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hamster9/9/05 - Day 69

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Same stuff, different day

Before nominations we find April in HOH making a plea to Janelle, who seems to be playing along with April but I suspect is just playing

The kicker of this convo is April saying how nice she's been all along, and suggesting Janelle "be honest with her nominations" - I guess she means like she was with James?


While the coven waits outside for Janelle to pick a key for the box, April retells it as Janelle having said "April, I really appreciate you being nice to me but now it has to be strategy".. crows keep cawing in the trees.. they sound just like these three but the crows are more interesting than the crones - the cameras switch to them for awhile - they go on to talk about how Janelle cheated during a comp and BB overlooked it

Fishies come & go and we spot the keybox waiting alone in the gym: did Janelle go off on her field trip and they'll just have to find it there and wonder what happened? Aww no such luck: fishies come & go again and the noms are done.. Janelle's making guacamole for all while tears well up in Ivette's eyes
Un-nominated April's feeling fine since her key was the one in the box, so she goes to pep-talk Ivette.. isn't it just like April to do it with a pound of meat in her lap?
April: What she said was actually really good: 'you are so good but you don't give yourself enough credit'
Ivette: I don't think I'm that good
April: You are
It's implied that Janelle didn't make such a statement to Maggie, which ticks her off

Cinderella goes off to the ball

The wicked stepsisters are consumed by jealousy

Janelle leaves around 4.30pm and they bitch & rant about it for a good 2-3 hours, led by Ivette of course but April & Maggie each make their fair share of contributions.. they blame everyone and everything except their own hateful behavior that Janelle has won another America's Choice

They make a few references to themselves as "jealous bitches" but it's caustic & sarcastic - they don't really see themselves that way.. eventually they're called into Diary en masse, and they stay in there for another couple of hours while the feeds give us blissful silence and an empty house, plus Ivette's HOH bunny (if he's made of velveteen the symbolism is too tragic for words)
When they finally come out they're subdued a bit.. maybe they were given a reality check of the much-needed and long overdue bitchslap type

Feeds return to Maggie & her BB bag: feedsters' hearts soar but it's a false alarm.. earlier she & April had set up a lawn volleyball court - Maggie was very specific about placing the out-of-bounds towels, so specific that setting it up took all their time and they barely played.. they do hit a few balls back & forth when released from Diary though, and then she's back!
(playing volleyball, before Janelle's return)
April: It's like I want to get out of here, but I don't.. it's like I'm going to get abused when I get out of here
April: I'm kinda scared to go back home
Maggie: Exactly
April: Aren't you?
Ivette: Why are you scared to go back home?
Maggie: Cuz of how we're portrayed
April: Yea, my neighbors, my co-workers.. that's horrible

They gather round asking what happened but it's obvious they aren't happy to hear it - it's a far cry from the reception Marvin got last year on his return from his AC field trip, and not just for his storytelling abilities - BB5 hamsters really were happy for him

Janelle tells them how she met the stars and got a full tour by the little kid on the show.. she got a shirt from Charlie Sheen that he signed.. she had photos taken (see today's links) and great food and a wonderful time, and people knew who she was!
She tells them Big Brother fans came (which they later claim is more staff cheating for her, when it's just fans who figured out when taping was and showed up).. it does them in when she says people shouted "We love you Janey!"
Ivette: What did they (fans) tell you?
Janelle: I can't tell you
Ivette: Were they screaming 'Janelle' though?
Janelle: Yep
Maggie: They called you 'Janey'?
Janelle: Yep

April decides they all must have fans, and adds that we feedsters are "psycho people"

After the ball

Maggie as Cartman by C=Venus - thanks!

She thinks she's got "authoritah" and so do a lot of others, but I think she's got about as much "authoritah" as Cartman does on his little tricycle.. she's got as many delusions of grandeur as he does too

Janelle focused on April & Ivette today, making Maggie paranoid even though she'd never admit it, and Ivette got her way by not sleeping in the pimp room like Maggie decreed she would.. sweet!

Janelle has a long friendly convo with April in the bathroom, with wine & beer respectively, which drives Maggie nuts.. later she joins Ivette & Maggie in the pimp room and has a long friendly convo with Ivette, which drives Maggie nuts.. it's only fair: Maggie's the only one of them who still hasn't made an effort to talk with Janelle as a human after 69 freaking days under the same roof

April assumes Janelle wants to take her to finals, and maybe she does, but by the 400th time April says "I have to win that veto tomorrow!" it tries even Janelle's patience

When Janelle joins Ivette & Maggie in the gold room, she tells story after story about her family, how she used to sing and play piano, clarinet, flute & piccolo.. how she wanted a grand piano and a horse named Goldie when she was little.. she talks about movies, books, how much she loves to read and always has.. it's fun & light and Ivette seems genuinely interested and not shopping for ammo like usual.. Maggie sulks through it all and doesn't say a word, until she bursts out laughing - even Ivette asks her "What the fuck are you laughing at?"
Later Maggie says she laughed cuz she didn't believe a word.. Ivette says it was evil of her, and that she enjoyed their conversation

Earlier as they took turns in Diary, April & Maggie decide they'll all sleep in the pimp room.. they know Ivette doesn't want to but they make up a bed for her anyway.. when Ivette discovers it she says no she won't sleep in there and she'd told them so, so they all move back to the cot room - April & Maggie share a bed again and do their creepy foreplay game they call "tickle".. they complain about the staff, like they do.. Maggie tells them all how great they are, what loving friends, what an awesome alliance and how much superior they are to that other alliance cuz they really care about each other, etc - the usual stuff.. Janelle retires to HOH, taps her foot to her CDs and smiles
April: I hate the rats in the DR
Maggie: They're assholes.. fuckers.. cocksuckers

Lots of videos today! These links will launch your RealPlayer - it may take a few seconds

Janelle's cheat Even before noms & AC, they dwell on her changed number card: that it was illegal, condoned by staff, and not seen by us
April's pep-talk to Ivette With her lap full of meat

America's Choice rant 1 It's evil Janelle's fault she's the viewer favorite
America's Choice rant 2 It's Big Brother's fault
America's Choice rant 3 It's the show editors' fault
America's Choice rant 4 It's our fault, the viewers
America's Choice rant 5 It's cuz Janelle is such a pottymouth
Janelle returns 1 Their enthusiasm is less than overwhelming
Janelle returns 2 Maggie's perspective
Janelle returns 3 Charlie Sheen's shirt, "What'd you do while I was gone?" and Janelle fends off Ivette's barbs with style, and finds wine
America's Choice aftermath Ivette reports on a convo with Janelle, and we see Maggie's twisted logic at work: she's decided Janelle's caught in a lie cuz fans knew to be there
We have to sleep together So claims Maggie.. "it's a rule"
Maggie laughing While Janelle's having a nice convo with Ivette about ordinary stuff


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Saturday's show will air late in most areas

Thursday's was a typical live show with Julie repeating the same tired lines again and reading the same phony 'viewer' questions for no reason but to take up air time that should be used better. It was sad to see Howie go and he proved why once again when he outshone both Ivette's HOH and April's co-evictee Q&As. He was a bit subdued (for Howie) sitting on Julie's bench but he still stepped it up and was more interesting than she was. Janelle's win was terrific and it was good to see Jenn's still-pissy behavior in sequester. Maggie got a bit of editing finally to show that she's not such a holy saint, and Ivette had a nice recap of some of her nasty moments, but overall these two are still getting away with murder as far as what they say and what airs, and I'm sick of it.

A jealous, spiteful, hateful cow who deserves no more keystrokes here and no more bandwidth.

A jealous, spiteful, hateful cow who deserves no more keystrokes here and no more bandwidth.

The belle of the ball got a field trip to visit Charlie Sheen & friends and found out she's not only America's Choice once again, but apparently had some reinforcement of that in person at the sitcom taping. Her return to the habitat was too much like Cinderella's coach turning back into a pumpkin at midnight when once again, she had nobody to share her joy or even feign more than passing interest in her day: it was a far cry from Marvin's exuberant welcome home from last year's outing to Young & Restless and that's a shame. She had a stellar day all around by targeting Maggie's ire by ignoring her, both in her nomination speech (or so it was implied) and by her friendly convos with both April & Ivette. I'm glad she got out and got some fresh air today: it must be bad for her health & well-being to be breathing in all that poison they spew day after day.

A jealous, spiteful, hateful cow who deserves no more keystrokes here and no more bandwidth.


Pure fun & entertainment, he gave us boobies, his jack shack, the Busto rant, and so much more. His friendliness & charm outweigh his explicit mouth & harassing ways and most everyone loved him in the end. He brought the Force into the house and inspired Jedi Janey to carry on. Never mind his looks, build, and future economic potential: his best trait is just being Howie.


As BB's double token he danced, he flashed, he puked and rode Ivette's jetstream. Not as fabulous as promised, and it doesn't seem right that he knows so many people that Janelle & Howie do, not to mention he's pals with BB2 Hardy. I thought he'd be this year's Cowboy at #2 but he won an HOH so he's gone.


He played a good game, saved himself too many times, and played both sides against each other instead of for himself. He wasn't a very nice boyfriend, and he was mostly dull with an excuse for everything. Arrogance was his undoing.


Half of the oddest pairing since Oscar & Felix, she did her best but went to bed too early to make it all happen. She's not the most fun hamster by a long shot, but she's one of the most decent and I wish her well.


She wanted to 'stir up the house like Kaysar did' but instead she stirred up everyone with a whopper of a lie to America's Choice, and she took out his partner with a huge lie of omission. So long Jenn and remember, roses really smell like poo poo.


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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