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hamster8/5/05 - Day 34

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Rise and shine

After haranguing at Howie til 4am or so, Rachel sleeps in this morning til about 8

She goes stomping around the bathroom, kitchen, pantry, and finally on the treadmill like always.. she keeps up a non-stop barrage under her breath and aloud about Howie: "What an idiot! I can't believe he did that! Fucking idiot! Stupid Howie!!"

She carries on to his face when he gets up a little later, ranting that they've got to get back Howie's deal from Maggie or Eric will come back and kill them in their sleep.. Howie's annoyed and depressed, saying he wishes he wasn't HOH at all and that she should just do what she wants.. Janelle gives him a nicer morning greeting

Then it's straight to food comp with nothing decided.. they march onto the field like gladiators, take their positions, and wait for the I Love Lucy conveyor belt to send cakes & confections out in another amazing display of abundance and waste
Janelle plays on the blue team - I don't know why - but she & Ivette work together, even sharing tips ("drop the cups").. from what I can tell: Maggie nibbles, Ivette does ok, Janelle & Beau both chow down.. the other team wins by a few ounces.. Ivette makes a startling statement
Ivette: Janelle, thank you for trying hard even though you had the PB&J pass

Yep, she said it.. later Janelle tells James she faked most of it.. but she's also been spinning stories to James all week to fake him out

Maggie says she has a stomach ache and runs upstairs to HOH.. Ivette tends to her for a bit, and then it begins, again.. no need to repeat it all but basically Rachel says Howie oops'd
April goes on her James tirade.. they get all the James stuff out again and they run the numbers again.. Rachel asks for three weeks - she mentions her & Howie but not Janelle - Howie's done all this once already.. Maggie's sick then she's ok.. Jennifer arrives very late, looking worried that nobody called her
Maggie's sick again whenever somebody new arrives.. Howie's just sick - he's stuck between a rock & a hard place named Maggie & Rachel.. all James' sins are discussed and compared - everything matches up - they settle on the Bible swearing issue and subpoena Beau.. Jennifer does door guard duty
Janelle floats in & out - she's not a principal this time but she throws a few bones for them to gnaw on.. then the accused arrives, nervousing all over town.. they chat about this, that, the other thing.. everyone gradually dissipates (including me)

Howie explains it all

The fishies swim away revealing James & Sarah nominated for eviction, just like had been planned

They plead their case in HOH but it's far too little and definitely too late

Howie recites their crimes one by one.. James squirms & sweats more with each count

Outside Janelle continues forging the uneasy truce that James has unwittingly and indirectly formed.. Howie's taken back control of his room & his title and leads the assault on James & Sarah, who continue to plead innocent to no avail
Howie: The Sovereign Six lasted what? A few days
Howie: You made that deal with Maggie and you didn't acknowledge that that took place
James: Howie, I did not make a deal
Howie: You shot yourself in the foot with credibility.. you went to too many people, now you add power of illusion, deception and treachery.. but when you swear to me, Janelle, Rachel & Kaysar and then you go betray us like that
James: The thing is when we made that pact, that trust was there.. but I'm telling you that pact was not there that you talk about
Howie: We swore loyalty & allegiance to each other and you sold me out
James: Howie you made a mistake today by nominating me and Sarah
Howie: I made a decision.. I might regret that decision, but I'm going on for myself.. when you put it all together there's the truth, there's the other side's story, there's Big Brother's and then there's the truth
James: Two sides to every story, you're right
Howie: If I made a mistake I'll live with it but I made the decision and it's done
James: At no point were you ever given up
Sarah: What he does is what he does, but did they say I did that too? I just want to know for myself
Howie: You crossed too many lines
Howie: You're a phenomenal player but you cannot have the whole house against you
James: You can get the whole house up here and ask them
Howie: I've listened to everybody
James: I can't believe you trusted them!
Sarah: They're not coming afer me, I'm nothing to them
(doorbell rings)
James: Come on in

Rachel & Janelle join - each get their digs in - James continues to lie and deny
James: You guys have to realize, there was no deal to back door Rachel & Howie
Howie: I don't believe they're smart enough to come up with those kind of accusations
James: I'm just disappointed you lost that kind of trust in us
Howie: Same here James, same with us
James: You think I swore on the Bible in front of their entire team? It's ridiculous accusations that got themselves saved
Sarah: You guys, all you have to say is that we're strategic, you think we're stronger players, then that would hurt a lot less
Howie: You killed us.. we could be 7-3 next week and you killed us!
Janelle: They aren't smart enough.. we did some backtracking, we found it all out
Howie: I don't believe you anymore and if I'm wrong, then I'll live with it
Rachel: From what I understand James, we had a deal, Sovereign Six and then ten minutes later you're out there selling us out
Howie: Being HOH in here doesn't mean anything except, with the exception of Rachel, it means you leave next week
Howie: Last night was my worst night in this house.. I had a beautiful girl sitting on my bed next to me, a beautiful room, the most powerful position in the house and I've never been more depressed than I was last night! I slept two hours if I got that

Sarah goes back to the pimp room, alone.. she faces away from the cameras, sniffling.. James joins in a few minutes and the flood gates open
Sarah: They're so eager to sacrifice us, but we can't save ourselves??
Sarah: Why can't you ever do what I want?
Sarah: Just as I'm gaining trust in people again? Never again
Sarah: I don't want to go back to retail

James goes back up for another round, and his earlier offer of bringing the whole house in comes about.. he protests here & there but he knows he's done
James: I came up here to ask for Beau's Bible and he wouldn't give it to me.. I didn't think you could deny someone a Bible
Janelle: Why didn't you bring your own Bible?
James: Because I didn't think religion was that important to me


Later Sarah & James go running through the house to the backyard where they discover it's fiesta arts & crafts night

They have it all to themselves for a bit and that's ok, especially for Sarah - she's giddy and excited

They discover the food and the blue margaritas

Jennifer arrives next and checks everything out for awhile before carrying one of the piñatas upstairs to announce the news.. it's a nice evening for the most part as all of them paint & decorate piñatas that will likely be smashed tomorrow for the veto comp
The tension that's filled the house for weeks is gone.. Janelle & Ivette work next to each other, again.. they chat.. James puts a halo and veto necklace on his.. Sarah's has hearts and tears - she's on her 5th blue margarita - they finish up and leave early
Maggie, Ivette & April snip at them some after they've gone - Janelle, Howie & Rachel don't participate and it ends
A very drinky Sarah has a little confrontation with April which leads to a little bigger confrontation between James & April - it's over fast, but it winds up April and it winds up James who keeps telling Sarah to shut up, shut up (rightfully so this time in my opinion) and they disappear again
Howie's piñata has his blue shorts, tattered undies and Michael/Kaysar/Howie's FBI cap - Janelle did most of it with a couple others helping too - he gets a house tour to meet everyone.. Janelle & Ivette play chess
The chess game confuses everyone: Janelle seems quite sippy (but she's exaggerating it greatly - it's what she did first with Michael, Kaysar, and Howie).. Beau flutters around, offering Janelle some water "But I'm drinking tequila".. Maggie's nervousing and griping "What are they doing? There's a very important competition in the morning".. Howie takes it in stride

Sarah comes out for a minute and asks what are the two of them doing, then goes back in.. Janelle wins a couple games but she lets Ivette win the last one, and they shake hands congratulations

Nobody gets out alive

She's got a creepy boyfriend who treats her like dirt, but she's an adult, old enough to make her own decisions.. most of us have had creepy boy or girlfriends - it's how we learn what we want & need, and what we don't

She's also old enough to sign a reality show contract

But 22 is too young for the kind of pressure this game puts on people - especially naive people - it's not right.. sure, Sarah made the choice to hook up with James, to come on here for our amusement, and yea she can be whiney and obnoxious - but who wasn't at 22 - now 23 - sometimes?

For whatever reasons, she's pretty close to an innocent victim here.. it's sad
Around 4am James rolled over and said "Sarah, I'm sorry I let you down"

These last few days have taken their toll.. I'm going to hope for lots of fishies tomorrow, and catch up on some other stuff including sleep, so the next episode will likely be a light one.. I hope they don't go nuts again, but they probably will - for purely selfish reasons I hope neither James nor Sarah gets a piñata smashing veto

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Dingo's midterm report card: I was way wrong about the dissenting vote (it was James) and about AC not being a big twist as advertised, and the secondary pairs idea is sounding kinda flimsy now. I'd love to be wrong that AC (and the entire show) is rigged for Eric but won't be convinced til Kaysar shows back up. I'm doing ok on character calls & assassinations for the most part though - a couple friends & relatives have even written to confirm - thanks!

Downgraded for this bitter morning after pill: Julie's teaser on the Early Show 'Coming up, evicted houseguest Kaysar - hear about his string of broken promises' - go vote a few more times.

Still a skewed pro-Eric & pro-Ivette show Thursday but they are shifting slowly, likely under pressure from us - WTG guys! Eric still had more screentime than most of them still in there, but his segments came across a little culty finally; however the only anti-Eric bits were from the Kaysar team making fun, making them look like the nasties. Still no tv hints of the hate speech Maggie, Ivette & company spew 24/7 so this upgrade stops at neutral. Maggie said they go upstairs to sleep early like Eric said.. CBS should show how they talked graphic anal sex up there every night after 'lights out bitches'. But it was a good twist this time and I'm glad I was wrong about it. HOH comp was also a good one and well-designed to really stir it up. Fun to see Julie has to keep asking Jennifer, April & Sarah couch questions cuz they never have game footage. 'James & Sarah heating up the house' was another fallacy - as lfaddict says 'Janelle & Kaysar heated more up than James & Sarah, and they didn't even kiss!' Julie needs to start telling us who single vote holdouts are.. I'm still guessing April even though James confessed to it.

She was the real instigator in today's dramas: she's been working on it for weeks and she was a big part in James' back & forth contradictions being discovered since she was the one delivering most of them back & forth. If she was smart she'd take her victory and lay low for awhile but she's not, so she's still rehashing everything with everyone <yawn> Better though, she's taking little snipes at both James & Sarah, still stirring it up.. if she does it again James says he's going to 'hurt her feelings like a little girl'. That might sound fun but if it happens, it'll go way too far and won't be any fun at all.

Alert the media: Beau played a part in the game tonight! He was called in front of a dual faction grand jury in HOH and asked to explain about lending his Bible to James (or not) to swear on (or not). He was excused to piñata painting when his testimony was finished, but at least he finally got his 15 minutes of game fame. I'm more convinced every day he may finish second.

Talk about a rough day! Everybody's favorite fun guy went to sleep & woke up to his partner cussing at him and calling him stupid, then he had to play happy emcee over cakes & pies, and then to more rushed 11th hour rehashes of everything again. They finally agreed his plan could stand so he went to noms and carried out the Two Middle Fingers plan that he was gonna do originally (go Howie!) with the expected and proper result of James & Sarah freaking out and finally having to face all their accusers. All this with no boobies, no undies, and no HOH fun at all for our hero. Maybe it wasn't the best plan overall but they had to go through with it once it was in motion and Howie made it work. He's earned 1,000 'I toldya so' rights and a bitchslap for Rachel, but he keeps going on being the pleasant guy he is, and he's allowed Kaysar's dream of a clean game to happen, if only for one day. He's a champ.

I'm amazed but I have to give her ups again but she spoke the truth (if a bit loud and overly dramatic) but the truth nonetheless in busting out James in his many lies to everyone. She was pleasant to Janelle again, going so far as to thank her for helping them in the food comp when she had her PB&J pass and didn't have to, and later complimenting her piñata's eyes several times (Ivette's good at the artsy craftsy - it was sincere). On top of all that she had the guts to confront James after arts & craft hour to tell him exactly which of his lies got him kicked out, and which ones she resents being told. She's still too talky, too loud, and way too repetitive but at least she spoke the truth today and was a big factor in getting the pond scum to come clean.

Definitely a good tv day. Irate and humiliated to new heights with the double nomination he & Sarah received, he revived the Eric/Maggie piss-poor sore loser reaction with the new added twist of being confrontational about it. Unfortunately for James that backfired as everyone else compared notes again & again but they all matched and lined up to form a big red arrow pointing to James. He sulked most of the night, pausing to paint his piñata complete with halo and veto necklace, then attempting to control a drinky Sarah but he was right on that count (this time only): he was ready to stay quiet and accept defeat for one of them but Sarah wasn't ready to let any of it go yet, waahhh. I guess he voted to evict Janelle cuz he didn't think Kaysar was on to him yet.

She still isn't playing like she does when Kaysar's there but she remembered his lessons today as she was beyond gracious to Ivette & pals, let Howie & Rachel work out their own shit, and she delivered the post-nom rehash killing blow to James when he was spewing about how important religion is to him: 'Then why didn't you bring your own Bible?' She's missing her date Michael, her friend Kaysar, her pal Howie, and her pair Ashlea through all this drama, but she never once told James & Sarah to STFU and take their noms like adults like she did twice including last week when he effectively put her up. She's gotten more raw deals than anyone else in this game, but she never makes a scene and rarely even complains.

Her talent for being in the important place at the right time faltered a bit today but it's not surprising when there's so much going on in so many places. Her face when she comes in to a meeting late is priceless, but it doesn't compare to watching her discover the Mexican riviera in the backyard and not telling anyone in the HOH summit meeting about it for 10 minutes or so - James & Sarah were out there first but they couldn't be expected to tell anyone else. I have a feeling her time is coming - it might be tomorrow or next week but there's too much harmony in the house right now and I don't think that's something Jenn likes much.

Feedsters think she's being a snake and will pull back her part of the deal without blinking but I think she's genuine here.. she may try to squirm out of a fine point later but she needs James out of there and she does see herself as an ethical person even though her behavior has proven otherwise (for me it comes down to intent). She's still more clueless than most as far as strategy but they all think she's a master so she plays along. Winding up arts & crafts hour she joined in with April & Ivette sniping at James & Sarah, childishly, while Janelle & Rachel said nothing and Howie subtly put the brakes on it. With a little bit of luck, the difference there is what will make and break each team eventually when their numbers are down.

Everybody's down on James for controlling Sarah but this bitch took over Howie's room while cussing him out. She tried to take over his noms too but she was forced to give them back before everything blew up completely for them. She's been playing both sides as much as Sarah but won't cop to it like she demands Sarah does, and she's every bit as spiteful and bitter as her opposition. To her credit she laid in to both Maggie and James like a Rottweiler tonight and all the answers came out - but Howie's gentler, friendlier style got it all out last night too, in half the time and without putting anyone on the defensive. For all her properness, it turns out she's not a very nice person at all.

It was fun at first when she & James were pissy sore losers for being nom'd, then it got better when she starting getting sippy and snotty, and the inevitable 'poor me wahh' tears soon followed. Then it wasn't so fun to see her just-turned 23 year old self break down like any naive young girl would when her world came crashing down and she realized nobody likes her after all. It got good again when her many blue margaritas fueled her courage to snipe at James, April, and Ivette in turn but it didn't take long at all for her to become a loud, angry drunk and nobody likes to see that coming. James did the right thing in pulling her back (this time only) before she made it all even worse.


Possibly the best player we've seen even though he's out 4th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights - all with brains, humor and integrity. A class act.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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