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hamster8/21/05 - Day 50 (Day 3 of Fishies)

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Don't get mad, get even

36 hours off.. 12 hours on.. 5 hours off again..
Complaining to Real or CBS won't help: Real is just the provider, they don't control the content.. CBS doesn't care - they already have our money and this sleazy method of theirs works: Saturday's show won the timeslot over football, A Beautiful Mind and "Cops" - they've lost a lot of other Saturdays to "Cops" this season: mission accomplished

People are talking about a class action lawsuit, false advertising, etc.. but we all agreed to this when we bought the feeds:
To preserve the integrity of CBS BIG BROTHER 24/7, the feeds may be edited, delayed and/or blacked out on occasion at CBS' sole discretion. Some content may not be suitable for users under 21. You agree that we shall have no liability whatsoever relating to the Content and you waive any claims you may have, now or in the future, against us relating to the Content.

So what do we do - lie down and take it? No! That's just what they want and expect.. it can't be a surprise to anyone that an American tv network treats us like sheep, but it doesn't mean we have to say Baahhhh

Phone or email your local CBS station, entertainment shows like "ET", E! network, consumer watchdog shows and columns, local & national news outlets (local stories will get picked up nationally, especially if they're appearing all over), talk radio, etc.. it doesn't take long.. if we don't anything about it, we deserve whatever we're given and we have no right to complain.. Just cuz it's legal doesn't make it right - CBS can't really afford another scandal this year, but we can make one happen.. they're screwing us over, denying us what they advertise and what we've paid for.. end of rant, but I'll do it again if they do it to us again

Before they pulled the plug again.. Howie was up way too early for medicine of some sort, then it was time again for what to wear and do the primp for tv
April: Matt is gonna be so surprised, because I can't live with girls.. I mean the reason I'm so annoying is - I'm so annoying.. does that make sense?
Yep, she said it

When the fishies swim away this time, they're in from a 4+ hour comp that involved underwater breath-holding and clips.. James looks worried but he's congratulated for being the all-time veto champ.. he's in a tricky spot with this one though.. Janelle did well but not well enough.. she auditions for a shampoo commercial - give her the job!
We always know the results soon as they're finished - why withhold comps, especially very long ones?

They prep for a 2-hour lockdown outside: Rachel's angry.. Howie says if it's his time to go he'll go, and they'll find out which side James is really on.. Ivette sits on Beau and caresses his cheek.. April puts on a ruffly little-girl type swimsuit
Janelle tells James she thinks they're out to get her.. he says it'll be ok "if Rachel calms the fuck down".. one cam moves from Maggie's face to Rachel's photo and back, several times.. they also focus on the table intently - not unusual, but it is about time for the middle sized one

Damn, I'm good

Even if I do say so myself

(so where are all the cool job offers?
I'm available after the BB finale)

Ok ok, sorry sorry sorry sorry
Things are getting good again

They come in from lockdown, Janelle bounds ahead when she sees the table.. she's squealing and laughing and shouting, surprising some.. she & Ivette hug.. Maggie's dumbfounded
Janelle: I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!
Janelle: I didn't think I'd make it this far!
Janelle: I thought I'd be evicted the first week! And I'm still here!
Ivette: You didn't think you'd last this long?
Janelle: No! But I did, I'm still here!

They gather round.. Janelle pulls out a chair and sits down.. they all follow suit, and Janelle explodes into conversation
She talks about her mom, her brother, her youth, her hometown, her dogs, Ashlea, her experience as a hockey cheerleader - several are surprised that hockey has cheerleaders - she assures them it does in Minnesota.. Ivette starts to talk about Miami but Janelle keeps going like a runaway train.. it becomes clear (even to themselves) that the crones have never talked with her before
Howie jokes about her breaking up with an ex boyfriend cuz he didn't make $250k a year.. she laughs.. Maggie's thoughts are clear on this topic
They all start talking about money and/or lack of it, the cost of things, designer names come up.. April's livid, Rachel's not pleased either.. Ivette participates but not joyfully.. James seems confused, looking from side to side.. Beau gets animated a bit and talks with Janelle about people & places they both know
Still giddy, Janelle says "Wheee and there are only two couples left!" and on to other subjects.. anyone who thinks she's lost her marbles and is buying her ticket to join Jennifer isn't watching her between lines - she knows exactly what she's doing
In a few seconds, she's got them all thinking about pairs and prize money, and she knows it.. somebody says something about her never dating anyone who makes less than $250k - she says "I never said that".. and it's true, she didn't

A quick check-in with James & Ivette shows her saying Janelle should really go this week.. he reaffirms to her that Rachel's still the best bet largely due to the pairs thing.. April catches up with Maggie in the gym, freaked out and falling apart - her wet hair intensifies the effect.. they go on & on and end up back at "we should have gotten rid of James when we had the chance" and "Beau & Ivette are a pair - we're not"
April: I know I can be annoying
Maggie: Well sometimes you can be, yea
April: She overtalked me, I couldn't say anything
Maggie: James & Kaysar are the reasons Eric's gone
Even as they start by trashing Janelle, she's clean game-wise, at least in Maggie's mind

Cut to Beau & Ivette at the laundry.. fighting! She's pissed, saying he turns into such a diva when he talks to Janelle and they only talk about money.. she's scolding him like she's his wife or his momma.. he's defiant and angry cuz she's neither, and he talks back to her in his HOH robe, saying he does not become a diva and he can talk to whoever he wants - he raises his voice!
She raises hers and he counters back again! He holds his ground and it's a joy to behold.. it's also short and ends quickly with smiles and a hug, like grownups.. just a momentary tiff, dealt with and done

Janelle has a quick meet with James.. it's confirmed they're in cahoots this time and that James won't use the veto and Rachel will go.. the plan is to next break up Ivette & Beau but make Ivette & Beau think they're going for Maggie.. yes it's James, but wise or not it's Janelle's only hope since Rachel's gunning for her, and she'd likely go up on the block again tomorrow otherwise
Janelle: They want you out cuz you're good
James: They hate you because you're a bitch and you're good

Janelle tells Rachel and then Howie that James confirmed the coven is voting Rachel out cuz she's a stronger player.. both take it well.. Howie tells Janelle that Diary needs her eviction bag back so she unpacks it again
Janelle (to Rachel): Ivette wanted me out but the rest wanted you out.. they want to break up a couple, and you're more of a threat than Howie
Rachel: I'm ok with that, I'm ready to go
Janelle (to Howie): They want Rachel out.. they want to break up a couple and she's stronger.. no offense
Howie: I know, it's true.. you're both stronger players than me!
Janelle: Besides they don't really want you alone with Jennifer for a week
Howie: I don't blame them

She holds up bits of lingerie & bikinis as she goes.. Rachel says they're cute, but they delight and pain Howie simultaneously.. he says all kinds of pervy stuff, like he does.. Rachel tells him to shut up, he's gross

No soup for you

The crones start making dinner.. they say "have they ever invited us for dinner?" apparently forgetting that Rachel has made many dinners for them all

They decide there will only be enough food for four "We don't have to invite anyone to dinner who's never invited us to dinner"

They always villify & demonize everyone they evict in order to make it "personal" and justify their actions to convince themselves it isn't their fault, so they bitch about Rachel as they're making their food.. Ivette tries to cover a window/mirror with saran wrap - I don't know why - Big Brother makes her take it off

Outside James is working Beau, who pops a funny.. they kind of play chess for a bit.. Ivette comes out to gripe about Rachel
James: How's it feel being king for a week?
Beau: Like I'm moving next week
Ivette: She's an arrogant, aging old woman!

The coven sits down to their dinner for four at the new table for eight.. they join hands and say grace before digging in

In the pimp room Howie & Janelle chat, like they do.. Howie asks about sex when she gets out, "climactic organisms" etc, like he does.. the camera pans over to a bit of red lace sticking out of a drawer

They head out to the kitchen and see the others dining.. Howie stands around chatting with them awhile, then pulls up a chair to an empty place and carries on, like nothing's unusual.. Janelle joins with some water.. pretty soon James & Rachel are there too, all of them chatting like nothing's horribly messed up - it's hysterical - Janelle keeps watching reactions again.. you just know it's pissing off the coven in a big way

Upstairs later it's a hats 'n cards party - I don't know - it looks happy but there's a lot of bitching and petty sniping going on too, mostly about Rachel or Janelle.. Maggie shows her slow uptake and lack of understanding of their opponents yet again
Maggie: I don't think Janelle's dumb.. maybe it's an act
Maggie: Howie thinks he's the one leaving so we've done something right
Maggie (to Beau): So you've never won anything before? Like April? I never knew that about you before
Maggie (about Rachel): She behaves so badly when she's nominated
Does anyone still think Maggie's the mastermind in charge here? It's day 50! Note that Ivette didn't volunteer her win/loss record

Howie & Rachel go over the game thus far and their mistakes, as they've done with Janelle & Kaysar the past several nights.. it's kind of good bye and it's kind of sad

Howie lays down with her and rubs her back for a very long time.. she likes that but she's uncomfortable when he gets too cozy, and she snaps at him when he says something pervy.. rewind, repeat

Aside from the early fishies problem, this was a terrific day on the feeds in my opinion.. all the good stuff, all the subtleties of human behavior that drive the game and make Big Brother what it is for me.. have as good a Monday as possible, hamsterwatchers


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TV10 please come back to us

CBS and/or the producers alienated a big chunk of their audience this weekend with the fishie-thon and again today with 5 more hours of the same

It was a great day for hamsterwatching once the fishies swam away

There was no reason to withhold almost 36 hours of feeds from us, other than to ensure everyone watched Saturday's show since their 82% meal ticket left on Thursday. Everyone watches the show anyway, and everyone knows Saturday's 'live' show was recorded Friday. The show itself was lackluster and still made it look as if Howie & Janelle's attacks were unprovoked onto innocent victims, as they've never aired any of the coven's 4-hour hate tirades. Jennifer was dealt with harshly at least, and deservedly - that's what happens when you trashtalk the producers (her employers) as much as she did. Propping her little photo up next to her didn't fool anyone - even Julie sounded condescending about that - but she let her get away relatively easy, given the stuff that Jenn pulled in the house going all the way back to Michael. I still think the air shows are slanted toward Ivette, James, and/or Maggie and against Janelle, Howie, and to a lesser degree Rachel. Even when I try hard to view it objectively, it still smells bad to me.. smells like nepotism. To their credit, they did air the coven's pissy refusal to attend Janelle's room debut and reran Jennifer's childish key toss, but they made even those seem more justified than they were. Janelle's short HOH reign was withheld from the feeds, we didn't even get to see more than a few minutes of it on Thursday night before they pulled the plug, and Julie didn't have an HOH Q&A with her: what's up with that?

Her panic frenzies are never fun for long cuz they're so repetitive, but it's always fun when she starts a new chapter like she did today. She had steam coming out of her ears when Janelle got sociable, and later when she rehashed it all to Maggie I thought she was gonna spontaneously combust on the spot. She's got a new soundbyte in her arsenal now: 'I'm annoying' but she doesn't seem to realize that it's true: it's like she's waiting for everyone to say 'no you aren't'.. as if! She spewed the most venomous stuff against both Rachel & Janelle for no reason at all - they're just her current targets since she thinks James and Ivette are both her buddies now, kinda. She's the most delusional person I've ever seen, but I don't feel bad for her.. that should concern me but it doesn't, cuz she brings it all on herself and after all, she DOES NOT CARE!

I can't believe I'm giving him ups but darn it, he earned it today. He strode around in the HOH robe like a prince all day and he stood up to Ivette like I wasn't expecting to ever see, and he did it well! He basically told her off like she's always telling him off, and to her credit she heard it. Even better, they got over it in 30 seconds and it was done.. I wish the rest of their team would take a memo on that one. He popped a funny with James too that was quicker than anyone expected from him, and it made me laugh. I'm not saying I'm rooting for him now - far from it - but just for today he was in fine form.

A highlight of this day of highlights was him sitting down to the coven's spiteful dinner party like nothing was weird just to piss them off.. and it worked. When someone goes to that much trouble to be petty, bitter & mean and it's all shot down to nothing in one Howie empty place setting it's a wonderful thing. He had good moments with Janelle today too, and he was a real good friend to Rachel on one of her last nights, spending several hours with her just chatting and being Howie. I'm glad he's not going yet - we need him for laughs and with Rachel gone there'll be no stopping him.

She's still got the best Diaries overall, but 'in person' I still run hot & cold. Sometimes I marvel at her game finesse and how she manages to be everything James is without getting busted or hated for it.. and then other times like today, she keeps throwing gasoline on the coven's hate fires no matter who the victim du jour is. Her face when Minnesota shut out Miami at the new mid-size table party was terrific: she was truly shocked that Janelle was able to do that so easily - nobody else can. She might have had ups today except for a snippet of a harangue I heard having to do with one hot dog bun - I don't know who or what the details were, but when somebody has to wind up everybody else over one hot dog bun, we got a problem. A tidbit for the puzzle of why Ivette's like she is and drawn to all these crappy male role models might be in something she said today in an otherwise mundane convo: 'my mom was only a housewife' - only? That's an odd statement from a strong daughter of a close-knit family. More tidbits like this to follow.. save 'em up.

Oh jeez I don't want to root for this guy, but it's looking like he's got a shot to redeem himself and help the good guys again, if only as a side effect of helping himself and certainly temporary, but his story was matching up to what it should have every time he told it today, so maybe he'll save one day anyway. Janelle knows better than to trust him implicitly and Kaysar won't be pleased, but if it keeps her in the house another week or two it's all good as far as I'm concerned. As Howie says, he'll probably get hired as a Veto Comp Consultant-Trainer with yet another win, but late breaking news says this one might be contested. We'll see.. Janelle was a close 2nd so nothing should change if she gets the veto.. then again, with this crop of hamsters every plan changes. He's still pretty dull though, so he's stuck in neutral.

No feeds, no Julie Q&A, no blog, no digicam pics - something's rotten in Studio City.
Easy ups today for a great run at what sounded like a grueling comp, which helped to slowly start waking up the coven to the fact that she is indeed a very formidable opponent. Her Big Move at the mid-size table unveiling was like magic the way it unfolded out of the blue and stunned half the table into silence. It only took 50 days for the coven's 'leader' Maggie to hear Janelle speak, and it made her furious how fun and vibrant she is. Each one of Janelle's ploys to get under their skin worked like a charm and burrowed in completely undetected. Yep, I'm biased - I think Janelle's as good as it gets for this game viewing-wise, and as unlikely as her chances are, I hope she goes the distance.

Paging Nurse Maggie, wake-up call for Nurse Maggie. She was forced to realize today that there's a buxom blonde bombshell in the house.. one that has more going for her than all of the crones put together. Naturally that means she must be hated even more but c'mon, since when do the people claiming to be Honorable say a prayer just before digging into a meal they pettily withhold from the others? It isn't their food: they didn't buy it.. they're just pissy cuz Rachel decided to stop cooking and cleaning for them after all this time. Like her ex Eric, I hope she goes down in a blaze of glory: phony and misguided glory of her own creation, that's fueled by the delusions of her one remaining minion and part-time ally, weak and psychotic April. Neutralized for the entertainment value of her many jealous slow burns today and the transparent way she thinks she's acting superior.

Courtesy ups for handling her impending eviction like a trooper, finally. She's accepted her fate and has stopped crying and stomping around about it. Monday's breakfast show might prove different, but I'm going to miss it so I'm going with her mood tonight - a little down, a little snappy at Howie, but overall in good spirits and not resentful that her time's over. She's a good eviction this week cuz she'd be the best one to share a double room with Jennifer in paradise before everybody else arrives to stir it up all again. I was thinking today she could have approached Ivette with a plan for their two pairs & James to take out the other singles, dump James, and go into the final four with a good shot at the money.. but she didn't and Janelle seized the opening. Just as well: Rachel's been working against her teamie Janelle for several weeks and that's never good.. alternatively, Janelle did the right thing and told Rachel what was coming down the minute it was set. Well, set for now anyway.. you know how these guys are.


She wanted to 'stir up the house like Kaysar did' but instead she stirred up everyone with a whopper of a lie to America's Choice, and she took out his partner with a huge lie of omission. So long Jenn and remember, roses really smell like poo poo.


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

I love keeping tabs on the feeds during summer, and wish I didn't have to do this.. but the reality is it takes a ton of time that I can't really afford to give away. If you like the site and would like to help support it, please visit my sponsor links by clicking on the banners, or make a Paypal donation here. Please support other BB6 fan sites that you like, too - many many thanks!

This site isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.. that dingo

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