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hamster7/29/05 - Day 27

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Beau & Paris, you got some splainin' to do

Most have seen the left pic of Beau & Ms. Hilton at
his Friendster site (I linked it for you way back on July 1) but what a surprise to find him or a very good facsimile of him hanging with Paris again at Miami's The Mansion.. Hey, wait a minute - isn't that where Janelle works? WTF?! Come to think of it, remember how Eric claimed he wasn't surprised about all the pairings because he'd heard Ashlea & James used the same modeling agency? Time to start digging again Hamsterwatchers - we can't let them take us by surprise with the next twist

Consider Beau & Janelle rarely speak, but rarely diss each other either.. why?
Beau & Ivette claim they barely know each other, but Ivette & Janelle live within a block or so of each other - could their hatred be a ruse that's fooled everyone?
Somebody get Paris on the phone! (thanks to lilkim73 for uncovering The Mansion pic)
Since Aldav and others are revisiting this issue, let me point you also to the next day's followup - bottom of the page, Beau-watch Update, for lots more Beau action.. the Beau & Paris pic on the Mansion website is actually from a Hilton sisters/Nicole Richie party at the Opium Garden club - but it's nearby, same owners, and same website as Mansion

Double, double toil and trouble

I missed their food comp but they won it and everyone gets to eat again.. surprisingly, they're doing it together

They all survived a week on peanut butter, even April (just)

A safe was opened and Janelle won PB&J For Life.. I missed that too and wondered if Monty Hall had visited but no, it's more like a future bargaining tool

The kitchen's a flurry of activity.. the three err.. Ivette, April & Maggie get into prepping the meal.. at first I think Jennifer's making melon balls for a salad, but she's eating them as fast as she carves them

Oh yeah, Maggie nominated James & Kaysar - no surprise - but this rushed pre-dinner pantry meeting is
Ivette (crying): I'm loyal to Cappy and nobody else
Maggie: You're breaking my heart Ivette

Quick check-in with the colorful characters.. April's almost out of cigs, she's worried and rationing herself

James announces he's having a poopy day.. Ivette laughs from the shower as Sarah teases him through the door saying "plop plop"

James is working,and stressing, you can hear the desperation in his voice.. this is an odd encounter - he comforts Ivette who's crying again - O Cappy her Cappy.. it's too much for me and I'm not even sure what either's agenda is
I'm reminded of Ivette's Diary last night about her fake tears, and of James' many faces when trying to save himself.. they both think they're convincing but I don't think either falls for the other

They discover the eel and are fascinated.. the various factions continue to meet and plot.. Rachel and James each float between groups thinking nobody notices

April's tinfoil hat

It's her birthday
Think she gets a pizza party from Big Brother like Sarah did? Cake and ice cream and streamers? Cards from home?? No such luck

She does have a nice shiny tinfoil hat though - available at concession stands on the path to cracking up

Our hamsters try to make up for Big Brother's neglect and obvious favoritism as best they can but it's hard - they can't run out to the store - they take turns giving her blindfold walks around the yard
They lead her inside where they've all gathered.. Surprise!! They light a candle on the M&Ms 31 cake they made and sing "Happy Birthday".. feeds cut to fishies
Everyone's happy and eating together again, already... April's really happy, as she should be - she even eats some cake - she doesn't complain that Sarah got a big professional party.. over cake they (Beau mostly) talk about how Jaime Lee Curtis was born a hermaphrodite, right down to the anatomical and surgical details.. no fishies
It stinks that BB makes a big deal over one birthday and ignores another, but there is justice:
a Jaime Lee Curtis lawsuit will cost them way more than 'Happy Birthday' royalties

Naturally that ends soon and it's business as usual.. Rachel makes her move.. both she & Maggie look a little scared, neither has much experience at playing hardball but they fake their way through it.. Maggie catches on as she goes.. it's a very tense convo
Maggie: As long as we weren't on the block, we were ok
Rachel: I would never use that veto
Maggie: So what can you guys offer?
Maggie: You know what Cappy didn't tell me til the last day?

Maggie wouldn't say but I think it was 'don't trust Rachel' - he told her that a lot the last couple days
Sorry I'm short on details of these convos - I just pick up the bits I like - it'll all be regurgitated 100 times over the next few days anyway.. lots of comprehensive update sites around, links below

After that James shows up and tries to sell Maggie his girlfriend and/or his team members for a free pass.. Maggie stands tough and when it's over nobody's quite sure if anything is agreed or resolved (or truthful) or not.. I'm going back to Wait 'n See

James works to convince both groups he's on their side - here he tries real hard to fit in with Howie.. Beau pitches in on Kaysar hair twisting.. April does an April.. Ivette tries a new eavesdropping technique

In the gold room Sarah practices safe-opening (wow they really had to spell out the clues for them).. Kaysar turns zany, attacking Rachel and James, then makes sure we're watching

Five hamsters, one brain

They said it - not me

After gloating how they don't hole up in HOH with the door closed like the others had, they hole up in HOH with the door closed

They all agree when Maggie says "Right now we're functioning as one brain".. they seem proud to acknowledge they're each working on 20% power

April's eating again! oops so is Jennifer.. Maggie seems to be one of those people who can't tear her eyes off a tv screen when there's one's handy
Maggie: Was that a slap in the face to Kaysar when I told James he should take it as a compliment? Did I get my point across when I said that?
Beau: Who cares? We got it
April: That's what counts
Maggie: I meant to say everything in this houses changes on the drop of a dime
Jennifer: I can't believe Sarah's crying about this.. if James goes this week she can just go next week
Jennifer: I told her that too, right after the ceremony.. I hugged her, she was crying and I said 'I know that you're worried that you might get sequestered and James might not, but I promise you that if I get HOH next week I'll put you up if that's what you want'
April: This side isn't playing as pairs
Jennifer: No, we absolutely are not

Jennifer has a fit of hysterics, or something.. Maggie laughs - her eyes on the tv

Ivette drops her drawers to check for camel toe.. she says no, Beau says yes
Beau & Ivette do the humpty dance.. April joins in with her unique individual style.. everyone's whooping and screaming
Rachel shows up for fitting-in rounds but it feels more like mom busting the raucous slumber party.. she tries to show she's cool enough, doing a little half-hearted uncool mom-dance but she can't hang with these wild kids and says good night

Janelle's getting annoyed by the cameras and makes a point by walking up to a mirror to take off her top.. Kaysar thrills his fans by trimming his eyebrows.. then it's time for the new highlight of each night: bath buddies 2005
Howie & Kaysar banter and crack jokes.. Janelle points out Howie's untidy whities are ripped to shreds down one side
A bit later, the penny drops outside: Kaysar realizes Maggie is probably going after him and not James at all.. he also realizes he's personally responsible for several people being utterly humiliated on national tv.. he goes through the various veto scenarios - Howie is uncharacteristically quiet, and plays very dumb when anything comes up about him or Rachel winning the veto


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Perplexed edition - I don't have a clue what they're gonna do

CBS Fireman Hero Martyr Campaign was on the job Thursday. Noticeably missing: Julie asking Eric about that scuffle - she always asks about that stuff but instead we got more lip service about his 'morals' and tape of him agreeing with Kaysar that Michael is a good guy - gimme a break. The happy pairs outing party was criminally out of sequence: it was most definitely not right after the veto comp - that was the most tense night we've seen yet in the habitat. They better have some spectacular comp apparatus (apparati?) coming up - enough of the cheap cardboard booths and wooden skeeball chutes, rev up the earthquake machine! The big reveal was a dud, but it was pretty funny when the final 'let's listen in on the houseguests' revealed only stunned, hostile silence. It's time Julie get trendy and drop the 'chopping block' phrase.. she's still got 'without going over'.

Granted I didn't catch much daytime but she was great fun all evening. I heard her rambling on a few times, changing stories, but for the most part she was the life of the party and so she should be: it was her party! BB should be ashamed for throwing Sarah a birthday bash and ignoring April's, but at least the others put aside their crap for a few and made it happen, I was proud of them. April did her share of goony stuff too, including a tinfoil hat that wouldn't have been out of place with Chicken George & his rocket. She finally ate today.. a lot. I hope she doesn't purge.

Does the slippery little snitch know Janelle better than he knows Ivette? I'm not speaking to him again til I get some answers. Paging Ms. Hilton!

He came so close to busting himself tonight it wasn't funny by playing dumb while Kaysar & Janelle pencilled out various veto scenarios, cuz he's still thinking Rachel equals $1.25 million. Kaysar & Janelle would forgive him that loyalty, so it was suspect that Howie didn't fess up. Even more suspect that Kaysar & Janelle didn't notice how quiet and dumb he'd gotten. Now that we know Howie a little better it's easier to tell when he's lying.. even casual feedsters noticed something was up.

Why was she crying all day, was it really about being de-Cappy-tated? That seems a bit much for Ms. Hard As Nails. If she's trying to fake out everyone into thinking James is going when he's really a pond (© Cowboy BB5) to kick Kaysar, then why was she crying to Maggie in the pantry? I'm confused but that didn't stop me from yukking it up at the HOH shenanigans and Ivette's dropped drawers tonight. She's the first this year to spawn a tagline that moves beyond CBS: this weekend VH1's 'Best Week Ever goes Latin on your ass!' She could be Janelle's secret second partner.. that would be a twist!

I like him best when he's nominated. His voice gets high, he talks real fast, and he's nervousing (© Cowboy BB5) all over town. (I don't listen to him much, but I like to see him suffering like that.) He wants that couples money so bad he can taste it, and he'll stop at nothing to get it so I think third would be a good spot for him to finish, with nothing. I can't keep up with what he's telling each side or how much he's offering them, and I bet he can't either. He's got Kaysar convinced now too that Maggie's a cop.

Could the belle of the ball be in cahoots with the Cuban crone or the scenester snitch? I want answers, dammit. She was looking worried by the end of the day and that's a new look for her. If last week's well-laid plans all backfire and Kaysar goes packing, at least everyone will know she was smarter than him about James and that they should have gotten rid of him last week when they could. Butter says someone called her Peanut Butter & Janelley after she won her PB&J bribe-for-life.. if so, chances are better than good that Diary picked it up <ahem> stole it from BB Chatter's own 'peanut butter & janelley' and fed it to them inside. It's the nick of the season, but BB needs to start doing their own homework

She's started commenting on her weight gain now but it's not easy cuz her mouth is always full. She came up with some of the most vacant but insulting comments today we've heard in years and it's just a matter of time til somebody slaps her silly.. she's had it coming for awhile. Right now she's probably the most entertaining one to watch - she's always doing something kooky but she seems to think she's invisible. Well, she kind of is.

As expected he's handling his nomination well, although he had a little 11th hour freakout when he realized Maggie might be playing him back and this time it'll be personal. He also had a flash of insight when he realized why 'they' were so down on him & his team: he suddenly realized how the 'mature' folks had been duped, taken for fools, and humiliated on national tv by a 24 year old kid and how cruel that had been. I'm waiting to see how Mr. Integrity 'I want a clean game' handles his revelation.

I had to spend more time with her than I wanted so and I zoned out a lot when she was talking, but I heard enough to find out she's not the brilliant strategist they all think she is, but she's enjoying getting the credit for it anyway. She was shaking like a leaf when she had her face-off with Rachel and then giddy as hell when she retold it to her crones, complete with lots of 'no wait, that came after'.. silly Maggie, you can't retell a convo that way in the habitat.

Yesterday's stands: She team-hops as much as April & Jennifer but she's a lot slippier about it. She thinks she can hop right back into HOH but they're on to her, finally. Many still give her credit for being brilliant, but I think she's just trying to take the path of least aggression, plus she's been lucky. That's all well and good, and it works fine for the sorority sisters, but Rachel's got no visible personality.. who needs that?

She might be able to keep up her free skate long enough to win this thing but if she doesn't, maybe she'll grow up a little from it. You don't cry when your boyfriend gets nominated, again! It's gonna happen every week til he's gone - get used to it. She got a catered birthday bash and cards from home while April got tinfoil and M&Ms.. that's just wrong.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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