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hamster9/5/05 - Day 65

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What I'd like to see

Yesterday's thought about Janelle as Kill Bill's Bride grew and developed a bit: in some ways the similarities fit too well, especially the blonde as kickass heroine persevering against all odds 

Listen to Uma as The Bride clip courtesy
more audio inspiration in today's linkage

I also missed most of the feeds today, and I'm losing interest fast as these days of endless scheming & parannoying drag on & on.. but I can't give up yet - Uma didn't

I've tried to look at them all objectively as we go, but I'm obviously biased so I may as well take that to a new level today.. granted all the roles aren't quite right, especially Bill, but that's ok.. the whole season hasn't had a much better plot than a bad kung fu movie as it is - at least Kill Bill has a good one, with the ending we need here
Photos from Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 © 2003, 2004 Buena Vista Entertainment

Oh yea, I almost forgot: Janelle used the veto and Ivette put up April

Supersize me

Mixed movie metaphor alert

They get McDonald's delivered for dinner - I guess it's meant to be a Labor Day treat

I wonder if they've seen that movie.. maybe not, as they all dig in and enjoy.. there seems to be enough food to feed 30

Maggie enjoys a plate of fries & burger of some sort - maybe it's Filet o' Fish (she definitely didn't see the DVD extras if so).. I think this pic of Ivette is actually from later, like it matters

Howie & Janelle presented their plan to Ivette, asking her to leave the dark side.. I missed it and am not sure if the Bahamas trip was offered or not or what Ivette's reaction to them was, but she later reported the whole thing to the other crones.. I also missed some fun light saber sparring with Howie & Janelle

Sorry, but continuity is out the window today at Hamsterwatch.. I got so distracted by the Kill Bill scenario potential it was hard to focus much on the bla bla blah inside the habitat.. I just have a few key scenes, phrases, and body language for you today.. and of course a few videos down below

Maggie sits defensively (guiltily?) and drops another not-so-subtle bomb on April.. at another point April jumps out to scare and then goose Janelle, who's not at all pleased
Maggie: Janelle talks to you more than any of us.. for some reason, she likes you

Later April sits opposite Maggie & Ivette again, removed.. she removes herself further by going off to talk/vent/cry in Diary and they talk about her, like they do
Ivette: Sometimes I feel like not telling her (April) things
Maggie: It's up to you
Ivette: I don't want to sound like a horrible person, but I...
(cut to fishies)
It's mind boggling how often these three each say they don't want to sound horrible when it's all they do

Howie & Janelle decide to nap at 9pm.. later we find April alone outside - it's kinda sad.. she's got her pics out there beside her

Maggie or April tells Ivette there's some message in Diary, on the floor? She goes to see but they won't let her in.. when she returns she has a tussle with Maggie with nip tweaks & at least one play-punch (sorry for crappy quad shot).. Ivette looks a little rough afterward.. they watch Janelle on the spyscreen and call her slut, whore, etc like they do.. she's a bit dissheveled too from her nap
I'd just posted up Kill Bill when this happened and I thought it's ok - Uma often looked a bit worse for wear too before she was finished

Janelle goes back to sleep and the coven goes off on some extra nasty tangents upstairs.. Ivette eventually climbs out of their communal bed saying she doesn't feel so good.. she makes up a bed on the floor and says she'll be fine, just leave her alone.. Maggie & April pester her for days: "Are you sure you're ok? Want me to come down there with you? Imagine you're on a lovely beach.." it's ridiculous and beyond annoying even for them.. Ivette shows a lot of restraint by not hauling off & slugging them both

Howie wakes up and has trouble sleeping again.. he goes jedi'ing around the house & yard some.. a human voice asks him to come to Diary and he does.. afterward he jedi's some more, works out in the backyard, showers, and basically putters around, going back to bed around 6am but he's soon up again

I can pretty much guarantee that if Howie & Janelle both leave before the three witches I won't be able to stomach watching them much, if at all.. it might be fun to fabricate stuff though

Today's videos These links will launch your RealPlayer - it may take a few seconds.. again, these are mostly to preserve the hypocrisy.. I'll try to get more fun ones soon - it isn't easy

April would understand April tells Ivette she'd be ok if she's evicted over Howie
Janelle's the SOS (again) Back to Janelle's a producer for the show and now James is too
I just saw roast beef Rough-housing & cooter talk in HOH
I don't swallow The ladies discuss Maggie's sexual tastes, and April gets descriptive
Outside or inside? More from April & Maggie on their sex lives and orgasms
Note I missed recording April after Maggie's initial "I don't swallow" when she said "Ok but you aren't what she (Janelle) is" (they'd been calling her "whore" again)
DR talk They talk about Diary but bitch that Janelle never gets in trouble for same
It is considered slander This one's a mess: April defends her "fucking mother's" friend; Ivette asks if carpet munching is so horrible? and Maggie defines slander <koff>
Jedi can't sleep 3am and Howie can't sleep - no audio, odd camera work and foot-checking make this one especially odd but especially Howie


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Special dream sequence edition - photos & characters from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Volume 1 and Volume 2 starring Uma Thurman

Tarantino in this spot is a no brainer.
Resounding downs for another 36 hour feeds shutdown, for no reason. Saturday's show itself was average with the only good tidbits being April crying in her Diary (remember back when she DID NOT CARE?) and Holly hosting the veto comp. I always liked Holly (and I realize I'm in the minority) but I can't think of a better person to rattle the coven's cage than another buxom blonde, especially one who's as ditzy as they think Janelle is. It seemed mutual too, with Holly giving everyone a cute intro (Beau-bonic Supersonic, April showers May flowers, Janelle my sweetness, and Howie beefcake) except Ivette & Maggie: go Holly! Editors are chipping away at April & Ivette, very slowly & kindly compared to all they really say, but I can't fathom why they continue to hold Maggie separate and portray her as something holy: she's as bad as her minions if not worse. What's up with that?

It's about damn time she's on the block. From what I saw (very little) she doesn't seem to be cracking up as much as expected, maybe cuz she's certain she's being pawned, but appearances are deceiving too. I'm not so sure her teamies aren't done with her but maybe that's wishful thinking.. I'm ok with wait 'n see. She's a shoe-in for the deadly schoolgirl and her mace: generally cold, brutal & effective behind her innocent-looking exterior, but no match for our heroine.

I'm not totally happy with Howie as Bill but it's the best I can do. He's right for the training and the focus, and for the guide who's ultimately bested by the student, and their longtime partnership is in place. I guess in the end Janelle would have to take him out to triumph but it wouldn't be for revenge.

Who else but Lucy Liu's O-Ren Ishii, the constant & ruthless rival with an army behind her? She's got the power, she's got the skill, and she's got the following but ultimately she's left on her own to face our heroine. It's a close battle and a bloody one, but in the end she falls. I'm not writing off the possibility yet that Ivette will turn on one of her weaker soldiers (April) by evicting her to demonstrate her authority and to further her own career & reputation.. it'd be nicer than lopping her head off anyway.

She saved herself once again today despite unbeatable numbers, which makes her even more like Uma's Bride than before. She's continually beaten the odds stacked against her and she's dedicated herself to her training with a single objective in mind. She's stealthy, constantly underestimated by her enemies, and only temporarily distracted by emotional ties. She's got nearly everyone pulling for her and those who aren't are likely the ones who just like to root for the villains, and that's fine. Like Uma, Janelle just rocks, plain and simple.

I don't think Maggie's near the adversary Daryl was but you can't overlook the nurse uniform, the one-eyed lack of depth perception, or Daryl's character's name Elle Driver. These two end up having some of the fiercest battles but a battered & seemingly beaten Bride takes her out in the end.


As BB's double token he danced, he flashed, he puked and rode Ivette's jetstream. Not as fabulous as promised, and it doesn't seem right that he knows so many people that Janelle & Howie do, not to mention he's pals with BB2 Hardy. I thought he'd be this year's Cowboy at #2 but he won an HOH so he's gone.


He played a good game, saved himself too many times, and played both sides against each other instead of for himself. He wasn't a very nice boyfriend, and he was mostly dull with an excuse for everything. Arrogance was his undoing.


Half of the oddest pairing since Oscar & Felix, she did her best but went to bed too early to make it all happen. She's not the most fun hamster by a long shot, but she's one of the most decent and I wish her well.


She wanted to 'stir up the house like Kaysar did' but instead she stirred up everyone with a whopper of a lie to America's Choice, and she took out his partner with a huge lie of omission. So long Jenn and remember, roses really smell like poo poo.


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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