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hamster8/8 and 8/9/05 - Days 37 and 38

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More of the same

Tuesday's another day of April & Jennifer covering their tracks to all and sundry, lying through their teeth, and continuing to get away with it

Everyone goes back & forth about who to evict, which promise to keep, which alliance to betray, and April keeps getting her way no matter what

They're doing my head in and the pace isn't helping - even the crappiest jobs get a day off once in awhile.. unfortunately this has started to feel like a job to me, and that's not right - I know I'm in trouble when I'm rooting for Ivette & James, so it's an ultralite episode today stapled on top of Monday's

Most of what I saw today was April everywhere "bla-bla-blah" they all believe her every time - she'd make a good bag lady - Jennifer steps up her grooming on those she thinks like her for it.. Janelle touches up her roots and avoids most of the hamsterpoop everywhere

Maggie with her FIESTY FIREMAN shirt can't spell much better than CBS.. Rachel's starting to lose her cool more frequently and she's way over Janelle by now.. James is all cocky again and already making plans for the HOH room next week

April & Jennifer have a meeting in the gym to compare notes.. Jenn shows what a practiced conniver she is by checking first if they can be heard from the hallway - it's good to see April in there talking to the air, it should happen more often

Maggie joins them and learns some things she didn't want to know.. Jennifer gets cockier as more arrive.. pretty soon everyone's in there, Howie spills some beans, Rachel goes off and April tells her "don't be rude to me"
I missed the bulk of this gym meeting since the show was on at the same time.. you can catch up at the various update sites - someone's copy/pasting updates from site to site as their own lately without crediting the original source so no worries about having to sort out different versions.. a few of the fans this year make the hamsters look like fine, upstanding people.. it sickens me

Check out today's link of the day for a little something that makes it all better :)

Much ado about nothing

An extra-light episode today, courtesy of Jennifer & April

It looked for a minute like they were up to something spectacular, but no such luck.. just another harebrained scheme by the Gruesome Twosome to make themselves look good..
I hope it bites them back real hard

First thing this morning - second thing actually, after Rachel's breakfast club - Ivette tells Maggie she knows something's up, that Jennifer & April were playing chess (odd), whispering with Howie (nobody whispers with Howie, and if they do there's laughter), and then they all went up to HOH.. Ivette says they're planning to backdoor her.. Maggie just looks confused

Minutes before the veto ceremony Howie mentions the new deal to send Ivette packing to Rachel, backed up by a long April explanation of course.. Rachel says ok

Ivette & Beau find a quarter and buy a gumball - I don't know what becomes of it, but it's the most fun thing that happens all day.. the fishies come and go and Ivette's nominated, no surprise

After the veto April goes right to HOH and Jennifer goes right to the gym with Maggie and tells her what they're up to.. they hike in silence for awhile, Jennifer looking smug and/or uncomfortable.. then she goes to Rachel with some lies
Feedsters go berserk wondering WTF is she doing?! It turns out later that Maggie maybe didn't even hear it, turns out she's got bad hearing and those machines are loud.. maybe she never heard Kaysar's speech to her in there either

Sorry hamsterwatchers, I can't do it this time.. I followed those two numbskulls all day thinking they were up to something they aren't capable of and I'm mad at myself as much as them for that.. the cameras rarely left them all day as they made rounds (especially Jennifer) looking smug, acting smug, and lying right and left to everyone

It turns out Jennifer just wanted to "stir things up - like Kaysar did"

I could sort through the 200+ daily caps again and type in the snippets of everyone's convos that seemed pertinent, but there's no point - nothing's pertinent this time, and I'm tired

Update: A few choice shots now added below

Quick wrap-up: Ivette's nominated, she suspects those two are plotting against her but she has no evidence to be sure, yet.. she'll bust their asses good when she gets it, and I'll be cheering her on

She behaved on the block better than Eric, Maggie, James, Sarah, or Michael but not as well as Kaysar and Janelle

Maggie doesn't have a clue what the game's about or how to play it.. James still thinks she's a cop and a genius though, so it's all good

Jennifer & April are fine people and fine game players.. to poop on

I just can't let some of these go to waste - here are a few for the boobies fans
April boobage adjustment and towel cocoon

We finally see the face of Ivette on the block - I am surprised, and impressed - Maggie cries when learning the awful truth.. James & Sarah look ahead in their own ways
Maggie: It's really sucky not to have that HOH room to go hide

At the Fiendship coven meeting Ivette says she knows something's up cuz nobody hugged her, nobody said "way to go" "taking one for the team" and cuz April scooted up to HOH right away.. Jennifer's smug cuz she's not being accused of anything.. April's nervousing & waiting for the accusations.. Maggie struggles to keep up

James goes to work on Rachel and easily gets her to admit Operation Evict Ivette.. she's angry.. Jennifer comes along and makes a point of hugging her - Rachel makes a point of not hugging back
James: Did you make some sort of deal with them?
Rachel: No!
James: Oh, cuz Janelle said something
Rachel: No
Sarah: Janelle said they changed their mind
Rachel: She told you about all that stupid shit?
Sarah: Yea
James: What stupid shit?
Rachel: I really can't talk about it
(but she does, it comes out)
Sarah (about Howie): You're not married?
Rachel: No way! If we were married I wouldn't let that blond girl sleep up there every night

Rachel gets hers later when Ivette & Maggie say she really should hook up with Howie.. they give stage direction for him to molest her - she's not amused - it goes on for awhile before Ivette calls Howie into her bed to show how it's done.. Jennifer & April play chess (?) - Jennifer gloats about the chaos everywhere and says she just wanted to stir things up "like Kaysar did" but April's scared of reprisals.. April says it was hard to lie about it all.. Jennifer says she did fine and "the first one's always hardest"

Later Jennifer's in Howie's room, inside his bed - he's elsewhere - she has a little poor-me moment and cries to April.. Howie shows up and shows them his growing woody, then climbs onto "his little Jenny".. all's well again in the habitat

That's it - sidebar is mostly all I got for you today - sorry


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CBS obviously needs a proofreader desperately: Tuesday's show included DOSEN'T in one of their whisper captions. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but to let that slip through and then dare to put 'Dummy' as the official caption under Howie-Pinata in Diary is criminal. Sure, he's made some sketchy decisions this week but so did Drew and he won the game. CBS is portraying Howie as a doofus with nothing going for him - Cowboy got better treatment on the show! Howie's team left him on his own and he did his best to make everyone happy - if they don't like it now, it's too bad. TV audiences still see Janelle as nothing but a bimbo, James as a romantic and perfect boyfriend, Sarah as an assertive smart thinking individual, April as a shrewd decision maker, and of course there's always Saint Cappy. There's no way in hell they can bring back Eric now, thanks to a record setting campaign by Kaysar fans, but CBS is still trying - there were more spoken and subliminal pitches for Eric than the others on the show, including Ivette's call to America's gay community while the others' supporters got cutesy and/or idiotic Diary edits. Michael did ok too and probably does deserve another chance but it'd be wasted since he doesn't play the game and neither does Janelle when he's there. They left out so many pivotal incidents in Tuesday's show and showed so many others out of sequence it's ridiculous but it doesn't really matter - nobody can keep up with the waffling this week, let alone the hamsters themselves.

Still on a roll from yesterday's momentum, she and Jennifer worked their way around the house until Ivette had one foot out the back door and somehow they got away with it - so far. April's manic glow faded back to its usual murky drab today as she danced her way around her web of lies waiting for the inevitable confrontation from Ivette. The whole house is in chaos and feedsters were clueless all day WTF was going on, and it was all because April couldn't deal with the thought of being a guaranteed free pass pawn for even a couple of hours yesterday and Jennifer went on a little powertrip to hell. I hold the Gruesome Twosome responsible for making a mess of my day. I think April really believes most of her lies - she adjusts them a bit with each telling until they've become her truth but she had to admit to Jenn & herself tonight that she'd told a whopper this time.. Jenn said 'the first one's always hard.' April's incapable of admitting she does anything wrong or even makes a mistake, and she's only here to make friends and be liked, which isn't happening. She details over & over qualities that she hates in people, and she's guilty of every one - how does someone with such a total lack of self-awareness get through life?

He tried to sniff his way around to find out what was going on but even his supersnitch talents couldn't uncover anything from the Gruesome Twosome. You know you're not wanted when people are whispering into their microphones asking Diary to make you go away, but fortunately for Beau, Diary doesn't want to do manic April or nasty Jennifer any favors so he was free to keep hovering around them and make them even more nervous. He wasn't asked anything at the Fiendship summit and he didn't contribute anything, since he's only a member by proxy. Things are still looking good for him to finish in final two with James.

I stuck up for him after his noms figuring undoing them would do more harm than good, but I want to slap him after accepting the post-raunch plot from Jenn & April to backdoor Ivette without even thinking about it first. You don't go against the shaky deals you made last week to make new top secret deals with the two biggest blabbermouths in the house and not expect it to bite you back. Not only that, but his partner Rachel is calling the third member of their team 'that blond girl' - equivalent of fricking bitch in femalese - and Howie's got no idea. The worst part of it all is he'll never be able to explain everything to Kaysar when he comes back to repair it all, cuz Howie hasn't been paying enough attention to know what's going on.

She knew something was up even before everyone was out of bed and sure enough she was right. I thought for awhile that she and Jennifer were plotting together some elaborate scheme to get rid of Maggie and/or April - I couldn't quite make it work, but nothing else explained her knowing she was being shipped out the backdoor before everyone was out of bed, or explained her calm, quiet demeanor for hours after it was official.. I mean c'mon, we're talking about Ivette! I guess she was giving the Gruesome Twosome some time to sweat - which they did - and when the Summit meeting finally took place she was calmer & quieter than we'd expect too.. but she meant business and April knew it. Nervousing was defined all over again watching April's face but Ivette didn't have any solid evidence yet so she left it simmering. She left in a hurry too, rather than punching April in the nose. It's only Monday - too soon to call more than one vote for certain with this mess (Beau's).

He took himself off the block again - surprise! It's getting to where you can set your clock by him each week: he's jumpy waiting for noms, hostile & depressed when he goes up on the block; gloaty when he wins the veto comp; happy & arrogant when he vetoes himself safe; rewind, repeat. A few days ago he was everyone's mortal enemy and biggest threat - now nobody's paying attention to him thanks to Jennifer & April, and he's free to begin his conquest again next week - with or without his faithful anchor Sarah foiling his plans.

She should have put the brakes on Howie before he jumped onto the lame scheme proposed by April & Jennifer of all people - Janelle's got their number - but instead she jumped onboard too, seemingly without thinking and the rest is history. Maybe she figures Ivette has to get gone anyway so it might as well be done and damn the consequences, but she needs to start thinking ahead like Kaysar told her or she'll be next. After all, she & Ivette have an uneasy truce now that's almost downright friendly at times so Ivette's just another one of Cappy's leftovers now. One fourth of her final four is absent and another is calling her 'that blond girl' so things aren't promising at the moment.. and she wants Michael to come back to continue her date instead of Kaysar returning to finish the job at hand.

I was almost ready to bow down to the BB grand master of all time after she sent everything into a tailspin today for no apparent reason. She's been sniffing around everyone for weeks, cozying up in bed with this one, picking scabs off that one, playing both sides against the other, and never absent from anything that counts. When she made her move it had a yesterday-long buildup sending April into a tizzy for distraction, then she turned everything upside down and sent feedsters scrambling for an explanation that made any kind of sense. I figured it had to be something big! But she finally explained herself to the late night shift: she wanted to do something 'to stir everything up, like Kaysar did' - well, she stirred it up all right, but Kaysar's mixup was well planned, helped the house as a whole, and would have turned out beautifully for him & his team except for that ugly skeeball incident. Little Jenny's conniving but feeble brain didn't even think one day ahead, it'll do nothing for the house but create suspicion and let James move back in, and they'll all turn on her & April, with good reason. It's not even known yet if they'll actually get rid of Ivette or not.

The supposed leader and smart one had to have so many diagrams drawn for her today she finally gave up and said 'why can't we all just get along?' She also participated eagerly in a cruel but indirect attack on Rachel's insecurities at bedtime that was to gain psychological advantage for Ivette but just downright mean for Maggie.. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been the victim of similar incidents herself. I'm going back to ignoring her.

She did her one-woman stomp & cuss breakfast show again but a bit quieter than before, then she jumped on board the Exit-Ivette deal with the two mini-devils without batting an eye. Of course when she started thinking it over later she decided it was Howie's fault - early mornings are gonna be creepier & scarier than ever this week. Rachel was shocked & insulted when she was shooed out of the Summit meeting today; she made a point of not returning Jenn's hug tonight; she spilled the secret deal to James just after telling him she couldn't talk about it; and then she called Janelle 'that blond girl'.. not a good sign. She got some indirect payback at bedtime when Maggie & Ivette urged horny Howie to cavort with frigid Rachel in a cruel & humiliating display.. but Rachel just took it, wanting to seem hip and emotionally healthy rather than make a stir or say 'quit it' - she only does that when she thinks nobody's watching or when it's just Howie there for her to beat up.

She doesn't even notice that Super Boyfriend James is all happy again now that his key is back in the box and overlooking the fact that hers isn't. He's scum and she chose him - she can have him.


Possibly the best player we've seen even though he's out 4th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights - all with brains, humor and integrity. A class act.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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