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Ivette came out of her pout to fight with April for an hour or so Sunday morning - see the video, linked below
I've watched it all now and I have to say Ivette is right in what she says throughout: she's combative & obnoxious, but she's accurate as far as what she knows about anyway.. April says several times she's done wrong things but never states what, and when she's confronted with questions she still lies to cover up her guilt.. Maggie, for all her supposed "leadership" sits for more than an hour barely saying a word while her teamies tear each other apart.. where's the leadership in that?? Ivette asks her for confirmation of something at one point and Maggie stutters & shrugs - even Ivette says "oh you're staying out of it" and that's the only time Maggie reacts at all: she puts her hands up and cringes cuz she's finally busted for being a nothing.. but she doesn't excuse herself and leave so they can go at it either: she stays there to maintain her supposed neutrality, i.e. her cowardice and unwillingness to take a stand on anything except their agreed-upon target Janelle.. and their hatred for her is all based on Janelle's "friend" April's lies too.. Maggie has the gall then, after one solid hour of them ripping each other to shreds, to say that they're all so freaking great cuz of how they've treated each other.. ok, rant over

Like all girlfights in cheap B-movies, it eventually evolved into bikini hour

Ivette used the veto, removed herself from the block and put up April

Once the fight's over it's safe for Maggie to take an authoritative peacemaker role and comfort Ivette, who's back into her pout-a-thon

Yea, so I don't want to resort to a page of bikini pics, but these eejits don't leave me much choice - let the cheap shots fall where they may, it all happened: April hangs on to her boobies, then discovers "something moving down there" in her crotch.. Maggie's playing peacemaker again between the two former fighters but there's no need: Ivette's well past pout and into sullen, silent mope by now

Maggie happens to notice something on April's butt "Is that a hole?" no it's just a burn, or something.. they get back to how horny they are.. Maggie says "I want a full body massage with Davida's peepee" like we needed to know that.. when they settle back down for more ultraviolet, Ivette's reversed herself.. she still isn't saying anything

Yesterday when Janelle suggested tic-tac-toe Maggie didn't think much of the idea, but today she decides it's fine and makes a board out of tinfoil & modeling clay.. she seems to have a knowing look as she plays April, like she knows "the trick" but isn't saying so

Pouty Ivette joins in the hot tub fun.. Maggie tells fun stories about checking the time without a watch before her words turn to vapor.. April practices for her Exorcist role
Yea I'm on snark overload.. and I'm not apologizing for it

Janelle did wander downstairs during the fight, but she's mostly keeping to herself, oblivious to all the drama.. she comes down for some ice cream while the three witches sit in their cauldron, then heads back to sanctuary

BB6: the nachos season

It's always kinda fun to take screencaps of food close-ups.. I don't know why.. maybe cuz food is one of the only things that counteracts all the negativity in there.. and it's colorful

They all have a special way of preparing them, and they don't even bother with sharing anymore - everyone makes their own

Janelle joins and they play tinfoil tic-tac-toe while they wait for the cheese to melt
Maggie picks at her butt while checking the oven.. where's Ivette? uh oh.. she's on another passive-aggressive cleaning binge, this time she's scrubbing the shower like April said she was going to do.. April brings up colonoscopies over nachos, which leads to colonics chat.. Ivette joins them and enjoys the meal, sort of

Ivette goes off to squeeze some zits and take a shower.. Maggie follows suit and tries to mend whatever bridge has been broken by hopping into the shower too, but nothing works.. Ivette's determined to stay miserable

Maggie finally gets Ivette to talk a bit.. she sobs that April hurt her feelings.. Maggie gets up mid-sob at one point to dry her hair - "with friends like that" etc.. outside April's telling Janelle & her boobies about the fight, April-style of course

What's this? Laughing, goofing, fun! April & Janelle play volleyball with no over-strict rules this time - April's even being funny! Janelle lets out a long, loud fart during a serve and runs inside, saying she sharted.. it's funny stuff - maybe you had to be there
She says later that she didn't really shart, but she was laughing so hard she peed a little

Of course April reports the incident to Maggie over a heated Snickers(?) It's a fascinating, gooey mess.. the camera guy is as mesmerized as we are as it oozes.. meanwhile Ivette just lies there, a silent lump

Janelle touches up her roots and joins the girls while she waits.. she keeps Maggie on her toes with quick comebacks to every snipe.. Maggie thinks Janelle is always BS'ing now, especially when she's not.. Ivette remains silent
Maggie: What are you drinking?
Janelle: Piss

Janelle retreats upstairs to wash out her hair color and take a bath.. rule-follower Maggie defies Big Brother by peering through the windows even after Big Brother yells at her.. Ivette remains silent
Big Brother: Maggie, stop that
Maggie: No!
Big Brother: Maggie, stop that!
Maggie: No!!
Big Brother: Maggie! Stop climbing!!
Maggie: Fuck off!!

Bedtime and Janelle shoots and scores during a chance kitchen meeting.. Maggie scuffs off to comfort Ivette but fails there too.. later she abandons her charge and climbs into bed with April who wraps her leg over Maggie.. there's talk of a bite and lots of shrill giggles before they settle down to whisper into the night
(Maggie joins April & Janelle in the kitchen, where they're laughing)
Maggie: What's so funny, did you fart?
Janelle: I just get with April and start laughing
Maggie: Whatever.. I'm not sleeping with you tonight
April: Me? Why not? We're just laughing
(Maggie heads out)
Janelle: There's no reason to get bent out of shape

Sunday's videos These links will launch your RealPlayer - it may take a few seconds.. the Catfight video down in linkage should launch Windows media player

Slumber party 1 April & Maggie cozy down, entwine limbs, get up, parannoy over Howie's whacks (April's the expert somehow) and see something
Slumber party 2 Headphones & equalizer settings needed for the convo, but that's not the disturbing part

Morality Maggie gets a clue

April's running around Saturday stressing on nasty things she's said in DR, what America thinks of her, etc.. Maggie finally wakes up from her stupor and says things like "I don't want to be picked to win cuz I'm the lesser of two evils".. from there she worries that her friends & family won't be proud of her.. I say let us count the ways

Way back on Day 1 Maggie - who claims to hold up loyalty higher than anything - pledged her allegiance to Janelle, James, Rachel, Sarah, Howie, and April.. hmmm only two of those are left - she voted out all the others - she nominated Janelle & James herself and has trashed them more than anyone.. that's Maggie for ya
I've been reminded that the Surf Alliance only promised each other 2 weeks.. ok ok, but it's still odd to me how hard she turned against most of them in that first night deal except April

It's this kind of stuff that disturbs me about her - along with the fact that CBS continues to edit her as the "good person" she claims to be - her hands remain clean as far as the air shows even when she's at her vilest.. the only conclusion I can draw is that CBS is still pushing their fireman hero campaign and she's second in line since their martyr fell.. Eric even had another memorial segment in tonight's show even though he's been gone 8 weeks

Left to right: Jonathan Littman, executive producer of "The Amazing Race"; Eric Littman; and Eric's brother Jay Littman, chef & power bar guy

I can't find anything definitive to prove or disprove that tv exec Jonathan is or isn't related to Eric, but it all smells a little more possible to me each day that Maggie's edited so favorably (TAR airs on CBS)

I missed most of the day and didn't pay much attention to the rest so it's a mini episode to combine with tomorrow's.. Ivette won the veto.. they play volleyball by Maggie's Rules.. one game and they're done
Maggie: You have be touching the towel to serve, and no spiking
Janelle: Why?
Maggie: Because that's the rule

Ivette mopes about winning the veto and cuz April's spending time with Janelle.. she parks herself on a glass vase & communes with the shrine

Maggie comes "to check on her".. a single tear falls dramatically
Ivette: Finally I'm doing something unselfish and protecting myself? I'm feeling really guilty for winning something and protecting my ass

April seems resigned to leaving (odd but true) - she doesn't want to go to Sequester though, or finale or wrap party - she wants to go home.. she & Janelle spend hours going over the game history & all the players, April-style of course
April: Here's what kind of person Maggie is: earlier I was saying she might not have to shop for things on sale anymore, and later she said 'April please don't say those things about me anymore, it makes me feel uncomfortable'
That's April in a nutshell: she's asked not to repeat something and that's the first thing she does

She works on Maggie some too, pointing out how everything is seen & heard and what must people think of her (April) - she says she's said some nasty stuff in Diary.. Maggie says she hasn't, but she's looking a bit unnerved by all the reality checks

Even the crew's getting sloppy

We get some Diary slippage.. fishies come in late on taboo topics or music.. the crew has to be as sick of this bad soap opera as we are

I can't figure why April's spending so much time campaigning, unless she doesn't realize Ivette's the only one with a say now

Meanwhile Ivette says she's thinking of pulling a Marcellas and not vetoing herself off the block.. maybe she figures she's got no chance to win and getting bounced now would prevent further chances for her mouth to make it worse.. maybe she's reminded of how they called Janelle selfish for using the veto on herself last week

I don't really care.. they'll do what they do and I can't be bothered to predict any of them at this point - it's not fun in there at all.. here are a few random snippets du jour:

April (to Maggie): There are some things I don't agree with (that Janelle's done) like pulling at Jennifer, trying to get the key off her neck
Maggie: Yea, that was mean!
April: There is a reason America likes her.. I'm starting to believe her that she doesn't go into DR and trash people.. that's where I made my mist.. (she stops & changes the subject)
I don't know who made this animation or I'd credit them for it

Janelle (to April): Who do you think the biggest liar in the house was, besides James?
April: Liar? Umm let me brush my teeth
(she skirts the question after toothpaste)
April: I was never in on that whole sexual harassment stuff.. I never said anything about Michael like that, I didn't even know about any of it until he asked me about it


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Extreme close-up edition

Saturday's show gave us a happy Janelle which was good to see, even though it was within a very extended commercial for 'Two and a Half Men'. Everybody liked the sound effects for boobies poking hour: it's odd that Howard Stern is villified for same. They picked on April unmercifully with her 'I've never said I hate anyone' and 'me so horny' segments while they presented Ivette as she is: equally horrid and realistic. Maggie got off scot-free once again with the editors: WHY?? Where were Maggie's vile remarks in the hours-long AC jealousy rant? Where were her 'so horny' & 'ankles up by my head' during the sex talk segment? They air her cooing about their 'groundbreaking alliance' but cut before she calls Janelle whore, slut, cunt, and the other choice words she uses for her? Granted they showed her resentment at Janelle not having called her a good player like she did Ivette at the noms, and her last words 'she did nothing but lie' made feedsters and tv-only viewers alike wonder WTF but no explanation came. I can only hope this means Maggie's time will come on the show if she isn't kicked out Tuesday.. if not, I'll just have to keep posting videos of her being her nasty nasty self.

(Revised after watching the whole fight) I think she's indeed had an epiphany and it's told her that she screwed up too many times to cover, and that the truth will come out very soon. She started the fight by saying in effect that Ivette influenced her to do things she's done in the game - the old 'it's not my fault' excuse - which set Ivette off cuz she knows it's untrue. That didn't stop April though: she goes & goes like an Energizer bunny, never giving in and never admitting guilt, until the whole thing blew up way out of proportion, and still April doesn't confess real crimes. She made the deathblow by telling Ivette that she's been saying this to Maggie for weeks (Maggie neither confirmed nor denied) and Ivette realized she's alone and not part of a team at all.. Maggie let her think this cuz she's too afraid to take a stand on anything. April's that low, that she'll use emotional blackmail to cover up her own dirty little secrets, and she'll let everyone else take the blame. Meanwhile she's sucking up to Janelle still cuz she knows she's caused her the most harm, and doesn't want Janelle not to like her when it all comes out. April remains the single most destructive force in this game with her continual lies, and wanting to appear blameless and make friends. She's very likely off to the jury on Tuesday but she's more or less promised her vote there to both Maggie & Janelle.

(Revised after watching the whole fight) Wah wah wahhh. She took herself off the block and you'd think someone's puppy died. Señorita 'I'm gonna go Cuban on your ass!' is in a downward spiral and it seems like nothing will snap her out of it but a good slap (the line forms to the right). She did win the hour-long catfight with April because she spoke the truth and April knew it, even if she wouldn't admit it. Maggie sat there and let them rip each other apart and barely said a word, even when Ivette asked her for confirmation of something: that's gotta hurt and kudos to Ivette for calling her on it! She didn't handle the rejection well at all, but she knows she was right and that counts. Wait til she finds out April was behind the Evict Ivette plan, the Michael The Harasser scheme, great chunks of the anti-James movement, and especially the anti-Janelle lies. Everything indicates she's going to vote April out of there, which is probably why she fought so long & hard with her, but if that's the case why is she so gloomy? She's acting like she's about to betray Mother Superior Maggie herself (my hope) and is having a fit of conscience by choosing money over fiendship.. or maybe she's just hurt like she says, and she'll kick back by kicking out the one she can't win against and keep nasty lying April in the hopes of going against her. April will do more harm on the jury than anyone, anyway.

She goofed with April today, seeming to have fun and fall for her spins, but we know Janelle better than that: she's just gathering info about what goes on with the wicked stepsisters. It's hard to tell if she's still studying & drilling or not since she doesn't talk to herself or to us when she's alone. It also seems like she's eating & sleeping too much and not working out anymore, so I hope she's going to be in competition mode come Tuesday or whenever it begins. It's all fine to have some laughs playing non-Maggie Rules volleyball and having a hysterical shart/pee incident, but she's got to get back to Uma, to The Bride, Black Mamba where she belongs so she can fulfill her destiny as spelled out by Howie and wipe them out, every one.

(Revised after watching the whole fight) She sat there and let her teamies rip each other up and never tried to stop it, temper it, or even remove herself from it even after admitting it didn't involve her. I'm so tired of people calling her a 'leader' - she's the farthest thing from it. She's a coward who's ridden both April & Ivette's constant hard work to get to the end.
I've officially heard it all now, times three. When comforting Ivette she said 'When Janelle told me to go fuck myself, I let it roll off of me' (yea right), followed by 'You'll look back on all this and.. it'll be bad' (thanks a heap). Finally, after abandoning sulky Ivette, she cuddled up in bed with April to listen to the latest April spin about everything Ivette, Janelle, and James. Then Maggie said that she'd asked Ivette 'Do I have a promise to you (April) that I don't know about?' I give up: she's a headcase and a half, but for some reason, they keep buying whatever she's selling.


Pure fun & entertainment, he gave us boobies, his jack shack, the Busto rant, and so much more. His friendliness & charm outweigh his explicit mouth & harassing ways and most everyone loved him in the end. He brought the Force into the house and inspired Jedi Janey to carry on. Never mind his looks, build, and future economic potential: his best trait is just being Howie.


As BB's double token he danced, he flashed, he puked and rode Ivette's jetstream. Not as fabulous as promised, and it doesn't seem right that he knows so many people that Janelle & Howie do, not to mention he's pals with BB2 Hardy. I thought he'd be this year's Cowboy at #2 but he won an HOH so he's gone.


He played a good game, saved himself too many times, and played both sides against each other instead of for himself. He wasn't a very nice boyfriend, and he was mostly dull with an excuse for everything. Arrogance was his undoing.


Half of the oddest pairing since Oscar & Felix, she did her best but went to bed too early to make it all happen. She's not the most fun hamster by a long shot, but she's one of the most decent and I wish her well.


She wanted to 'stir up the house like Kaysar did' but instead she stirred up everyone with a whopper of a lie to America's Choice, and she took out his partner with a huge lie of omission. So long Jenn and remember, roses really smell like poo poo.


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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