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hamster8/2/05 - Day 31

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Down the toilet

CBS is putting this entire summer down the dumper

What advantage do they have to skew the character of the two factions so radically opposite to what really happens in the house? Why do they persist on eulogies to Eric, and portraying Kaysar as the evil, spiteful overlord? It all looks so blatantly political, and racist

I know there are Eric fans out there and Kaysar haters, but the overwhelming majority of people who watch the real story unfold are irate at the way most of the hamsters have been portrayed on the show

Will the public vote to evict? Doubtful. That's the main difference between BB USA and the rest of the world, where creators Endemol still run it. BB1 (by Endemol) had a public vote, then Shapiro/Grodner took over. There's a big difference between this and say, "American Idol" where the public may choose, but it's just choosing who will get the chance to go out and prove themselves. I hope if they do have a public vote for something more substantial than a barbecue that they'll limit it to one vote per phone number or computer. And that the results are audited.

Rumors are rampant that the new twist involves reviving an evictee to return to the habitat.. if that's the case, it's a fair bet that CBS has planned on having Eric there til the bitter end all along.. nothing else explains this season's air shows to date

More from tonight's show: the hug heard round the world.. "I am not a crook".. April's pic from home (still kicking myself I lost all those party pics)
Is it just me or does James look a little younger every day? I keep seeing Billy Mumy

I missed most of the day (again) but have it on good authority nothing much happened, so it's random scenes again for this Hamsterwatch episode

All factions are interacting like normal humans, more or less.. James & Sarah have some couple time at the dinner table.. look at his eyes - look at her hand

Beau gives Kaysar a much-needed haircut.. he will probably still twirl it but he won't have to stand in the mirror and say "What am I gonna do with this fro" anymore.. of course a crowd gathers.. Maggie gets blown away

Kaysar chats with Rachel for awhile so James rushes in - he's beginning to parannoy to an extent we've never seen before and this is just the start.. they're still fascinated by the fishies.. you got to admit this little guy is cute as can be.. he doesn't swim down to our end of the tank often, must be camera shy

Hammock 101

The coven goes out for an evening hammock meeting

They have a little trouble setting up.. it takes about 15 minutes

Then Ivette shows up

They chat about sex, masturbation, and other things righteous heroes talk about as they try to get settled, in graphic detail.. Howie fades in & out of the convo.. they goad him to really kiss Beau, who sticks his tongue out, ready.. Maggie says "what if it's worth a vote?"
There isn't much room for Ivette so she straddles Beau, who finger-thwacks her cooter (their word) a few times, so she sits on him
Then Ivette stands up and rocks the boat from side to side.. surprisingly Big Brother does not tell them to "stop that".. the show's insurance underwriters shudder in horror

Kaysar & Janelle continue to think ahead, and bond.. James & Sarah continue to make out.. personal services at the hot tub

Chess with a view and an audience.. Ivette almost outs her evening spy spot.. Beau waves to somebody down the street

Kaysar & Janelle take a walk.. Jennifer.. Beau

Howie comes to call and is goaded to kiss Beau again.. he does.. Jennifer gets in on it

Bath buddies and good nights (good bye)

Bath buddies 2005 is coming to an end.. they might not even have a final session tomorrow (Bath buddies 2004 never got a finale.. but the fruit had something to do with that)

Even though Howie & Janelle will still be there, these three have a chemistry together that's just so fun, in so many ways

When they start laughing, it's infectious.. it's wonderful (yes she's wearing undies)

Upstairs they're hearing everything about anal sex in graphic detail from Beau.. in daylight Maggie & co. say they hate vulgarity and the like but at night they're all ears

Kaysar's said something teasing that's upset Janelle, like he does.. he apologizes with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, awww.. later Howie climbs on her to massage her sore back.. she's moaning and groaning, "harder.. deeper.. oohhhhh" Howie doesn't miss a beat of course.. Kaysar's right there.. suddenly she says "Howie get up, I felt something!" Jennifer pads by to the bathroom and they scatter "hi Jenny"

Janelle & Kaysar go through the photos.. they talk about each one as a "type" for the house, the show
Janelle: Look at Maggie!
(they laugh)
Kaysar: She's the granola girl
Janelle: Michael's looks like him
Kaysar: Yep it does
Janelle: What do you think he's doing now?
Kaysar: Sleeping
Janelle: No really, what would he be doing?
Kaysar: It's hard when you ask those questions.. I like you a lot, you're my friend.. and he's my friend, it's hard
Janelle: I won't ask you anymore
Kaysar: In 36, 38 hours I'll be gone
Janelle: I'm gonna miss you Kaysar
Kaysar: I better see that bottom lip quivering
Janelle: Which one am I?
Kaysar: You're the buxom blonde
(they laugh)
Janelle: I'm the buxom blonde, the blonde bombshell
Janelle: What does buxom mean?
Kaysar: I don't know, Howie said it


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Will the public vote to evict? Doubtful. That's the main difference between BB USA and the rest of the world, where creators Endemol still run it. BB1 (by Endemol) had a public vote, then Shapiro/Grodner took over. There's a big difference between this and 'American Idol' where the public just chooses who gets the chance to go out and prove themselves. There's too much room for abuse here - I hope if they do have a public vote for something more substantial than a barbecue that they'll limit it to one vote per phone number or computer.. and that the results are audited.

Was it coincidence that after that shambles of a Tuesday show there were 4 distinct feeds on most of the night? Just about the first time that's happened this season.. maybe new sponsors K-mart & Kodak were watching - tonight's episode sure felt like a paid political announcement

First double downs of the season for Tuesday's show. WTF are they thinking? 'Kaysar's alliance panicked' - when?? 'James & Sarah began playing both sides'.. yea, about a month ago. 'Maggie carried out Eric's wishes' and Maggie nominated 'with Eric's emotions in mind' - we don't need more martyring of the guy whose ethics were pure lip service. James is suddenly a romantic in Diary and when he hugged Sarah after veto comp we got 'Chariots of Fire' music.. but CBS doesn't show him monitoring her food intake or calling her fat and asshole all day. Sarah's birthday party was never shown, nor was the genuine 'thought that counts' party the hamsters put together from scratch for April, but K-mart and Kodak sponsorships call for an on-air segment, as do movie partnerships: 'Four Brothers' promotion turned about 10 minutes of the show into an infomercial. CBS-only viewers don't realize that 'the Friendship' of Maggie's coven is more of a morally corrupt Fiendship, spending HOURS every day cussing, degrading and cruelly belittling the other team, nor do they air Ivette's comments comparing Kaysar to Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and suicide bombers. Meanwhile Kaysar is portrayed as a cold, selfish manipulator and Janelle is still a bimbo. CBS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! They're turning Big Brother into a cheesy movie of the week or CSI episode, complete with fabricated political agendas. if you agree call or email and tell them so.

I didn't see much of her, and what I did see was the usual April yacking away bla bla blah. She had the one good moment of tonight's broadcast with her K-mart party, and she read her thank-you script just fine in Diary, getting in the 'printer dock' she didn't know about (but it's a big Kodak promotion item). Too bad they didn't get a shot of her walking around in her new top with the price tag hanging off the back a la Minnie Pearl. She's done far better without her cigs than anyone expected including me - kudos to her for that.

He's been on two other shows this week - you'd think he's a star! But no, he's just Beau, barely there. You can bet his Anal Sex 101 detailed instructions won't air on Julie's Thursday outing, but his constant goading to get Howie interested in him might get a follow-up segment. He's still just taking up space in there - his is the one name that never comes up in the 10 hours a day of game whispering.. don't forget Cowboy finished #2.

He didn't get much screen time in tonight's show - it wasn't a 'fun' ep - but they didn't cut out him talking about 'all six ladies' in the movie comp. He outdid himself tonight for Bath Buddies Shower Hour.. he'll continue ok as a solo and a duo with Janelle, but it won't be the same.

Her & James sneaky convos aren't fooling anyone except CBS, so why did half the show revolve around them? The toilet skycam shot of Ivette sitting on the can to chat with April was the high point of the show for me.. it's right where the spiteful, racist bitch belongs <flush>

I can't stand the guy but I have to admit he's 'playing the game' well.. too bad he's no fun to watch while he does it. Hearing him bounce from Sarah's a liability and pathetic to tonight's Love Story For The Ages is too much for anyone to swallow. He thinks he's so smart, and he may make it to the end, but nobody is gonna vote him the winner over anyone else he may be up against.

Wait, does that say nominated?? You'd never know it, especially compared to the display by last week's 'noble' nominees Eric & Maggie shitting bricks all week long. Janelle's the same as always - pleasant, fun, happy, and genuine whether she's on the block or just hanging out making the coven green with envy over just about everything about her.

No room today for Jennifer attention ploys - not that she doesn't try all the time, just that everybody else has more on their minds. She actually said tonight in the gym 'I didn't sign up to have cameras following me around all the time!' - 'nuff said.

A week ago at this time the sure-to-walk nominee was having kittens and hissy fits all over town. But CBS's bad guy is laughing, joking, and even <gasp> talking with the opposition. He's spent much of the day and night tutoring his students Howie & Rachel and his star pupil Janelle to carry on after he's gone, imparting wisdom and tips. Same thing Eric did last week? Similar, but in Kaysar's case it's so they can further their own game careers, not to create vendettas to avenge his eviction. He's a class act and he'll be hugely missed, and not just on a game level. Check today's link of the day for Aldav's tribute.

Hypocrite of the year. Her 'Friendship' and their culty chants will kick her butt outta there as soon as they get the chance.. she doesn't figure into their $1.25 million plans. Then they can eulogize her and her 'leadership' and 'straterigizing'. She's still cussing up a storm, even though she wasn't going to allow that in her HOH room.. for that matter, she wasn't going to hide out in there with her teamies either.


I'm not too bothered by James' treatment of her - she'll only hear his words in tonight's Diaries out of everything he's said to and about her anyway. As a friend says 'you deserve what you put up with.'


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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