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hamster7/14/05 - Day 12

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Thursday means primping

They do this every year - don't they realize they're on tv all week looking like crap? The Thursday show prolly has more tape of the week than live shots of them on the couch

But it's their first live show and they each get ready in their own way.. Rachel irons for half the guys as she prepares to step down from her ivory tower

Janelle, Eric and Sarah have very special ways of preparing
Most hamsters are flurrying around, but the nominees are calm

"Places everyone, places!" as Mr. Roark used to tell Tattoo.. the feeds stay on teasingly close to showtime but cut to fishies at the last second.. there aren't many fishies left

Something smells funny

It's bad enough all the fishies are dying
and their water's all cloudy

When they swim away Ashlea's gone
and Eric is king

Janelle gets a little pissy - understandably - Howie comforts her in typical Howie style
Janelle: Why the hell didn't you win HOH?
Howie: Why didn't you?
Janelle: I tried! Now I'll be out next
Howie: You can't leave, you have the cutest boobies.. I'd cry

Eric takes the night off as cook (surprise) - Maggie does the honors.. ironic they're eating fish with the high fishie body count lately.. she's likely ready to burst with glee at Eric's HOH win but she can't so she plays it way down, she seems sad.. Eric, Ivette and James hatch evil plots against all and sundry - Eric decrees he'll put up Michael and Janelle, tell Michael he's safe, then they'll all vote Michael out
Eric: You know as well as I do, if Janelle had won that thing I'd have been fucked
James: Sooner or later I'm gonna start hooking up in here

James is also suspect now cuz he's said that he did and he didn't vote for Janelle.. Ivette tells him what to say, that he was confused about the question.. she says she wants to see Kaysar beg and grovel.. she hates "the psycho and the Muslim kook"

There is some debate whether the Surf Alliance promised not to vote each other out or not to put each other up for eviction.. they remember it differently (it prolly depends who's up for eviction or nomination)

Jennifer tells Ivette about the latest Michael episode - he tried to give her a hug before the live show started, and just now "he tried to kiss me, and he threw fish juice at me.. he's a psycho!!" - she gets the reaction she was hoping for

Ivette rushes off to update the Harassment Alliance and they badmouth Michael, Ashlea, Janelle, etc. for awhile.. Maggie is still feigning nonchalance.. Howie shows up and saves the day for fun-lovers everywhere

Jennifer tells her story again but nobody reacts like Ivette.. Sarah & Maggie have a lazy post-adrenalin rush convo
(about Eric's plan to lie to Michael about being a pawn)
Sarah: I don't like this.. integrity is just too important to me
Maggie: I know, me too
Maggie: It doesn't seem like we're playing the same game that we saw on tv
Sarah: I know, isn't it weird?

dingo: maybe that's cuz Eric and James are playing it for them

Eric informs his harem of The Plan, again.. Rachel tries to learn to hammock.. the crones fine-tune their hate for Michael-Ashlea-Janelle some more.. Ivette leads the way and focuses on Kaysar this round

Janelle & James sit down to chess.. I'm half expecting them to say "So what's your name? How long you been here?" but it's a very quiet game

Right when Ashlea is walking the plank in the west, it's HOH unveiling time and somehow they're all friends again.. we meet the wife, the kids, James Taylor.. they all act like they've never seen the room before.. Michael's late - he looks like he's wondering why nobody alerted him
"The bigger they are the harder they fall" - you know I have to post these - Maggie is as choked up as Eric, but she has to hide it

Ivette does some final sucking up and Eric doesn't mind.. then Ivette's blowing up an air mattress.. someone asks if there's another nozzle, to help.. James says "Let's just let the one with the most hot air take care of it".. April hears it

Eric lays down the law some more through the evening - he doesn't want to whisper about the game and he'll let people talk to him about noms "for 2 minutes, whatever, up to 10 minutes even".. Michael does impersonations of Beau and Janelle.. Beau proves me a liar by not only showing up but being goony

Need some soap?

Ivette does some intense scrubbing of her mouth.. it doesn't show up here but it was real frothy

It's a good thing - that mouth needs to get cleaned up some

She keeps up her rants through the evening to anyone who will listen - they just keep repeating.. her favorite post-eviction routine is "Notice how quiet it is around here now? No one has to always top the conversation off" uh-huh

Michael does some more sexual harassing of Jennifer from the shower.. Rachel has to wash up with the common people now.. and look, there's Beau again

Hot tubbing goes bad when Howie announces another woody.. Janelle & Kaysar turn away fast, then get out.. Howie tries to get Beau (still with us!) to say he's got a cute butt - Beau declines

Rachel complains about something else.. sexual harassee Jennifer shows her bra to Howie.. Maggie tells Eric that Sarah's not cool with his plans to lie and ship Michael out the backdoor (they haven't used the term yet, but they will)

Eric becomes the first hamster ever to lock himself out of his room.. he trounces around asking if there's another entrance, where should he sleep instead.. then he checks the storage room and gets the extra key.. he says "thanks Big Brother" and kisses his babies good night (he's up later though for more plotting & scheming)

Sexual tension

Outside Kaysar & Janelle take inventory and see if they have any game left to salvage.. Kaysar's aware that he's in a precarious position with Eric and warns her that he'll say all kinds of nasty things about her to get in with the baddies again - she's cool with that, she says she doesn't understand why people usually don't like her but she's used to it

They're giving each other those looks again, dancing around what they're really thinking about each other - it frustrates feedsters who want to see them get together - but Kaysar knows it's game time now.. Eric's voice bleeds out from inside where he's telling Howie about The Plan

About 10 minutes after Kaysar & Janelle agree they shouldn't be seen together so much, they're side by side in the shower

Back in the pimp room they decide to figure out the safes.. yes, they look in the books - nothing - they've got the subway sign in mind, they're going over the HOH comp questions for clues, they tear the room up.. they're working on it hard but also joking and laughing.. that fun, flirty tension thing is between them the whole time
Howie shows up and they ask him about the safes but he doesn't offer much help - he's too thrilled that he gets to share a bed with Janelle.. they all joke around some - these three are funny as hell together - Howie tells Janelle she's prolly safe this week.. a sleepy Sarah shows up out of the blue and disappears just as fast, it's weird
Kaysar says he'll leave them alone and go sleep on a cot - Janelle says "Nooo!" - Howie says he'll get a girlfriend one day, Kaysar says girls he likes don't ever like him back, but one day one will

Hamster regulations require me to acknowledge I was only 3 for 7 in preliminary pair predictions way back on July 3, but I was right about move-in day - Julie confirmed this is indeed Day 12

Aldav thinks the safe combo is 35-73-11 .. I'm guessing 13-20-1-3-17
if one of us is right we'll split the takings


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Who is Winston Smith?

It was a decent show as Thursdays go, but cumulative negs for not keeping the feeds on while it's going. Westies had Ashlea walking the plank to Julie's boudoir at the same time Eric was having HOH open house tonight. Additional negs for having a gumball-nickel-quarter question without having aired the James-Eric quarter fight yet. Julie had a couple stumbles tonight and a nice double-take when Ashlea said she might be back. Her 'ha ha' courtesy laugh after Janelle said Howie's got the best sense of humor was pretty sad too (you just know Julie thinks he's an ass), but none of that matters: she's got healthy job security. Footnote plea: CBS, please realize most viewers don't even love to hate Eric - don't make him out to be the hero of this mess or many (maybe most) of your diehard fans will bail.

She's not as bad as Eric & Ivette but she gets her digs in, and they're getting old. She's always around when there's a hatefest and contributes more than her share. She's not making many fans out here but it looks like she's dug her heels in deep for a long stay.

I'd forget he's in there if it weren't for an occasional glimpse of him on the feeds, and then they usually switch to someone else. He's saddled with Ivette as a partner and he's keeping the lowest profile in there since twins were switching. This guy is by far the best player in there right now by default.

Heaven help us all. The Little Emperor wasted no time beginning his reign, instructing his minions how the week would go and announcing he would grant 10 minute audiences upon request. He told everyone he didn't want whispering about the game, then sat down to whisper about the game. The tough guy crumbled when he saw pics of the kids he abandoned to play summer camp, and he told Ivette 'we come from the same cloth' - I'm guessing that would be the copping feels on all the girls cloth. It was a sweet late night treat when he locked himself out of his room.

He said 'boobies' in his diary and was shown sniffing Janelle's panties for another tv first, but did you notice how calm and housebroken he was during live hour? Even if he's not a freaking genius, I have to cling to that belief cuz there's no other way I can stomach Eric winning HOH this week. Howie's playing both sides (well) and I'm hoping against hope that his true allegiance doesn't lie with the dark side. Great comment about a girl like Rachel being friends with a pig like him: we're all wondering too.

Where to begin? The chief crone said Ashlea had to go cuz 'she always has to top off every conversation'.. pot? kettle?? She showed how dumb she really is tonight: Ashlea told her that Kayser would put up Team Gay Miami if he got HOH and that was a big reason Ivette gave her the boot.. but 'listen to me honey,' a thinking person would keep somebody around who tells you who and what the plots against you are. Between religion, race, and common decency there aren't many lines this chickie hasn't stepped over. She's talking about 'the psycho and the Muslim kook' - she should hear what viewers are calling her. Yuk it up!

It seems a smart guy like him could have thrown the comp a little more convincingly. He made one hell of a slip-up tonight talking to the crones when he started with the hostile 'you people' and quickly changed it to 'you guys'. He's not on such solid ground with Little Emperor Eric's team as he thinks, and he tipped his cards about Sarah tonight too in diary: 'This is one of the more serious relationships I've had' is a whole lot different than 'she is the one'.. He also let us know he's doubting her abilities in the game - he definitely doesn't sound quite as committed as she does. Kudos for the Ivette 'hot air' crack though - we were all thinking it.

People who haven't been paying attention are surprised she came in second in the HOH comp, but all that matters is that she didn't finish first. CBS is still letting the tv audience think she's the dumb blonde, but she held it together better than most of them will when their partners get bounced. She's prolly going to get nominated tomorrow and that won't help the bad week she's having, but it'll be ok cuz she's the real 'pond'.. too bad we can't get a message in to let her know that.

She's getting assertive about psycho predator Michael today, shunning his friendly gestures and running to Ivette to exaggerate about them and get hugs. She may never live it down that Julie didn't focus on her tonight - I don't think she even acknowledged her. Poor, poor Jennifer. She's spreading stories to the crones about a convo she had with Janelle and feeling smug like she's in the game now, but she's just so much dead weight April has to drag around. I will prolly go to hell for this, but I hope she starts crying again.

Ivette's 'Muslim kook' finally got to be seen on the show as the savvy player and decent human he is, and it was funny watching him cringe at partner Michael's dopey tattling to Eric. He's sweating now that the Little Emperor's reign has begun (along with most of us) but he's got a late night study date with Janelle later so we'll see what's up.. I have faith too. His shower convo with Howie last night was hysterical - we need to keep them both for laughs if nothing else - nobody else in there supplies any.

She broke up when she saw Eric's pics from home - I wonder if her guy was in them, or if it was just seeing familiar faces. She's the only good thing Eric's got on his side other than power, and she's showing herself to be pretty smooth and observant. She alerted Eric that Sarah's getting worried about him and she's not too fond of Ivette either, but I think she's smart enough to keep that to herself a little longer until it's useful. She's far too nice to be in this den of vipers.

No word from my new pen pal today and no 'Prude Jude' on the show either - in fact he didn't say anything on the show at all.. Julie didn't even notice his goatee was gone. (It's pretty bad when you have less status with Julie than Cowboy.) He said plenty in the house today though - he must be noticing how popular Howie is by being an ass so Michael's doing impersonations of them all, slapping towels and grabbing girls again.. funny how it works for Howie while this guy just gets branded more of a psycho. He'll be a fun nominee especially since he's going to think he's a 'pond' - he will prolly get manic. Now that the one true blog is up it's confirmed: the phony Michael one is definitely a better read.

Miss Priss's reign has come to an end and she descended from her ivory tower with all kinds of complaints about how isolated she'd been up there all week - gimme a break. She's trying to get in on all the whispering crowds but she's a latecomer - she wouldn't play the hamster games with them all week and her prissypants attitude hasn't endeared her to anyone either (not even her partner Howie) so her days may be numbered. She was all worried she'd have to sleep on a cot.. she had more drama with her cut finger, its skin flap, and conflicting directions for it from BB and Nurse Maggie.. and she was shocked tonight that BB left condoms for them. She doesn't belong here and she's going to find that out pretty soon.. I think we'll get some drama out of her yet. Her blog is a drag - read it if you must but don't say I didn't warn you.

She's soooooooooo in love with James and that's kinda sad cuz he doesn't sound like he's in with her for the long haul. She said too much to Maggie and now there's a seed of Sarah-doubt planted in Eric's shiny head.. we'll see how she holds up when she starts getting excluded from the cronefests, and how she handles it when James doesn't coddle to her insecurity over it.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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