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hamster8/27/05 - Day 56 - contains nudity

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Purple power of veto

In yet another miracle, April won the veto.. James didn't play.. keys are involved, and carpets and mud

There are oversize cardboard veto props all over.. Howie got a purple one that he flaunts around all day in typical Howie style.. Janelle opened the second safe and got a trip to the Bahamas

Subtlety remains the order of the day in HOH with ongoing attacks veiled as compliments and pots endlessly calling kettles black.. it isn't pretty
Maggie: You're done April, you've won everything! You won the HOH and the veto, and also the $3,000
April (about Ivette): She can't take a joke, I can joke with everyone else but her, she takes it personal! It's not my fault she doesn't have pictures
April (about James): When you play dirty, you make it evident you're playing dirty
April: I just know he's gonna go around saying bad stuff about me when I put him up

In the pimp room, James rehearses for Julie.. Beau's in there for some reason.. April peeks in to fetch him back home again
James: My speech from the chair is gonna be 'I had a good time.. I can't believe it took you idiots 9 weeks to get rid of me'

In short, today is a lot of Ivette working Maggie to go against April and Janelle, Ivette subtly trying to get them to evict Janelle instead of James, Ivette & April each working the other to tell James he's being sent out the backdoor (even though he obviously knows), and April & Maggie trashing Ivette every time she leaves the room.. as usual, Beau's just there

Mid-season lull has set in and they all sleep a lot more now

Howie doesn't need much sleep.. he rattles around awhile and then starts unpacking (even though he's nominated again).. he comes across some red undies and says "Thanks Jenn Jenn" happily, not guiltily as if he'd stolen them, as she claimed.. anyway the big stink she made was about a black thong
It's handy having these pages to refer back to such things.. I believe Howie had some of hers that she'd thrown out and/or given him.. I thought the stolen thong sounded like a story at the time, Jennifer trying to look like the victim again and somebody else as evil.. she was cussing out the producers for not 'doing something about it' just before the fishies took over for a day & a half

Beau can't sleep so he roams with Howie awhile.. Howie says the box in the backyard would be a good place to jerk it - no cameras, no lights - he checks to see if he fits, yep! He says he'll do it tonight.. he tells Beau he won't make a mess - he uses condoms anyway to "make it seem more like the real thing"

James & Ivette have lots of convos over chess, over food.. he suspected he was being shipped out but it became clear when he was the only one not playing veto.. I don't think anyone's confirmed it for him including Ivette.. but lots of things do come out and he trashes Howie & Janelle a lot
James: According to them (Howie/Janelle), it was all April & Jennifer's idea to backdoor you that week
Ivette: What I'm starting to see is how hungry everyone is for the money
James: See, that's what I like about you guys, you all talk about your families and stuff.. they're back there saying what they want to use the money for
James: You should hear them back there trashing April
James: At least with me you don't see me kissing up to the HOH each week

James breaks a glass and cuts his hand, not badly but in several places.. Ivette sweeps it up
They sure break a lot of glasses every year - why don't they give them plastic ones?

It's a good thing he isn't badly injured cuz Nurse Maggie is busy having a towel snapping party with Beau, that soon leads to a bathroom wrestling match
They're swinging all over the bathroom, playing rough and screaming really loud.. Beau gives her a couple good butt-thwacks.. the fishies finally come, presumably for Big Brother to tell them to cool it.. afterward Maggie steps on a piece of broken glass that goes through her slipper.. she's pissed

Maggie & April bitch about Ivette & James over cookies topped with M&Ms.. Ivette gets mopey and James comforts her, kinda.. he suggests she mention to April & Maggie everything Janelle's won as much as she can so maybe they'll decide to vote her out after all
April: She (Ivette) tells you she doesn't like me, doesn't she? That I annoy?
April: She treats us all like fucking kids, but when she wants to be a kid it's ok.. when she does something wrong it's ok
April: I can't believe he says he wants a picture of Sarah, I mean come on, he's got some!
Maggie: He's only been without her what, three weeks?

O look, it's Beau

The HOH crowd prepares to settle down for another hatefest but Beau's missing.. "He's in the shower".. April goes to get him and starts screaming for Maggie & Ivette to come see his now-famous chocolate peepee again.. he says "no no" but then flashes his towel open real quick

I'm quick too.. if they're gonna do it, I'm gonna post it - most of this team seems to think the cameras are only on during comps and Thursdays With Julie.. they should have read their contracts.. (Beau's full monty is name-tagged cuz people always steal the nekkies)

They all think it's hysterical.. Maggie says it's like a baby's arm.. later she says it's no big deal, she sees them all the time

Then it begins: James is horrible, Janelle's horrible, Howie's almost horrible.. Ivette keeps whining about no money, no pictures, no prizes and keeps trying to shift the eviction from James to Janelle.. they all deflect everything onto each other

April tries to shift her HOH responsibility but Ivette's not taking it on.. they get snippy with each other more than once.. Maggie stares at the tv screen and bashes both James & Janelle but stays out of the April/Ivette conflicts as usual.. Beau's just there as usual
Ivette: Considering the number of times he & Janelle have both been up there..
April: We never wanted her out!
Maggie: She was never our target, she was always a pawn
Ivette: She was so relaxed today at the competition
April: That's cuz I told her.. we told her she was safe
April: I think the money needs to be mentioned the least number of times as possible
Ivette: The ones in the shittiest position are Beau & I, we really have to fight for the HOH
Maggie: We've all been there!
(April farts)
Maggie: Give me a fucking plastic bag to put over my head!
Ivette: All that kissing Beau stuff with Howie
Maggie: That was Beau!
April: That was Beau always starting that!
(Ivette gets snippy at something they say)
April: You don't have to raise your voice at me!
(Maggie says she brings her mic into the bathroom with her all the time and laughs at BB hearing everything)
Ivette: Why not at least allow him (James) to go home with..
April: He won't ask me! I said I'd tell him if he asked me! (about the backdoor)
April: But I want us all to support one another saying it was a group decision.. I don't want this all to be thrown on me!
April: Cuz if it's just me, then I need to rethink my decision.. if it's all of us, then I'm happy with that decision
Basically they're still going to kick out James.. Ivette's chipping away and getting them to think about Janelle some but whenever she makes a little headway she says something that digs herself a new hole and April/Maggie go back to James - it's ridiculous - none of them want to take any responsibility for evicting anyone but at the same time they keep patting themselves on the back for ridding the house of the monsters.. the hypocrisy is sickening as they bash James, Janelle & Howie equally and then complain that those three are always lying and always talking trash about them

Ivette, please come to the Diary Room

They work themselves into a hateful frenzy and send Ivette out to spy on the others in the kitchen, like they do.. she's only out there a couple minutes when Big Brother calls her to Diary.. Maggie & April freak out "She can't - she's hiding!" and go out to the balcony for distraction so Ivette can get back inside.. it's hilarious and makes feedsters everywhere happy

See the video also has Maggie & April trashing Ivette even as she's doing their bidding

Howie entertains the balcony with his Purple Power of Veto til Ivette comes back from Diary.. she backs her butt into him - sexual gags seem seem to be the only way she can relate to him - he gives her a hug good night anyway, and Beau too

The coven cozies down to talk about charity and poverty before sleep.. April wonders where do runaway teens end up anyway, and Maggie tells about drug addicts coming to her hospital, being locked into a room, then being selfish & demanding and calling the staff names.. they both seem to have a "it's their own fault" attitude toward those who've fallen below whatever they consider acceptable social guidelines
April wishes a house fire on Janelle if she wins the cash and digs in her nose in the dark for 10 or 15 minutes solid, oblivious to the night vision cameras on her as usual
Ivette goes into a long sad story about her mother's gambling addiction, having to pay some of her debts, and other things that are nobody's business outside her family
Maggie: If you're giving her money, you're just enabling her
Ivette: I really do love her
Maggie: Your poor father, having to support that on top of the family
April: Well she did something right - look how you turned out!

It's all too sad, in more ways than I can count


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TV10 please come back to us

Next week will likely have two evictions

Hamsterwatch sends best wishes to Chicken George & his family.. and also to everyone in Katrina's path

No Saturday show so Thursday's stands but reduced to a single negative for calling Ivette to Diary while she was spying.

It's criminal what they keep showing, knowing how many thousands of us know it's wrong. We had Janelle (captioned) again 'Give me that key bitch' but once again we did not see Jennifer throwing the key away. We had several references to Howie's Busto rant even though April's confessed knowing about it ahead of time, and even though they've long made up - they even laugh about it now. Julie even said 'Howie's behavior last week angered Maggie' (when was this??) and she brought it up again with Rachel 'Howie caused some problems in the house last week' - the only problems were April's over the hubby & doggie and they were fleeting. Maggie sat that one out too. We still don't see a hint that April or Maggie are anything but angelic but we hear lots of bad stuff said about them by Howie & Janelle (and it's minor compared to what the Fiendship says constantly). We had five - count'em FIVE! references to 'The Friendship' while the other guys were tagged a made up on the spot 'Sovereign Two'. We didn't even get a whiff of Ivette's intensive rant about Rachel at the hot tub the other night - which was entirely unprovoked but completely sanctioned by her teamies who not only stayed and listened, but laughed the whole time. We did get a hateful good-bye to Rachel from Ivette.. but it seemed like it may have been her farewell to Howie from the key words 'your behavior' but we'll never know. Janelle got one over on them though by saying (live) she'd like to see friends & family in MN most of all, even though CBS seemed to have edited in 'I'd love to talk to Michael' from a convo unrelated to America's Choice. What CBS is doing here is unfathomable and it disgusts me more than all the hate spewed by the coven. The jury will see the air shows with the nasty Maggie, slippery James, and unbalanced April as the righteous, noble people they all say they are. Former teacher's pet Ivette's done something to piss them off though: she's coming across just a bit truer to character lately.. finally.

I have to hand it to her for winning back to back HOH & veto, and for sticking to her plan to boot James despite heavy pressure from Ivette. She'd get solid ups except that she's so annoying and nasty, and she can't bring herself to tell James what to expect even though there's no reason not to. She's still more afraid of anyone talking bad about her than anything else, but talking bad about anyone else seems to be all she can do when they're not present. She's playing awfully hard for someone who doesn't care about the money, but she bought herself some real bad Karma Electra when she said if (her supposed friend) Janelle wins the money & puts it into her house, she hopes it burns down. The woman is not only a coward, she's also just plain evil.

Up to neutral for his full monty but only cuz we're short on humiliating keepsakes of this horrendous group of people.. we got one now. I don't particularly like or dislike him much - he's just there - but he's guilty by association and his loyalty to Ivette & the other coven members. He's just riding their coattails to the end and seems blind to anything wrong with their nasty behavior as he wears his Jesus shirt. He's the type the phrase 'Jesus, save me from your followers' was created for.

It doesn't take much to earn ups these days: Howie's gone to low energy/low fun lately but he did have a couple rallies when he talked to himself unpacking his stuff (which he'll only have to repack again in a couple days) and for his plans to 'jerk in the box' tonight. Unfortunately he didn't carry through with that, but you have to wonder why someone as sexually open as him doesn't just do it under covers? He's still trying to be the fun guy with his Purple Veto but he's going to have to step it back up a bit or he'll drop to neutral any minute now.

She's whining cuz she hasn't won anything like that's everyone else's fault, and she's mopey cuz her secondary teamie James is getting the boot. She constantly says the nastiest things about everyone in there for no reason other than to make herself feel better. I think she's played the game brilliantly up til now and she'd be a shoe-in for the win if she didn't have such a vicious nature or if she didn't spread it around so eagerly all the time. Personally I think there's a fine line between integrity and lying for the game's sake and she's so far over that line she's into the next state. She went on a diatribe tonight to her roomies about her gambling addicted mother - why? Another pity party for poor Ivette? Who knows, but it was not the kind of thing that she needed to share with anyone, let alone all of us.

New fans who thought he was 100% Jedi again learned otherwise today as he once again bounced back to trashing them and spreading stories that cast them as the villains he painted the coven as last week. He told Ivette that Howie & Janelle told him it was April & Jennifer's idea to evict her that week: technically true maybe, but he knows the full truth and only told her the part that would make her hate Howie & Janelle more than her own guilty teamies. He's been doing stuff like that since April won HOH and even though there's still a squeak of a chance he'll come through this one alive, it's seriously doubtful. If he hadn't been so nasty early on he might have done a lot better but as it is, he dug his own hole and now he's going to be buried in it by April of all people, the same April he threatened he'd make 'cry like a little girl'. It's James who's crying now, but he tends to do that every week about this time. I hope they get him gone this time cuz he's the most boring of a very boring bunch.

I didn't see her much today cuz I was mostly watching the ones who want to both keep her and get her out. She keeps being nominated and not doing much about it, and it keeps working for her even though they talk nonstop about how much they hate her. She's the star of the show without a doubt - at least the feeds - CBS better step it up and feature her more positive traits & personality than they have been or nobody's going to watch the rest of the show. They've got gold with her and they don't even realize it - what's up with that? Hopefully she won't have another 24 hour HOH that's all but ignored by production, but even if she does she'll get rid of another one of those cows for us.

A hypocrite for the ages, she never takes a stand unless it's safe; never acknowledges conflict even as it's ripping her own team to shreds; and she's more than eager to believe the worst about anything without bothering to find out what's true and what's not. That's all fine - it works for Beau - but she keeps spouting what a great person she is and it's just not so. She claims to hate cussing & sex talk & trash talk but she's right in there doing all of them all the time. If she'd get her nose out of the air once in awhile she might be able to see where she's headed but as it is, she can't even see how she's surrounded herself by negativity and how much she endorses it. She's already older than her years, and that can only continue.. constant negativity will do that to a person. I resent her & her team for making me feel so negative about them; there's so much hatred for her on BB boards & chats it's hard to even deal with sometimes.


Half of the oddest pairing since Oscar & Felix, she did her best but went to bed too early to make it all happen. She's not the most fun hamster by a long shot, but she's one of the most decent and I wish her well.


She wanted to 'stir up the house like Kaysar did' but instead she stirred up everyone with a whopper of a lie to America's Choice, and she took out his partner with a huge lie of omission. So long Jenn and remember, roses really smell like poo poo.


America's Choice by 82% (at least) but he was out 4th and 6th. He turned the game on its ear, took out an emperor, and fell for Janelle overnights but was taken out by the cheerleader who took out his partner because she cried. He's a class act and did it all with brains, humor and integrity.


She was too young & too naive to be in there but held up well considering she played with the boyfriend from hell. I'm glad she got out early and alive.


Maybe the poorest loser in BB history but he gave us the best fight sequence. He said it nonstop but he never understood that 'it's just a game'.


Not blameless but not the villain they made him out to be either. He had funny voices, 'The Continental' and Janelle - plus the best hoax of the season.


There's never much to say about the first out except they're gone. She blabbed too much so she wouldn't have lasted long but she was fun while she was there.

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