - he's our snitch this year.

'Good tv' got a new face tonight, and it's this guy's. Everybody knew he was wound just a little too tight, but what a nice treat to have him lunge at Michael with such intensity that his chair went flying and we've still got fishies hours later.. and so early in the season, too! CBS's plan to make him the hero is foiled now for good (yay). He showed his fireman colors when he blew up about things supposedly said about his family, but he showed his own 'true colors' when he went into assault mode after Michael said he's got a little peepee.

My new pick for the hamster who can do no wrong since Janelle took that wrong turn yesterday. He shows up at every huddle and every event like magic, and even though he's backed off his Janelle comments a bit, he's clearly testing Michael's ego by being more comfortable around her than Michael is. He gave us this season's third big kiss event - pissing off Kaysar in a big way - but Kaysar's his buddy and knows he's an eejit like that so it's all cool. I don't think many noticed that it was Howie who first jumped up, rushed over and held back Eric when his shit hit the fan.. (Ivette was holding Eric too but I bet she was pushing him forward.)

She was a big factor in tonight's follies by being the one who's been whipping Eric into a frenzy for days, right up to his breaking point. She was mouthing off to Kaysar when it all came down, and he'd only approached her to ask why she's so against him. Not long earlier she'd called him a camel-rider and one of her latest loops is that 'something's wrong with him cuz he doesn't have an accent'.. she just can't acknowledge that he's better educated and smarter all around than she'll ever be, and a far better person overall. See today's Ivette-watching tip.. it helps a bit. Yesterday's rating stands (I won't repeat it).

Still a slimey and manipulative suckup but he's finding out he can't begin to keep up with these crones and gargoyles.. he's too arrogant to ever admit it but it's fun watching him start to flounder, especially as Sarah gets in tighter with the baddies without him. Let's not forget he too had a run-in with Eric before the feeds started that hasn't aired (yet) - I heard one of the girls say about it 'I thought he [Eric] was gonna kill him!' But for now he's just there taking up space.

Like Kaysar, I've gotten over her dumping him for Michael yesterday, but I won't forget it. She took a bad hit from CBS tonight when they showed her saying Eric cries all the time 'over his kids, over the birth of his kids' - c'mon Diary, what else did she say he cries over, huh? Those are fair and $100 says she mentioned BB stuff too. That was a very low bit of editing. She was happily at a safe distance & not at Michael's side when Eric exploded so she won't get blamed, and if he gets sent packing she may become the first simultaneous HOH and nominee. All eyes will be on the pimp room when the fishies swim away (if ever) - she & Michael may go at it before James & Sarah even get a chance to.
p.s. Neither happened, dammit.

I barely saw her today so yesterday's stands: Conniving attention whore who's at the root of all the phony harassment issues, and she keeps coming back for more.. but hey, it puts her at the center of things and that's what matters to her.

He's working more people in one day than I can keep track of, but unfortunately his biggest liability is his partner Michael. They may have engineered tonight's shenanigans but Kaysar told Eric to calm down right before it started, and he seemed surprised and sounded genuinely angry when he backed Michael away afterward and told him to 'SHUT THE FUCK UP!' He's had a bad couple of days - losing the girl of his dream to his best friend, getting kissed on the mouth by Howie, and now all this to patch up, but I think he can do it. He's becoming the first houseguest ever who truly 'deserves to win' and he gains more fans every day.

I didn't see her once today (I got here late) so she deserves a neutral, but I'm downgrading her for being so concerned about everyone's 'safety' over the phony psycho when she's the one who came in paired with the guy who's the true nutcase. Her boyfriend works with Eric - even if she hadn't seen him blow up herself I bet she's heard stories and knew it was a possibility. She's too nice to be here and will loose her shot at the big money if he gets ousted and that's a shame.
p.s. They're both still in there so she gets moved to the Hypocrite Club.

Hesitant ups for making this happen tonight, but I really can't stand to watch him. He's pretty much dropped his whole 'The Continental'/Rico Suavé act now that he's comfy in there, but he still zones out on any convo that he can't bring back to being about himself, and that holds true when Kaysar talks game to him. He's got the drippiest romance style since Wally Cleaver but I'm hoping he and Janelle do it so I can remind him about the 'no fuckie-fuckie' pact he made with himself before going into the house.

Yesterday's rating stands: The 'nice girl' sure landed herself in the pit of evil quick.. 'nuff said.
p.s. Kaysar would be wise to cozy up to her - she's disgusted by all the flirting and sex talk too and he could be assured of getting Howie if he pulls Rachel out of the crones' cauldron.

See Rachel, minus the p.s.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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