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hamster8/12/05 - Day 41

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Princess Jennifer's reign

After the marathon Jennifer's subjects coddle & comfort her as if she's been in a car crash or worse

Breakfast is made and stories are shared.. Jennifer tells the harrowing tale of her victory a few more times

Janelle goes off to sleep.. Kaysar swaps stories with Howie & Rachel - she makes a couple more digs at Janelle - they each head off to Diary like zombies.. Kaysar's back!

Room debut is subdued but happy as always.. the pictures, the panties, the snacks, the pink pillow, the booties from the newborn niece she hasn't met yet, the pictures
When Howie arrives Jenn's crying in the corner - she's discovered Dan wrote stuff on the back of the pics - Howie comforts her like he does.. April gets in on it like she does

Howie asks for all the stories, which are happily told.. Jennifer talks about The Guy, The Ring, The House.. then she crashes with Ivette still at her side, both are understandably emotional.. Howie jokes he's taking the snacks "See you later!"
Ivette goes off to shower and the real reason for HOH sets in - Jennifer & April discuss nominations - it's a very interesting convo
Jennifer: Kaysar let go if I'd put up Maggie and someone else, he didn't say who
April: One of ours?
Jennifer: I think so
April: He's a dumbass if he thinks we're doing that
Jennifer: I told him how last week James & Sarah was a sure thing, and then in the middle of the week everyone wanted Ivette out.. what's up with that?
Jennifer: I don't care about breaking my word cuz I'm sequestered now, I'm good to go
April: I would put up Rachel & Howie
Jennifer: I can't put up Howie
April: I know you can't.. Rachel & Janelle
April: So he didn't let you win?
Jennifer: I think it was half and half
Jennifer: I don't care if I make friends here, I never keep girl friends anyway, and I don't have guy friends cuz of Dan
Jennifer: People can think that's weird, I don't care

April says she doesn't have to sleep up there, but she does - Maggie & Ivette come and settle in, the coven is restored.. they all take a long, well-earned nap

Morning rolls around again in the afternoon.. Ivette gets Beau to try on Howie's speedo.. James is a citizen again, smiling & laughing.. they discuss last night's Pressure Cooker, how obnoxious Beau was when he got sippy, and how wrecked they all were for morning Diaries
James: I went in there and they told me to go wash my face first.. it's scary when you look too bad for reality television

James & Ivette continue buying more insurance policies from each other, this time James uses his Sarah Is My Savior routine and Ivette plays along with her Maggie.. James moves on to Evil Kaysar and his Band of Monsters and Ivette plays along.. our Maggie looks for banners on a circling plane - Howie moons it
Howie & Kaysar have a quick meeting and Howie fills him in on last week's plan by Jenn & April to backdoor Ivette and how it kept churning round & round

See Jenny run

The fishies swim away but strobe back & forth for awhile after nominations.. even the fishies are aggravated

Jennifer put up Janelle & Rachel

Damage assessment is underway in the pimp room - Kaysar's pissed, Rachel's crying, and Howie's pumped.. Janelle's nomination is overlooked once again
Rachel: I had a feeling.. she's a sneaky little cunt.. if I go home, it's ok.. she SWORE
Kaysar: I need you guys to keep your mouths shut for this week, til I give a piece of my mind to her
Howie: We just stick to the plan, get James out
Rachel: Not much we can do, she hates us
Janelle: She hates us cuz she's short & ugly
Howie: You're pawns! You're pawns!
Rachel: If I go home and you're still here, go after her
Janelle: I know, I was going to.. I'm mad as hell at her right now
Rachel: I have a feeling I'm going home this week
Janelle: Why?
Rachel: I've had a feeling for a long time now, I can't shake it
Rachel: I told you not to trust her, I knew something was up
Howie: You have to stop talking shit about anyone to them, now we know how they play
Rachel: You're better at that than me
Janelle: What was all that shit about getting Ivette out?
Howie: There's no reason to be nervous, let's win the fucking veto, they want James out of here too
Rachel: She said 'I'm giving you what you want, but I didn't put my own people up'
Rachel: I don't want them to see me crying

I'm surprised to see James sitting alone in HOH on quads.. a bit later Ivette joins him (but I don't)

Kaysar heads up next to chat with Jennifer & her cleavage.. they both stay calm.. observant feedsters notice he begins everything with "I feel that.." "My thoughts are.." rather than accusing - diplomacy skills at work - and that her eyes look up & to the side often - lies at work
Kaysar: I don't quite understand the speech you gave, it's ancient history, and nothing to do with what we talked about last night
Kaysar: I understand your position.. I asked you for like four hours straight, 'Are we clear?' You said 'Yes we are, yes we are'
Jennifer: Did you really trust me after we said it 50 times?
Kaysar: Yes I did, I trusted you.. if I didn't I wouldn't have let go
Kaysar: It's almost like you're laughing at me right now
Jennifer: No, I'm waiting for my turn to talk
Kaysar: I don't even know where we stand on the whole James issue
Jennifer: Last week Rachel, Janelle & Howie kept trying to get Ivette out - they might tell you different but this is the truth - they were trying all week to pressure me & April to get Ivette out.. so how can I trust your group?
Jennifer: I trust you completely but I can't trust Janelle & Rachel cuz after all week long, after April & I said we couldn't, well not them, I shouldn't say Janelle but Rachel, kept saying all week if there are two votes for Ivette everyone will know it's me & April
Kaysar: Okay see, I didn't know all that
Jennifer: And I couldn't tell you all this cuz Rachel was in there with us
Jennifer: They wanted that extra vote last week so they could kick off one of ours
Kaysar: You should have told me all this before you made your decision
Kaysar: I looked you straight in the eye
Jennifer: I said in DR, 'I just hope to God that Kaysar will still be friends with me after all this'
Jennifer: James knows he's gone, he's pissed at me
(she tells him about the Maggie-Rachel three week deal)
Jennifer: I think we promised Howie & Rachel would be safe two weeks.. I broke my word cuz they broke their word and kept trying to get Ivette out
(she tells a lengthy but skewed version of the night of the Backdoor Ivette Plan)
Jennifer: But we never agreed we were putting up Ivette.. we were thinking about it, and that's when Rachel was a bitch (in the gym) and I told Howie 'you gotta check your girl'
Jennifer: You wanted to backdoor James - fine, we're doing that
Kaysar: At the same time, there were clear guidelines to that, that aren't happening
(Kaysar explains yea, he figured something was up with the Ivette plan, he tries to be unbiased as possible)
Jennifer: Exactly and they kept telling everyone we were in on it but we weren't!
Way too much dialogue transcribed here I know, but I think it's important to keep track of the ways she keeps dancing around her own lies - if only for them to read about later

Kaysar relays the convo first to Janelle and then to Rachel, half testing them both - each jumps up "It was their idea!" when the plan to backdoor Ivette comes up
Kaysar: She said 'we didn't like how certain people in your group tried to push it'
Janelle: She's the one that came to us!
Kaysar: That's not how she explained it.. I just went up to see if James was still out and she said yea he's out
Janelle: Do you believe her?
Kaysar: Yea she wasn't lying, she's a good liar though.. it doesn't seem like she was lying
Janelle: Did she say who she's gonna get to play for veto?
Kaysar: No, I didn't ask
Janelle: But not James, right?
Rachel: She's so full of shit! It was their idea!

Jennifer runs the new story past April - it's like they both believe it by now - then they're joined by Maggie & Beau for a dress rehearsal of the next re-telling
Maggie: Why was Kaysar so upset?
Jennifer: We had a miscommunication weeks ago when he was HOH.. and again in the pressure cooker, but it's all cleared up now
Maggie: What miscommunication?
Jennifer: I'd rather wait for Ivette to get here so I can just say it once

She tells before Ivette gets there anyway - she can't keep it in.. Maggie finds out she was supposed to be nominated
Jennifer: I said I'd put up someone from my team.. he said Ivette? I said no. He said Maggie?
Maggie: What??
April: So what if Janelle wins the veto and takes herself off??
Jennifer: We put up James
April: Oh yea, why do I forget these things?
Beau: That's how I feel, I'm always going huh? huh? What'd I miss?
Jennifer: I explained everything about last week, how they came to us and tried to make us vote out Ivette - he already heard it from them, but I told him the real story
Maggie: Janelle is sooooo good at this, you never hear about things she says about people
April: She is dumb as fuck

Ivette's not there yet cuz she & James are still busy snowing each other.. he seems to be gaining some ground though - pretty soon he may be her next Cappy

Ivette finally joins them and starts to say James was misjudged.. Maggie says "their side" is so full of lies.. they start ragging on Rachel, Kaysar, Janelle & Howie in that order - each accusation is something they're guilty of doing or being, ten times over
Ivette: Rachel is the enemy here
Jennifer: He was in their group, then our group, then theirs, then ours to the point of trying to get us to vote you out last week!
Maggie: I just can't believe they'd do that to us
Jennifer: Whenever someone says someone else is cheating or lying too often, it means they're doing it themselves

Save us Howie!

The whole house gathers round the shower to see Howie in his too-small speedo.. he models for them, then leads a parade to the hot tub where everyone cracks up, especially Rachel

At last count April will compete for the veto for Jennifer.. but James is up late shmoozing Jenn so that could change




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Thursday's show won its time slot

Special Gollum edition

Thanks for doing the right thing CBS, and thanks to the voters who made it known they had no choice. Thursday's show was everything it should have been: minimal recaps with a spotlight on April & Jennifer's shady behavior, a clean eviction, grown-up behavior from the 3 returnees, and most important, announcing the 82% landslide results for Kaysar.. anyone who's been online lately knew he was a shoe-in whether CBS admitted it or not - I'm very glad they did. Feedsters chuckled when Julie gave Howie the go-ahead in HOH to 'say whatever you want' (uh oh) but he did well as did both nominees, particularly Ivette who I thought gave an excellent maybe-farewell speech. Top it off with an endurance comp guaranteed to go well into the night and it's ups all the way this time.

She wanted James out, and James became the perpetual nominee. She wanted Ivette out, so Ivette became the pawn to be backdoor'd. Now they're both still there, in bed with each other, and working on Jennifer to let James play her veto that April wants so desperately to play. She kept her big trap shut most of the day (praise the reality gods), likely due to not having learned the details of the new lies yet, but if she gets robbed of her chance to play for the veto (even though we all know she'll lose) she'll move on to the next victims of her misguided hatred: Rachel & Janelle. Just go away April, we're all sick of you.

I wish I'd heard more of his obnoxious talk about everyone when he got too drinky but the name 'pressure cooker' applied more to the feeds quality overnight than to the non-horrors released onto the contestants, and switching feeds was a losing gamble. He admitted to his crew tonight that he can't keep up and is usually in the dark about everything (just like their leader Maggie). With each passing day he's that much closer to finishing second.. at the rate they're all scheming against each other he might even have a shot at first!

He's trying to come back with speedo parades and peptalks and reminding everyone they're supposed to be James Busters United, but it's not enough to redeem him to full ups yet. He had a rotten week at the top with more than one iffy decision, but let's face it: anything he did would have been spun by the Fiendship Liars Club into another mess for Kaysar to sort out, and we'd all still be stuck dealing with the fallout just like we are now.

She seems to be undergoing hero worship transference from Cappy to James - at this rate she'll be idolizing Howie and/or Kaysar next. Five hours of holding Rally Beanie up to a window paid off: she was Jennifer's biggest target last week (thanks to April's jealousy) but now she's literally in bed with the power, and nudging forward her own agenda to save James yet again to boot. She's no longer the face of rage, spite and hate like she used to be.. she's shifted to champion of lost male causes and for some inexplicable reason, she keeps gaining ground for her lousy role models.

He's campaigning harder than before and with a new angle: the misunderstood and maligned Noble Guy complete with 'poor me' tears. He keeps telling Ivette and Jennifer that he deserves a chance, he's been a pawn every week, bla bla blah.. enough already. Sit down!

Once again, the invisible nominee took hers gracefully and stood aside to let the other nominee have a pity party. Janelle's been getting trashed by everyone in the house including her own teammate Rachel who then has the nerve to tell Janelle to repay Jennifer next week if she's evicted. April (of all people) claimed today Janelle is 'dumb as fuck' and Maggie said she couldn't understand why Janelle's trash-talking never gets around - do the math Maggie! Janelle does the least trashtalk of anyone. It's hard to hear things that haven't been said, even with the fabricators they got in there. The fact that Janelle doesn't care what's said about her is inspiring: it just makes those trashing her look worse. She may realize she could blow the lid off the coven's nest by outting the truth about Jennifer & her lies about the whole Ivette plan, but she's playing her game several moves ahead as always.

We aren't playing 'Star Wars' at all - it's 'Lord of the Rings' and she's Gollum. All she wants is her Precious, her Ring from the ever-absent Dan, and she'll obviously go to any lengths to get it. It's astonishing to watch her group fall for her lies time and again, and even when they know otherwise they fall under her spell and start believing the lies are the truth. This isn't accidental - nobody's this good at conning people without a lot of practice. It's no wonder Dan won't see her more than a couple times a year - if she plays like this in a game, imagine what she's like when it's for keeps.

He knows the truth about Jennifer's lies but whether he knows the bigger picture implications remains to be seen. He seems to be in a good position with the coven except for the fact that James is using tears as a last resort to convince them via Ivette that Kaysar's really an evil overlord out to kill them all in their sleep, and they're starting to buy it. Kaysar shouldn't have fallen for Jenn's agreeing to his deal, but he also knew it was an unreasonable offer on his side, and he's got proof of how shady Jennifer & fiends are now instead of just suspicion. His problem is going to be that he can't see Jenn & April making up such stuff for no reason 'there's no logic to it' - but that's exactly how they did it, Jennifer's admitted that.

She continued to show her gullibility and misguided version of what's right as her own teammates lie to her over & over and she never questions it even when there's evidence all around they're lying. Jennifer, April, and Ivette have all lied to Maggie but hey, they aren't in-fighting yet and that's all Ms. Let's Just All Get Along cares about. Beau's the only one who hasn't lied to her, but he is one of the four she sleeps with every night who voted to evict her. I wish I could see her face when she finds out she wasn't on the side of Right & Good like she thinks at all, but instead she fell in head first with a den of jealous, catty, lying bitches from hell.

Another crybaby nominee, no surprise. She's been getting moody and stomping around all week, it's no wonder the new power has decided now that she's evil and must die. But telling Janelle to 'get Jennifer next week' if she's evicted is a bit much even from this self-important prude: she's been badmouthing Janelle all over town to both camps all week long, and I don't think she even acknowledged that Janelle happened to have been nominated too. I don't think I'll wait up for her breakfast shows this week, but I bet they'll be brutal.. I hope she blows a gasket.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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