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hamster8/16/05 - Day 45

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Howie goes off on April again during an outside lockdown.. it's good stuff once again

Even though he's unrelenting, unmerciful, and downright mean it's hard to find anyone who has much of a problem with it

("Busto" is from Busted Blonde)

April says nothing, her teammates say nothing - Jennifer even yawns - the others take it in like us, like the floor show it is
Howie: A lot of pressure on your shoulders, Busto.. you're strong but don't worry, I'll break you down Busto
Howie: Another week, you better be ready Busto - you better win that HOH Busto, you better toughen it up Busto
Howie: Another physical grueling event like that pressure cooker Busto, you're gonna crumble like you did before Busto, better get a picture of Pepperoni to motivate you, Busto
Howie: Cuz you know Busto, you're stuck another week with me Busto, stuck in the backyard with me
Howie: Don't worry Busto, you'll start crying - you're crying under the pillow now at night Busto.. it's okay to cry Busto, makes you human
Howie: Her stupid ugly dog and her fat husband

It's clearly bothering April but she pretends it isn't.. Howie steps it up a notch and feedsters cheer
Howie: Five more years til your husband turns you in for two 20s
Howie: Just like you don't believe me, I don't believe your age for one second.. 44, maybe 45
Maggie: Eewww I keep smelling vomit
Beau: I don't, it isn't me
Howie: What alliance were you going to go to when you wanted to get Ivette out last week?
Howie: When you got rid of her, you knew Beau wasn't gonna take your side, then you turned on Maggie, who were you going to join?
Howie: You can't take it cuz your lies are catching up to you again?
Howie: Who were you going to join when you evicted Ivette out on her ass?
Howie: So Beau, if she would have evicted Ivette last week, were you going to join her?
Howie: And Ivette, what would you have said if Beau went with her?
Rachel: He's getting on my nerves now

Rachel's irritated by it and tells him off.. Kaysar isn't crazy about it but knows he doesn't own Howie.. James has his own line of questioning, which he reports later to the coven.. later James talks about gerrymandering and urban renewal
James: Howie how long are you gonna keep this up?
Howie: Til I win HOH, I'm gonna be the first repeat HOH this season
James: Like Harlem, it used to be all black people, lower class, now they're sending all those people out and it's becoming an upscale neighborhood
Howie: There's no way those flashlights in there can outshine this star

On to happier people, Kaysar & Janelle play chess in the pimp room - Janelle beats him again.. they roll around together for a minute or two, it's good to see
Kaysar (joking): You have to accept it, sometimes in life you have to lose!

Maggie stares at the spyscreen waiting for her favorite show to come on, or something.. Jenn makes weird gestures, noises and poses.. they talk about how great and honest they are, and how scary Howie is
Beau asks what he said & did last night - they tell him, gleefully.. Jennifer even does a puking replay complete with each heave
Maggie: I can't believe she told me to go fuck myself.. I'm gonna think about that the rest of my life.. 'I'm going to go fuck myself now'

April's still repeating her adventures with Howie, ad nauseum, through wardrobe changes.. Ivette finally cuts her off, for a second anyway.. James is in on strategy talks with them now, even though they vowed that wouldn't happen.. they read the rule book to see if Howie's out of bounds - they stumble on the word "disparagingly"
Ivette: How come Howie's being so nice now?
April: I'll never forgive him, never!
Ivette: April, you change your mind more often than you change your underwear
Ivette: I know you've talked to people and said things, and I know it's cuz you are playing the game.. they'll stop this tomorrow or in a few days and go back to playing the game again too
April: The thing is, I don't care
April: Janelle told Michael she loves him before he left, can you fucking believe that?
April: Sure I listened to their plan to backdoor Ivette, I pretended to go along with it even, but only to get information from them
James: Rachel told me 'the only chance you have of getting to the end is with us'
Actually Rachel told James the only chance he'd have in finals would be with them

Ivette cooks up a Cuban dish for everyone.. April returns from an hour plus in Diary.. she says she didn't talk for most of it, whatever that means - it's hard to imagine - she's armed with lots of buzzwords now provided by Maggie - most of the same ones they used for Michael
April: He's demonic.. I'll never forgive him.. wait, what did I say to her? Oh yea, he's made me fear for my safety.. let me think what else I said.. just vote me out, send me to sequester, I don't care!!

Remember when

Maggie, April & Jennifer cozy down.. they talk about "pathological liars, people who start to believe their own lies"

Jennifer: I'm pretty sure there's only one of those in this house
April: Do you remember the days that we all used to go to bed together?

Downstairs Ivette & Beau are yukking it up with their new best friend James.. Ivette is adopting Jenn's zit-picking grooming routine

Kaysar joins Janelle's walk and talks about what's happened, what will.. Howie joins too
Their spirits rise and fall as they discuss their mistakes, and Kaysar leaving again
They trash talk the "Nerd Herd" and say they're no better than them for trash talking - but they do it with laughter rather than bile, and they're funny about it
Howie: If I get HOH I'll be back in the position I thought I was in before
Janelle: I'll tell them 'fuck you' - no, 'you're a waste of a fuck you'

Kaysar tells them to watch everyone, that James is still the one to get - if they kick Maggie then James will take over that team.. he tells them to nominate Ivette & Jennifer, remove Jennifer with veto and put up James to get him out once and for all

They play - Kaysar's got Janelle's Nordstrom bathrobe on and likes it - they ask Howie about his ugly towel.. Kaysar says he'll help Howie get a new wardrobe when they're out

They snack on leftover cake & ice cream (Maggie's cake was tossed earlier - nobody liked it) - then they forage for something else
It's going to be hard losing this overnight trio again - they're so fun, whatever they're talking about - I'd rather watch these three in sequester than the other 7 playing the game - they leave their dishes piled up in the sink


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Jennifer Vasquez: the girl who wants to steal America's heart will be lucky if anyone ever trusts her again

CBS started payback on Tuesday's show for having to bring Kaysar back. They mentioned Jenn & April's Evict Ivette Plan several times, but never truthfully, that it was their plan and one they endorsed. They took the cheapest shot in the world by airing Kaysar's 'next week we terrorize them' - with caption - out of all the things he's said in there since Thursday night.. it's despicable and leaves no question as to their feelings about Kaysar (or perhaps about all Iraqi-Americans?) They did show Jennifer to be the liar she is, but by the end of the hour she came across as a strategic player who thinks about more than herself, which anyone can see is inaccurate. Howie's speedo, another K-mart party, bla bla blah. It's transparently obviously that CBS wants the coven to not only win, but to come across looking smart and righteous instead of the lying hypocrites they are.. this was clear in the first few minutes when they edited Jennifer's in-yer-face cleavage out of the tv version of her convo with Kaysar in HOH. Since when does network tv edit out cleavage? When it's 'America's sweetheart' aka the fraternity BJ queen's cleavage, apparently. I may not be able to keep watching the show with the continuing slant of the facts they persist on airing.
(Yes that is one of Beau's puked-on sleeping bags on the dining table)

Everybody's tired of her everlasting reruns of Howie's attacks on her, and how much she 'doesn't care' about them. Give it a rest April - even your own team is sick of you & your mouth. STFU.

Pukey boi didn't remember anything about his wild night. He had to ask his keepers what he said, what he did, and why he woke up surrounded by garbage bags. Of course CBS won't air his pukey display or his attacks on Janelle, but you can bet they'll air Janelle's side of it.

Even bringing up Jennifer & April's Evict Ivette Plan to the coven doesn't make them stop to question their own: they've already convinced themselves their lies are true and Diary's probably convinced them they're golden. CBS prepped for Howie's tirades on April by showing him telling his teamies to 'calm down' and 'things will be fine'.. you can bet that'll be rerun in b/w on Thursday before they show him going off on April, and you can bet they also won't show how utterly accurate everything he's said to her is.

She can't leave well enough alone. Things are going her way again, and she keeps on being her busybody self to stir it up some more. She didn't have anything to say to Howie to stop him attacking April, but she's up in their faces now saying how weird it is that he's being nice. Ivette, it was your teamies who wanted you out last week, and who came up with the plan to do it: if you were half as observant as you say you are, you'd know that and you wouldn't hook yourself to the scummiest player in the house.

Just give the spoiled little boy his damn money so he doesn't have to get a job after all, and let the rest of us go home. It's going to be torture suffering through another month of his know-it-all attitude and saintly new persona that CBS is embracing as much as the coven who hated him so very much only a few days ago.

She's getting smeared by CBS too, and she's one of the high points of the feeds for most viewers any time day or night (when she's on anyway, which is rare anymore - feedmasters seem to be under orders to air all coven, all the time even though most fans would rather watch her & Kaysar sleep or play chess than watch the witches upstairs stir their pot some more.) She's the only one in there who laughs a lot and has fun. She's exactly who she presents herself to be.. I guess that's not considered good tv but just watch the ratings plummet when she moves out and on to bigger and better things.

Caroline (Jennifer)
All the guys would say she's mighty fine
But mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time
And the other half either got you cursed out, or coming up short
I know you like to think your shit don't stank
But lean a little bit closer
See, roses really smell like poo-poo
Yeah, roses really smell like poo-poo
Crazy bitch
Bitch, stupid ass bitch
Old punk ass bitch, old dumbass bitch
A bitch's bitch, just a bitch

Today's rating courtesy of Outkast
click to hear a clip

He's toast again, but he's still America's Choice by 82% and will remain so. People say he should go on 'The Apprentice' - I say screw that, Trump should be waiting outside Julie's boudoir to give him the job the minute he's out. I'll make a feeble offer that's not nearly as good but it's genuine: Kaysar, if you're not fed up to here with them all when you get out this time, this is an open invitation to you to post here on Hamsterwatch. People seem to like the 'tell it like it is' style here and would love to hear it direct from you.

She said the other team 'have proven they'd back out on their word in a second' based on the fact that they evicted Sarah, as they said they would.. hello? This is from the chick who puts all her stock in her own 'word' and is now going to go back on that and kick out Kaysar? Hello? She admitted her hypocricy herself in tonight's show in Diary: 'I need to stop playing this game by giving my word cuz nobody else is playing that way.' Nuff said.

The 'smart one' decided to order Howie to stop his campaign against April which was breaking her down successfully and breaking apart the coven. Then she went to James and told him what he needs to do to help himself (and her), and he turned around and reported it all to his new adopted family of saint wannabes upstairs, except the part that benefits only him, of course. When she's not growling or making angry faces she's now helping her opposition - way to go, Rachel.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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