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June 2018

Power Status

HOH, nominations, veto, Have-not info will be updated here as events occur

I got word that no vets moved in with our 16 on the first night, and punishments were handed out early including isolation for one or more?; and @realvegas4sure (whose spoilers have been accurate in the past) reported Tyler is the first HOH, and Sam and Steve were nominated (via comp loss)

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Thursday 6/28 9pm - Premiere part 2
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The June 27 premiere will include three competitions, not including HOH, that promise "game-changing power and two unprecedented punishments." There will also be a room this season (likely the spare Paris/Den upstairs) designated the BB App Store, where "America will get a chance to get the houseguests trending in order to award them powers or punishments." The App Store twist will have its TV debut on Sunday, July 1.

Allison Grodner confirmed no vets with EW, and explained a bit how the BB App Store will work.

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June 25, 2018

Hamsterwatch All-Stars, 2nd Edition

I'm pleased to present the second installment of Hamsterwatchers and Big Brother fans who are well-known outside of BB circles with their early thoughts about our new cast and season. We've got four veterans back for their second season with us (and that's a good thing, in this case!), and five new rookies have joined them this year.


l to r, top row: Chrishell Hartley, Matt Iseman, Dana Swearingen (and friend), Andy Dehnart
bottom row: Donathan Hurley, Matthew & Benjamin Royer, Raph Korine, Jason Cochran

Let's start with introductions

Chrishell Hartley: Hey! Some of you may know me from your daytime viewing habits. People always ask me if we know each other so that usually means I either have one of those faces or they have seen a few soap operas on their lunch breaks. I have been on All My Children, Days of Our Lives, and The Young and the Restless. Chrishell Stause then, but Hartley now (I married one of the hunks from This Is Us).

Matt Iseman: I'm host of American Ninja Warrior and winner of the New Celebrity Apprentice.

Dana Swearingen: Hey Hey! Most Big Brother fans know me from my press interviews. I started interviewing in season 15 while working at KFROG Radio. I've since left KFROG and work for a nationally syndicated country program called The Big Time With Whitney Allen, where I still do Big Brother press! CBS has cut down on press day, but you can typically catch me at the BB Finale. I also love to tweet along during the show.

Andy Dehnart: I've been writing about reality TV on for the past 18 years, and watching since The Real World. You may also know me as the journalist who published the Big Brother cast contract and wrote about what it smells like inside the Big Brother house, thanks to a tour I took with other TV critics a while back.

Donathan Hurley: Hello Big Brother fans! My name is Donathan Hurley and most people remember me from Survivor's 36th season titled Survivor: Ghost Island. I was a finalist and made it to 5th place!

Matthew & Benjamin Royer: Hi we're Benjamin and Matthew Royer, and you may know us from Best Friends Whenever on Disney Channel, 100 Things To Do Before High School on Nickelodeon, Back In The Game on ABC, and our YouTube Channel Twinger Talk.

Raph Korine: My name's Raph and in the Big Brother World people will know me for being the runner-up of Big Brother 18 UK!

Jason Cochran: I'm the kind of guy that everyone always asks, “Have I met you before?” And maybe you have. For a few seasons, I hosted the after-show for ABC's Shark Tank on AOL, where I was also a video host, and before that I was on staff at Entertainment Weekly. These days I host a call-in radio show about travel on WABC in New York City and I'm Editor-in-Chief of the site for the famous travel guide publisher Frommer's, where I also write books.

How long have you been watching Big Brother, and do you watch the CBS shows, the feeds, After Dark, or a combination?

Chrishell: I have been watching Big Brother since the Will and Boogie days so I go pretty far back. If a season is fantastic, I will watch feeds but otherwise I just keep track through the Hamsterwatch twitter account.

Matt: I'm a BB Live Feeder who came to it in season 14. Seeing Dan Gheesling's funeral move made me a fan for life, but I still think Derrick Levasseur is the most dominant player I've ever seen (with respect to Evel Dick as I still have to go back and watch those seasons ;). Very excited about this cast and this season because I have a whole new appreciation for the houseguests after being a contestant on Apprentice myself... it is so much easier watching than doing. But that's why I love watching BB. And love trolling people to convince them that I WILL be on Celeb Big Brother!!! But that's another story...

Dana: Since season one when Eddie hopped out that door! I've been hooked since the beginning. I call myself a lazy super fan, because there's no way I could tell you who won season 6, week 7 POV (OK I had looked it up, it was Janelle!) I used to follow the live feeds via Twitter thanks to of course Hamsterwatch, but after I started coverage, I watched live feeds and now that's it, I'm addicted.

Andy: I've watched since the very beginning, back when the house was a series of trailers in a parking lot; Chicken George was a star; Dr. Drew gave commentary; and I spent all day at work watching the live feeds. Today, I don't watch Big Brother as consistently as I used to. Instead, I've settled into a pattern where I start each season watching the CBS shows; even if I give up on the TV show, I keep following what's happening on the live feeds all season long.

Donathan: I may be known as a Survivor superfan and castaway, but I absolutely love and am a superfan of Big Brother as well! I have been watching casually (with Showtime After Dark airings in the earlier years) throughout seasons 1-14, started watching feeds season 15, and have continued so ever since! I have watched every aired episode, and even had a updater twitter which reached over 1,000 followers (D's Big Brother Now). I absolutely adore my Survivor, but Big Brother has been on these eyes for about the same amount of time and I have so much love for the game!

Matthew & Benjamin: We've been watching BB since BB18, but we since have watched every season, watch the feeds and After Dark. We also watch Survivor religiously since Blood vs Water 1.

Raph: Yes! So whilst I did take part in BBUK I've also seen almost every BBUS season and every BBCAN season so am very familiar with the North American format as well! I first started watching in BB10 because Dan Gheesling was my absolute favourite and since then went back and watched BB4-BB9 and watched BB11 onwards live, with the live feeds too :)

Jason: I've been on board since Season One, Day One. Me and Ross Mathews. I even remember the original co-host, Ian O'Malley, who looked utterly confused to be there. I've also been a feeds watcher since Day One, when we could actually watch the evicted hamsters leave the house live on the feeds a minute after we saw it happen on our TVs. More accurately, often I'm a feeds listener, since I have them on like a radio all summer the way college professors use NPR. I don't bother with After Dark unless someone on Twitter notices it's showing an angle that's not on the feeds - I hate its commercials and I hate censorship. AppleTV is the best thing to ever happen to the feeds, but timeouts are one of the worst.

What are your general thoughts about the new cast as a whole, and are there any stand-outs you're looking forward to? Any you're dreading?

Chrishell: As a whole I do wish they would go back to the days of being more diverse in age because it just makes it more interesting to me socially. And if we are speaking of stand-outs we have to mention JC first for oh so many reasons! I have seen ALOT of him, but I love it! He will be so fun to watch. Rachel is another early favorite of mine. She already has a great BB name and I saw some Vine compilation of hers that was pretty hilarious. I think she will also be a smart player. Bayleigh seems like a firecracker which may not be great for the game, but it is great for tv! Kaitlyn and Tyler get the nod for likely to annoy me the quickest.

Matt I: STEVE ARIENTA - Steve strikes me as a cross between Glenn from the Boogie-Down Bronx and, in my mind, one of the greatest ever to play the game, Derrick Levasseur. Unfortunately for Steve, I think he'll be a little more Glenn. He's younger and has a strong athletic background.

SAM BLEDSOE - Really like Sam & her down home charm. She talks about laying low but then says she's going for the first HOH??? I think she's been hitting the moonshine a bit hard. As a welder, she could be physically stronger than she appears, but I fear that she may be way too confident in her ability to seamlessly manipulate people and that, along with coming out hot for the comps, could send her packing early.

HALEIGH BROUCHER - I love when a 21yr old college student talks about her expertise in psychology as her greatest strength in manipulating the other house guests. One class does not turn you into Derrick or Dan... but, she seems a bit chill and could coast along like Nicole... but, I think she could be courted for many a showmance.

KAYCEE CLARK - I love that we finally got a pro football player in the house... but one who doesn't like having people talk behind your back and be shady??? Ooof. I don't think she's watched this show before because THAT'S ALL IT IS AND THAT'S WHY WE LOVE IT. Also, she liked a Calafiore brother and it wasn't the good one. Kaycee may find out she has plenty of time for off season workouts.

TYLER CRISPEN - Wow, he looks like a soap opera version of Frank from BB 14 & 18... alas, Frank's futures were trending downward. I see him getting some good showmance efforts and tons of pool time and having the best confused look on his face when he gets blindsided week 4.

BAYLEIGH DAYTON - She's a flight attendant, so all I can think about is Amanda in #BB15 giving her flight safety talk. I'm glad she likes Donny because he was a sweetheart, but I don't know why you choose nice people when Big Brother isn't about BEING NICE, it's about WINNING.

KAITLYN HERMAN - How can you be a LIFE coach at age 24??? Anyone who thinks they know about life at that age and thinks that they'll rely on "messages from my guides" to get them through the house is going to go very far in the game because no one will see her as a threat whatsoever. I mean, I could easily see people trying to get her to Final 2 and I am not even kidding. Perhaps I am her spirit guide???

WINSTON HINES - He seems like a little bit of a cipher... and a bit incongruous: lives in isolation, loves being alone, but he loves Paul Abrahamian and the idea of screwing with people??? Hard to get a read on Winston... but I have a feeling, Pall Malls will have a better shot of getting $500K than Winston.

ANGIE LANTRY - I love her Harry Caray glasses and the fact that her nickname is "Rockstar." Of course, she likes Joey and Frankie... but, as she describes her strategy, she seems the most sensible. Of course, as the great BB pundit and boxer Mike Tyson once said, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face during the first eviction.

JC MOUNDUIX - This guy has potential to be the most entertaining person (intentionally or otherwise) ever to enter the house. A 4'8" Spanish Dancer born in Cuba??? I'm going to be singing Elton John every time he's on screen. He's like a pocket sized Ricky Ricardo. I'm calling him Tinigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to be EVICTED! He's a total wild card, could be a comp beast and totally overlooked (pardon the pun) as a player.

BRETT ROBINSON - I like his vibe and he seems bright, so going in playing dumb is smart. But, I think the cyber security engineer may be prone to overconfidence in his ability to read the others... he thinks he Neo, but I didn't see the Oracle give him a cookie.

ANGELA RUMMANS - Fitness model who wants to style her game after Rachel Reilly? Boom. Sold. She could be a threat if she knows how to lean on the southern charm and save the competitive beastmode for just when it's needed. Also, calling herself a "networking queen" is a red flag... don't play too hard and think you have to be the Queen Bee... people smell that out faster than Spencer's dirty beard (just kidding, Spence, I know you clean that crumb catcher, pal).

SCOTTIE SALTON - It's like Johnny Mac, the rockstar dentist, gave Andy Herren a makeover. His frisbee golf skills should strike fear into the heart of every other houseguest. As should the fact that he lists Evel Dick as his favorite player. As should the fact that he's a virgin who's never been kissed. I think he'll be a fun one to watch, especially because I think he's going in wildly over confident like some Miami Meatball and we know how that works out.

FAYSAL SHAFAAT - I may be a bit biased because he already competed on my show, American Ninja Warrior. Now, I hope he does better on #BB20 than he did on ANW where he went out in just under two minutes; otherwise, he'll be the new #BB14 Jodi. But, I'll be pulling for my ninja!

RACHEL SWINDLER - The most appropriate last name ever to play the game. Now, she says she's a Vegas entertainer and that covers a wide swath of possibilities, but she has a good strategy and the fact that her friends call her "Craychel" means she will likely be the thing we MOST love in our houseguests... a hot mess.

CHRIS WILLIAMS - Swaggy C? Swaggy C. He loves Paul and thinks Paul DESERVED a million dollars. Not sure about his math, but, if there's one thing we've learned about Big Brother in #BB18, #BB19 and #CelebBB it's that no one DESERVES anything. You don't win by "playing the best game," you win by winning... Marissa and the Meatball are living proof. Plus, you didn't like Derrick's game???? Wow, that's like saying you didn't like Steph Curry's game.

Dana: I like that it's half male, half female, but again, I could use some more diversity! I would have love to see more diversity in race and body image. I typically wait a week in with feeds to form opinions about HGs, but just based off bios and press day, I'm liking Winston and Rachel. Winston because he's not there for a showmance, twitter followers, or America's love, he's literally there to play. Rachel because she knows Marcellas' name! I want to hear more actual fans who talk about Danielle, Janelle, or Will and less about Derrick, Paul, or Nicole.

Andy: This cast seems — fine? Nothing overly exciting or distinctive for season 20, nor anyone who seems like a pre-season break-out star. Big Brother seems to have assembled its usual, familiar cast, from occupations (undercover detective Steve) to appearance (Tyler = Frank). And, of course, they're very young, as is typical for CBS reality shows now. In general, I love casting diversity, in age, experience, and background.

My concern is that a lot of them seem ignorant about the game and its history. I'm basing that on the brilliant questions THR's Brian Porreca asked — especially when he asked them if they knew who Dan was. (A+ to Brian for that question!) I don't want them to just repeat past players' strategies, but you also don't show up to a field and start playing without knowing what the game is and how it's been played before.

Donathan: I have good vibes from this cast reveal. I stay optimistic before the season about the new cast, because we are still in a period where we don't really know them. These videos are more "first impressions" and I have to say, there were a few that really impressed me! I really like Kaycee! From her interview, she seemed to be really relaxed, and seemed to have a great game plan ahead of her - if she sticks to it. I really like how she said she had a laid back personality but wasn't afraid to speak up if it was needed be. It's also a plus she has a history of sports - I can see her doing well in competitions - but she needs to not come out too strong too fast with her skills - I'd love to see her go far! I love that she is also LGBTQ! :) Another standout to me was Winston. Good 'ole Kentucky boy! (For those who don't know I am from Kentucky). He is very handsome! I really love that he isn't into social media when the theme apparently is surrounding just that! If he can keep the southern charm and stay low for the first part of the game, I can see Winston going far.

The "olders" - Steve and Sam - have my heart! I always love to see older people do well in a game mostly consisting of eye candy 20-somethings. Sam reminds me of people from my home place - they will have a ball with her if her personality shines in the house! And I'm sure Steve will have some good stories in the house to tell! It's interesting to hear of Brett's job and how he plans to use that in the house. If he could make that strategy work and make it to the end, I will be very impressed. I really don't have anything negative to say about any of them (yet lol), but I am interested to see how JC and Scottie will do in the house. Those two are going to be a hoot, and I am excited to see them on the feeds! In all, I hope this cast delivers! They all have screen presence, so hopefully they keep the feeds fun and exciting this Summer! I am so excited to watch their journey!

Matthew R: This is the most promising cast we've had in a while (if there aren't any vets), they all have different looks and personalities. Although there are a few houseguests who have the wrong intentions, it looks like there will be some early strategizing and scheming. My favorites in this cast are Faysal and Chris. Faysal seems like he has a strategy like Derrick (S16), he wants to have one or two people in front of him as his henchmen in the game. If he doesn't make them feel like they are doing his work, he could go far. Chris says he has a great memory, maybe that'll allow him to manipulate others in the house.

Benjamin: This cast has very interesting personalities, but the jury is out until they get into the house. There are some social butterflies, but there is also some people that could be much more quiet and lay back for most of the game. Early in to my assessment of the cast, two people that made me excited to see them play would be Kaycee and Brett. Kaycee is a pro football player and I could see her using a team strategy through a strong alliance. She also has a great social game plan that I think can help her impact the game. Brett has great potential for what he wants to do in the game. He could come across pretty cocky in the game. I'm still not sure what a "Cyber Security Engineer" does, but with how he explained it could help him if he told the truth about what his job does. Overall this seems like it could be a fun season.

Raph: My favourite is TYLER!! I actually auditioned for BBUS one time four years ago and Tyler was at the same casting call! We followed each other since then and it's so nice to see his dream has finally come true as well - I will definitely be rooting for Tyler this summer! However, in regards to the bios..

The girls: I really like Kaitlyn! She's Jewish, from Long Island and game-ready which I love. Angela seems cool as well, I'm loving how confident she is about the game. I like the casting of Kaycee as well but I have a feeling her weakness will be racking up comp wins too early.

The boys: Apart from Tyler, I like Scottie! He has giddy effervescent vibes and whilst he may be a bit hit-and-miss, he clearly knows a lot about the game, which is always useful. I also like Steve, I enjoy his voice and the way he communicates. Having said that, my winner's pick this year is 100% WINSTON! He doesn't want a showmance, he seems to understand the game well, has some good pre-season faves and I have really enjoyed his interviews so far!

The others make me want to fall asleep (Fatsal, Brett) or make me want to mute the TV (JC, Angie), or it's too early for me to judge them but I'm not really feeling them (Haleigh, Bayleigh, Chris).

Jason: My first reaction on seeing the 16 of them together was, “This looks like a group of understudies for past Houseguests.” Tell me that Tyler doesn't look like an amateur playing the role of Frank Eudy in summer stock, Angie Rockstar is who you hire when Jenn City is unavailable, or that (at least in her photo) Haleigh doesn't look like the bus-and-truck replacement casting for Nicole Franzel. Then again, my feelings kind of make sense since so many of them were apparently alternates at one time or another.

Whenever a new cast list is released, I always remember that day in the summer of 2005 when we first laid eyes on Janelle's photograph. Based on the pre-show profile many of us pegged her for some bimbo Clorox blonde golddigger. As we know, she was nothing remotely like that. It's so easy to be wrong about these people because CBS has steered us to a narrowly defined portrait. What's more, the pressures of the house completely upends personalities and best-laid plans. Even the most promising player can suddenly grasp for a game-wrecking showmance once the stress of the situation sets in (Austin, Shelli, Jessica - so much potential, but suicidal relationships).

Brett is giving me some BB18 Corey vibes, which is not a compliment. If there's one glaring casting flaw that CBS never fixes year after year, it's the presence of a few chiseled jocks who coast on their looks, bond primarily with the other jocks, and embarrass themselves trying to come up with clever alliance nicknames. Faysal is voted Most Likely to Self-Destruct in a Burst of Toxic Masculinity. Watch Steve try to fit in with the boys with abs and either wind up hitting the road fast (BB11 Casey, BB12 Andrew, the lamentable OTT Cornbread) or being kept around as a stooge a la BB14 Joe, BB13 Adam, or Chicken George. He can't seem to focus on one topic even in his Q&As. He's being set up to fail because he's such a sore thumb in this group, and that's a waste of diverse casting. BB10 had two middle-aged players, Renny and Jerry, and although they didn't get along, it made for a much more interesting dynamic and most people agree it was one of the best seasons we've had. Why hasn't the show done that again? It's frustrating.

I am also wary of anyone who announces that they're sassy. Bayleigh may have some tough sledding and be out pre-jury if she holds onto that for long. Which would bum me out. I hope her pageant experience can rein that in. This show badly needs some minority women in the finale but currently (and maybe it's just the posturing all the hamsters do as they come out of the casting process), she seems to be more about attitude than strategy.

However. However. By and large, I sense that this cast is not a bunch of jerks. The caliber of their thinking seems to be a little more powerful than we're used to seeing at this point, with a lot more sensitive social planning than they usually display right now. This doesn't seem like a batch who would put up with the kind of nonsense Evel Dick or BB19 Josh dished out. In fact, several of them claim they'd call out bullying or injustice if they see it. (We'll see how that actually works in the confines of the game.) Too often, this show casts overconfident loudmouths because they make good TV, but this time around, there's generally a note of restraint that could make for solid gameplay if groupthink doesn't set in. With the exception of JC and possibly Tyler, this crowd seems to be mostly aware of when they ought to keep their mouths shut.

Winston seems like he has the good sense to temper his competitive qualities with charm and dimples, and if he can keep his hormones in check he may not fall in the common BB trap of steamrolling others with ego, like Cody did (to his downfall). Swaggy C comes off as posing and pretentious in pre-interviews because of that awful name, but he has also hinted at hidden depths that I hope emerge instead. Kaycee seems like she's here to play - she talks a big game now, but given her background I think she'll be good at blending in when she needs to. Angela seems like the type to not register at first and then emerge in the second half of the game (strong endurance comp candidate), but I worry that ultimately she will pan out to be a B-list follower. Haleigh's personality so far has barely registered with me at all - she says she hates Victoria's game but she'd better bring some edge quick if she doesn't want to copy that fate. Rachel and Kaitlyn, who on first blush I like because they wear their intelligence proudly (I wish more Big Brother women did), might have the potential to connive brilliantly if - and it's a big if - they don't skeeve people out with their obvious people skills. When other Big Brother players feel like they're being masterminded, it can mean the axe, and that's doubly true this season because it follows Paul's relentless vetsplaining and puppeteering last year.

And finally, which of the many aspects of BB do you like most?

Chrishell: My favorite aspect of Big Brother is when the house is divided and the power shifts from week to week. Watching Paul dictate to a whole house did not make for a very interesting season once Jessica left. So I am hoping like everyone I'm sure, that we get a few leaders and gamers this summer. Most of them mentioned they want to lay low the first few weeks so I am hoping (even though it's not a bad game move) that they don't all stick to that. My favorite thing to watch is someone that comes in guns blazing with an enormous ego and then gets sent packing very shortly after.

Matt I: The thing I most love about BB is the true sociological experiment that we get to witness as the houseguests are literally trapped together for 3 months. It is amazing to me to watch the mind games play out, hyped up by the strange cocktail of utter boredom and total paranoia. It's incredible to watch alliances form and fold as players often launch themselves into unrecoverable spins. It gives me such joy to sit in my bed in the middle of the night watching the Live Feeds on my phone to see players scheming together in real time, not realizing that they're plotting their own demise. It is an incredible cocktail of endurance, strategy and human nature that gets me drunk every summer.

For me, Celebrity Apprentice was an absolute beast of a game that pushed me to my limits, but we weren't on camera 24/7. I don't think there's any way I'd ever set foot in the BB house. If only because I'd miss watching it all on the Feeds and tweeting about it with all the other Hamsterwatchers.

Dana: The commitment of the fans! Sometimes the fans truly make it more entertaining for me to watch the HGs. The way they find information about people, when they shout over the wall into the backyard, hilarious tweets, or fly planes over the house, they're crazy and I love it!

Andy: The best part of Big Brother for me, as a reality TV super fan and critic, is the ability to see inside the house, and see how that gets edited into television episodes. We have a window into the players' games and the TV production process, and no other show offers that. (Huge disclaimer: I'm not a feed-watcher, but rely on our awesome Hamsterwatch and others to keep me informed and let me know what I need to go back and watch.)

Plus, at its core, Big Brother is a fascinating game with a ton of potential thanks to confined spaces and lots of paranoia. I don't think the game needs a lot of twists, drama, or silliness to make it entertaining TV.

Donathan: There's many aspects of Big Brother that I love. One that I love more than anything now that I have been on an edited show, is the live feeds! It's cool knowing who is doing what, and what is happening in real time. It was thrilling to play Survivor live, but so much is missed out on because they only have an hour a week. So I appreciate, personally, getting to know what is going on in real time - and it's not that I didn't before, I just view it much differently now. Which is nice. I always loved the social aspect of Big Brother. It's fun watching great players work their magic with words and presence (example is Derrick from BB16). I admit that I had many BB players and their style of play in mind while playing Survivor - Danielle Reyes in particular. The feeds are definitely the best aspect for me, and I appreciate them for the "social game" study guide it provides! :)

Matthew R: My favorite aspects about Big Brother is the strategy that goes in to a winning game and the live feeds that allows us to follow what's going on 24/7.

Benjamin: Big Brother, in my opinion is a game based off social strategy. The ability to watch people play with these social strategies and advance the game throughout the years is really fun to watch. That's what I love about this show. That new ideas happen every season, and the game changes every year.

Raph: I think my favourite thing about Big Brother is what it teaches us every year about humans, group dynamics, manipulation, empathy and so much more. I also think that ultimately, the houseguests are the heart of Big Brother, so seeing the new cast and finding a favourite for that year is always something fun for me to do.

Jason: I like my hamsters human, with a solid streak of kindness, a minimum of arrogance, a tendency to tell good real-world stories, and a strong desire to play the game. On that level, and not a game level, I have the highest hopes for Sam (it seems like nearly everybody does) and for Scottie (who I admit runs the risk of becoming an acquired taste very quickly). Now that the casting process is over and they don't need to hammer home their “types,” Sam is hopefully done reminding everyone with every breath that she's from a small town and Scottie won't feel the need to hammer home that he's a nerdy klutz. They can just be themselves. As Janelle taught me all those years ago, it's a good feeling to have my preconceived notions about others shattered. That's when the real richness of Big Brother unfolds. It's a lot like real life that way.

People who only watch the broadcast show, who don't watch the feeds, don't realize how insanely complicated Big Brother is. Keeping track of it is tougher than doing calculus in your head. There's what players say, and then what they mean, and then there's the fact it changes hourly. Then you have to consider that words you're hearing may be lies (too many feeds watchers take what they say at face value). Then there's watching reality get bent into the CBS version. Finally, there's the psychological twisting that inevitably happens. Unless you're a prison warden, you've never had the opportunity to observe the human mind compacted under this kind of social stress. In Week One, notice that they're still talking about the outside world. But by Week Three, most of them can only relate to things that happened within those four walls, and the smallest event takes on massive significance. You watch people go insane, really, and the second they walk out the front door - and I mean the very second - you see it all lift off their shoulders. Even the muscles in their faces seem to ease by the time they reach Julie. It's utterly fascinating, and maybe a little bit cruel, but hey, they signed up for it.

One of the reasons I loved Big Brother 1 is the Housemates (that's what they called them then) had a genuine care for each other that was allowed to thrive because viewers, and not themselves, cast the votes to evict. It's a lot meaner now, but those bonds are still something I love about the game. I find it genuinely touching to think of how the lives of these people change the minute they exit the house. I have such strong memories of watching players struggle emotionally on my computer screen wishing I could tell them how many people on the outside world had now grown to care for them. When BB17 Steve sobbed alone, BB14 Ian agonized by himself in the hammock, and BB19 Kevin took arrows from his brainwashed houseguests - they felt alone but they weren't, and they just needed to hang on a little longer until they found their tribes. (Can you tell I tend to like the nerds more? In some ways, high school never ends.)

HUGE THANKS to my guests for participating in the second Hamsterwatch All-Stars edition! Be sure to follow them on Twitter as they'll be watching and tweeting #BB20 along with us:

Chrishell Hartley - Matt Iseman - Andy Dehnart - Dana Swearingen - Donathan Hurley
Benjamin Royer - Matthew Royer - Raph Korine - Jason Cochran

Daily and Noteworthy Events

Day 1 Wednesday 6/20 Move-in
They taped the premiere early in the day, with a few dozen alums along with a stunt audience. There were representatives "from every season" at the taping (but not OTT, other than Jason who also repped BB17, or celebs). No twists were revealed and they didn't start the HOH or supplementary comps, but no vets moved in with the 16 rookies, so that's something. One or more could come along later but nearly the entire fanbase is hoping not. Bayleigh was the first through the doors so unless she breaks the 28-season US/Canada streak, she won't be winning the season.

Day 5 Sunday June 24
Tyler nominated Sam and Steve (Day 5 per July 1 show)

Day 7 Tuesday June 26
Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston volunteered to be Have-not, and the fidget spinner room had been transformed into Have-not room (Day 7 per feeds)

Ratings - What Do We Have Here edition

Pre-season ratings are based on potential entertainment value
CBS bios, photos, social links for each are at Hamsterwatch Forum

Hooray for no vets! We haven't had a stuntcast-free season for years, and I just hope there are no surprises on that score. Whispers will be brutal this season, what with Angie/Angela, Kaycee/JC, Bayleigh/Haleigh, not to mention several starting off with two names each (Angie/Rockstar, Chris/Swaggy C, Faysal/Fessy). I'm not crazy about the BB App Store concept as it sounds similar to Care Packages and Den of Temptation, and prefer a plain old game of BB, especially one with no outside info or influence. I did like seeing the little parachutes drop in but anything more elaborate, like last year's Den, just means feeds blocks we don't need.

I may have missed something but I guess I don't really understand the decor theme: it's meant to be technology and Silicon Valley, yet most of it seems retro. I mean the living room is more Mad Men era, when 'Silicon Valley' was just plain ol' San Jose. But at least they didn't carry the avocado and harvest gold theme to the kitchen appliances. I do like the pink and blue mirror bedrooms, especially the prismatic-like blended colors where they meet. If they wanted a tech-themed house, they could have picked up some tips from Spaceship Odyssey of BB Canada 5, but BBCan's decor has always been way, way beyond superb. Both the rock wall and the rolly bar seem like injury tally items waiting to happen. The cast seems rather peculiar on the whole and I can't put my finger on why, especially because each one individually doesn't seem especially unusual for BB USA. Time will tell.

Bottom line, our annual summer guilty pleasure is back for another round, and I am ever hopeful for good feeds and a good season overall.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Angela Rummans - 26
Single - recruit (applied for BB17)
Playa Vista, CA - orig Hilton Head, SC
Fitness model

Both she and Angie have gone by both names at various times, so this is going to get tricky unless everyone in there and out here sticks with their designated nametags. With so many throwback 'types,' she seems the most familiar to me and I'm trying to stop thinking of her as Baby Christmas. Her athletic cred is legit, so she knows how to get into a competitive mindspace, which will help her during comps but might hurt her overall game if she doesn't temper it well socially. Her side business is creative paper-based keepsakes, so she might get crafty with Sam during downtimes. She's got Hilton Head in common with Tyler, and a Twitter account with her name showed location as Sam's teeny town of Stuarts Draft for awhile - I don't know. I think she's got a good shot to stick around quite a few weeks, if she doesn't end up in a cast.

Most Likely To intimidate some of the guys, and girls, just by showing up

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Angie 'Rockstar' Lantry - 35
In a relationship, 3 kids - applied
Columbia MD
Stay at home mom

See Angela re name assignments. Maybe Angie will go by Rockstar, but Johnny Mac has the dentistry and BB claims on that one. I want to think her intro look was about theater and being memorable, and that we'll see a variety of styles and looks for her as we go. She's into new age/crystals/sage like Kaitlyn, so they may have an instant bond about that - along with Steve potentially, since his wife literally wrote the book(s) on all that. But in addition to Angie's kooky/quirky/weirdo stylings, I think she seems pretty down to earth in fundamental ways, and that's a very good sign. She may bring her mom skills to the kitchen and cleaning supplies, and especially to the house kiddies, or she may let Steve play the parental role.

Most Likely To have a variety of colorful clothes, accessories, and hair

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Bayleigh Dayton - 25
Single - recruit
Atlanta GA - orig Lee's Summit MO
Flight attendant

She was first to enter on Day 1 so she's got a cursed streak of 28 seasons to break if she plans to win at the end. Between a successful pageant past and a flight attendant present, she's got a great shot to go far - on paper. Reality may prove otherwise, depending how much of her advertised feisty and sassy she actually brings. If she plays nice, like nearly all of them said they plan to do, she'll likely be just another vote until her turn comes around to sit in a nominee chair. But I'm hoping she does indeed mouth off here and there because that's obviously entertaining for us, and I hope she'll be popcorn-worthy about it. I think she'll be a fan favorite either way.

Most Likely To feature on the fights tally

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Brett Robinson - 25
Single - recruit
Charlestown MA - orig Oakdale CT
Cyber security engineer

Yes, we know he's a cyber security engineer, he doesn't have to mention it every other sentence. I really don't know what else to make of him though. He talks a lot about being loud and outrageous, but he didn't come across that way in anything I've seen. I hope he's more like he said he'd be and less how he seems to be (to me anyway), but until we see otherwise on feeds, he seems like just another relatively 'normal' bro-dude type. (Why do they always put in so many 'normal' guys while the girls they cast are nearly always unique and individualized via background, personality, or 'quirks'? Normal is highly overrated but balanced is nice.)

Most Likely To land in the Who? category, at least at first

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Chris 'Swaggy C' Williams - 23
Single - applied
Bridgeport CT
Day trader

I'm hoping he'll go by Chris because we already have enough name/whisper issues, and we don't need to add Swaggy C to JC and Kaycee in the whisper problem pot. He seems to have a good grasp of the game fundamentals and history, and a strategy that sounds pretty good, if a bit unrealistic to carry out as planned. While he says he's never watched feeds, he did say he follows my tweets to keep up with them. That should mean he knows not to make errors like say, peeing in the hot tub since I tend to highlight those along with the usual weekly events and factoids. He seems to have a big outgoing personality and you can't succeed at day trading without smarts and self-discipline, so I'm expecting good things from him.

Most Likely To play smarter than expected

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Faysal Shafaat - 26
Single - recruit (applied to Survivor)
Orlando FL
Substitute teacher

He's been on American Ninja Warrior, and he has a pre-season mugshot plus a public scolding from a photographer for being an 'unprofessional' model. He's also got a fitness app and I hope all that doesn't add up to him only being here for the sales opp. He said he refused the 2nd class status of being an alternate last year, yet he doesn't seem to blink about being told this year's finals would be April/May, then not getting the call til June. He's up to showmance and he's hinted his 'alpha male' may come out, so I'm hoping he's got something to differentiate him from the many bulked-up bro-dude hamsters past. Also, he apparently has BBAU Ed's famous 'cards' with him and is ready to play them. Sometime. When the time's right.

Most Likely To crush hard on one of the girls

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Haleigh Broucher - 21
Single - recruit
College Station TX - orig Village Mills TX
College student

I guess it's not BB USA without someone from Texas A&M anymore, so it won't be surprising if she knows the Clay/Corey+Elena crowd, and of course it's not BB USA without a cute young blonde on the roster. At 21, she's the baby of the house and yet another who began her BB life with season 16. She seems to think she knows what she's getting into, but she probably doesn't really know. It looks like she has a habit of rolling her eyes as she speaks, not sarcastically but more habitually, so screencapping her will either be a challenge or a joy, depending on perspective.

Most Likely To showmance

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
JC Mounduix - 28
Single - recruit
West Hollywood CA - orig Miami FL (born Cuba)
Professional dancer

I don't think we've EVER had someone hit the pre-season runway like this guy. If you're behind on your BB homework you might be better off, especially regarding Minions. Speaking of which, his original caption on that clip said he was joking and not really doing that, plus #heismysleepingbuddy. If true (the sleeping buddy part) or even if it's not but BB wants to really get this fanbase going, there will be a little Minion in his HOH basket. I'm always impressed with ESL/bilingual hamsters who play this game based on conversations and retells, and I wish him luck on that score. Like Faysal, he's already done another reality show, and JC's is must-see TV for cheap entertainment fans (hit CC icon for English captions).

Most Likely To be both loved and hated

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Kaitlyn Herman - 24
In a relationship - applied
Encino CA - orig Plainview NY
Life coach

I'm not so concerned about being a life coach at the tender age of 24 as I am about learning her new age/aura-seeing/sage-wafting/vibes-catching mindset and way of life is relatively new for her (three years). We all know new converts to anything tend to evangelize about it a lot, as she already has in all her press, and if she has even a semi-receptive audience, she'll pass the OKAY ENOUGH point in no time. But she's a bonafide BB fan, to the point of being super excited onstage at the premiere taping when she recognized alums in the crowd. But I'm okay with the whole vibes thing in principle, and I'm curious to see how and how often she'll present all that, along with what else she's bringing to our table.

Most Likely To get a comedy/clown music edit segment, sooner or later

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Kaycee Clark - 30
Single - applied, presumably
Tempe AZ - orig San Diego CA
Pro football player

She's another one coming in with pre-existing team competition experience. We have quite a few of those this year, and I'm hoping they'll soon get over their plans to lay low and play nice, and really start competing. She shares being a football player with Faysal and Winston, so that could be an interesting threesome if they get along. There weren't many that Ika didn't draw out beyond their job interview personas in her QAs, and Kaycee was one of them. Maybe she's just a lower key personality than we're used to on BB, and she did laugh a lot so I could be wrong, but I hope she relaxes and feels comfortable once we get underway. There's plenty of time for tension later.

Most Likely To be in good standing with most of them, most of the time

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Rachel Swindler - 29
Single - recruit (appplied for BB19)
Las Vegas NV - orig Myrtle Beach SC
Las Vegas entertainer

I know she went through the rigorous audition process at least twice so that part wasn't technically a fib, even if she was brought to production's attention by her pal BB17 Jackie (I don't know if she was or wasn't, or which of them got 'in' first, but we'll probably find out.) I have a feeling she'll showmance if there's attraction and chemistry with anyone but I'm hoping not. Partly because it'd be nice to have a 'manceless season again, and partly because I think she could cause more chaos if she's unattached. She says she'll stand up for herself and might yell if someone's 'demeaning her in a negative way' (is there any other way?) and that she'll use her feminine wiles to flirt her way out of danger, and both of those sound very promising for Team Fun Feeds. Her people out here are already selling shirts.

Most Likely To vetsplain-by-proxy (via Jackie) and warn the greenhorns about us

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Sam Bledsoe - 27
Single? - recruit
Stuarts Draft VA

She doesn't like confrontation, she's likely to misuse and overuse the dreaded 'bully' word, and her BB history isn't very thorough, but she's very cute, homey, likable, and pleasant to listen to. She claims she can get along with anyone ('I never met a stranger' is a new phrase to me, and I like it). All this adds up to a nice girl who will be well-liked by the others until you get to her plot twist: RUTHLESS. She's a maker by nature so I'm looking forward to creativity from her, either strategically or whimsically (preferably both).
PS Were the overalls her idea or production's? It was a refreshing change from the usual red carpet-ready looks we tend to get on press day (especially when we see their everyday looks on feeds) but it did feel a bit contrived in Sam's case, for the whole southern charm y'all (surprise, I'm a welder!) archetype they've slotted her into.

Most Likely To be a #Deathrace2018 breakout star

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Scottie Salton - 26
Single - applied
Chicago IL - orig Shorewood IL
Shipping manager

This guy is all kinds of random and I am a big fan of that. I think some of it's probably calculated at this point but there seems to be plenty where that came from, so I'm very hopeful for good feeds potential with his dry wit and self-deprecating humor. Gamewise, he told THR that he told CBS Evel Dick's his favorite player when really it's Chicken George, because he figured Dick's name gave him a better chance to fit in with the casting formula. So he was playing the game (and well) from the get-go, before he even went through the front door. Bonus random points for claiming George when he hasn't seen BB1. That should be atop any Chicken George fan's bucket list.

Most Likely To use his own material to be a Diary star rather than whatever lines they try to feed him

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Steve Arienta - 40
Married, 3 kids - applied?
Wanaque NJ - orig Parsippany NJ
Former undercover cop

As mentioned above, he could have a good in with Angie and/or Kaitlyn because of his wife's new age interests and books, if he decides to go that route and if either of them are receptive to it. He's only got five years on Angie but he seems a lot older. I don't know why they keep putting in one token older guy lately. We could also use an older woman here and there in the mix too: just think of BBCan5 Karen or BB10 Renny for shining examples. Or how about two or three adults who are single? Not that I want to encourage showmancing, but every show has 20-somethings hooking up. Remember when BB casts had people 'from all walks of life'? I know, I know, but we used to have more 'walk of life' diversity, I think. But this is Steve's paragraph and I've veered off course, as I did when listening to his QAs. I hope he'll be amusing and have good stories to tell, and I hope he'll put his undercover skills to good BB use, but I'm afraid his soothing voice and easy way of speaking might prevent me from absorbing much when he gametalks. Apologies in advance. The big questions are will he be a one-man smokers alliance, and will he get his nightly bath?

Most Likely To out his job lie(s) much sooner than he planned to

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Tyler Crispen - 23
Single - recruit (applied for BB16? and OTT)
Hilton Head SC - orig Rossford OH

He's friendly with OTT Morgan and Alex as well as BBUK's Raph Korine, so he'll probably be a natural at the alumni game. But first he's got some hurdles to jump to get there. He seems to have a lot more upstairs than our usual Surfer Dude slot holder, and he's got better BB knowledge as well. He says he'd like to split the house while working with a secret ally on the other side, and that almost certainly guarantees a good season, though it'd be hard to orchestrate, depending how first impressions and first comps were set up and played out. He's a bonafide feedster and it's always good to see one of our own in there, even if they often don't do as well as recruits who never heard of BB. All that aside, I think he'll be fun to watch and will be liked by most in there (at least until he splits the house?), and I think a lot of folks out here will like him more than they expected to. I guarantee we'll see a lot of screencaps and gifs of him with a bug-eyed expression.

Most Likely To be called Frank's Mini Me all season

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0
Winston Hines - 28
Single - applied?
Bowling Green KY - orig Somerset KY
Medical sales rep

I think Winston's our designated dark horse for this season. He says he's not here to gain followers or showmance (though he didn't rule showmance out completely), and he's put six seasons under his viewing belt since his first one last summer. So that's encouraging in that he sounds better prepared homework-wise than most new arrivals, but we know from experience (even if he doesn't) that tv-onlies often tend to emulate winning strategies they've seen on the show, unaware that it's a lot harder than the streamlined edits make it look. But maybe his prep work included learning something about the real game and the finesse needed to work within it, and if not, oh well. He too has played competitive team sports, he's literate, and he seems pleasant enough without being too extreme in any direction. That's usually a very good base to start a successful game from, unless:

Most Likely To overplay too soon

Lines and Links of the Day


Winston: I'm not here for Twitter followers

Winston: This isn't The Bachelor

@CameronHeard210: I've already seen a little too much of some of these people

Angela: I'm a schemer

THR: Do you know what Hamster Watch is?
JC: Hopefully it's not referring to me! I will call them lab rats, but I didn't know they were called hamsters.

Ika: Are you going to play a social game, a physical game, mental..?
Kaitlyn: It's gonna be very social and very mental, I think mental health is like extremely important.. being mentally healthy and alert and staying consistent with my meditations, that's going to help me go pretty far in this game

Bayleigh: I'm gonna be one of those girls, I'm gonna be salty, it's fine

Tyler: [BB]'s like an evil genius experiment with these humans, it should be with like hamsters.. I hope they have like hamster wheels for me to run on

Allison Grodner: There are certainly some bros in the house




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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Pre-season fanbase + alum dramas: Too many to list

Pre-season Minion abuse events discovered: 1 JC


CBS Goofs

1 CBS site lost the cast after reveal for at least 12 hrs
2 Staff seen prepping the stage (maybe intentional)
3 Its/it's error
4 Ceiling issues in official press pics
5 Several staffers seen in Julie's house tour
6 Misspelled JC's last name on BB site & press materials
7 JC's bio mixed up Cuba with Spain
8 Allison mixed up 20 seasons with 20 years
9 Messenger Bot still needs tweaking
10 Several misspellings in move-in press photos
11 Random guy onstage in move-in press photos
12 Misspelled Brendon on premiere
13 Messenger Bot crashed upon launch

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