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hamster8/22/05 - Day 51

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Coming and going

Howie's telling Ivette, Maggie & April about his "Blind Date".. he says when the girl dumped him he told her "Too bad, you could have been coming instead of going" and that host Roger Lodge said when it aired "That's what he said? That's what that stupid jackass said to his date?"

Howie laughs and says he'd like to visit Roger

It's funny stuff, then April & Ivette have a spat about a towel and April stomps off to join Janelle, James & Rachel
(one of them asks what his Blind Date looked like)
Howie: She thought she looked like Paris Hilton
April: Did she?
Howie: She was ok, she didn't look like Paris Hilton but she was kinda busted
Ivette: Was she busted?
April: I don't remember any pretty girls on that show ever
(Ivette snaps at April for using a towel to wipe greasy chip hands on)
Ivette: It's just a pet peeve of mine
April: Well I'm not fucking perfect!

James & Janelle have a meeting - he didn't use the veto
Janelle: How come you don't want to split up Ivette & Beau?
James: Maggie first, then them
James: Ivette & April don't like each other.. Ivette has Beau, they're two.. she & I are honest with each other, we have been since the beginning
Janelle: It's just that she's got so much power in this house, more than Maggie
James: I see Maggie as a lot stronger competitor cuz she's not mentally weak.. we can talk, we'll see who gets HOH
Janelle: I need to get HOH
James: You need it? I need it!
Janelle: I want to be the first in this house to get it twice
James: Maggie had it twice when she had Howie
Janelle: Oops I spilled tea on my breast
James: Where's Howie?
James (later): It bothers me kinda that you ask about Ivette
Janelle: You'd vote her off, right?
James: Of course I would.. Maggie's my biggest threat, she's what holds them together I think
James: If you, Howie or I can't win a veto against them? We need to go the fuck home, or to the sequester house
Janelle: I think Ivette needs to go before Beau
James: Once Maggie's gone I don't care! I'd like to keep April or Beau for final three, although Beau has won HOH
Janelle: I want second place really bad!
(James just about chokes)

April & Rachel are making dinner tonight - no invitations have been issued or withheld - Beau hovers and Howie buzzes around, chattering
Howie: When this is all over I'm coming to dinner in Waco right? With Matt and Pepperoni

All eight sit down to a happy dinner, kinda.. Ivette & Maggie arrive late but aren't enjoying themselves and say nothing.. Howie keeps up a running commentary.. Janelle watches reactions again
Howie: One big happy family again like the first night, everybody's on speaking terms again, nobody hates anybody anymore
James: Since you're still up Howie, can you get me one of those bowls?
Howie: Yea
James: Thank you honey
(Maggie comes out of Diary - they're all eating)
Howie: If Maggie would hurry up, I mean we're all waiting for her.. oh there she is!
Maggie: Is there something left?
April: You might want to ask me since I was cooking them
Howie: The happiest family in Big Brother history!
Ivette: We're the Nerd Herd, we're a bunch of jerks
Janelle: How do you know you're the Nerd Herd?
Ivette: Because you guys scream it out.. we know we're not as cool as you, Janelle
Janelle: I know I'm a geek
Howie: Everything was good, and James was talking about his 9th veto, everything was good
Howie: Sister Ivette, is your girlfriend coming over tonight?
Janelle tells Beau when he gets his camera they can spell out things with their legs again (per gay pic from Maggie's HOH on CBS) - the coven exchanges glances wondering how she knew about that.. the others laugh

Outside Maggie & Ivette bitch about Rachel.. Ivette slaps down solitaire cards and goes off on a rant about Rachel, Beau when he sits down, then Rachel again and again
(Maggie & Ivette bitch about Rachel this, Rachel that)
Maggie: I don't think she even realizes
(Ivette shouts at Beau, something about his other tit being jealous again, and brings up yesterday's spat)
Ivette (shouting): How many fucking tits do you have anyway?!!
Ivette (shouting): You don't have a comeback now, do you?!
(Beau says nothing, or it's too quiet for me to hear)
Ivette: I'm gonna rip her a new hole!
Maggie: I really would like you to rip Janelle one too
Ivette: I'm gonna provoke that bitch! (Rachel)
Maggie: I think this has been building for a good long time now

Maggie: We don't play personally

They head for the hot tub and Ivette goes off on a tirade about Rachel the likes of which we haven't seen before

The others think it's all fine, funny even.. April's a little nervous at first since she made dinner with Rachel (see yesterday's episode for background)

She's really riled up, shouting louder & louder as it escalates, almost all of it about Rachel, for a half hour or more.. Ivette practices with Beau for when she tells Rachel
Ivette: Nerd Herd? What makes them think they can call us the Nerd Herd?
Ivette: I'm gonna go off on that fucking bitch!
Ivette: Did you see her laughing? The bitch was laughing that stupid laugh of hers 'ha! ha! ha!' at the Nerd Herd!!
April: Anything you say she'll go back and tell Howie & Janelle.. you have to be sure to say it to her face
Ivette: She looks like one of her fucking horses!
Ivette: You're picking up horse shit, and you're going to come and rip on me??!!
Ivette: You fucking depressed aging bitch!!
Ivette: NERD HERD!!!
April: We're not dorks.. we're not nerds
Ivette: Hey Janelle! Don't you have some more weight to gain?!!
Ivette: I hope they can hear me!!
Ivette: C'mon out here, you aging old hag!! Cobweb choach!!
Maggie: We don't play personally

Whoa, so what's all this about? Look back: every week the coven villifies whoever they're about to evict, they build them up into the most heinous human who ever lived.. this way they never have to take responsibility for kicking anyone out - they're merely ridding the house of a monster

I don't usually like to bring out too much of their personal stuff but the gloves are off here at Hamsterwatch for this crew:  

Ivette's an interesting character - we've seen that by the difference in her house behavior to her Diaries - and she's got a ton of hostility to almost everyone except a few she chooses to be heroes: so far that's been Eric and James.. Maggie's dispensable and Ivette only lets her & everyone else think she's in charge when it's Ivette who's driving and that's odd: usually an attention-grabber like Ivette wants to take the credit and glory

She's jealous of Janelle - that's obvious to anyone - maybe even attracted to her too, but so what? It doesn't explain everything else, and she hasn't booted Janelle even though she knows she's no dummy (secret pairs again maybe? They are neighbors in Miami)

She's intelligent (she won at least two scholarships and graduated college), she's obviously not easily intimidated.. so why does this strong, gay woman cozy up to these het men? Why doesn't she like the word lesbian? Why does she say her mom was "only" a housewife? Why does she dig into everyone else's lives & backgrounds but gives up virtually nothing from her own?

I think there are some clues about who Ivette is in her Myspace profile.. a lot of the books & movies she lists are extremely violent with a smattering of romance.. she lists a slew of reality tv shows but told her cronies tonight she hates reality tv and has never seen BB

Does she need a male role model, a daddy figure? She's talked about having at least one brother in jail, but she credits her "hard working father" second in her profile only to her Maggie ("my worm"), and also credits "Papi" (likely her dad) as an influence.. so unless she was beaten or abused by a male family member, nothing appears out of place there.. appearances can be deceiving though.. maybe she doesn't have such a thing for Eric at all, maybe that's all exaggerated to keep Maggie's attention & loyalty.. and maybe her pact with James is just what I've been saying it is: insurance for each of them - nobody can hold it against them since they haven't kept it a secret

But the oddest and most disturbing thing that I've been holding back on is the quote under who she'd like to meet: "the man upstairs, papa in heaven, my baby, the judge who looked beyond my family's pain, the boy who i hope loses sleep over night for destroying my family..."

What the hell is that about? I don't think "my baby" is a child, but when someone mentions a judge and a destroyed family you can bet there's some heavy trauma there of some sort

Ivette's definitely more than she appears to be.. she starts setting up the coven's next target about 2-3 weeks in advance and starts the hatefest going.. by the time they're ready to be evicted all of them hate the new monster with a passion.. it's all personal for Maggie at least, maybe for April too but April goes along with anything if it's not directed at her.. Beau just rides the wind whichever way it goes.. maybe it's all calculated on Ivette's part, all game.. maybe she doesn't really hate any of the people she talks about so hatefully and making others hate them is just part of her game.. if so, that's beyond ugly in my opinion, and a million bucks can't buy it into being clean & pretty again

Back to our story.. Howie fills them in on what's going on and we find out a bit more of his & Rachel's history
Rachel: Howie, you need to respect me more
Howie: Well, they were saying some stuff and it was true
Rachel: Stuff about me? What?
Howie: 'She's uptight, she sticks to her schedule too much, she's too finicky about things, she nags'
Janelle: Who cares? At least she knows who she is
(somebody says something about why are they -the coven- even here?)
Janelle: That's what Michael used to say, he'd ask why Jennifer's even here with the fucking poodle bows in her hair
Rachel: Thank you.. I like Janelle's comment, at least I know who I am
James: You guys have hooked up, I know you have
Rachel: Never!
Howie: We made out once
Rachel: Hardly! We kissed
(Howie & Rachel back and forth a bit about tongues and duration.. they finally find mutually agreeable wordage)
Rachel: For 30 seconds on New Year's once, many years ago, I french kissed Howie

Things are winding down at the hot tub, slowly.. Ivette breaks a glass so they go to inside lockdown.. they linger in the kitchen for awhile, invisibly baiting Rachel & friends to come out but they don't, so they give up

Ding dong, Howie calling

They continue slinging bile upstairs, like they do

The ever-growing & creepy shrine to their fallen comrades gets a closeup for us to roll our eyes over

They watch the spyscreen and see the others go hot tubbing after lockdown - they don't bother to warn them about broken glass
April: The only ones who talk game are us four
Maggie: I know, I feel bad.. all I have to offer to you guys is my loyalty
(Ivette gripes that she hasn't won anything yet)
Ivette: Throw me a bone! A luxury, an HOH, anything!
Maggie: It's not like Ashlea.. or I mean what's her fuck, who lost her partner the first week
Beau: Can you imagine an HOH competition where they gave it to her again?
Maggie: It'd be luck if she wins again

Beau goes for some ice cream.. Howie goofs with him, and passes some ice cream to Beau by mouth.. they spill a little on Beau's HOH robe - uhh make up your own caption

Howie comes up to visit.. Ivette & Beau have him on the floor in no time for a full pantsing.. he's shouting and very angry
Howie: I just fed Beau-Beau ice cream mouth to mouth and he said I'm staying
Howie: Rachel gave up her job and her life to come here for me, she deserves to be here

He's a forgiving kinda guy, and he has a mission.. soon he's in bed with them in a creepy sandwich.. he mentions the plan to evict Ivette and Ivette starts going on about that - April tells her "Let it go Ivette!" They give him some shit about his Busto attacks on April and some very interesting stuff comes out
Howie: I haven't attacked her for a week and a half, it's over
April: Also he pulled me off to the side and let me know he was gonna do it first
Howie: It was just to fuck up the house
April: Did you really apologize to Matt & Pepperoni in the DR? Say you did
Howie: When they start asking me if I'm a threat to people's safety what am I supposed to say? April, were you ever threatened by me really?
April: No
Howie: I was behind the wall, I was never in your face

Fishies come & go as they're reminded not to talk about Diary.. Howie asks them about their "group decisions" saying "I know you're in charge, Ivette".. Maggie wakes up for that one and asks him something, I'm not sure what but later she harps on it, that she asked him a direct question and he refused to answer!

When Howie leaves April goes with him and Ivette & Maggie start in on how horrible April is for a long time.. when she returns they go back to Rachel

Janelle makes an apple crisp (which upsets the HOH room greatly).. Howie reports on the HOH convo.. he & Janelle work out a bit and study, wondering how many gumballs there are and going over all the HOHs and vetos again, like they do.. they have fun and laughs as they go.. her apple crisp turns out great


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TV10 please come back to us

A new America's Choice to be announced on Thursday's show

We still have a one hamster surplus compared to last year's schedule (yes, we are too! Two twins do not equal two Kaysar evictions) Expect another double eviction week - more fishies - or a money offer for someone to leave

There was no reason to withhold almost 36 hours of feeds from us, other than to ensure everyone watched Saturday's show since their 82% meal ticket left on Thursday. Everyone watches the show anyway, and everyone knows Saturday's 'live' show was recorded Friday. The show itself was lackluster and still made it look as if Howie & Janelle's attacks were unprovoked onto innocent victims, as they've never aired any of the coven's 4-hour hate tirades. Jennifer was dealt with harshly at least, and deservedly - that's what happens when you trashtalk the producers (her employers) as much as she did. Propping her little photo up next to her didn't fool anyone - even Julie sounded condescending about that - but she let her get away relatively easy, given the stuff that Jenn pulled in the house going all the way back to Michael. I still think the air shows are slanted toward Ivette, James, and/or Maggie and against Janelle, Howie, and to a lesser degree Rachel. Even when I try hard to view it objectively, it still smells bad to me.. smells like nepotism. To their credit, they did air the coven's pissy refusal to attend Janelle's room debut and reran Jennifer's childish key toss, but they made even those seem more justified than they were. Janelle's short HOH reign was withheld from the feeds, we didn't even get to see more than a few minutes of it on Thursday night before they pulled the plug, and Julie didn't have an HOH Q&A with her: what's up with that?

She made a HUGE confession tonight when she told the coven that Howie had pulled her aside and warned her he was going to say some stuff about her before he went on his Busto tirades! I'm sure the attack was harsher (and more truthful) than she was expecting so it's no wonder that it really did upset her eventually, but that confession was the kind of thing that comes out on the feeds that just makes your jaw drop. No wonder she was mostly upset about the hubby & poochie remarks; no wonder she & Howie were civil again in no time; and no wonder she DID NOT CARE!! She also had to dance real fast when Howie brought up her Evict Ivette Plan in front of them, but the topper for April today was when she wondered if her husband Matt was still going to be there after all this.

Yesterday's glory has gone and he's just there again. He didn't stand up to Ivette this time when she attacked him momentarily during her Rachel rant, and she even baited him to do so.. but really, what kind of comeback is there when someone shouts 'how many fucking tits do you have anyway' in your face?

A running commentary throughout another dinner party from hell was just the start of his evening. He followed up by paying a social call to the coven that sent many feedsters into a frenzy thinking he was screwing everything up again. On the contrary, his mission was accomplished easily: when he left they were all sniping at each other and even more suspicious of nasty April than before. He even made a couple comments that questioned Maggie's so-called leadership: yeahhh go Howie! As much as they were history within minutes due to the coven's ever-so-selective memory, big ups to Howie for telling it like it is (even if it was done from the middle of a Beau-Ivette sandwich in bed.. bleah)

Her huge rant about Rachel wasn't enjoyable at all, and something like that should have been. See today's episode for more.

He didn't use the veto and that's good. I'm not convinced yet that he's really on Janelle's side anymore than I think he's really on Ivette's, but we'll find out which way his wind is blowing when we find out who gets the next HOH and what he says to each side then. He's still dull, but overnight he was extremely polite asking Howie to stop snoring. It was almost enough for ups but he's got a lot of lost ground to make up. It's odd that I rarely have a clear cap of him for his sidebar pic.

No feeds, no Julie Q&A, no blog, no digicam pics - something's rotten in Studio City.
I didn't see a lot of her tonight but what I did see was good. She's still riding the crest of the shockwave she sent through the house yesterday by being her bubbly self in front of the coven which made them all wonder about her. She also laughed about her weight gain since she's been in there, saying it was fun having hips & a butt cuz they made her even more buxom. (She has put on a couple pounds, big deal - she still looks far better than most.) That just shows how confident she is in herself and she made a point of saying the same thing about Rachel too which may have surprised her critics who thinks she's entirely self-centered. She's not really a Barbie bimbo at all - she just plays one on tv.

She always goes on & on about how everything's strategic and not personal, but almost everything that comes out of her mouth is about someone else and it's completely personal, and extremely ugly. She thinks she's taking the high road but she's lower than sewer slime: Rachel hasn't done or said anything bad at all, and she's content to go. The high road would be for Maggie to say 'sorry Rach, it's your time' and that would be fine - instead she buys into and spreads with glee all of Ivette's horrid and slanderous propaganda, and it's the same thing with every week's victim. I hope she's ashamed of herself when she gets out and finds out she has made a total ass of herself in there with her petty & vicious nature.

Courtesy ups again for the entirely undeserved and unprovoked attack on her by Ivette at the hot tub. Even though Rachel wasn't present Ivette was shouting really loud and voices carry, as do little bits of fallout that will keep coming til Thursday. Rachel knows she's leaving and she's fine with that - there's no reason at all to start degrading her looks, her figure, her life so why do they do it? Rachel's biggest crime seems to be that she laughed at the tag Nerd Herd (who didn't?) But she had the last laugh when she correctly pointed out that she's in far better shape with a far better body than any of the coven. It's too bad the jealous cows can't think of anything to use for ammo that's valid.


She wanted to 'stir up the house like Kaysar did' but instead she stirred up everyone with a whopper of a lie to America's Choice, and she took out his partner with a huge lie of omission. So long Jenn and remember, roses really smell like poo poo.


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

I love keeping tabs on the feeds during summer, and wish I didn't have to do this.. but the reality is it takes a ton of time that I can't really afford to give away. If you like the site and would like to help support it, please visit my sponsor links by clicking on the banners, or make a Paypal donation here. Please support other BB6 fan sites that you like, too - many many thanks!

This site isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.. that dingo

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