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hamster8/19/05 - Day 48

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Mornings are confusing

Nobody knows what's going on, including Big Brother who starts the day with "Houseguests, the food competition will begin in 90 minutes" which is followed in a few by "Houseguests, the veto competition will begin in 90 minutes"

Feedsters are agog over Julie's proclamation of a live eviction on Saturday in spite of endless reassurances that they did it all on a Friday last year and only pretended it was live on Saturday.. in BB-speak, "live" means Julie's present and she doesn't have to work weekends - she's married to the boss

Then there's the Janelle's number card non-scandal, Early Show, Housecalls and endless fishies.. I don't know how mornies do it - this is why I am usually asleep at this hour

They flurry around getting ready to be on tv again - the preparation is ironic considering today's ratings shots - Ivette does some sort of check or adjustment.. Rachel makes the first and only campaign stop of Janelle's short HOH tenure

Fishies come and fishies go.. did they do the veto comp? Did they practice? Nobody knows, least of all me.. Howie & Janelle are talking about 296 and Michael's coaster.. Janelle proves once again why the other girls hate her as she looks like she floated off a calendar - Howie's almost immune to it now

Jennifer bitches about Howie and The Case of the Stolen Panties, not winning any points with her current employers or her teamies.. Maggie & Ivette whisper about the present? the future? There's speculation that Ivette won the veto but maybe not.. I don't know what April's doing, she's just there
Jennifer: I don't know why the producers don't just grow up and say 'We saw it, we know he did it' and do something about it
Ivette: Give me your word that you'll vote for Beau against her
Maggie: That action alone..
I don't catch the rest, but the tone is 'after that, I wouldn't give anything to Jennifer'

A bigger lie than Jennifer's

The fishies came Friday morning and swam all day - they'll keep swimming until Saturday night - "Be right back!" is a crock of fishie poop

CBS knows a chunk of their audience went out the door with Kaysar, so in the dumbest move since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's vault on live tv, they've withheld the feeds until after Saturday's show (taped today) presumably to maintain secrecy of who got evicted and who got the next HOH to make sure everyone watches the show

Only a few hours earlier Julie was doing her usual spiel "See what happens live inside the house 24/7" - yeah right.. all they're doing is alienating even more of their fans with this scheme, and ensuring that monthly subscribers don't bother to sign up for the all-important third month of feeds

They're also keeping valuable info from us about today's veto and whatever whisperings are going on with the new HOH - whoever that may be - which means they'll be able to skew the next few episodes however the hell they want and nobody will know what's true and what's not anymore.. the eejits in charge don't realize everyone watches the show anyway - all they're doing is pissing off their loyal & paying customers (generally not a good business practice)
In a quick flash of feeds around 7pm BB time it looks like Jennifer's gone.. they were very quiet and sniffly, and dressed up as if for "live" show - see the video
Scroll down and click Free - next page scroll down & wait for download link
You might need DivX if you get only audio

Ivette whispers to Maggie, April, Beau - they say "ok".. somebody says "her picture changed"..Ivette goes to James and says "I'm sure Sarah's happy she's gone" then brings the first aid box over to him.. WTF??!!

Thanks to whoever let this slip through - hope you don't lose your job over it

I'm giving up on this episode as there's going to be a lot to catch up on when the feeds return.. CBS likes to punish those of us in the west even more by bringing the feeds back when the show ends in the east, so out here we have to miss an hour of (often pivotal) feeds to watch the show or vice versa, or try to do both simultaneously.. it's a hard knocks life

site slowdown continues improving - refresh works eventually and right-click/show picture brings up any missing ones.. sorry for the inconvenience, blame the eejits who unleashed the worm this week onto stops between you and the Hamsterwatch server


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TV10 please come back to us

Thursday's show won its timeslot over football, Jackie Chan, and sitcoms (but 'CSI' and 'Without a Trace' that followed had a lot more viewers)

FEEDS ARE OFF UNTIL AFTER SATURDAY'S SHOW - Veto, eviction and HOH likely all happened today and will air on a faux 'live' show tomorrow

It boggles the mind how many people are falling for the Jedi charity site: how pissed off do you think Kaysar will be when he finds out about that? Not to mention the fact that it's most likely a scam that people are falling for right & left.. WAIT TO HEAR IT'S ENDORSED before you send off your money.. better yet, if you just have to give it away, send it to me

Special mirror-face edition: reason enough why nobody should go on this show.. ratings remain day-old for now

Thursday's show was packed. For the skewed view: Howie was portrayed as not having any reason to go after April but it was funny to hear her endless 'I don't care!' - I counted 8 times on the show. And as funny as Janelle's cracks to the other side were, there's still little indication from CBS of the amount of bile & hatred they continuously spew or the lies they concoct. It was sweet of them to air April calling Janelle a slut - all week she's been spelling that word out saying she'd get fired for saying such things.. but April can't go two minutes without saying fuck'n this, fuck'n that and mofo everything else so that was fitting. The Beau-Janelle fight (withheld from the feeds) showed they were clearly laughing throughout but as I predicted, they didn't show him puking all night afterward. Ivette and James seem to be the editors' wonderkids who can do no wrong, but to their credit they didn't let Jennifer off easy: all of America knows now that she's a lying cow who couldn't even justify her lies to Julie without sounding like an eejit.

She's not even nominated but she might be within a few hours so her typical pre-nom panic is setting in early. She volunteered to go up on the block if the veto's used but we know how things turned out last time she volunteered to go up.. yikes! She's bad mouthing everyone in town and it's a wonder she can keep straight who she's talking about with who she's talking to since it's the same small, rotating cast of characters. She's parannoying and falling apart before our eyes, and nobody minds. Normally I get a little compassion for them when they break down but not in her case.. she's that horrid.

(Howie's term - it fits)
He's within an inch of possibly being nominated for the first time tomorrow simply due to the lack of other applicants so he almost acted like he was paying attention tonight during his team's many panic meetings. But he won't go up: there are always better targets. He's good for many more weeks, and an unlikely, unearned #2 final position a la Cowboy looks more likely every day.

Enthusiasm, thy name is Howie. He couldn't contain his joy for Janelle's win tonight on live tv and it was great to see instead of the usual dull, obedient children following instructions. He gets to sleep in HOH again, but let's hope he can pull it out tomorrow or it'll be just a one night stand and tomorrow he'll be packing. It's bad enough losing one-third of overnighters' funsome trio - I think we'd have to pack it in and turn into daytimers if Howie left.

She's obviously the one in charge of the coven and even Maggie's starting to realize it, finally. She ran all over tonight and covered her bases well, and even let Jennifer & April each make further fools of themselves by trying to cover their guilt over the Evict Ivette Plan yet again, but Ivette's on to them both. She's obviously teacher's pet for the air show, and it's no wonder with her truthful lines like 'We look like a fucking trainwreck' to April's denial that their side's falling apart, and 'No drunk wants to hear the truth about themselves' about Beau. But she's still a scheming low-down nasty player and nasty person who seems to find joy in making up pointless lies about others and spreading them far & wide.

The guy that the whole house hates and tried to get rid of week after week is sitting prettiest of any of them now and he knows it. Their cumulative short & selective memories continue to work in his favor, and with the feuding between the sides he's very likely to go all the way. He wasted no time getting friendly with Janelle & Howie again after her HOH win, surprising absolutely no one, but it was very pleasant surprise to see him acting like an eejit yukking it up in Diary tonight. To his credit, he finally gave credit to Kaysar as a player, but I'm still not buying his new saintly persona.

(yet to be caught in today's mirror)
Janey's got a gun and the crones of the coven are running scared. They hate her so much they aren't even bothering to suck up this time, which is just as well - she wouldn't fall for it anyway. After losing Ashlea, Michael, and Kaysar twice, being nominated more times than James, and still being the most even-tempered of them all by far, she deserves a moment of glory.. but that's all she's gonna get, it's a one night stand in the cooshy private room unless Howie can pull out the stops tomorrow. The 'nothing personal' cows wouldn't even come to her room debut to see her pictures and goodies: that's how freaking petty they are. Go Janey!

CBS and Julie finally took care of one for us by outting her as the lying low-life scum she is - several times! She could have answered Julie's questions with 'I did what I had to for April & me to get further' or 'We had to get rid of Kaysar cuz he's such a strong player' but noooooo she danced around herself saying she 'couldn't trust him after what happened last week.' Hello? Last week she tried to get everyone to evict her teamie Ivette and then blamed Howie & Janelle for it, and everyone voted out Sarah as planned anyway! Maybe she didn't like her endurance glory being pointed out as a gift (several times) but the icing on the cake was her good-bye to Kaysar ' me that's not lying, I ended up breaking my word.' Nuff said! Good to see her packing tonight.. and good to see her panicking about sequester in Mexico (afraid she'll get diarrhea) and about how 'this show might affect the rest of my life'.. you don't know the half of it Jennifer. BB had it right when they played Garbage's 'Stupid Girl' for her wake-up dedication the other day. Throwing the HOH key out of Janelle's reach was beyond despicable and hateful - it was just plain mean and childish - and after Howie made such a big deal of her HOH last week too, carrying her inside even! What a shit she is.

Even as she knows her team is splintering and preparing her back for the fatal knife, she continues to excuse her own behavior and keep pretending she's righteous Saint Goody-Goody. I think Maggie may have realized in the last few days that she hitched her wagon to the wrong stars and that she may have done better with the other crowd: she could have been more like the person she thinks she is and not had to suffer the weeks of 24/7 bile from the crones.. even Eric would have forgiven her if she'd come home a winner or runner-up instead of just another foul-mouthed sore loser. Oh well, she made her choice and stuck with it through all the cussing, anal sex how-to lessons, bitter pettiness, jealousy, and everlasting hatred - and she joined in.. now we all know what she's made of.

(yet to be caught in today's mirror)
Other than mouthing off at Howie after the HOH comp and giving Janelle an obligatory hug that didn't look altogether genuine, I didn't see much of her at all on the feeds, other than the now requisite tete-a-tete with James so she remains neutralized.


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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