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hamster8/10/05 - Day 39

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Never say die

It's Wednesday, they've voted, they should all be laying around doing nothing, but noooooo

James is in full campaign mode, setting himself up as a member of Cappy's remnants for next week by spilling everything that hasn't been spilled already.. Ivette's in investigation mode, and April & Jennifer continue to make rounds and lie about everything

Howie breaks up another party by snapping pics of happy people in a happy family for posterity, but there are millions more already on the web preserving the truth.. April tries to suck the water out of a bottle without opening it

James is all perky again - Sarah's not - Ivette starts setting things up for next week but they get sidetracked by James & Sarah's assertion that Howie & Rachel are married - Ivette seems to buy their idea that Rachel sneaks up to HOH for an hour in bed with Howie every morning, shoving Janelle onto the floor

Ivette almost gets the real story about her nomination out of April, who dances her way free once again, saying Howie, Janelle & Rachel said "hey let's get Ivette out!" - told with a gasp for good measure to show her shock at the idea - and that she'd responded "I could never do that!" Later April runs damage control all over town, covering more of her tattery bases.. Maggie & Beau pause to comfort each other that all's well

Rachel's the new pariah - somehow she's been blamed for Jennifer & April's shenanigans of the last few days, and she's mad at Howie & Janelle.. she's started talking to herself during the day now when she's alone, otherwise she mopes or glares.. Janelle tries to small talk with her about horses and meeting Howie
Janelle: Where did you meet Howie?
Rachel: Indiana
Janelle: Did you like him before you went out with his friend?
Rachel: I thought he was hot
Rachel: I left Indiana because I realized I wouldn't meet anyone there

Coincidentally, Ivette picks up the same thread outside, asking Rachel about Howie, how they met, saying they should really hook up.. Rachel goes along with it but soon seems to sense something's up
Ivette: Have you ever been engaged?
Rachel: No
Ivette: Where did you meet Howie?
Rachel: Indiana
Rachel: I moved to Colorado because I wasn't meeting anyone in Indiana

Howie gets his hat adjusted a few ways in the kitchen by Ivette.. Maggie's there, Sarah too.. it's a happy gathering until..
April & Jennifer roll in from a nap - they look seriously upset & nervous.. this combo of people together could bust out all their lies but alas, it doesn't happen

Look Bullwinkle, it's a secret message!

It's time to feed the fishies when the camera on Feed 3 fills feedsters with all kinds of hope

There's a sudden quick zoom to the word FORGET on Ivette's campaign shirt, then a pan up to the name CAPI then pan back down to FORGET

A few more slippage shots follow on F3 - a guy in the backyard setting up for tomorrow's live show (no apparatus though - must be endurance) and a couple flashes of Janelle in Diary - but CBS, this camera operator shouldn't be fired for spilling the good news: he or she deserves a raise for taking us all off your backs!

Ivette does the dishing up, taking on an eerie blue glow
They settle in to watch the feeding frenzy.. fascinated
There really are some cool looking fishies in there, and they look much better than they do from our side of the tank.. a couple yellow ones have survived.. the little guy on the left with the surprised look is a BB5 all-star who's returned from last year
Check today's link of the day for more on fishies hour

Meetings take place all day, whisperings & schemings & plottings in various combinations against various people.. pretty much every combo possible so I didn't keep track of them - I figure they cancel each other out

Then the strangest thing happens: they discover they're all outside by the hammock at the same time - no lockdown - they just all ended up there.. they're as surprised as we are.. everything goes ok considering most of them have been spewing bile about most of the others all day.. it's a happy time, then Jennifer starts screaming
The screaming goes on.. everyone looks.. it turns out her foot went to sleep or something
She rolls around some more and the happy group turns their attention to pubic hair, April's tampon, and worse.. subtle little digs are made here and there.. Ivette stretches Howie.. Janelle escapes to HOH and her nails and U2

Rachel mopes on Howie for an hour.. he peptalks her but it doesn't seem to help a lot

Happier faces inside for a bit in an odd pairing as Janelle & Maggie talk sex & money
Janelle: It's been months since I've had sex
Maggie: Oh yea, that's right, I can't believe you didn't plan for it
Janelle: I know, it sucks
Maggie: It's hard when you lose your partner - they're always talking about a million dollars, a million dollars, and you know you've got no chance at it
Janelle: I don't even care about that
Maggie: But it's on their minds, like with you & Howie & Rachel, no matter how tight you guys are you know he has to side with her when it comes down to it, she's his partner
Janelle: I hate all the talking, just sitting around talking talking talking, I hate it

Bathroom antics start up as they think about the live show tomorrow.. Ivette does a hoochy dance for Howie, then she & Beau try to force a styling on him.. Rachel comes along and Ivette asks another question in her "are they married" interrogation.. Rachel responds and Ivette says "Hmm" with a knowing tone

More dubious styling activities as Beau helps Maggie & April with their facial masques and Ivette sizzles Howie's hair with her flatiron - she says Jase & Scott did it last year

James & Sarah have final night tandem showers.. Ivette jokes around, but it isn't the same, it isn't Bath Buddies.. hopefully we'll have Howie & Kaysar back in their places in 24 hours.. Jennifer picks at Howie some more, with extreme close-up, bleah
It's around this time Beau shows his peepee to all & sundry - I'm not sorry I missed it

Jennifer & Maggie cozy down in bed and whisper without mics for days - nobody can quite make out what they're saying, except that it's about other people.. Ivette piles on and joins in for awhile, then April comes along to check up and kiss or cuddle good night, or something.. it's kinda creepy all around, and that just gets worse when Maggie asks Jennifer "Do you wanna snuggle or do you wanna go to sleep?"
Rachel's in a nearby bed, supposedly sleeping

Up in HOH Janelle asks Howie about Rachel again and is he in love with her? Would he like to be? He says what he did the other night: he'd like to bang her but he's not sure about a relationship, and anyway he'd need a test drive first and she's a prude bitch.. they study past comp details and talk about who might be back tomorrow

I have faith in the secret message from the fishies cam person - CBS wouldn't dare try to pull a fast one now, would they? It's hard to be optimistic and cynical at the same time.. if more people would do the right thing there wouldn't be dilemmas like this all the time, inside or outside of that house


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The polls are closed

Tuesday's show won its time slot

Finally the end of the week that went on forever

CBS obviously needs a proofreader desperately: Tuesday's show included DOSEN'T in one of their whisper captions. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but to let that slip through and then dare to put 'Dummy' as the official caption under Howie-Pinata in Diary is criminal. Sure, he's made some sketchy decisions this week but so did Drew and he won the game. CBS is portraying Howie as a doofus with nothing going for him - Cowboy got better treatment on the show! Howie's team left him on his own and he did his best to make everyone happy - if they don't like it now, it's too bad. TV audiences still see Janelle as nothing but a bimbo, James as a romantic and perfect boyfriend, Sarah as an assertive smart thinking individual, April as a shrewd decision maker, and of course there's always Saint Cappy. There's no way in hell they can bring back Eric now, thanks to a record setting campaign by Kaysar fans, but CBS is still trying - there were more spoken and subliminal pitches for Eric than the others on the show, including Ivette's call to America's gay community while the others' supporters got cutesy and/or idiotic Diary edits. Michael did ok and probably does deserve another chance but it'd be wasted since he doesn't play the game and neither does Janelle when he's there. They left out so many pivotal incidents in Tuesday's show and showed so many others out of sequence it's ridiculous but it doesn't really matter - nobody can keep up with the waffling this week, let alone the hamsters themselves.

After her shenanigans of the last few days it was great fun when Kaysar's alarm went off around 5.30am this morning - she woke up 'WTF is that?!!' Maggie or someone turned it off.. oops no, they just snoozed it and it went off again, and still again, and each time April was disturbed first & most, and she did the most cussing. She's been nervousing bad and had stayed up talking Howie & Janelle's ears off til after 3 so it was a nice bit of overnight payback. It's unfathomable that her lies haven't been caught, let alone that she always gets her way as far as who gets nominated. With her nonstop mouth and weasely ways she's fast approaching the title for Most Irritating Hamster Ever (and there's some stiff competition). I want to see her squirming in one of the eviction chairs so bad I can taste it - with no veto, please.

He's still in there but most of them seem to keep forgetting him as much as producers & feedsters do. Tonight he let everyone take a look at his goodies while he was in the shower, which sent them all screaming & squealing. Afterwards most of the comments were 'I've never seen a black one before' with (I believe) Jennifer adding 'except in a porno'. He's so overlooked in there he deserves to go all the way to #2 and if he does, it's their fault for forgetting about him.

I'm so not crazy about his week at the top but to be fair he was left pretty much on his own by his team, and he did break up a pair: nobody in there seems to think much about pairs anymore, except Janelle & Maggie, but CBS shouldn't be calling him Dummy when he brought things a step closer to saving them $750k. When Kaysar gets back tomorrow he'll be thrilled Howie won HOH and then appalled that they had a good shot at both James and Ivette but voted out Sarah? Howie needs to sit down, shaddup, and go back to following directions and being our boobies 'n undies guy: we've had barely a laugh all week! He really deserves a negative today, but the married to Rachel rumors have grown legs both inside and outside and that's always fun, plus he gave a good peptalk to both Rachel & Janelle tonight when needed, and he did them each well so it's a grudging neutral.

She defied all logic and all expectations by being calm and good natured on the block, even during her backdoor phase. I'd give her ups, grudgingly, if only she hadn't let Jennifer & April skate away clean after putting her there and almost out the door. There's still hope for the future - Ivette doesn't forget - but we'll have to wait and see how it plays out. It's looking pretty firm that she'll still be here tomorrow, although it's never a Rock Solid Deal® til Julie says so.

Like April, it's mind boggling that they don't see through his transparent moods and how the HOH-nom-veto cycle triggers them all. He appears to have them all snowed again, as he cozied up to the Frightful Five making like he's on their side all along. That'll continue unless one of the good guys wins the endurance comp tomorrow, then he'll revert back to the first team he betrayed and pretend it was all game, again. He'll probably be sleeping alone tomorrow and that's good: he's promised to turn into a real meanie when Sarah's not there to get co-blamed for it, and we could use some real fireworks to amuse us instead of all these idle threats.

She's the clear front-runner among feedsters and we can only hope her co-fave Kaysar returns tomorrow so they can revive their awesome partnership and struggling team. Janelle still wants Michael to come back so they can have a second date, but I think Howie finally got through to her tonight that there's time for that later - if he returned she'd be too distracted with playing kissyface to concentrate on the game. She may not have won points by bailing on the junior high reunion all the others had, but she showed a bit of class by leaving it to go off by herself.. any reasonable person would have done the same. I am itching to get her back to ups where she belongs and Kaysar can inspire that in her.

Unfreakingbelievable what she stirred up this week - and got away with - all for no reason! Her motives are as transparent as April's & James' and it's amazing they haven't all caught on and busted her. Ditto with the web of lies she spins from morning to night - it's a wonder she can keep straight what she's said, but I guess it doesn't matter so much since none of them seem to be paying attention. I want to see Jenny on the Block so bad I can taste it, with April by her side all week long.

I still don't see it. She doesn't seem to do anything but ask what's going on and make confused faces. Maybe she's brilliant and I'm missing it, or maybe she's just keeping the chair warm for their true leader, since they are pretty sure he'll be back. She's put all her eggs into one lying, scheming basket - her minions lie to her as much as everyone else but she doesn't want to acknowledge it even when the proof's all around her. She rejected a potential merge with Kaysar's side but now seems to be ready to join forces with James: it'll serve her right if she does. It was great when Janelle got her frazzled by saying she didn't think about a million bucks versus half a million: Maggie had nowhere to go with that one.

She's ended up as the scapegoat for April & Jennifer's shenanigans this week and it's all cuz she's slept thru half the game and doesn't know who's in bed with whom. That's her problem, but she's taking it out on Janelle now - I guess she sees Howie & herself plowing thru eight people on their own, straight to the big prize money. But as it happens, she's got one of many targets on her back at the moment, and she's not reacting to it well.. she's talking to herself in daylight, moping, sulking, and of course, going to bed early to sleep it all away. Her Thursday breakfast show should be a wonder to behold, but it's nothing to what Friday's might be depending on what happens Thursday night.. run for your lives!

It seems safe to say that she'll walk the plank to Julie's boudoir tomorrow, where she can gush about how she loves her guy sooooo much, and that's ok. Since she's not gonna be there to help James take home a million, it's a fair bet they'll part ways sooner than later, especially once her family & friends get hold of her while he's still locked away. At her age, it's better she go out on tv with her hopes of love everlasting intact and save the dirty laundry for later in private.. just ask Diane.


Possibly the best player we've seen even though he's out 4th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights - all with brains, humor and integrity. A class act.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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