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Happy birthday, happy birthday


They mostly took Sunday off so I did too.. the only snippets of interest I have for you is that K-mart threw a double birthday party for Kaysar (August 10) and Maggie (today) - Kaysar got a card from mom, nieces, and other folks; Maggie got her doggies.. Maggie got a PlayStation Portable which Kaysar & Ivette figured out, so her group has been playing games, watching videos, etc - I'm not sure what Kaysar got, but they still have a lot of those basketball party hats

Howie & Jennifer had a long, long talk about reality shows, show biz experiences, and future plans for stardom.. James approached Jenn & April again - Jennifer said he should have no hope at all, but if he were to be saved, would he promise to not put them up in the future until the rest of their group are gone? James had trouble answering but of course agreed to it - he'll agree to anything if it means he stays.. April also said if it's down to her vs Jennifer, she wants to go so Jenn has a chance to win
The rest of the house got all perturbed over this little meeting, and exaggerations, misconceptions, paranoia, lies, and hate spewing goes on into the night, as usual.. I'm on the verge of causing severe damage to something or someone if I have to listen to Ivette, Maggie, April, Rachel, James, or any of them much longer without a break - and they're the only ones who are ever on the feeds - so I'm taking one

Sorry to take it light today hamsterwatchers, but they really didn't do much.. and I learned last week that trying to keep up with Jennifer scurrying around is kinda pointless - she just gets everyone all upset and then she goes back to the original plan anyway.. I have faith that Diary will do their best to save her from making even more of a jackass of herself on tv than she already has, and there's not much else we can do about it but wait and see anyway

By the way, I've gotten requests to post links to Save Kaysar petitions - folks want to ask CBS to change the rules at this late date and make him immune from eviction.. give me a break! I didn't like it when CBS appeared to be cheating in favor of Eric, and I don't want to see them cheat in favor of Kaysar either.. if they did such a thing, I'd give up and not go back

Kaysar wouldn't want his fans asking/expecting CBS to cheat for him either - think about it

Much as I'd like to see both Kaysar & Janelle stay this week, if one of them goes, they go - deal with it - and please stop sending me petitions asking CBS to cheat on ANYONE's behalf, thanks

TD has sent a new BB6 Park about the whole backdoor mess - check it out

The Bible according to Howie

Janelle's reading the Bible aloud to Rachel & Kaysar.. she reads about baby Moses, Adam & Eve.. Rachel grunts & makes a face at the part about women having to bear the pain of childbirth

Howie comes in and asks Janelle about fingerbangs and blowjobs - Rachel tells him to shut up

Howie & Janelle mention Jennifer's oral career with the fraternity boys to the others

Rachel won the veto - she's perkier than yesterday and talks with Kaysar about the sequester house.. there are commemorative plates around with faces of the departed.. they settle down for naps.. Rachel points out that JAMES is an acronym of the initials of the first five evicted, if he goes.. the coven's been talking about backdooring Kaysar

Howie whispers to Jennifer while he rubs her shoulders - can't hear what - I can't help but notice Jenn's stopped grooming everyone now that she's top dog.. James is mostly on his own between frequent Ivette visits

Ivette's working hard, overtly and subtly, to sway the coven - especially Maggie - to backdoor Kaysar instead of James

Maggie & her cleavage go out to the hammock to talk to Kaysar.. body language is everything
Maggie: People are saying since you've been back you've been plotting against me
Kaysar: I just got back, I'm still trying to figure out everything that's gone on
Maggie: So what is your plan?
Kaysar: The plan is get James out like everyone agreed
Maggie: And then me?
Kaysar: No
Maggie: Well, you play weeks in advance and I play week to week
Kaysar: When I was out of here I didn't think about the game at all
Maggie: When I hear something and I ask 'What? What?' and then when I ask specifically it's like 'I can't say'
Kaysar: Exactly.. twist their arm like hell and make them give you details
Maggie: I think it's so we don't communicate.. I'm sure they're surprised as hell I just came out here to talk to you
Kaysar: She didn't give her speech to the two nominees, she gave it to me - why?
Maggie: I don't know, she didn't tell us before what she was going to say
Maggie: Last week should have been easy, it should have been a party, everyone hanging together
Kaysar: What happened?
Maggie: Well, I'm not going to say

James cooks fish for everyone in what seems like a transparent suckup move, but none of them seem to notice.. they eat like a happy family, more or less.. Jennifer's uncharacteristically quiet and glum.. Howie talks about the countries of the UK, confusing most of them - Maggie says "Why can't they just have 50 states?"

At the hot tub Maggie tells the coven about her convo with Kaysar.. Ivette rallies back with more support for James.. April & Jennifer are mostly quiet, they look nervous especially when last week's stuff about Ivette comes up
Maggie: And then he said 'what's your impression of what went on last week?' I said I wasn't in on any of the discussions about Ivette
Beau: What time is it? Right now my momma's seeing me drunk on tv
She's also watching you show your goodies to everyone in the shower, Beau

James joins them and says "They came at me like a gang today" - he tells about Rachel's "demon face" in the HOH comp box, like he said on the show in his Diary.. they tell him they'll meet with him later upstairs in HOH

Janelle beats Kaysar at chess and rushes over for a congratulatory hug.. she shouts to April who rushes in for more hugs.. Kaysar moves back to Janelle for still more hugs
Big Brother tells Kaysar to stop leaning on the railing.. Kaysar tells James downstairs that Janelle beat him
Janelle: Did you promise her (Maggie) anything?
Kaysar: No
Janelle: What if he doesn't get nominated, what if you get nominated?
Kaysar: There's no point thinking like that
Kaysar: You're drunk
Janelle: I'm just having fun
Kaysar: You're going to live a long time, you laugh so much
Janelle: No point in living if it's not fun
Kaysar: You're right
Janelle: I'm the buxom blonde bombshell of Big Brother!
Kaysar: You're right
Kaysar: One day I'll find a girl just like you, who likes to read and is beautiful, the whole package
Janelle: A buxom blonde?
Kaysar: Definitely

Kaysar joins Maggie in the gym.. Janelle bursts in, acting drunker than she is.. April comes through, then goes to get Ivette
Maggie: Did you get all the Muslims to vote for you?
Kaysar: Maybe they did
(Kaysar asks Maggie what religion she was born, or is.. she won't tell at first but later tells him Christian)
Janelle: I'm the big buxom bosom blonde of the Big Brother house!
April (impersonating her): No, I'm the buxom blonde!
Janelle: C'mon April, us buxom blondes have to stick together!
(Kaysar & April leave)
Maggie: Why is Rachel so down?
Janelle: I think cuz nobody talks to her
Maggie: Oh, I didn't think of that
dingo: How come you were so down the week you were nominated Maggie?
(Ivette & April come to the door)
Ivette: What are you doing?
Janelle: Working out, what does it look like?
Ivette (catty tone): How much do you work out?
Janelle: I'm going to do 9 miles
April: How do you go for 9 miles, on beer?
Janelle: Um, I have a good heart

James' testimony is interrupted, again

Princess Jennifer grants an audience for James to present his case to her court

He starts off exactly as he did before: Rachel's "demon face" when she asked if she's safe in the Pressure Cooker, how he's "lost Sarah twice this week" and Ivette's breaking down all reminded him of what's important, what's good & right

He's very serious and sincere-sounding - his voice cracks and wavers - he says he knows they probably don't trust him as he recounts past history.. he describes his "epiphany" at discovering how evil Kaysar-Howie-Janelle-Rachel are and that he doesn't want to be like that anymore.. he sniffles a few times
Jennifer & Maggie both direct pointed questions to him about things he's done & said, and why should they believe him now? He flusters a bit but keeps going back to how he wants to stay for Sarah, how the others are driven by greed and fear
Ding dong! Janelle bursts in "I'm the big buxom bosom blonde of the Big Brother house! I haven't seen your HOH stuff yet Jennifer - show me what you got!" Kaysar is with her.. James is clearly perturbed by this interruption but Beau seems happy for the distraction and starts to goof
Pretty soon it's a big happy party with everyone having fun.. except for James
Ding dong! Howie & Rachel join and the fun escalates for awhile, but before long Rachel isn't having much fun either - it's past her bedtime - the nominee crowd finally leaves
James starts his script for the third? fourth? time today, exactly the same: sainted Sarah, demon-face Rachel, evil Kaysar, nasty Janelle, horrible Howie, poor James, and his epiphany that he must be the bigger person now
He's finally cross-examined by the likes of Jennifer, Maggie and Beau (you know it's killing him to be subjected to this).. he lies & exaggerates to skew things his way but he's clearly rattled, and surprised by their questions.. Jennifer mentions Ivette a few times in a not-so-positive way
As he leaves April jumps up to hug him (!).. afterward they say if they let him into their group, would he sleep up there with them? "That would be creepy" They make a big show of saying it's Jennifer's decision as HOH who she puts up
I think his case was stronger before he testified than after in their eyes - beginning his emotional tale of woe the same exact way each time probably didn't help

All creeped out and rescued again

After his testimony, James puts on a show for us and/or Howie by reading Beau's Bible in bed with Sarah's commemorative plate propped up beside him - awww what a guy (urp)

Then he whispers at Howie for awhile, and mentions "Rachel's demon-face" oops

Upstairs, creepy gets a new look as April caresses and traces her fingernails across Jennifer's back in the dark silence for a long time


Kaysar & Janelle save us though, by having a lovely conversation til 5am about life, love, them, Michael, horrid Jennifer and the rest of them.. Janelle tells him "I don't get annoyed with you, ever".. later Kaysar whispers something to her - it's very hard to hear but I think I hear him say "people lining up at the door.. they think I'm cute, and you too" She asks "What about Howie?" He says "I don't know".. I think I also catch something about "boards" before the fishies cut him off
They hug good night, he prays, and they're off to bed like the rest of us


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Dear Diary,
Please remind Jennifer that if she sends Kaysar home thru the back door, she'll be reviled by the 82% who want him there (even more than she's reviled already). Let her know she can be a heroine by kicking James as planned for 2-3-4 weeks, and that she's already got the dubious honor of having sent Michael home via her slanderous campaign and lies about him, and that all the proof is already out here and will be for life. She shouldn't make it worse - she might have kids one day to explain herself to. I know you can do it Diary, and if you do I promise to go easy on you guys for awhile. I know you're listening to us now Diary, and you know your ratings are in our hands. Thank you very much on behalf of all of us.
Your pal,
that dingo

Saturday's felt like a loooong show, almost a 'greatest hits' recap but that's what happens when you have a dull, dull 14 hour contest as the focal point. I'm not crazy about the James 'poor me' diaries but maybe somebody told him about Danielle's game and he revised his own (nobody's really buying his latest crap, are they?) I was happy to see Jennifer outted as the schemer she is, and that her Evict Ivette Plan was brought up again, accurately for the most part if not quite emphatic enough: that whole episode last week is key to the current dynamics of the house and especially the coven. They stooped even lower than me this time by presenting 'Beau's chocolate peepee' segment but otherwise they mirrored most of the highlights I've reported here, from Jenn's two dance segments to the various convo snippets featured. Not the most riveting show, but they didn't have much to work with either with these drips.

Late flash from last night: she was sleeping restlessly and started talking in her sleep about 'all the flies are getting on me'. She was quieter than usual again today, possibly cuz she's scared to say anything that goes against the coven's thinking or partner Jennifer's. It was disturbing to see the world's number one James hater give him a hug tonight, but she's always been one to suck-up more than necessary. It was more disturbing to watch her caress and trace her nails across Jenn's back in bed tonight for what seemed forever - what's up with that?

He was practically the star of tonight's show between his 'chocolate peepee' segment and getting drunk inside the HOH box. But ups are for asking James at least one valid question during his appearance before the coven tonight: it had to be beyond humiliating for James to have to answer to Beau, and that deserves recognition.

It seems like Howie's checking out lately, and he's probably in shock that his Little Jenny put up his partner Ra-Ra and his wonderful Janey side by side on the block. Now's the time to be working the power elite with his compliments that boost their already-overblown egos, if he can do it without going over the top into harassment territory (big if). Instead he spent much of the day in a foul mood and vowing revenge.. that's not the Howie we know and love and need in there. I hope it didn't go over his head when James slipped at bedtime by mentioning Rachel's 'demon face'.

Once again she wins the Most Entertaining Diaries for tonight's show, but her lobbying to save James lately is getting dangerously close to her worship of her Cappy. I can't figure out why she keeps pinning her allegiance to these slimy guys, but I'm not going to worry about it much.. suffice to say she does.

The only good thing about his new 'poor me' campaign is that he kept getting interrupted trying to plead his case to the crones today. By the time he finally got past the first paragraph it was clear to all that it was a carefully prepared & rehearsed speech, with sniffles & tears cued in at the same points in each telling. He's trying to appeal to the romantic side of the crones, but he forgets how nasty he talked to Sarah in front of them for 5 weeks, and anyway it was their idea to ship him & Sarah home back to back so neither would be sequestered without the other. Sit down James, and shut up.

She was a winner once again today, acting drunker than she was so well that none of the crones who laughed at her paused to question how someone that drunk could be jogging so solidly on the treadmill without falling off or puking. Janelle got the last laugh on them a few times today by saying she was able to work out so hard cuz she 'has a good heart' and again when she burst in to James' HOH pity party with her 'buxom blonde bombshell' party girl routine. She better tone it down a bit though - Ivette's starting to gun for her again, and she is after all, up for eviction and is the only one guaranteed to stay there until Julie asks her what it's like to be nominated AGAIN come Thursday.

Obviously the producers are as fed up with her antics as we are, since they basically introduced her to the tv audience as the conniving little she-devil that she is without a couple 'get to know her' segments first. Not surprising, since they had to follow her around all week trying to figure out WTF she was up to with Plan Backdoor Ivette just like the rest of us did. She's doomed for life if she puts Kaysar up in place of Rachel.. there's only so much scheming, lying & conniving one can get away with for 'game' purposes before it becomes an after-game rep about her character, and you'd think she's had enough of that to deal with regarding the Pi Kappa Alpha guys. Diary, please see my note and do your thing to save us all and her from certain doom - I'd hate to have to start saying she wrote those things on the back of Dan's pictures herself. Thanks.

He's caught up to most everything going on in two days and is more aware of all of it now than most of them in there. He knows there's a possibility he'll be shaking Julie's hand again next Thursday cuz he knows what a lying scheming devilspawn Jennifer is, but it's hard to say how seriously he's taking the threat and what he'll do about it. His problem is that his former double agent spies April, Jennifer, and James are all solidly on the other side and nobody's feeding him inside info this time. He's also handicapped by not understanding the dynamics of female wiles especially in this current 'mobbe' form. But no matter what happens, it's good to have him back and it's wonderful for night owl feedsters who get to enjoy his late night convos with Janelle again.

She got gutsy for a minute by approaching Kaysar and asking him point-blank what the deal was, and it was even sweeter that she only did it cuz she's parannoying about her own safety. She's dumb as a rock but even the most primary life forms are big on survival instincts: she's aware that she's in cahoots to the end with two million dollar pairs who have already voted to evict her once. Unfortunately for her, her survival instincts don't go so far as to keep that to herself and stop reminding them of it.

Now she claims she's not in it for the money, so why didn't she take her nomination like an adult, like Janelle continues to do, instead of crying about it? If she's only 'playing for Howie' why doesn't she pep-talk him and remind him half a million is still an option for him even if she goes? We'll find out how noble and not in-it-for-the money she is when she announces what she'll do with the veto on Monday. She perked up a little after winning it but she was still pretty much a sourpuss and a drip tonight.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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