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hamster7/27/05 - Day 25

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Bowling for hamsters

They're playing skeeball, practicing for what they think will be the HOH comp tomorrow

The comp probably will be something like this, with a twist from Julie that will include her favorite phrase "without going over" but it would be cool if all this is just to fake them out

Last year's third eviction (Holly) was the night of the 9½ hour Diane/Jase showdown.. we could really use something like that about now

Today's daily ratings pics are from practice time - I wonder if their expressions give an idea of how they'll each perform tomorrow
Later Eric & Jennifer have a venomous pot-meet-kettle convo in the hammock while the A-team practices, until a bee lands on her leg.. Eric tries to rescue her but he hammock-dumps her instead.. Ivette's there like a shot investigating.. the bee escapes
Jennifer: What's up with Rachel? She's acting weird today
Eric: I think she's trying to play the victim, give me a break
Jennifer: Victim of what?
Eric: Getting caught up in everything, now she has to vote Howie's way so she's playing the victim.. give me a fucking break
Eric: Don't trust Rachel, and don't trust Howie
Jennifer: Notice they're all still out here, except Kaysar cuz he can't play
Eric: King Kaysar thinks he's the shit.. that fucking piece of shit

The opposing forces gather upstairs and obsess on their competition - they're sounding much like them now, planning how they'll play silently or pounce with surprise hugs to psych out Maggie, Ivette & Co.. saying how awful they all are and how suspicious Jennifer's acting.. it's a new day and a new crowd but it's the same stuff.. Rachel gets involved, Sarah gets loud, Kaysar twists his hair, Howie flags away a fart

I missed it but apparently Jennifer told the HOH crowd that she was going to vote to keep Eric in - following April's lead maybe? (April said she couldn't side with James the other day).. they're giving up a two week free pass for certain doom.. both of them get around, socializing with both groups

Jennifer does her own nails with the bathroom crowd, gets petted by Kaysar during a Coasters tournament, then crawls off into the darkness (I don't know)

She points out that Eric has a nose hair problem and takes care of it.. during that she says he has a booger problem and she takes care of that too.. I kid you not

Skeeball showdown

Eric (the "adult") says he'll stay out there all night so those guys can't practice.. they practice anyway

Looks like a variation of this game will be the HOH comp after all - cameras seem to be practicing too, setting up for live shots when not on Janelle's backside

Eric sits firm, glaring, while they practice around him.. Eric's "all night" announcement prompts Kaysar to say "don't be so aggressive" - that doesn't go over well.. Eric had been coaching his players but he didn't like Kaysar coaching his own.. Kaysar's "good shot April"s put Eric over the top - he's visibly seething
Not long after, the fishies come, when they swim away a few minutes later only Eric's team are in the backyard.. I think BB made the kids play in separate rooms

This game isn't bringing out the best in any of them.. Beau's got his own unique style (he's imitating Rachel in the 4th pic)
He applies war paint to Maggie - it might help her skeeball technique but it doesn't help her appearance tonight.. Sarah takes a more traditional "gotta pee"approach

I don't know what's up with April.. but somebody really should get her a crust of peanut butter toast before she just fades away

It gets worse..

Eric leaves his post unattended and discovers the other guys practicing again.. he stares, glares, and cusses.. Kaysar & his team stay calm, focused.. Kaysar's twisting his hair two-handed lately.. April keeps outdoing herself
Kaysar: Practice makes perfect
Eric (to April, within the others' hearing): Practice don't make perfect on this
Eric: Nobody's figured out nerves
Eric: They can practice all they want but they'll freeze when the time comes.. muscle memory
Eric: That fucker doesn't know shit


James & Sarah bed down in the pimp room.. they talk game for awhile and settle down.. feedsters return to the backyard showdown

Looks like James & Sarah think if they wait awhile, nobody will see

They're very quiet, not a lot of movement, but it's clearly handjob action - what Diane described last year as "fingerpainting"
I don't know what came before but James is doing Sarah.. she gets a little moany.. slurpy noises send many feedsters back to skeeball
Afterwards she gets up, heading for the bathroom? Nope.. she adjusts the A/C
A little later James gives her a spelling test (I can't make this stuff up).. even later they're back out in the yard practicing with their teammates again.. Eric ends his sit-in and goes to bed

Late night update April has another meltdown, ongoing as of 3.15am - apparently James suggested they all take turns earlier.. she cries, rants, harangues, and talks lucidly with Kaysar who listens patiently.. it's a rerun, the same convo of the other day.. basically James is the devil and she wants to go home


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Nielsen watch: BB6 took out ABC sitcoms, Paris's mom and 'House' on Tuesday

Fresh skeeball pics but yesterday's damage report ratings will stand (sorry) - they prolly all have more stuff wrong with them by now

They did it again on Tuesday, compressing days of chaos & convos into a compact 48 minutes or so, and it was good tv. They seemed sympathetic to Eric (CBS Fireman Hero Campaign still on the job); they made Maggie look like the victim she cries she is, Kaysar the evil overlord, and James the brilliant mastermind. But those skews are almost forgiveable since we got Maggie's reaction to Kaysar's 'I sealed your partner's fate'. Spy vs. spy music for the chessboard and the Yes cover were good, but tragic boo-hoo music for Maggie's tears didn't warm many feedsters' hearts. Seeing them all cooperate happily on the treasure hunt was disturbing, as was the ad for the feeds 'see what's going on right now' when fishies had been swimming for 2 hours. It's looking like they're setting up for Eric to go out a martyr, bleah.

I didn't see her much again today and that's still fine with me. She looks like she's wasting away before our eyes - I don't think he's eaten anything for a few days and sometimes she leaves when others are eating. Potential anorexic and she's already had least one supra-ventricular tachycardia attack (SVT) which Eric called an 'electrical problem'.

Internet fans were aghast at Ivette trying to pimp him out to Howie last night, but Howie didn't want to start a habit and sent him back to the coven. (btw the charge would be pandering, not blackmail.) He's hanging out with Howie again late tonight - I like how the two of them make everyone grind their teeth, wondering. He said the other night he knows BB2 Hardy well - Beau's a name-dropper but if this is true, it's very wrong, producers. I'm not aware of any BB-induced health problems for Beau - he's a winner in that sense.

Let's review from Tuesday's show: 'This is a game, remember that.' 'I'll honor your (Kaysar's) decision.' 'We have to remember to keep our game face on.' And all-knowing Mr. Integrity's bitter 'Kaysar doesn't know how to throw a game.' The show also had a nice bit showing him taking off the flame shirt soon as the veto ceremony cameras were off (so he thought). They may want to send him out a martyr ('monarch' as he puts it) but we know better. He's had a stress-induced rash on his hands & arms but seems recovered from dropping the barbells on his hand. I'd check that blood pressure, though.
Still investigatable item: he's got the same last name as an 'Amazing Race' producer - it also airs on CBS

He's toning it down a lot now that he's comfortably in the final six, final four (he thinks) but when Julie rolls out the million dollar prize on Thursday he & Rachel won't seem like such perfect teammates anymore - why should they work to help someone get twice as much payout as them? Howie's got a unique way of being offensive without offending, and he's the schmooziest guy around. He's obsessive about dental hygiene and body hair removal and he's got nasty crusty feet but Jennifer's working on them, and there are rumors of genital warts.. but he brought all that with him. In the house, he says he's getting out of shape, and we all know he's got stinky farts and there was that one case of poopy pants.

She's been giving the best Diaries of all of them lately. 'What do I look like, Bobby Fisher?' was pretty good for her big loss on the veto comp chessboard, along with the others 'surrounding her like piranhas'. It'll be interesting to see what happens with her after Eric's exit Thursday: she doesn't seem to be tied to Maggie, and Beau is just her pull-toy.. will she hibernate and sulk, or get trapped with April, or try to join the cool kids group? She's likely the first one out when the other guys are next in power: she's part of a million dollar pair, she's on the visiting team, and she's as obnoxious as cat claws on a blackboard. She's gone poopless for a few days, a few times.

I didn't see him much today but he sure had a lot of screen time on Tuesday's show. You'd think he masterminded the whole chain of events instead of being mean & sullen about his nom - he was the original target - and then desperately grasping for options which Janelle & Howie helped provide. His Diaries show a cold, calculating machine and he's fine with that - no wonder he resents having gushy, romantic Sarah hanging around. He did score a direct hit to Eric with his sarcastic 'Be a good sport' and that was sweet. Looks like his face is breaking out a lot more lately and he's hostile about PB&J.

The nasty people's team keeps saying how horrible and trashy she is, but she set an example as a nominee that the 'mature' whiners Eric & Maggie could learn from. She's losing more fans on a daily basis but she's the most even-tempered one in there and is pleasant to most of them most of the time. Now that Michael's gone she's back to late night convos with Kaysar and those are fun, even if he takes 3 hours to say 'I like you' and never quite gets there. Ivette would be glad to know she does have extensions, but most of her hair is her own. She thinks she's gained weight in there and she's had some constipation on PB&J.

She's hoping to get a multi-week pass by being the house manicurist but that kind of thing is easily forgotten at nomination & voting time. She's rarely mentioned when they go thru their lists of the competition - maybe we've got someone who can play under the radar successfully. She's definitely gained weight and has had an attack of hives.

He almost tapered off on the 'how I changed the game' stuff but then Tuesday's show came along and ran it all again.. even though they made him come across as the evil overlord and pretty much gave James the credit for Kaysar's plan, I didn't need to hear the story again. Still, he gave many fans an all-time best line with 'I caught the bigger fish - I sealed your partner's fate' to a dumbfounded Maggie, who deserved nothing less. He's got sores inside his mouth from stress.

She may not believe in pawns (aka ponds) but she will on Thursday. She boasted about being city chess champion then cried when she lost. She was all about kicking out the first two evictees and she didn't speak to either in their weeks on the block, but when it's her turn she's the pissiest-poor loser ever - and she's not even going! She didn't see the game being played around her but when it was spelled out for her she said 'If Eric goes I don't want to stay' 'Eric leaving would be the worst thing that could happen' - this from an emergency room nurse? I don't know what being in the house has done to her health cuz I'm not watching her anymore.

I heard a rare snippet of her & Howie talking game tonight, and she is loyal to the Do The Right Thing alliance, so why does she spend all day & night with the whining sore loser team? They don't have to keep up a front anymore - everyone knows what's going on - maybe she just wants everyone to play nice and she's setting an example. I know she's had complaints in there, a lot of them, but I don't remember what they were. She takes a handful of pills in the morning - maybe vitamins.

She seems to be having a wonderful time at summer camp. That will change when they find out about the big money and everyone decides to break up the two-member James Gang. No damage report for Sarah - she's not the complaining type.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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This site isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.. that dingo

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