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hamster7/13/05 - Day 11

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Michael sent me email

Ok, not that Michael - the one doing Michael's blog

He said to read today's Q&A entry re tomorrow's show: "The clue is yours" and he included this cute lil space gun pic titled Sky Captain

I skimmed it.. call it wishful thinking, but I'm translating "The Howalump is a savage, untamed creature" to mean Howie is BB5 Scott's long lost brother.. I thought I was on to this the other day but then I remembered Howie Long is somebody else

Readership must be dropping off at the "official blog" since the feeds started if they're surfing sites who've mentioned it to send promos to

In retrospect I figured all the sites got this mail but since they apparently didn't, I have to say that I still haven't a clue even though he says I do.. the goatee bit was odd especially with the look he gave us.. I found out hours later (oops) there's a Q&A part 1 but even if he says 'Prude Jude' on the live show it could just mean BB's in on the joke - make it 'that dingo' and I'll be impressed

They are sure not gonna let the hamsters read this site.. I don't know - I wasn't expecting homework

They're given a camera like last year, for the "real" HOH blog I think.. hilarity ensues
dingo: I wonder if Rachel made them all read the instruction book before using it

Afternoon body count gets underway, but first a quick game of Attack Eric & James With Coasters

Outside, Howie announces he's got a woody again - "Janey's so hot I can't help it, I can't control it".. Eric, April, etc. are suitably perturbed but Howie whispers to Janelle "I'm just saying that cuz you're cute yanno.. they don't know".. He announces he'll go in for a shower to take care of it but they convince him to stay outside with them (go figure) so he does.. he plays with his duckie instead

Maggie & April whisper how weird and scary Michael is - "he talks to himself" - Jennifer joins in and they expand to how secretive Rachel is

Ivette questions Kaysar again about Muslim food customs, what's allowed & what isn't.. he explains about suffering during slaughter but she badgers him some more.. Eric jumps in "Look, he doesn't make the rules, he just follows them" hmm interesting.. they go on to slaughterhouse stories and slicing jugulars, James jumps in "Are you saying when they cut those guys' heads off in Iraq they didn't suffer?" and then on to PETA and then to fishies, of course

Eric and James get into politics: Eric is against the war, James is very pro - it gets heated and goes on to Rwanda, Saddam, September 11.. Kaysar stays out of it but then jumps in, emotionally, telling James he's being irrational.. the body count crowd stays out of it, maybe wondering (like me) about the game implications of all this
James and Kaysar carry on for awhile - calmly - Kaysar tells him his family fled Saddam and that he still has relatives in Iraq.. James is open to hearing a first-hand account and asks questions, it's a good convo.. Kaysar points out the two of them were placed to clash, and that part of his reason for being here is to be able to discuss all this

They take it to chess and Sarah joins them.. the perch that Julie was so excited about ("they can see the entire house!") has bad audio bleed from downstairs where Howie's using the squeaky wooden massager on Jennifer.. in the pimp room Michael pounces Ashlea who screams - the Harassment Alliance does not come in to investigate
Kaysar: Is there something going on between you two that I don't know about?
James: Not in three weeks
Kaysar: What's this three weeks thing?
James: I can't hook up with a girl in less than three weeks
(audio from downstairs): squeak squeak squeak

Michael then encourages Janelle to "get closer, closer" to learn his crack safecracking technique (he gives up).. Janelle points out on the map where she lived in Russia
Ashlea: What were you doing in Russia?
Janelle: It was in school, it was a science student exchange
Michael: Want to see where I've lived?

Howie interrupts Michael rubbing Janelle's back to collect sheets for laundry, and gives Janelle a swat.. Michael switches to Howie while Janelle strips the bed.. James & Sarah chat in the hammock after dinner
Sarah: Rachel has to go
James: That's why I flirt with her, I don't think she's used to guys flirting with her
Sarah: They all think we're a couple
James: I know, that's why I flirt with all of them
Sarah: Don't think you aren't gonna pay for it later
Sarah: Jennifer's a threat to me
James: Nominate her.. she'd never win a veto contest, neither would Janelle
Sarah: I can't put Janelle up though, so who would I put up?
James: Yea, this is a good week to let the other team win
Sarah: I'm eating so much chocolate in here, will you dump me if I get fat?
James: I told you, fat girls gotta go
James: I so can't stand this guy Eric

Ivette says she works one day a week and drops names about the big tippers she's served - P Diddy, Sammy Sosa, Randy Comacho - Janelle says anyone who tips $1000 is nuts and leaves.. James slips and says something about bartending - Eric asks when - James says about a year and a half ago, then he talks about "when he was modeling"

Howie & Janelle compare notes between Howie saying how hot she is.. Ashlea comes in and says Eric got everyone to change their votes.. Howie says he'll leave when his under-the-hat woody goes down, and that it's forbidden to discuss the voting.. BB confirms with an announcement.. Howie leaves, Ashlea starts counting votes

They play checkers on the bathroom floor with coasters - it's the new euchre, and centrally located too - Rachel's cut her finger but it's ok, she's had all her shots
dingo: nuh, don't blame me for that - she rattled them off: tetanus, hepatitis b, etc.

An evening bee visits and Ashlea sprints off, landing her a spot in the hammock-dump club before she's evicted.. her boobie falls out when she celebrates that Michael's goatee is gone - he & Howie don't mind - Michael turns to us for further approval
dingo: This is where we came in.. apparently today's 'official blog' says Michael will shave it off - but his email to me said the clue is about tomorrow's show, so he's a day off.. or BB is playing along

Subliminal shirt messages

April "Sazzy chick", James "I am not a crook", and Ashlea

There are a few more meetings and chats - Beau dances around with moisturizer gloves and April talks anal.. Eric's mouth can be worse than Howie's, so Kaysar asks him point blank in mid-meeting "Do you talk like this all the time? At home? At work?"

April and Maggie get busted for using sign language.. I miss it but sky4961 is on the ball.. I have to wonder now, does that mean they are overhearing everything Howie & Rachel sign to each other, and vice versa?

They all go to bed way too early, live show or no live show, so that's all I got til Ashlea walks the plank to Julie's boudoir

Bath buddies forever

Kaysar: Do you ever pee in the shower?

Howie: All the time.. you?

Kaysar: I try not to

Howie: I just started doing it since I came here


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Who is Winston Smith?

Ups for finally pulling one over on us: I don't think anyone knew the Jennifer HOH sneak was coming and it explains a lot of her poutiness. But that's balanced by negs for not revealing the pairs as promised (conflicting Julie messages don't count) and also for showing Beau's 'I'm here to enlighten' but leaving off what inspired it (Howie asking if he'd like one of the girl's butts 'if he was a man'). We're off to a lousy start on music again: do we really need such frenzied spy music for Rachel creeping around the pimp room or the life-n-death tune for the silly rope comp? I'm not crazy about veto team outfits matching the pricey apparatus but oh well. I don't envy the editors having to mash this week down into a few minutes but it seems they forgot all about the Twist on Tuesday.. but at least they got Howie's 'future economic potential' speech in there.

She's expanding her rounds, chatting friendly with Michael the psycho, maybe to get info to whisper back to her cronies later. She's got a gameplan that defies all logic: she's one of the loudest, most talkative and most annoying ones in there but she's not on anyone's hit list. Whether that's coincidence or design, it's working so far. Apparently she discussed anal sex tonight but she's become background noise to me so I missed it - sorry.

She has a WTF attitude about all plans and plots she's heard about cuz she has nothing to gain or loose, but it makes her a loose cannon and her blabbing is causing all kinds of unnecessary additional scheming by all. She dumped the hammock just in time to join that exclusive club before going home tomorrow, and she did it with a running start for extra style points. So long Ashlea.. it might have been nice knowing you but we'll never know now.

He's either mostly boring most of the time or the feedmasters just avoid him when he's being fabulous. I've only heard his hysterical giggle once and that's disapppointing: it sounded so funny on his pre-interview. It would prolly get old soon though, so it's all good - it's early days.

He got riled up during political chat today, but he surprised me by not being on the James side of the fence.. I know I predicted the Eric/James quarter fight would be on Tuesday's show but hopefully it will still come, and them being political adversaries is nice icing to that. Rumors are flying that he told everyone to change today's votes, but tonight the Little Emperor was holding court and announcing the future like always. He gave double-agent Howie a no-nom guarantee tonight 'no matter what happens'.. we'll see. It was cool (and transparent) that he snapped at Ivette and stood up for Kaysar today. I still can't see him actually liking Ivette in any universe and I'm still wondering how they got so much power so soon.

'The dumb guy' is in bed with both camps and proving that he either isn't as dumb as he looks, or he's dumb as a rock and isn't even aware of his cozy position. It boggles the mind how they all tolerate his constant woodies and endless boobies and 'penetration' chatter - he makes Marvin seem tame - but it makes him more fun. He keeps calling Jennifer 'Chunky' and she's starting to sulk again so that's good, and I think he wouldn't mind a bit if his partner Rachel went home early.. he might not even notice. It seems he's always around wherever the action is or else he shows up fast - I'm not saying he's smart, but I think there's more to him than it appears. If it turns out that it's all an act, he's a freaking genius.

The Yuk It Up girl seemed so proud in her pre-show video about being lesbionic and the first on any reality show.. isn't she letting down her sisterhood by hiding it? And by hating on the women who have it all just cuz they have it all? She's being early-season Diane and Janelle is her Holly and we know how that turned out. Not to mention how she says Kaysar is a religious hypocrite for being in a game that requires lying.. pot, meet kettle.

Ups for drama today and long-awaited political chat. I think it surprised him as well as me that Eric became his opponent and Kaysar the one he ended up having a long, serious convo with. James was willing to listen to him too, even after Kayser called him 'irrational' and that was good to see. It was fun watching him talk about working under the table while wearing 'I am not a crook' and even funnier when he almost got busted for talking about being a bartender and model rather than a teacher. His buddy Dustin sounds a little too sarcastic for a good friend to me, but he confirms there are James/Sarah pics somewhere in that site for anyone who can figure it out. We also learned today that Sarah keeps her figure in part due to his 'fat girls gotta go' motto.

She's working her angle well, and a lot of feedsters are being fooled along with her in-house enemies. Any of them in there would be mopier than Jennifer if they knew their million dollars was walking out the door tomorrow but Janelle's hanging tough. She spent a lot of her day working Michael who seems to be buying it, and her fans want to believe she isn't doing the same to Kaysar all night but maybe she is.. that's the beauty of this season so far: nobody's 100% sure what any of them are up to. She gave Ivette a nice snub today and walked away before Ivette could even react - I'm not even sure she caught it cuz we didn't hear about it for the next four hours. Janelle said today she'd gone to school in Russia on a science student exchange program: I guess it's possible she's a geeky brainy nerd who had a makeover to knockout like on 'The Swan'.

She gets around, she's usually found wherever a group of three or more have formed, but she doesn't seem to add much of anything to anything. She's not quite as mopey as she was but she drops a couple pegs every time Howie calls her 'Chunky' which he does a lot. She said on her pre-show interview that she has lots of people skills - I'm waiting to see them. She keeps saying how she's going to marry that 70s guy Topher Grace.. maybe she came on the show so he could find her.

He's working Jennifer, he's working Beau, he's working Maggie, and he's working Eric so smoothly that he gets to go to Team Eric meetings now. He worked James with a dual mission so well that James is still wondering what hit him. He and Howie are the best tag team we've ever had for fun - let's hope they both get to stay a long time. It's clear he isn't working Janelle - although he's wary from seeing how easily she schmoozes the other guys, he showed a very deep level of trust tonight by doing his prayers in the pimp room while Janelle & Ashlea chatted and giggled on their own planet.. it was trés cool all around (and good payback to CBS who made it look like he's sneaky about doing his prayers.)

She's still in there. She doesn't do much of anything that I catch but hang out and be pleasant for the most part. She does a lot of agreeing with 'mean girls' Ivette & April but she doesn't seem to instigate much of it. She's too nice for this game.

Even though he sent me email <koff> I have to neutralize him today, and yes, it's personal- I just need a break from 'The Continental' and he's bringing it out too often again. At times it sounds like he's on almost everyone's hit list but who cares? None of that means much til we have a new HOH and it would throw a wrench in everyone's works if Michael gets it tomorrow. Aldav says nobody else got special Michael Mail (and he gets around) - but if it's just me that's proof it's bogus, goatee or no goatee. But keep up the great efforts 'Michael', and write again.

One of the day's best moments was Big Brother announcing 'Rachel, Head of Household, please go to your room.' Of course she did, obediently.. when she came back she took some flak for having returned to the common people again, with a very bad lie about how it hadn't been about much of anything. It's ok Rach, you can tell 'em they needed you to rehearse your Julie tete-a-tete for tomorrow - it's no secret. She also mentioned that she cannot sleep on one of those cots after tonight.. tough teddybears. She talked today about a guy she dated once but 'decided after about 10 minutes he wasn't right for her' - after yesterday's late news bulletin, I have a feeling she's referring to Howie. I don't think they're as good of friends as we're going to be led to believe though - Howie seems to be flying solo and happy to settle for $500k. It's still fun watching her Miss Priss routine, but if she stays much longer it'll start feeling mean to laugh.

She's still not getting much air time but her man James sure is - he was involved in every conflict I saw today. He also showed a little more of the control he's got over her when they had their hammock time - everyone's hoping one of them will be HOH soon so we can get the real scoop on their relationship, and get to see some sex too.

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