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hamster8/6/05 - Day 35

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What's this about, CBS?

The CBS polls don't even allow Kaysar or Michael as options for who's likely to win it all and who's likely to be the next one evicted.. maybe it's an honest error, but this is the page that would go up next week if Eric returns, and it's up now (Saturday night)
Update: As of Sunday they've fixed this blunder and Eric is grayed out

If their webgeeks got the dates wrong and it's an honest error, it's still inexcusable considering all the controversy on all the BB sites.. surely CBS can afford a proofreader

On top of all the other pro-Eric/anti-Kaysar slants all season, this seems like a bit much to be a coincidental error? I'm not so worried about the issue with some browsers reverting to Eric when hitting "back" on the America's Choice poll, since there's a disclaimer that CBS doesn't have to pay attention to those votes at all

By the way, auto-responses for text message votes don't carry such a disclaimer but they do come with a price tag

People who are using bots to stuff Kaysar's ballot box have given CBS reason to invalidate AC poll results anyway, and rightly so - this is why they shouldn't allow unrestricted public voting for major decisions.. the polls above carry even less weight (i.e. none) but it all makes me go hmmmmm

Then there's this, from TV Guide Online's homepage Saturday, and the article it linked to at the time that said "Since viewers will decide who returns, can you say 'Hello, Eric'? The Las Vegas father and firefighter looks like a shoo-in to receive the most viewer votes".. another article says "Kaysar is evicted. Say it isn't so! Well, at least I know who I'll be voting for in the America's Choice - that's an easy pick. However, I'm pretty sure that I am in the minority and that Eric will be the one resettling at the old homestead come next week.".. at least they don't seem to be CBS-paid ads

Just remember to question what we're told Hamsterwatchers, whether by CBS or anyone else.. if you think something's fishy here, you can use the CBS feedback form to let them know.. contact your local CBS station too - they have a direct line and are smaller & usually responsive

He does it again

Against all odds and all wishes, James wins yet another veto.. he is unstoppable

It looks like adding a veto necklace and halo to his piñata made it work more like a voodoo doll than just the pissy sore-loser statement we all thought it was, and now everybody's upset again
James' dollie pic captured by StickySixx

As threatened or promised, I laid low today for the most part, and so did they.. lots of lame ideas were tossed around but nothing was firmed up as far as what to do about this debacle and there was no fun to be found, so this is a short episode of random pics

Eric's remnants discuss solutions which include assuring James he'd be safe if he doesn't use the veto and/or Ivette going up against him
They talk about each side trying to make James think he's ok with them again and that they're very much against the other side like usual.. Howie's got a headache - he's not enjoying his HOH week at all
Jennifer misses another meeting in favor of playing mom - she's very serious about her granola box recipe - Howie says she's an excellent cook and that she's got nice boobies.. Maggie checks in

Howie tells Janelle the latest crackpot ideas.. Beau comes along to snoop but pounces them, hard - the guy has no concept of when to be serious and when to be playful

Ivette goes to work on James.. he's leery but he listens.. they all remain calm and Sarah mostly stays out of it for a change

Jennifer tries to hang on to the kitchen but the others move in for their dinners.. somebody's having tacos.. looks like baked potatoes in the oven.. James & Sarah forage for something to take back to the pimp room

More meetings, more meetings, more meetings.. and Beau



April's tail

The big green chair hosts a revolving door meeting for various factions and various crackpot schemes

The cam crew gives a quick close-up of the star of Saturday's show

Nearby a murder of crows makes a nonstop ruckus - they sound much like these guys


A bit of socializing and a bit of boobies.. a Janelle drive-by.. Beau's done

Then these guys get weird again, like they do, and it starts to look like a sorority soft porn flick is starting again
Things go horribly wrong when Maggie & Jennifer start singing very loud and very badly.. they aren't real songs but Big Brother tells them to shut up anyway, it's that bad
Jennifer does a few cheerleader moves and it gets a little porny again, but it sounds like a slumber party of little girls who are up way too late

Things are no fun at all in the pimp room.. maybe it's me but it feels like a hideout now - it didn't when Janelle hung out in there with Michael and/or Kaysar and/or Howie, even when they were nominated.. Jennifer's getting weird with Maggie again, making her latest whisper rounds with full body contact

Oh goodie, another round of James saying he's not a crook and hasn't lied and Howie saying bullshit, everyone knows he did.. Janelle just listens
The it's Sarah's turn to shout she's not part of James' lies and him telling her to shut up and her asking why are they all being so mean, and crying.. Janelle just listens
The show's so good Janelle finally gets a snack to munch as she watches.. James & Sarah finally run out of hot air and disappear.. Howie & Janelle recap, translate, what-if, and put it to rest

Inside, Jennifer's still bed-hopping - now she's in with April

Ok, so not such a short episode after all, but not a very meaty one either.. thanks for visiting and thanks to everyone who's sent a donation to help me keep keeping tabs on them


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Overnight ratings: BB tied with Cops again

Recover - regroup - question authority

An odd but decent overall show Saturday thanks to April's 'touch my butt' tail sequence, but they misled tv viewers (and many feedsters) by changing the sequence of Howie's visiting hours completely, resulting in Howie looking like an eejit; and also like he was manipulated into it all by Maggie and that he went against Rachel's direct orders: not so! There was no reason to edit it all that way - Howie makes himself look like an eejit 10 times on a good day, and why not show Rachel for what she was that night: a very nasty shrew who yelled & cussed at Howie for her own mistake of not showing up at the meetings she herself invented? They showed James as a concerned boyfriend when Sarah started crying - in truth he only reached out or hugged her about 30 seconds out of that 24 hours, but I'll forgive them that one for her sake since they never should have put her in there. I'm a little encouraged by hearing 'what up Kaysar' chant again from his exit rerun and I only hope they don't try to pull a fast one and create another scandal like the CBS News department had: Big Brother may be on a far smaller scale and scope than Dan Rather but you'd think they'd want to keep their nose clean where ethics are concerned this soon after all those shenanigans.

I didn't see much of her today and what I did see she was whispering about nasty James as usual. It's odd that she got both non-game segments in tonight's show - her tail and her smoking - granted, she's a highly visual and unique character with a dilemma an hour, but there are nine others in there! It's rare we have back to back human interest (or disinterest) stories on the same person until we're down to a lot fewer people.

I'm telling you, final two are gonna be James & Beau.. today was just another step closer to that.

The one day of harmony he orchestrated (albeit accidentally) came to an end and today all factions were drifting back to their corners again.. just the kind of opening James needs. Even if his decision wasn't the best, and even though Rachel's still passive-aggressively attacking him for it, he's sticking to his guns and not apologizing all over town for wrecking his team's game and I applaud him for that. He told Janelle tonight that he misses Kaysar not being there thinking for him.. Janelle agreed, and so do we. We're trying to get him back to you Howie - he's prolly worked out every possible HOH-noms-veto scenario now that he's allowed to have a pencil again, and he'll have a fix for this mess at the ready when he comes back Thursday night.

She made some sense today which scared feedsters silly, but remember those early articles about her winning a few prestigious scholarships.. she's irritating beyond belief and not a nice person at all, but she's not stupid. She approached James with some angle (I'm not keeping track of details yet - they'll all change) and he stayed much calmer than he did later with Howie & Janelle.. he also appeared to be listening even though it involved him pulling a Marcellas and keeping himself on the block. She's got some finely honed manipulation skills that are so subtle Rachel didn't seem aware she was being anything other than complimented before bed.. that development bears watching over the next few days.

Another imminent exit and another veto necklace: the guy is unstoppable, plain and simple. He gave up another chance to come clean with betrayed teamies Janelle & Howie, possibly forging a path to forgiveness and future, but instead he ranted for days about all his lies not being lies again, which only made them despise him anew. Give it a rest James, and face the fact you're going to have to get a job when summer vacation is over, and likely a new girlfriend too.

I'm waiting for her to give her copy of 'Being On The Block for Dummies' to everyone in there, starting with James & Sarah, but she keeps not rubbing their stinky noses in her roses. Maybe she doesn't see her behavior as being so different from theirs, but as Kaysar told her night after night, she's not all that aware of how unique she is. I have a feeling the rest of them will crumble too when they go up there and she'll be fine again if she goes up again. She listened to James & Sarah rant and rave with the patience of a saint tonight, and she even allowed the possibility that some of his lies might have a grain of truth. She knows better, but she weighs everything out with each new development like a reasonable person does who has much to gain and to lose.

She's taking advantage of the new chaos building up again by scooching into bed with everyone to whisper the Jenn Agenda - something she's able to do since all her grooming activities have given everyone a comfort level with her that nobody else has. Unfortunately for her, the Jenn Agenda isn't so much about game positioning as it is about inviting them to a pity party: she started whining again about Pilot Dan living in another state, not giving her a ring for 5 years, and conveniently having every vacation request cancelled.. when anyone tells her that stinks, she argues 'but we're blissful'. Give it up Jenn, he's clearly not the marrying (you) type.

She's circling her wagons again preparing for the next round, but they'd already decided & agreed (all of them) to take out both James and Sarah in successive weeks before anyone else, and to keep at it even if J/S won veto or HOH til they were gone. It was an uneasy truce between all for one day, but it seems to be splintering back into us vs. them again, even before the first rat is out the door. This doesn't apply exclusively to Maggie, but I didn't get much else on her today.

Her team wouldn't be so rattled now if she hadn't gone after Howie for 8 solid hours Thursday night. An angry reaction ok, but if she'd gotten over it and worked together to find ways to salvage it and plan for repercussions instead of berating & emasculating him all night they'd all be in better shape now for the new assaults coming in. I think she fell under Ivette's spell a bit tonight in a convo with Ivette saying Howie brings out the prude and the controller in Rachel, sprinkled with compliments about how pretty Rachel is. Score 1 point for Ivette.

She's still too young & naive to be in that house and proved it tonight when she ranted and argued her flimsy case to Howie & Janelle with all the persuasiveness, tact, volume and tears of a 6 year old fighting her bedtime. James told her to shut up again and I agreed with him again. I can't wait til Thursday and one of them gets gone: agreeing with James about anything makes me feel dirty.


Possibly the best player we've seen even though he's out 4th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights - all with brains, humor and integrity. A class act.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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