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hamster7/15/05 - Day 13

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Maggie's a sly one

This just in: remember I said the other day that Maggie and Sarah had been signing to each other? Star capper Sherri (who so kindly sent me Nik's cow last year) snapped these pics of Maggie in action

Some years they've gotten in trouble for using sign language, but the camera is clearly focused on her here, very aware of what she's doing


Random goodies left off yesterday's episode:
James (to Eric about Kaysar): He is gonna try to smear us
Kaysar: What am I wearing black socks for? I look like a freak!
Kaysar (to mirror, alone): What should I do with this fro?
Janelle & Howie in bed:
Janelle: Howie, we're not gonna hook up
Howie: Oh, good


Big Brother: Houseguests, it's time to get up
The food competition begins in 90 minutes

We find out later that as HOH, Eric knew there would be an early wake-up call today but he didn't tell anyone.. they all stayed up late

He putters around his room, makes the bed real neat 'n tidy, then either prays or succumbs to the mellow song stylings of James Taylor


Before all that though, Rachel had gotten up.. she sat around the kitchen til Beau joined her, then they ran to get the showers first when BB wake up call came
Beau: Is that fish dead?

The rest of them roll out and forage for breakfast - much ado about an entire box of granola being gone (14 of them vs. 1 box of cereal, but Ashlea gets the blame).. they all complain how "they kept me up all night by that door banging" - Sarah tells about a dream she had when it woke her up.. people from the house were in it
Sounds like she was sleepwalking last night when she appeared in the pimp room! Later she complains to James about 'another bruise' - this could get interesting

Everyone's giddy for the food comp to start.. some make odd preparations, some make contact.. at 10.15 they're still waiting but the excitement has worn off


Gag 'n hurl

I don't know why Joe Dirt shows up to host the gross food eating event but he sure is enthusiastic about it.. I also don't know why it looks like Ivette is hitching a ride home but a lot of people have high hopes for a minute

I don't keep track of who eats what, but watching them make faces and retch is fun
Teams Janelle/Beau, Michael/Kaysar, Maggie/Jennifer do great.. Janelle & Michael volunteer to go again for booze (yay) - Eric steps in for Janelle so he can catch some glory and they win booze (yay) - nobody's on peanut butter but they won't be eating from the whole Food Pyramid

Then it's showtime! Nobody took up Eric's offer to grant an audience so he calls a meeting and they take their places like they do for Julie, kinda - April is cocooning already - Janelle & Michael aren't invited or just don't attend
Eric says he is in residence, c'mon up.. it's like being called into the boss's office or the principal's.. Kaysar goes first even though Eric had said he was "gonna make him sweat, all the way to the last minute"
(sorry,no pics of Kaysar's turn)
Eric: Do you guarantee me that if your key comes out of that box, that you guarantee me one safe week in the future when you're HOH?
Kaysar: I swear on my life

Eric makes the same deal with Beau, then Michael comes in
Eric: There's a small group here who are uncomfortable with you
Michael: Are we still as planned? You're putting up Janelle and what's her name, Jennifer?
Eric: No.. if I decide not to put you up and your key doesn't come out, do you promise to keep me safe for a week?
Michael: That's fine
Eric: That's the only deal I'm looking for
Michael (angry): There's someone here that I can't even stand to look at anymore, and she's gotta pull her fucking nose outta your ass
Michael: I'll tell you one thing, she's the next person up, brother

It goes on.. he makes the same deal with everyone: safe this week in exchange for not being nominated in a future week, plus lots of added drama on Eric's side.. it's a series of short bursts of manic and nervous energy on Eric's and the hamsters' parts respectively.. veto this week or those future Eric-safe weeks isn't mentioned
Finally, he tells Janelle she will be nom'd but not evicted - if she promises him no nom when she is HOH - he also advises her it would be to her advantage to interact with the rest of them a bit more.. afterward Eric's alone again and he says to the air "Hey Rich, was that ok?"

Rachel had made similar deals Shame on CBS for keeping this valuable bit of info from us - they only showed us the polite mixed-company PC version "Ashlea and Kaysar didn't come to me to get acquainted like the others" - no wonder they all think she's so smart and powerful

It's all a blur from here

Apologies in advance

Nobody saw this day coming, and I have a feeling nothing is what it seems

Tom Servo shows up for lunch

Out of the blue, Jennifer tells Michael & Howie about a dream she had: Beau and a guy named Michael were in it.. her mom & dad came to visit and she was nekkid.. it didn't seem unusual in the dream that she was nekkid.. We're rescued by snacks 'n candy delivery.. Janelle gets to eat at the cool kids' table now.. somebody lines up the M&Ms all neat and tidy and someone else messes them up

James rubs Sarah's back and calls her "my little ice cream and chocolate freak".. he says "I don't like that it's couples, I mean teams.. it takes all the fun out of it, all the fun" then they make out awhile

Another casualty: the hammock collapses on Beau.. a crowd gathers.. a hero rescues him and carries him to safety (no, not that hero) where Nurse Maggie tends his wounds

Nomination ceremony, yea yea - all but three fishies have left town - then it's endless rounds of you-know-what: rotate the faces, it's all the same.. hate, veto, evict, harassment, hate, did you hear, what if, rewind, repeat.. Howie tries hard to save us HamsterWatchers, but nobody notices.. and then..

I don't know.. it takes me by total surprise.. it's the smacky smoochy noises that get my attention

It gets worse: Beau goes skipping out of the room.. Michael goes under again - Janelle isn't encouraging him but she's going along with it.. Kaysar comes in and says "What's going on?" "Nothing" He talks game for a minute but the look on his face says it all:
he's crushed

WTF? Is this part of Kaysar's grand plan? The rest of it's working out so far, he's planning it well - he's putting his motto "keep your friends close, your enemies closer" into practice: he's in with Eric and the others.. Janelle's in tight with April, and April's upping Janelle to Eric to the point that he's given her a free pass next week

All that is putting a wedge between April & Ivette - Eric's empire is slowly starting to implode - April's gaining confidence from it too and becoming a little more dominant over Ivette, and Ashlea has become her prime villain with Michael second.. Janelle's only mentioned in occasional Ivette loops now

What was Beau doing in there, and why did he go skipping out to tell everyone "they kissed", and why did Kaysar come in so fast to investigate? That doesn't sound like him.. but his face said it all

I give it time, maybe it's part of the plan.. it's the talk of the town in under 5 minutes.. Kaysar & Michael had talked about staging a fight to disguise their pairing

Meanwhile all hell breaks loose: the Harassment Alliance starts up all over again, Michael playing along this time by going ballistic, confronting them about having said he's a psycho predator (but the eejit doesn't bother to mention Jenn's nekkid dream confession/entrapment/attention ploy).. Eric and his crones keep regurgitating all the same shit for hours, they all do

Maggie listens to a James Taylor number and loses it - this place is too much for her

Smut 'n ethics

Around midnight Michael & Janelle are in the hammock.. he covers his mic and mouths to her "I want to kiss you".. Kaysar comes out and very abrubtly tells them something about game - I don't know what, it's fast and short and the way he delivered it shook them both up

Janelle says she thinks he's mad cuz they kissed, she wants to talk with him.. Michael says he should make a scene and ridicule Kaysar in front of the others.. they both laugh

Kaysar's on his own now, and feeling he let his game partner Michael down.. maybe he's lost other girls to Michael cuz he's too shy - or too proper - to let them know how he feels.. it's Diane's eviction all over again but more so

He'll keep playing - harder than ever - and I think he'll do well and maybe he'll take both Janelle and Michael farther than they would have gotten on their own (he already has) but that added spark that some of us loved seeing won't be there anymore

In fact he's back on the job already: he had an intense convo with them both after the baddies went to bed, drawing a diagram of who everyone was and the dotted lines that connected them all

Any lingering doubts if this was the real deal (using the term loosely) between Janelle & Michael or all for show and game were quickly put to rest in the pimp room at bedtime.. I don't think they did it but covers were moving more and faster than Diane & Drew's ever did (not saying much) and it's a pretty sure bet they will move a lot more in the next days.. Kaysar was outside reading (BB rule book? Koran? Beau's Bible? no other choices) for much of it - smut 'n ethics on quad feed - and then he went to his cot.. Howie said before dropping off, before the covers got too frisky, "Do you guys mind if I jerk it?"


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Special mirror-face edition.
Minimal but nasty ratings.. my apologies. I don't care much about any of it at the moment.

Who is Winston Smith?
nobody cares - nobody reads

Shame on CBS for never letting on that Rachel cut deals as HOH.
It was a decent show as Thursdays go, but cumulative negs for not keeping the feeds on while it's going. Westies had Ashlea walking the plank to Julie's boudoir at the same time Eric was having HOH open house tonight. Additional negs for having a gumball-nickel-quarter question without having aired the James-Eric quarter fight yet. Julie had a couple stumbles tonight and a nice double-take when Ashlea said she might be back. Her 'ha ha' courtesy laugh after Janelle said Howie's got the best sense of humor was pretty sad too (you just know Julie thinks he's an ass), but none of that matters: she's got healthy job security. Footnote plea: CBS, please realize most viewers don't even love to hate Eric - don't make him out to be the hero of this mess or many (maybe most) of your diehard fans will bail.

She's getting so cocky she's giving Janelle dating advice - it's laughable. She needs to shut up awhile.

He ran tattling which is pathetic, but better that at least one thing is out in the open with these lying asses. For some reason he started playing the game today.

A proper dictator would never allow this much chaos in his empire. He needs to shut up.

Ever the wildcard, today more than ever. At least he romped through the grass for us.

A bitter, hateful bitch who needs to shut the fuck up.

A slimey and manipulative suckup.. quite a catch, eh Sarah? Today he's lucky I lost my extreme close-up snaps of him squeezing his zits.

I didn't think I'd like her and I didn't want to like her but I became her biggest fan and she let me down in a big way today. She's going for the doofus with the sparkly teeth instead of the one with the shining spirit. Maybe she doesn't think she deserves a good man, or maybe she just doesn't recognize one when she sees one.. it doesn't matter now.

Conniving attention whore who's at the root of all the phony harassment issues, and she keeps coming back for more.. but hey, it puts her at the center of things and that's what matters to her.

A class act all the way, the likes of which we've never seen in the house, and rarely anywhere else either.

She's too nice to be here, but she's also too much of a buzzkill - 'did you tell the proper authorities?' 'did you feel frightened for your safety?' etc. She's ready to call the game off for every skinned knee emergency, and she came in partnered with Eric, by choice.. 'nuff said.

No comment.

The 'nice girl' sure landed herself in the pit of evil quick.. 'nuff said.

See Rachel.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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