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hamster8/7/05 - Day 36

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America's Choice tie-dye campaign

Arts & crafts day again, so soon

This time they're tie-dying t-shirts

Between fiesta night, piñatas and all this, somebody spent a wad at Michael's

Let's hope the next important comp isn't a bendy-over endurance - backs could be sore


Jennifer's in charge, she mixes up another batch.. Rachel supervises, it's unclear whether she approves or not.. (ok ok it's very clear but I'm trying to be nicer)

Jennifer then reminds Howie she's still there and with bikini'd boobies - he's going to nominate someone else tomorrow, after all.. Ivette's in a good mood again today

James & Sarah's self-banishment keeps them in the pimp room moping, arguing, crying, and occasionally making out.. they come out once in awhile to forage but they don't join the mandatory tie-dye party

Tie-dye round 1 ends and bikini hour begins.. in some cases, bikini tying/untying hour

"Just pawn me"

It doesn't seem like a big deal at the time

Apparently April had agreed to go up against Sarah in a guaranteed 6-1 ticket home for James' future ex-girlfriend, but April's having second thoughts

Ivette makes an offer and that seems to be that - but it sets off what will be (or should be, anyway) the meat of Tuesday's show

Ivette: Just pawn me.. I'm ok with it
Ivette: It's better than putting up someone who can't deal with it
Ivette: She's already got the cigarettes thing to deal with
Howie: Ok so I'll just say 'I pawn you'

They check out their tie-dye results - Jennifer's thrilled with hers - she & her boobies fly it around the yard like a kite, squealing "I love it! I love it!"
The backyard is a colorful tie-dye minefield and everyone else is pleased too

Next thing you know, a concerned Maggie is listening to a towelled 'n turbanned April crying next to her empty crumpled Marlboro carton.. naturally Jennifer's there too
April: I'm not worried about going up, that's not why I'm crying
April: I'm crying cuz I told her (Ivette) if I go up James will be talking shit about me all week and she said that just means I don't believe I have the support of my team
Jennifer: You know what will make you happy? Go look at your tie dye shirt!
April: I'm not sad.. people think just cuz you're crying you have to be sad

April & Jennifer move to the bathroom where they stop innocent bystanders going about their business and tell it again, slightly revised
April (to Beau): It's just the cigarettes, not the block, and now everyone's blowing it all out of proportion and it makes me look bad
Jennifer: Maggie just said you were freaking out
April: I wasn't freaking out
April: When James talks shit about me she (Maggie) just listens, she doesn't stick up for me.. do you think she sees how she is?

I think somewhere in here Ivette told someone (Maggie maybe? my notes are sketchy) that's not how it happened at all and describes it like she told Howie above
I really like the far-right pic above.. I call it 'Tragic April'

They take it out to the backyard where it's Janelle's turn for the new improved version
April: Hey the reason I was crying is the cigarettes - you know I'm a smoker, right?
Janelle: You really are?
April: Eight years
April: It's NOT cuz I'm afraid of being a pawn ok?
Jennifer: It's 90% the smoking but she's also on PB&J, she's also ready to start her period and let's face it, even being a pawn is a little scary
April: You don't even have any control in this house, so it kinda.. <pause>.. sucks

Round 2 begins with paint & markers.. Beau takes scissors to his.. April remains tragic
April (to Howie): It's about the smokes - why don't people just ask me?

They've seen the America's Choice evictees' pleas that aired Thursday and it gradually becomes clear that the shirts are dedicated to them.. James & Sarah finally get chased out to start round 1 - they do it like they did the piñatas, isolated and mostly silent
Gradually messages form.. Janelle starts making a two-sided Kaysar/Michael shirt, and is called to Diary.. when she returns she makes separate Kaysar and Michael shirts
It's unclear how the tie-dye message shirts will work - they talk about wearing them the next few days, but Janelle was obviously told to make separate shirts for each guy so I'm thinking they'll figure into a comp of some sort.. maybe CBS will try to clear up the voting scandal by claiming a 3-way tie and the guys will have to guess who made which shirt and the best guesser walks back in

In the pimp room they're back to under-shirt massages and tragic poses, but outside it's a flurry of sweatshop labor and sloganing

You get the idea.. fortunately Howie's back to his old self and helps brainstorm.. BB5 fans get a happy reminder of june-bug flying lessons, but these guys don't get it
Howie: Let's see, America's Choice.. lock the door America, we don't need anymore help, wait no no no.. no vacancy
Howie: Send Ashlea back she had a great rack.. oh wait, she can't come back
Howie: Michael didn't have a chance so send him back for Janey's romance
Janelle: That's too many words
Howie: Are you going somewhere??
Beau: That bug's back, the locust kinda thing, the one that has landing gear?
Jennifer: That's Dan
Beau: Oh, we call him Dan?
Howie (on tv): They show people throwing up on tv all the time, people getting their heads cut off, but show one half of a little boobie and everyone freaks out
Howie: They're going to hire James.. he'll be their veto competition trainer

As usual, some are happy and fun.. some are not
Some are definitely not happy
When they start modeling the finished products, well, it isn't fashion week in Paris
April: What would happen if I just eat anyway, just a penalty nomination?
James: You'd still beat me on Thursday
April: I know!
Sarah: As much as everybody hates us in here, I'm sure the rest of the outside world is thinking 'wow they're being so mean to them and they did nothing wrong'
Janelle: He was always farting and burping, nobody wants to see that
Howie: Yea
Sarah: Did you bring your shirt to DR?
James: Yea.. you have to admit I'm a good sport
Howie: I can't believe it's been five weeks now we've been in here, can you believe that?
April: Fuck yea! I believe it
(April starts telling her story to Jennifer again, by now it's all about evil Ivette)
Jennifer: I know! I've heard this story like 20 times today.. you shouldn't have told her all that in the first place!

Sarah finally finishes her shirt: GO GET 'EM BABY! Sarah and James - apparently she didn't understand the assignment - Ivette goes in for a meeting about evictions and futures, I don't know, it's all BS on both sides as usual, super cheap insurance policies that won't pay off when needed.. Sarah keeps interrupting "what about me?" shouting & crying - James keeps telling her to shut up

You've got to be kidding

I don't know what most of this is about

The night just gets weird, but Jennifer's everywhere

Jenn whispers in a major way to Janelle who whispers to Howie who whispers back.. elsewhere, Maggie's getting cozy with Ivette

It gets weirder: April & Jennifer are playing chess, very late (weird enough, I know).. Howie & Janelle join them and April starts retelling her sorry tales yet again.. they do another analysis of the Michael Harasser situation - Jenn says Eric blew it out of proportion that night she was crying and that's the extent of her involvement
Howie finally spots an opening and takes over the convo, turning it to raunchy nasty sex, like he does sometimes.. we revisit Jenn's absent boyfriend & his likes, and find out she did a few fraternity boys (oral only she says, since she was a virgin).. April likes it doggy-style (close to that anal curious thing she's got, remember? which Mr. April isn't into)
If you're thinking whoa, way too much info! you're right.. but understand this convo went for at least an hour, going into areas of depravity you probably don't want to hear about.. but they put it all out there, so I have to at least bring you the gist of it.. don't blame the messenger :)

Howie goes on to his usual press of questions about experiences, fantasies, masturbation, etc.. Jenn & April respond to many of them but Janelle doesn't.. she seems very uncomfortable but he goes on questioning her, making her & viewers a bit squirrely.. she doesn't say "stop it Howie" or "I'm not going to answer that" - she just sits there and he keeps asking.. neither Jenn nor April say anything either.. it's no fun at all and Howie obviously has no concept of where the line is, and he's also gone five weeks now and makes no secret of how horny he's getting lately

Maggie wakes up at this point and realizes April & Jennifer are up too late talking with Howie & Janelle.. she isn't far away but they aren't being real loud.. nobody knows if she hears what they're saying or not, but she goes back to sleep.. big mistake
Fortunately the convo shifts back to April & Jennifer, who start another tirade and feedsters start to check out.. then they start saying why don't they send Ivette out the back door Thursday? This surprises Howie & Janelle but April & Jenn have obviously worked on this one and they have all the angles covered

They take it upstairs where they hash out the what-ifs and the details.. with Rachel or James they are enough votes without having to tell anyone else.. Jennifer starts picking/grooming Howie and before long she's under the covers of his bed as they talk.. Howie & Janelle are sounding interested - they come close to firming it up but stop short when April says "I should probably run this by Maggie first"
Janelle takes her place in Howie's bed and Jennifer gets the hint - the whole tone has changed anyway - they separate to upstairs/downstairs bathrooms where Jennifer tells April that Howie & Janelle got on board too fast, it must be a trap to get rid of them.. Howie & Janelle wonder WTF that was all about but they're clearly thinking how nice it would be with Ivette gone and wondering if it could be this easy - the previous tension between them, on Janelle's side at least, is long gone
Dingo translation:
April hates James cuz he told her once she's insecure and another time said she talks too much - both true - now he's nominated but not for long so she's stuck with him at least another week and she's afraid of him
April was potentially nominated for a couple of hours and freaked out, dragging everyone into it and blaming everything but what it was about: fear of eviction (being disliked)
Tension's been building between April & Ivette but April now hates her because she volunteered to take April's place without freaking out about it, so she must be punished

This is highly simplified - there are a lot of additional details & factors but I think it pretty much boils down to this.. remember April and to a lesser extent Jennifer were the ones who carried all of James' lies back & forth, and are largely responsible for him & Sarah going up this week in the first place

April's been driving the house for a couple weeks and she's the most destructive force in there next to James.. she says she hates liars but she lies all the time; she says she hates trash talk but she can't mention anyone without trashing them.. she says she's about strategy and 'nothing personal' but she's all about personal - scared to death of not being liked, eager to punish those who dislike her, and enlisting other people to do it for her.. just my opinion

I'll leave Jennifer for another time, except to say I don't think she's under the radar at all: Beau's under the radar and Howie before this week; Jennifer's very busy and merely overlooked


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It's money that matters: BB Saturday tied with Cops again

They are all out of their minds

An odd but decent overall show Saturday thanks to April's 'touch my butt' tail sequence, but they misled tv viewers (and many feedsters) by changing the sequence of Howie's visiting hours completely, resulting in Howie looking like an eejit; and also like he was manipulated into it all by Maggie and that he went against Rachel's direct orders: not so! There was no reason to edit it all that way - Howie makes himself look like an eejit 10 times on a good day, and why not show Rachel for what she was that night: a very nasty shrew who yelled & cussed at Howie for her own mistake of not showing up at the meetings she herself invented? They showed James as a concerned boyfriend when Sarah started crying - in truth he only reached out or hugged her about 30 seconds out of that 24 hours, but I'll forgive them that one for her sake since they never should have put her in there. I'm a little encouraged by hearing 'what up Kaysar' chant again from his exit rerun and I only hope they don't try to pull a fast one and create another scandal like the CBS News department had: Big Brother may be on a far smaller scale and scope than Dan Rather but you'd think they'd want to keep their nose clean where ethics are concerned this soon after all those shenanigans.

Hamsterwatch star of the day! She took what was actually a helpful offer (or could have been seen that way anyhow) from Ivette and ran with it all day, whipping herself up into a frenzy of hatred for Ivette so intense that it overtook her hatred of James for the moment, and getting the entire house involved in a pointless day-long brouhaha when they should have been happy to be playing tie-dye and waving good bye to James' million bucks.. and all this because she was not going to be nominated tomorrow. But wait, there's more. By 3am she & Jennifer had Howie & Janelle half convinced that they should band together to backdoor pawn Ivette on Thursday - leaving Rachel stomping, Maggie fuming, and James free to run amok once again. By 4am it was practically a done deal, when PB&J-ing, nicotine-fitting, PMS-ing April said 'I think we should run this by Maggie first'. But wait, there's more! A half hour later she & Jennifer had decided that Howie & Janelle had probably just pretended to go along with them cuz they are, after all, on the other team. Sort of. Give the woman a gold star for being the single most disruptive and parannoyed hamster of all time, and for keeping things hopping as a result.

His sideshow antics playing the goofy gay guy while everyone else is involved in a life & death struggle of wits and wills are getting real old. (Ok I exaggerate, but that's how they're all playing it.. I'm just playing along.) He popped one funny today though: distressed that his tie-dye came out pink he had a hissy fit claiming it wasn't just pink - it was uber pink! I guess you had to be there.

I've been singing his praises and sticking up for him when everyone's calling him a doodyhead cuz at least he admits he might have goofed which is more than any of the rest of them can do. But by late night I was yelling at him to snap out of it as he came this close to going along with April & Jenn's harebrained scheme to send pawned Ivette out the back door. Maybe it's a fine idea but a) Howie forgot to go wake up Rachel when it came up, b) he'd lose the little bit of trust he's suffered to earn with Maggie - who will retaliate, and c) James is set free once again. But hey, it's good tv for sure and Howie's the best one in there for that. He & Ivette officially put Cowboy's 'pond' to rest today when they started using 'pawn' as a verb. Go Howie!

She actually tried to do the right thing today and it became the Big Stink Of The Day thanks to April's raging insecurity. Sure, offering to be pawned was self-serving in that it would buy some kind of repayment later, but I bet Ivette didn't gamble it would lead to her possibly being pushed out the back door on Thursday! She says she isn't even worried about packing. She was decent again today for the most part, making nice looking if over Cappyfied tie-dyes and being the designated spokesperson for the totally unnecessary Snow James campaign.. again to ultimately benefit herself, but nobody else volunteered except April (kinda) - oops this is where we came in. Rewind - repeat.

He's still too rattled by his surprise nom this week that he doesn't realize he still owns them all, and now April's stepping into the void he's left open. He fluctuated between despair and feeble rally attempts today, when all he has to do to stay alive is tell the truth for a couple days and be a decent guy. Yea, that probably is too much to expect. I think he made a tie-dye after Big Brother told them to come out and play with the other kids, but I never saw it.

She has more patience than anyone I've ever seen. She sits there day after day, night after night, listening to continuous rehashes of the same old stuff from everyone for hours on end, and she never lets on that she knows all about it already from every angle. She was clearly uncomfy with Howie's sexual grilling late tonight but never said 'stop it Howie' like she does any other time - what's up with that? Her tie-dyes were beautiful and she made them for both Kaysar & Michael, and was the only one who thought to tie-dye one of her own tight tanktops so she wouldn't have to wear big lumpy t-shirts for the next few days.. thinking of stuff like that is why the other girls hate her.

Where to begin? She cozied up to the power like she always does before noms and veto meetings; she spread April's horrors all over town and then told April how awful it is that these things get around; and she eventually told April 'I know, I've heard this story 100 times today.' She never copped to any responsibility during yet another in-depth rehash of Psycho Michael Sexual Harasser, and she kept up pre-veto-nom campaigning by snuggling with Howie while he interrogated the girls about their sexual activities, in depth, again - it turns out Jennifer's one of those girls who doesn't count oral as sex.. gee who's surprised by that? See April for the unbelievable late night developments.

The one they all think is the most 'strategical' in there stayed clear of pretty much everything again today, except making Praise Cappy America 9/11 tie-dye's of course. She did a bit of late night parannoying when she realized her sketchier minions Jenn & April were consorting with the enemy, but she fell back asleep before they got around to talking about her & Ivette. If she loses their votes going forward (and the big money) it's her own fault for not understanding she's got the rest of her life to sleep: there are more important things going on every single night.

She doesn't seem to be having any fun at all in there, which means we have to find our fun where we can with her.. I saw another of her solo breakfast shows today - she's still muttering & cussing under her breath, stomping around, and banging & crashing stuff all through the house.. she really seems to have a lot of pent-up rage. Once everyone else is up and at 'em she goes back to being quiet Rachel.. maybe she gets it all out in the mornings she's got all to herself, or maybe it's building and she's gonna blow one day. She was AWOL again for most of the day's meetings - she'll prolly blame Howie later for that, but it won't be anything compared to when she finds out she slept thru yet another iffy (at best) huge plan he seems to be embracing as of now. Duck, Howie!

She hid out with America's Greatest Boyfriend most of the day, avoiding tie-dye games til Big Brother said they had to join, when she came out in a big oversize sweatshirt we haven't seen before.. I guess now that she's officially history, she's got no reason to flaunt anymore. She shouted, she cried, she moped, and she sabotaged a little more of James' already-sketchy future in there til he told her to shut up again. Her tie-dye was a support message to her guy instead of to the potential returnees as instructed. Interesting that she added both their names to it, but she put hers first.


Possibly the best player we've seen even though he's out 4th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights - all with brains, humor and integrity. A class act.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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