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hamster7/31/05 - Day 29

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>> Maggie is Head of Household - James & Kaysar are nominated - Sarah won veto <<

Even Maggie's fed up

Her day starts with Jennifer complaining about diarrhea and Ivette going off about Janelle during oatmeal.. she says it's fine if Howie or Maggie or anyone sings the carpetmuncher song, but when Janelle sings it it's "disrespectful"

Well, at least she admits her hypocricy
Rachel says "why can't we all just be friends?"

Hear the version that Ivette is a-ok with: Howie sings (page down, click free, wait a bit & open) - from Aldav of course

Big Brother realized they'd been asses by giving Sarah a birthday party but not April so they hired K-mart to throw one for her, complete with a digicam and new clothes for her - she was thrilled and I'm especially sorry I lost those caps, it was a good moment for everyone.. now Sarah's got a right to complain

With all the crap flying around in the house and around the site and losing 100 or so caps today, I'm a little drained and disheartened.. let the little people squeal with glee

Kaysar put last night's pacing to work and calmed a threatened, irate James after explaining his idea.. then he offered it up to Maggie: let him stay this week and put up Jennifer instead - "start skimming the bottom" - in return stay safe until all her group is gone

It sounded like a fool's bargain, but he told her what we all know: that her team will turn on her soon as they can - they've already voted to evict her once - and that her team has a serious comp disadvantage, and that he has nothing to lose but she has everything to gain by going this route
It looked like she might go for it when she didn't say anything about it to her crones.. by the time I got back to them everyone knew everything and the hatred raged on

Tuesday on Big Brother The stripper, the terrorist, the real sexual harasser, the abuser & his victim, and the normal chick viciously attack the character of the two oppressed gay people, the sweet all-American Texas girls, and the downtrodden lady who Fireman Hero was forced to leave behind.. the "outcast" losers are unable to accept their inferior skill, intelligence, and personalities.. sour grapes make them brutally lash out at the NOBLE HEROES team who are currently in the lead. From CBS

So it continues: April explains and eats, Maggie tries not to ask what it all means, Ivette rants, Jennifer eats.. meetings in every corner.. HOH crowd has contracts out on Howie & Rachel now and collateral damage to James & Sarah wouldn't be a problem

Kaysar's a goner and knows it.. Beau attacks Howie.. Howie defies Big Brother
(well after everyone else is outside for lockdown)
Howie: I thought there was cottage cheese in here
Howie: We got string cheese, cream cheese, where's the cottage cheese?
Big Brother: Howie
Howie: You want me to go outside?
Howie: I can't find the cottage cheese Big Brother, do you see it?
Big Brother: This is a lockdown

Beau gives Howie a wedgie.. resistance is useless.. there will be no retaliation today

How many hamsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Some of them got quarters which paid their way to a luxury comp

The lucky six get new gift wrapped team jerseys

I heard Howie gave his chance to Jennifer.. I imagine that caused some problems for the jersey staff, but Howie gets to emcee the comp

It may look exciting, and it will be edited with lots of quick cuts & panic music on Tuesday, but it's a snore.. it takes forever to screw in those squeaky lights
squeak squeak squeak.. squeak squeak squeak.. squeak squeak squeak
Ivette + OUT make a nice picture.. Team Rachel/Sarah/Jennifer win and get to see Four Brothers in HOH with Marky Mark/Dirk Diggler & André 3000.. hey ya, it's a nice marketing partnership deal for CBS.. Team Maggie/Ivette/Beau have trouble figuring out what it spells (the feature pic top left is theirs)

Kaysar, James, Janelle & Howie stoop low and make fun of the HOH crowd.. it's hysterical.. Kaysar jumps up & down and literally falls down laughing.. Howie does a walking laugh, spraying a spritz of fart repellant into the hallway now & then (the crones hate it)
Kaysar: They all kiss each other's ass 'you're the best, you're the cutest' but none of them are the best or the cutest
Kaysar: K-mart knows me!! K-mart loves me!!!

K-mart is the one that sends them over the edge so it won't be on the show, but this segment is what inspired my 'Tuesday on Big Brother' above.. CBS likely will show this team degrading the other which they do now & then, but they likely won't show the other team downgrading this one, which they do nonstop.. even if it does turn out that way, it was worth it for this snort-filled, gut-hurting laugh break

Kaysar packs and leaves

I kid, I kid
But it feels that way at bedtime.. after a couple hours giving Janelle & Howie peptalks and future strategies he goes around the house gathering up his little BB bag, his bong, and his FBI cap.. he knows he's done

cap by Amy's Bus Ticket again, all I got were skycam shots

They know now that James has been doublecrossing them and that Maggie's making it personal.. Janelle & Howie have all but given up too, it's a sad day for Jedi & fun fans
One bright spot of the day (for Jedi and fun fans, of course) was the crones adopting the 4 Horsemen gummy bear/Cheez-it strategy planning method for coasters - we all know how that turned out for their team - of course half the horseys did finish one-two

sorry for the skimpy episode today.. the day was basically more of the same


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Nielsen watch: Saturday's show won its time slot

Beau is on the latest MTV 'Made' repeats all the time

Don't miss the BB6 segment on 'Best Week Ever' reruns all weekend on VH1
'Someone tell these guys to put their shirts on - they all think they're Taye Diggs'

Day-old ratings can stand

Saturday's show was decent but lackluster, and the CBS Fireman Hero Campaign is still at it with all the crones crying over him and no info given at all as to why the other guys hate him cuz their reasons are valid.. CBS must be afraid of offending firefighter honor everywhere (either that or it is Eric's relative who works on 'Amazing Race'). James is the new teacher's pet and Diary star with 'putrid little rats' and 'poor Sarah, she's somewhat talented' plus 'Eric's watching from home' twice - an obvious CBS attempt at damage control about sequestered evictees leaks. 'One of the summer's biggest secrets was confirmed' was laughably pathetic - just give up the dopey twists already. The food comp was silly as usual but it was simple enough that Sarah, Jennifer & Rachel got some on-screen Diary time explaining it. I missed Safecracking 101 graduation so it was fun watching them fumble even with the combo - I wish they'd happened it open before the sandwiches were put in that day. I see they're taking my cue again for what's notable on the human interest side with Ivette's bird feeder and Beau/Howie's first date among other items highlighted here first.

She was nowhere near as goony today as yesterday, but I think she'll be the focal point in a day or two. She's counting her remaining cigs but it's ok, she's got 'lozengers'. Minutes after the coven decided they would say nothing to the other team she had a 2 hour convo with Kaysar, then of course spun it all around when reporting back to headquarters. Tension's building between April & Ivette - it's only surprising that it took this long considering how irritating each of them can be.

More dirt was uncovered today about the walking stereotype thanks to loyal Hamsterwatchers, see today's postscript (on the way). He was his usually snitchiness today but he gets a courtesy neutral for saying how jazzed he was as a kid the year he got to go to the same summer camp two years in a row (he was an Army brat) - that was kinda sad.

Ups for the day just cuz he's Howie, and for the way he's got Jennifer on the run, making her think he's lost all interest in her. Too bad she used that Sexual Harassment card prematurely when the last guy lost interest in her - she would have gotten more mileage using it on Howie. He had another nice boobies segment on Saturday's show - even CBS knows he's the only fun they got in there.

She's bad when she's losing but even worse when she's winning. She's prolly the best chance we have at salvaging this week - she's already getting snippy with April - but I'm afraid she's all bitch and no slap. She's either the most hateful, spiteful, and vicious-for-no-reason bitch on earth, or she's Janelle's secret secondary partner.. they 'discovered' they live within blocks of each other awhile back, and look how close their workplaces are:
Ivette - Janelle

He's all but officially off the hot seat now that his 'poor Sarah' won his salvation today and that means he's back to being no fun at all. If only she knew he'd let her walk the plank in a second if given the opportunity, maybe she wouldn't be so blindly loyal to this bum. There's always hope she'll wise up before Monday but don't count on it.. even his 'the last thing I want to see when I get out is her father' today barely phased the self-described daddy's girl.

It's not looking good for our Janey. She's about to get nominated again, lose a partner again, have a solid alliance crumble again, and she's about ready to give up. But if Kaysar does go she needs to stay and fight, and realize that she outlasted the two powerhouse players plus her bedmate, and it wasn't cuz she's been under anyone's radar. She had a little choking problem late tonight.. I was half hoping they'd have to wake up Nurse Maggie to administer a heimlich - she'd eat it up and prolly wouldn't nominate Janelle if she heroically saved her life.. do it again!

The true whack job of the season was at it again today, trying to nudge her way back into the spotlight by confronting first Howie then Kaysar, using every bit of body language she's got (she's prolly practiced Man Confronting long hours in front of her mirror). It didn't get her far though - instead of returning to the coven a heroine she was scolded for fraternising with the enemy. Anyway both guys were just playing (along although she doesn't know that). With nothing left in her self-centered arsenal she claimed she had a migraine, to which Maggie snapped immediately 'you do NOT have a migraine.' They're all getting tired of her antics, but I'm not.

He knows he's doomed and he's taking it well, giving pep talks to Janelle & Howie to carry on after he's gone, but he's also bummed by that good ol' karma boomerang. He's savvy about human nature but not an altogether accurate judge of character since he still seems to think James is on his team. His ultimate downfall is going to be his not understanding the dynamics at play within the girl group upstairs.. he could still be here in a week if he knew how easy it would be to have them at each other's throats. He's up and pacing, twirling his hair and thinking at 4.30am.. maybe he'll come up with something.

In a movie, book, tv show, or perfect world she'd wake up from her fog and realize she's hanging with nasty, nasty people who are gonna turn on her at the drop of a union hat, and she'd join the forces of good downstairs in the nick of time.. but this is only a hamster habitat so it isn't gonna happen. She thinks she's being oh-so-smart but she has to ask the crones what to do at every turn and she's using the kind of one-move non-strategy that she used to lose the Knights game. It's even harder to watch her ugly character than her sister nasties cuz we don't expect it from her type.

Every day she fails to entertain or impress, but it was kinda fun seeing her subconsciously primp when she caught on that we might be watching. It was a bit fun (if a bit evil) to watch her scuff into the bathroom grumpy from mid-sleep while Howie-Kaysar-Janelle were having their nightly party in there.

She ruined the season for many feedsters today by winning that veto, which she's sure to use to save her slimy guy from leaving her behind. But she sealed her own fate by doing it - she wasn't even able to get in the door when she tried to pay a social call on the coven - they're done with her now (unless they need her again in the future, of course.)


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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