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hamster8/1/05 - Day 30

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A bunch of morons

Janelle asks Kaysar what to do about James next week

Kaysar says let him think he's in charge.. she doesn't need a huge alliance, she just needs three.. the other ones are "a bunch of morons, you're playing the game with a bunch of morons"
Of course Sarah used the veto to save James (she loves him soooooo much) - Maggie replaced him with Janelle, no surprises

Janelle & Kaysar join Maggie, April, Ivette & Beau at the snack counter.. friendly chat ensues.. other reality shows to amusement parks to Indiana Jones to movies to people who built a boat out of raincoats to come from Cuba.. Ivette & Janelle exchange a few friendly words.. Kaysar says a few words very softly, apparently unheard by April
(someone asks April what's in her ham sandwich)
Kaysar: Mustard, mayo, ketchup, pork rinds

Future plans are firmed out more outside while Howie enjoys the hot tub jets.. Kaysar invites Rachel for a visit to SoCal.. she says she might move there if he can get her a job.. she doesn't want to discuss salary on tv, then says $60-70k would be ok

Kaysar asks Janelle about a new idea
Kaysar: Would you be willing to take a hit and let me stay?
Janelle: What do you mean?
Kaysar: If you go instead of me this week and I win, how much would you want?
Janelle: I don't know.. how do I know you'd split with me?
Kaysar: I've been honest with you about everything
Kaysar: I don't know if I want to stay though
Janelle: I hope they don't portray me as a golddigger
Kaysar: They probably will.. Howie said you were
Janelle: I'm not! We were joking

James eats out of Sarah's hand (a rare occurrence).. Kaysar finds a new hammock spot while Sarah talk about having babies and James says she's fat.. Jennifer crouches

Janelle removes some little patches of back hair off Howie.. it isn't totally successful
Jennifer gets out of the shower and pitches in with the grooming, like she does

Scenes like this will come to an end on Thursday, thanks to Maggie and Sarah

Jennifer watches Ivette scoop ice cream with great interest.. April gets in on it

Howie entertains the dinner crowd with sex stories and technique demos, Ivette joins in.. when he volunteers to take out the trash Beau & Ivette whack his hiney

Sarah & James play Let's Pretend We Broke Up.. Howie wastes no time stepping in to be her "tv boyfriend" (crappy quads shots, sorry)

Jennifer & Rachel make a lot of faces when they chat

Beau & Ivette sit down to chess - it's an odd moment.. James comes along and tells them the board is set up wrong.. later James & Ivette have a serious convo over Coasters.. each says they're still on the other's side.. Ivette gets a little teary saying how much she misses her Maggie, how hard this all is.. they each think they're conning the other but neither's buying

Howie's undies

They're legend

The other night Janelle pointed out they were ripped up one side but he's wearing them again.. or still

He wears them to the pool, he wears them to the hot tub, tonight he wears them into Diary

He likes the view when Sarah & Jennifer poke at his head.. he doesn't announce all his woodies all the time anymore - everybody knows what the sandal's about.. Jennifer eats something else

They're doing their odd rituals in HOH, laying around on each other.. lots of petting and grooming going on.. Ivette reports her convo with James.. they practice their chant "that we do not talk about, that we do not talk about".. Maggie's eyes stay glued to the tv.. they talk about the other team's strategy, as they (wrongly) perceive it.. they try to fill in the missing gaps but as Kaysar said, they're a bunch of morons

April eats and makes faces - she's done well her first smoke-free day - the doorbell rings: it's Howie's undies
Naturally they whoop and holler.. naturally Howie laughs it off
Jennifer says it looks a lot smaller than her boyfriend's undies.. Howie says it gets bigger.. she says no, even like that it's smaller.. he says he's been in the hot tub for hours, he's all shrivelled up - look at his hands! Ivette peeks inside Howie's undies and screams.. Kaysar shows up to fetch his lost Howie back home again

Clearly Ivette is scarred for life from the experience.. she launches into great detail of what lies inside Howie's undies and male genitalia in general.. it's funny stuff
That launches an in-depth discussion of all their sexual habits and experiences, very very detailed.. Sarah's dropped in and seems shocked
April: Sometimes I'm sitting on the sofa watching tv and I feel something on my shoulder from behind.. then sometimes he slaps me with it
Sarah: Is this what you guys do up here every night??
I think April has candy stuck in her teeth as she tells this.. no further comment from me on this one

They (mostly Ivette) pay homage to Cappy again.. Jennifer says out of the blue "I know Ivette didn't like me at first".. Ivette argues not true.. Jennifer escalates it
Pretty soon they're snipping at each other a bit, and at Ivette.. April says they all liked Cappy but c'mon, he's gone.. Ivette argues her case but Maggie cuts her off with "You say so much it's hard for anyone else to say anything" - that silences everyone

So they leave strategy talk in the dust, again.. Beau returns from a long Diary and April opens her nicotine patches, which they argue about, then they go back to Janelle-hating.. Jennifer says "awww Ivette's sad, she feels picked on - we should all give her a hug" which they do.. once Maggie's in place Jennifer hugs on top of her - she doesn't touch Ivette

Spy vs. spy

Later Ivette goes out for her nightly rounds
She perches above the kitchen listening to "Hey Howieeee" "Hey Janeeeey" banter.. I don't know if she hears Kaysar whispering to them between hey's

Ivette takes advantage of Beau's door openings to change position - watching on the spyscreen Maggie asks "where are her legs?" April explains the shape of the wall

It's unclear if Ivette catches anything newsworthy this time or not, but she perches up there a lot.. HOH crones get a lot wrong about the other team's strategies, but they understand nastiness all too well.. maybe that's why Kaysar couldn't cut a deal this week


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Thievery issue put to bed: they finally pulled the pages they swiped

Nielsen watch: Saturday's show won its time slot

America's Choice text message & web voting starts August 4

11 people and we still see mostly sofas & dining table or fishies.
Saturday's show was decent but lackluster, and the CBS Fireman Hero Campaign is still at it with all the crones crying over him and no info given at all as to why the other guys hate him (cuz their reasons are valid).. CBS must be afraid of offending firefighter honor everywhere (either that or it is Eric's relative who works on 'Amazing Race'). James is the new teacher's pet and Diary star with 'putrid little rats' and 'poor Sarah, she's somewhat talented' plus 'Eric's watching from home' twice - an obvious CBS attempt at damage control about sequestered evictees leaks. 'One of the summer's biggest secrets was confirmed' was laughably pathetic - just give up the dopey twists already. The food comp was silly as usual but it was simple enough that Sarah, Jennifer & Rachel got some on-screen Diary time explaining it. I missed Safecracking 101 graduation so it was fun watching them fumble even with the combo - I wish they'd happened it open before the sandwiches were put in that day. I see they're taking my cue again for what's notable on the human interest side with Ivette's bird feeder and Beau/Howie's first date among other items highlighted here first.

Retro upgrade for her 2nd birthday party (brought to her by K-mart) - as cheesy as it was, she was thrilled and truly touched, and that in turn was truly touching. Nevermind that the high point yesterday was the hysterics over April as K-mart spokesmodel - it's all good. She quit smoking today by default and did well.. those 'lozengers' must be good ones. She stuck a nicotine patch on at bedtime after going all day without.. she may be climbing the walls tomorrow or she may surprise us and move on to a new freakout. Making a stand about 'enough Cappy already' was gutsy and may have long-lasting implications but it was necessary - WTG! Most facial expressions per hour by far.

He's been on two other shows this week - you'd think he's a star! But no, he's just Beau, barely there. He probably got more screentime on 'The Cut' and 'Made' than he'll have on three BB eps this week and rightly so.. he does nothing but take up space in there.

Ups all the way for this guy. Strolling his tattered undies into HOH was pure genius, as was stepping in as Sarah's tv boyfriend when James played We're Breaking Up with her. He's like the best dog you ever had: loyal, happy, full of unconditional love & friendship, and he'll let anyone do anything to him.. plus he's a perv (that's not necessarily a bad thing.) Here's hoping he stays a long, long time or the fun will die completely and we may as well pull the plug on the whole mess.

I have to upgrade her to neutral her cuz she was pretty funny when she went on her male genitalia tirade, and also when she crept around playing spy games. She's calmed her attitude and her mouth down a little bit but she's still resentful for having been born and can't take a breath until she's blamed someone else for having shared the air. Even her crone cronies are getting tired of her everlasting Cappy eulogies, finally.

It's become habit now: James gets nominated, throws tantrums, hustles & schemes, gets veto'd off, gloats & swaggers. He bites his nails through every stage which shows he isn't as confident as he pretends to be.. bullies rarely are.

Once again she's taking her nomination like a champ, which only gives the crones something else to be jealous about. She's playing up the dumb chick to the hilt lately with James, who's falling for it of course, and the coven in HOH still thinks Kaysar's pulling all her strings. There's a chance she'll go this week but it's so slim it doesn't bear thinking about. Kaysar's getting closer to saying he really likes her and would like to look ahead, but she's already dated his friend and she thinks she's supposed to go for looks & pizazz over character & integrity.. funny, half the web or more thinks Kaysar's the dreeeeeamiest one in there.

She's starting to stir it up in her coven, causing little spats and bickering that are sure to escalate soon and likely backfire onto her, but anything for attention. Watching her twisted ways of attacking people is fascinating: she goes at them in stereotypical ways without ever considering her target's individuality (as if Howie would care if she says his peepee is smaller than her phantom boyfriend's) and the timing of her attacks is nearly always when someone else is getting too much limelight. She plays the innocent little girl but she's got a vicious mean streak and selfish nature - it'll be fun seeing her go up on the block.

He walks around at bedtime with his little BB bag now, making late nighters think he's leaving early.. it's very sad. Unlike certain other nominees this season, he's remained calm and friendly all week; and instead of lying down to await his execution like certain other nominees this season, he's spent his time well, instructing Janelle & Howie in the step-by-steps they need to take when he's gone. In spite of the fact that he'll walk the plank to Julie's boudoir in a few days as 4th out, he's possibly the best player the game's ever seen.. and one of the most universally liked & respected. Kaysar fans should stock up on kleenex for Aldav's farewell.

Normally she'd be neutralized for her comical way of not understanding game strategy and pretending she does, especially the way she asks April or Jennifer to clear things up for her.. but since she put up Janelle today she stays put with a solid downer. If she were smart she wouldn't have left herself in bed with two million dollar pairs who voted her out plus another downstairs, while kicking out the only one there smart enough to help her outlast her evil minions, but she isn't smart. She bitched today about nurses not getting breaks.. in that convo she said she's been nursing 10 years. Either she's counting teenage candy-striping in that 10 years, or she's not the 26 she & CBS claim she is.. 36 we'd believe.

I've been waiting to see an 11th hour save by the one everyone claims is so smart, but all I see is Rachel busted by the crones for two-timing them, and Kaysar or Janelle leaving on Thursday. Sorry, Rachel will have to do better than that to impress me.

She ruined the season for many feedsters today by using that veto, even though everyone knew she would. Her guy that she loves sooooo much spent the afternoon and evening calling her fat and putting her down.. she didn't seem to mind. She said she can't wait to be pregnant - oddly (or maybe not) she said pregnant, not have babies - maybe it's a subconscious test of James' love. He responded with more fat comments.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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