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Big Brother Over The Top FAQ and season stats

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Current status and schedule

Morgan won the season
Jason was runner-up
Kryssie was evicted in 3rd place

January 2017: Celebrity Big Brother UK

March 2017: Big Brother Canada 5

Summer 2017: Big Brother 19 USA

It's a wrap - see weekly recaps below

EVICTEE TWITTERS - more links in cast folders - all Twitters by season
@morgan_willett; @TheJayRoy; @KryssieCrisis; [none for Justin]; @ShelbyStockton1; @queendanibbott; @whitneyhogg; @alexshay1; @ScottDennis_; @NeeleyJonea; @shanepchapmanBB; @montejr5; @cornbread_bb

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Ratings - Obits Only budget edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value


Post-mortem: The season remained pure win as far as production's concerned. They stuck to their "no scheduled blocks" promise with probably 98% uptime or more, and we were able to see virtually all of the comps play out live, not counting those couple of glitchy controversies. They proved they can run feeds from the get-go and I'm hoping they'll consider first week feeds going forward as a perk for paying feedsters, along with live Diaries and new, less predictable comps. I still think the viewer voting made it a nice hybrid of USA and international versions, despite the massive fanbase fallout, but that's a minority opinion. They probably do with some summer season feedster votes that carry less weight than noms and eviction votes, but a bit more meaty than photobooth props. Viewer-voted Have-nots wouldn't be a bad add moving forward, for instance. The financials will probably be the sole decider as to the possibility of future OTTs, but overall this was a delightful season with a great cast and I hope they do try it again.

This season is a breath of fresh air, bringing back most everything we used to love about BB and ditching a lot of the things we've grown to loathe. We've got incredible transparency, feeds from move-in, live comps and ceremonies, and virtually no blocks. The live Diaries are somewhat contrived, but they do give us some candid glimpses into our hamsters' heads and their games. The packaged recaps and weekly shows are the usual CBS-style edits, but they're streamlined and sticking to "just the facts" so far. The comps so far have been great, less glitzy but with more substance and subtlety, and the cast has tremendous promise. I don't really care about all the viewer voting one way or another, but voting for a third nominee and an eviction vote each week adds an interactive element that's made this a true hybrid between USA/Canada and international style Big Brothers. Best of all, we have an actual weekly schedule and they're sticking to it, cutting out the guesswork for when the various regular events might happen. All in all, it's a big big winner and a thank you to us feedsters, their most ardent and loyal viewers.


1 HOH, 1 veto/1 extra veto
Won: $250,000; Care Package #6 Double Eviction Veto

My season notes on her didn't have much, but "under the radar" is a valid and often successful way to get to the end, and she was pretty low on that radar for much of the early part of the season. She cozied up to Monte in the first week but I didn't watch much of that, and she seemed almost glad to see the back of him. She and Alex pulled off secret sisters better than anyone expected, and their sister tension was funny to watch. They seemed to mend some long-standing fences with this process and that's pretty valuable. Morgan was often upset she was put in with people who had interests she didn't share and her social game wasn't the best, but she amped that up at the end when her allies had gone and she was forced to fit in and socialize with her former enemies. She did that seamlessly, sliding right into Justin's former spot with Jason and Kryssie, and she did a superb job on the rock wall veto and the standing-on-posts HOH. She had some memorable Have-not meltdowns, and she brought What Are The Odds to safety ceremonies, resulting in the best nomination speech to date, Kryssie's to her: "You're nominated because you're dressed like Scott".


1 HOH/1 Co-HOH, 3 veto
Won: $25,000; Care Package #5 Co-HOH; 1 week safety from Kryssie's Care Package #1

Like his first season, he was often catty, petty, and funny, and more self-aware of both his strengths and weaknesses than most. He was targeted from the start and he didn't help himself any by constant talk about "his" season and his fanbase, but he saved himself the first week by winning the veto and he eased up a bit on the self-promo. He laid relatively low after that until the last weeks when he revved up his game. He won comps when he had to and he survived to the end, despite the potentially disastrous fake final five alliance that he made up just for kicks. He quit smoking by default and did well with that, and his comedy bits included Cher impressions and HOH bathrobe stylings, along with his usual fart and toilet humor. He was a card-carrying Jamboree member from the original OTT through the Midnight social club and Late Night versions, making that one of the most fun alliances ever, but he said a number of things about Shelby and Justin in particular that he maybe shouldn't have. He formed some (probable) ongoing friendships and made some (probable) ongoing enemies, but he was true to himself throughout. His second place finish was surprising, but "it is what it is" and he'll be fine.


1 HOH, 0 veto
Won: Care Package #1 Save a Friend; 1 week being served from Alex's Care Package #3

She was loud, brash, outspoken, and alternatively arrogant and self-doubting, and despite self-confessed social awkwardness, she seemed more comfortable in her own skin than many. She had a major meltdown in the first week when it looked like she'd be first out, and another a couple weeks later over an undies incident. Her many references to her injured, bloodied hands during and after the wall climbing veto comp became a season meme and I hope she takes that with good humor. She belched like no other, and it isn't nearly as endearing as she might think it is. She gave herself more game credit than she earned and she went into finale seeming to think she had a shot to win it all, but most of them had decided to keep her around as an easy-to-beat goat early on. Still, it's a game of sticking and she stuck to the end, and she did stay mostly loyal throughout. She and Jason bashed Justin like crazy at the end, apparently forgetting Justin had used his veto to save her and had been a good friend to both, but that's BB. She easily won the newly revived Roots division of #Deathrace2016, with honorable mentions to Danielle and Morgan. It was nice to have an alt lifestyle punk rocker who isn't a size zero model on the show, and I wish her and boyfriend Mike all the best for their lives and their band Evil Engine.


0 HOH, 1 veto
Won: Care Package #7 Final Four challenge

One of the most unique hamsters we've ever had, and one of the funniest. He was also the most consistently upbeat since BB9 Natalie, at least until the Great Thanksgiving Disaster and finale reaping, and related fallout. Before that, he won over the backyard late night soon-to-be-Jamboree group and many of us in the first couple days with his tales of Uncle Wreckingball, skinheads 'n mushrooms, totaled bicycles, and beaucoup rivets. Along the way he sang everything, cooked for them all, made detailed tinfoil people, and often danced spontaneously. He didn't know anything about Big Brother but he played a brilliant and natural social game, befriending most all of them and infiltrating the Plastics/Ballsmashers well enough that he was instrumental in luring Whitney to join the Jamboree. He was far from a comp beast but he was usually a good sport, dancing or laughing as he comped. He leaves a legacy of original hits including "It Is Your Birthday Whitney, Why Don't You Get It Low", "Eat the Cookie, Kryssie", "Dirty Cornbread Sheets", "Nutsack in my Hat", and of course "'Bout to Have Some Pizza" which BB set to music with backing vocals. He made these feeds delightful for me, and his fishing seminars for at-risk kids is the best plan for first place winnings I've ever heard. I hope he enlists local business and government to make that one a go. Entertainment value is my BB priority, and he delivered like no other.


2 HOH, 1 veto
Won: Care Package #4 Nullify 3 votes; 1 week caddy

She didn't know BB was still on the air when she was recruited for it, but she caught on fast and won a string of comps toward the end. She kept her law school secret and played the vapid party girl well, while making up and planting seeds of doubt about everyone else's "secret" backstories. She was part of the original short-lived OTT Jamboree and added her share of laughs to those delightful nights, but she soon settled in tight with the Plastics/BallSmashers girls, contributing her share to their trashtalk sessions about the others. She had a blowup with Cornbread and another with Jason, and she played a big part in Monte's anti-Justin campaign including faulty claims of "sexual harassment". She fessed up her law degree to Alex and Morgan when they outted their secret to her, and she told the rest of them before they voted her out. Her dry satiric humor was appreciated by many, including me, and I think she and Jason could have been hilarious besties if they hadn't felt a mutual animosity. KrackelGate was an ongoing highlight about and around her, but she didn't really play along. She picked at her hair nonstop, she did superb solo dancing in HOH, and she gave tremendous facial expressions and Diaries. She's one of the unique characters who made this season special.


2 HOH, 1 veto
Won: 1 week fishing golf balls from pool

Another long-time CBS-er, she understood the game better than many, but she either underestimated the social aspect or didn't bother to cover that angle. The Ball Smashers were out for her from the start, and she and Shelby often pot/kettled about the other turning any topic to herself. She went on the block the first two weeks but she turned the tide for the first eviction to save herself, and she was instrumental in the second. She showmanced hard with Shane and went up as viewer nominee against him Week 3, but she got her head back in the game when he left. She won two QA HOHs and the haunted house veto, and her comp skills were a big reason she went when she did. The other reason was her ongoing animosity with Shelby and Morgan, and some of her own allies to a lesser degree. She was with Jamboree from OTT through Late Night, and she made many contributions to the hilarity of early backyard nights. She featured in several fights, and was often catty and petty, but she went out quietly and with class. She wasn't allowed to talk about her NFL baby daddy and later her little boy was also a taboo topic, but she had a hundred stories for every occasion. Her ability to turn any topic into an elaborate, complex soliloquy was uncanny.


0 HOH, 0 veto
Won: Nothing

She wasn't a feedster but she knew her BB history and strategy. Without comp wins or big moves, she was a hamster "coaster" but she also moved from solid Ball Smashers allegiance to a savvy "floater" game (not a slam) as she played both sides, eventually infiltrating and then joining Late Night Jamboree. Her surprise and genuine friendships with both Kryssie and Justin set that off, and Whitney and Justin in particular had a lot of fun, funny, and ridiculous moments that kept us laughing. She seemed genuinely and deeply liked by all of them, which is one reason they got her out when they did (threat for the win), but mostly it was two words "celebratory dinner" about Jason's veto win for Jamboree that got her gone, since it was overheard by Ball Smashers and confirmed their suspicions that she'd switched sides. She played the Southern belle she promised to a tee, but she often came out with very unexpected things that went very much against type. She was often horizontal and lent herself to a #LeaningWhitney hashtag game, and she had a birthday she (and we) will never forget, between a peculiar strip show and lap dances by the guys, a bad cigarette, and Justin's megahit "It Is Your Birthday Whitney, Why Don't You Get It Low".


1 HOH, 1 veto
Won: Care Package #3 Safety Servant; beer goggles HOH disadvantage

Another feedster but unlike Scott, she just played one side and was pretty much the leader of the most successful BB female alliance since BB6. She and sister Morgan decided to keep their family tie secret and they pulled that off extremely well, with early comments quickly forgotten about their similar looks and shared Texas background. The sisters' snippy back-and-forths were fun to watch, and they were proud of being able to live together and get along to play this game. The sisters, Shelby, and Whitney went by Plastics, and Monte and His Pythons (a joke name at Monte's expense), before settling on Ball Smashers, and they lasted most of the game before Whitney defected. She griped a bit but not excessively about her Safety Servant outfit or the few tasks BB made her do for Kryssie, including being a footstool and having to make shepherd's pie and a chocolate cake. She often reminded herself and her girls that "expect the unexpected" is more than just a catchphrase, especially when her HOH backfired and Monte ended up leaving, setting a pattern for the season. She had game and she had comp skills, and although she wasn't the best nor the worst, she polarized viewers more than most. She said going in she was worried her extensions might get ratchet, but she only had a few #Deathrace2016 appearances. She cast a hinky vote at the first eviction to create paranoia and she knew separate sides make for a great BB season, and thus she helped make this one exactly that.


1 HOH, 0 veto
Won: Care Package #2 Pick a Veto; 24 hours sand trap

A feedster who came in playing all sides hard and fast, but he soon jumped in with the girls, unaware he was a distant fifth in the Ball Smashers alliance of four. He did slop and his sand box without complaint and he pulled off a textbook backdoor on Shane, but he talked to us ad nauseum to the point of filibustering, and he obsessed over Alex and the decorative door in the UK room, certain it held a secret power. He lost his mind on Day 27 after porn-grunting on the Wall of Shame veto, and then he went on a rant to us about Bad Scott's a-coming to collect some debts, all in an angry whisper-shout like little kids use to keep fighting after mom says lights out. That culminated in some awkward dance moves which were set to music by many, including The Cult's Fire Woman by me. He went off on Danielle after that and he had run-ins with Kryssie and Neeley, but otherwise he was a mostly mousy, behind-backs trasher, dazed by his obsessive devotion to Alex. He's the 23rd consecutive first-to-enter hamster to not win the season (18 USA, 4 Canada, 1 OTT).


0 HOH, 0 veto
Won: Nothing

She promised diva and adventures with stunt hair, and she delivered a bit of both but not nearly enough of either. She had a few short but spectacular explosions, and a great laugh and singing voice (at least until BB cut her off). She brought sass and spice, she added 'ignant' to the BB lexicon, and she freaked out Justin with a witch hat. She wasn't in the original OTT Jamboree alliance but she joined the Midnight Jamboree social club and became a charter member of the Late Night Jamboree alliance, but she was the third of the first four boots to fall victim to viewer voting and go home on an ally's HOH. But unlike Cornbread and Monte who cooked their own gooses, many viewers voted against Neeley to sabotage Kryssie - go figure. At the ripe old age of 33 (claiming to be 28), she featured in running jokes out here about her "elderly" condition, and she didn't help that much by spending many days and most nights wrapped in her backyard burgundy blanket. She came close to winning a tough endurance comp, and she starred in the first BBQ Smackdown since August 2014 (she lost the match).


0 HOH, 1 veto
Won: Nothing

He said he wanted to showmance and so he did, staying stapled to Danielle for most of his stay, and not only stapled, but silent. The backyard Jamboree group consistently brought more laughs than we've had in years, but Shane rarely contributed other than "I Heart Anal Guy" moments, nor did he say anything when Danielle-by-his-side was involved in confrontations. They brought loud smacky makeouts back to the feeds and they had #slurpydurp haters seeing red night after night, and a few of those nights they had prudes clutching their pearls. The few times Shane disengaged from Danielle he was often salty and pissy, rattling off his hate list to whoever would listen, but he also was half of a tremendous comedy duo with Justin, and the two of them had a few falling-down giggle fits that had us all laughing along. He had great hair but usually man-bunned it, and he didn't tell nearly enough of his very interesting long-distance hiking stories.


1 HOH, 0 veto
Won: Sit out 1 veto comp (didn't come to pass)

Possibly the most raging case of HOHitis for a first HOH since BB14 Willie, but Monte's was only an actual week and he declared himself king. He knew next to nothing about BB and he brought unintentional comedy by the truckload whenever he misspoke and then over-corrected himself. He let several inappropriate comments fly and spent the rest of his time "protesting too much" attempting to clear his rep. He gunned hard for Jason the first week and Justin the second, but they both outlasted him. His Python girls mocked and complained about him behind his back while letting him think he was in charge, and his "mongance" Morgan was never really interested in him at all. Equally dull and arrogant, I'm glad he went early.


0 HOH, 0 veto
Won: Nothing

He came in promising to be the life of the party but instead he was pretty much a lump. Putting the 2012 Redneck of the Year title holder in with so many Southerners was overkill, and he didn't help their reputations any. He had a hissy fit about Shelby but his other roomies were mostly cool with him, but he snored like a freight train (whistle included) and he let a few lowkey bigot/misogynist comments fly, and viewers threw him on the block. The others took note of that and gave him the boot, so that twist paid off right out of the gate as his dicey comments would have surely escalated if he'd stayed. He went out the door saying "fuck y'all" so his sportsmanship is as bad as his nickname, which ended up having more variations on social media than Julie has shoes.

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Weekly stats and major events

WEEK 10 - DAYS 64 and 65 - November 30 and December 1, 2016

Viewer vote:
Season winner: Morgan
Second place: Jason
Third place: Kryssie

Finale Day 65 live Julie with live audience had season reviews, the evictees were trotted out, and Julie said "shit". Kryssie was evicted in third place, and Morgan was named the winner of the season over runner-up Jason.

Finalist pleas Day 64 The three finalists made short speeches to viewers for why they should win, in order they landed in Final Three: Jason, Kryssie, Morgan

WEEK 9 - DAYS 57 to 63 - November 23 to 29, 2016

Head of Household - Jason
Chosen to go to finale - Kryssie
Winner Part 2 - Morgan
Evicted - Justin

Viewer votes:

Justin evicted Day 63 immediately after the comp.

Final comp Day 63 was End of the Road: Justin and Morgan had to grab hamster photos one at a time, run them through an obstacle course of hay bales and metal barricades, and match to season event clues in a head-to-head race. Morgan completed it correctly and won in under 10 minutes, securing her spot in the finale.

Finale reaping Day 60 Jason selected Kryssie to go to finale with him. Justin and Morgan will compete for the third spot.

Live Diaries final session took place on Day 59, beginning 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Thanksgiving Day 58 they each got a letter from home, along with favorite recipes from their families as well as evictees, and all the ingredients to make them. Jason, Kryssie, Morgan did a good job preparing everything, but Justin stayed in bed.

Mystery something on Day 56 turned out to be a short taped greeting that ran during Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Final HOH Part 1 Day 57 was Uphill Battle: they had to use ropes and a bar to maneuver answer balls up a vertical game board and drop them into the proper slots, naming HOH winners in order. Jason won in under 15 minutes.

Final week setup Day 57 Julie told the final four the winner of the final HOH will select someone to go to finale with them, and the remaining two will play a final comp for the third spot. The instructions card for the Part 1 comp reiterated that, and also said the loser of that final comp would be evicted immediately.

Shelby evicted Day 57 with two votes (Jason and Justin). Kryssie received zero votes. Shelby told them she's a law school grad in her nominee speech, and after she left, Morgan told the others she and Alex are sisters.

WEEK 8 - DAYS 50 to 56 - November 16 to 22, 2016

Head of Household - Morgan
Original nominees - Jason, Kryssie
Veto winner - Jason, used on self
Renom - Shelby
Final nominees - Kryssie, Shelby
Evicted - Shelby 2-0

Viewer votes:
Care Package #7 Final Four Challenge - Justin (default as the last eligible)

Shelby evicted Day 57 with two votes (Jason and Justin). Kryssie received zero votes. Shelby told them she's a law school grad in her nominee speech, and after she left, Morgan told the others she and Alex are sisters.

Live Diaries took place Days 52 and 56 at 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Mystery something Day 56 feeds went to fishies for 30 minutes "for production to shoot something fun for the holidays".

Veto meeting Day 56 Jason used his veto on himself, and Morgan put up Shelby in his place by default.

Veto comp Day 55 was Maize Maze: individually timed crawls through a maze, finding three ears of corn along the way. Order and times: Justin 1:56, Shelby 4:24, Morgan 11:00, Kryssie 2:05, and Jason 1:30, giving him the win.

Nominations Day 54 Morgan activated Shelby's safety necklace, leaving Jason and Kryssie as her pre-veto nominees.

Care Package #7 Final Four Challenge Day 52 delivered to Justin by default. He had to walk a slack line from one platform to another to get immunity this week and an automatic ticket to Final Four. He was given two hours to practice and only one official attempt, which he completed successfully.

Julie live QA Day 51 at 4pm again, with one question for each again, and she told them finale is in two weeks.

HOH comp Day 50 was Keep You Posted, starting with seven male or female questions about season events. After answering, each stood on the first of five posts, and an answer was read every five minutes. Wrong answers had to move forward to the next/smaller post. Morgan and Kryssie had all correct and remained on the first post, Jason had one wrong, and Justin had two wrong. After all questions, they had to move forward one post every five minutes. Jason came off at approx 43 minutes, Justin came off at approx 46 minutes, and Kryssie came off at approx one hour while transitioning to the fifth/smallest post, leaving Morgan as the winner.

Danielle evicted Day 50 with 4 votes (Justin, Kryssie, Morgan, viewers). Jason received 0 votes.

WEEK 7 DOUBLE EVICTION - DAYS 43 to 49 - November 9 to 15, 2016

Head of Household #2 - Shelby
Original nominees - Danielle, Jason
Viewer nominee - Morgan
Veto winner - Shelby, used on Morgan
Renom - n/a
Final nominees - Danielle, Jason
Evicted - Danielle 4-0

Viewer votes:
Third nominee - Morgan
Eviction vote - Danielle

Head of Household #1 - Danielle
Veto winner - Morgan (before noms), didn't use
Original nominees - Justin, Whitney
Renom - n/a
Final nominees - Justin, Whitney
Evicted - Whitney 3-2

Viewer votes:
Care Package #6 Double Eviction Veto - Morgan

Danielle evicted Day 50 with 4 votes (Justin, Kryssie, Morgan, viewers). Jason received 0 votes.

Live Diaries took place Days 45 and 49 beginning 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Veto meeting Day 49 Shelby used her veto on Morgan. There was no renom as Morgan was viewers' nominee.

Key event Day 49 revealed her sister secret to Kryssie.

Veto comp Day 48 was Domi-Knows: individual runs placing dominoes from Start to Finish spots, passing through answer gates for three questions, then knocking them down in a single-pass cascade. Questions were who was there longer, Paul or Jeff (Jeff); which had more total attempts, Veto Fore Sale or Perfect ShOTT (Perfect ShOTT); and which lasted longer, Balance of Power or Veto Vault (Veto Vault). Each wrong answer incurred a 3-minute penalty. Order and total times (incuding penalty minutes) were Jason 14:58 (3); Shelby 9:38 (0); Justin 14:18 (3); Kryssie 16:06 (3); Danielle 23:13 (0); Morgan 19:37 (6), meaning Shelby won the veto.

BBQ Smackdown Round 2: Comeback Attack Day 47, exactly 30 days after the clanking contraption's triumphant return and subsequent month-long shun, it coerced Morgan and/or Shelby to turn on its gas but not light it. That was discovered just in time before a gigantic explosion would have blown the habitat sky high. Later Morgan and Shelby prepared kabobs and got Justin to do the First Grilling initiation rituals. Everything appeared uneventful and the girls cheered, confusing the metal monster, as it's never had an opponent (or anyone really) cheer for it before. It reached out stealthily with a delayed singe attack: Justin later said he burned his finger during the experience.
Final score: BBQ 1, Morgan 0, Shelby 0, Justin 0

Nominations Days 46 and 47 Shelby activated safety necklaces for Justin and Kryssie for Safety Ceremony #1, and Morgan for Safety Ceremony #2, leaving Danielle and Jason as her pre-veto nominees. Morgan was nominated by viewers on Day 48.

New alliance Day 45 Shelby, Morgan, Justin, Kryssie formed a final four alliance, christened Jambalaya Gang

Second HOH comp final Day 44 Shelby versus Jason competed separately on the same apparatus with a new puzzle and new solution, and no time limit. Shelby finished in 4:03 and Jason finished in 9:52 officially (11:03 on feeds including another wonky mirror and fishies pause/break), making Shelby the new HOH. A note was read that Jason's wonky began after Shelby's completed time, making it moot. Many viewers argued the opposite situation occurred the night before, but official is official, "it is what it is".

Julie live QA Day 44 was 4pm again, one question to each again, mostly about double eviction, then she told them results of presidential election.

Second HOH comp preliminary Day 43 was It's Time To Reflect, setting up four mirrors to reflect a laser beam through a course and land on a target, in individually timed runs with a 20-minute time limit. Runs in order with unofficial times were Jason 8:14, Morgan 12:50, Kryssie 15:06, and Shelby 11:52. Shelby had a wonky mirror that wouldn't stay put when adjusted. That seemed to have begun after she'd passed Jason's time but turned out it was broken before that, possibly during Kryssie's run. Feeds went to completed competitors waiting/napping and non-competing Danielle at 12:22am (Day 44) until 3:40am when Justin did his run and timed out. Official results were read at 5.12am: Justin timed out, Kryssie 15:05, Morgan 12:49, Jason 8:14, Shelby technical difficulty at 7:23 so actual finish time couldn't be determined and the comp was delayed.

Whitney evicted Day 43 with 3 votes (Kryssie, Jason, Danielle tiebreaker). Justin received 2 votes (Morgan, Shelby).

Nominations and veto meeting Day 43 Danielle activated safety necklaces for Shelby, Jason, Kryssie, leaving Justin and Whitney as her pre-veto and final nominees, as Morgan did not use her veto.

Care Package #6 Double Eviction Veto Day 43 delivered to Morgan, before nominations. She was immune from nomination and could veto someone else.

First HOH comp Day 43 was Big Brother Shopping Network, seven true/false questions based on a video they were shown. Rachel Reilly hosted. Items were BB Bug Necklace, White Chain, BB Tokens, Hairbrush, and Plastic Balls. All had every answer correct except Justin who missed #3. Answers for four-way tiebreaker total cost of all items including shipping/handling: Kryssie $84.76; Whitney $91.60; Danielle $99.00; Morgan $65.99. Correct answer was $100.40, making Danielle the first repeat HOH of the season.

Alex evicted Day 43 with 4 votes (Kryssie, Justin, Danielle, viewers). Morgan and Whitney each received 0 votes.

Key event Day 43 a short audio leak was heard in the habitat of a Shelby Diary edit which later aired on weekly recap, a few seconds of her comp retell of last week's face morph comp, in which she referred to studying the pics being similar to studying for her LSATs.

WEEK 6 - DAYS 36 to 42 - November 2 to 8, 2016

Head of Household - Shelby
Co-Head of Household - Jason
Original nominees - Danielle, Whitney
Viewer nominee - Alex
Veto winner - Jason, used on Danielle
Renom - Morgan (put up by Jason)
Final nominees - Alex, Morgan, Whitney
Evicted - Alex 4-0-0

Viewer votes:
Care Package #5 Co-HOH - Jason
Have-nots - Alex, Danielle, Morgan (no vote)
Third nominee - Alex
Eviction vote - Alex

Alex evicted Day 43 with 4 votes (Kryssie, Justin, Danielle, viewers). Morgan and Whitney each received 0 votes.

Live Diaries took place Days 38 and 42, beginning 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Veto meeting Day 42 Jason used his veto on Danielle, and he put up Morgan in her place, with a speech about the girls' disloyalty to Monte, Scott, Whitney. Hissyfits, anger, tears, accusations and laughter ensued. Shelby and Alex/Morgan revealed their respective law school and sister secrets to each other.

Key events Day 41 BallSmasher girls overheard Whitney mention "celebratory dinner" after the veto comp, and they made a 2-week safe deal pitch to Jason if he'd boot her this week. Later, Jason pitched a fake final five alliance to Alex, Morgan, Shelby, including Danielle, to work together to get Justin out Wednesday, followed by Whitney and Kryssie, and they fell for it. (Justin, Whitney, Kryssie were aware of this fake pitch.)

Veto comp Day 41 was Balance of Power: Morgan was picked to play (Alex's HG Choice) along with the HOHs and nominees, and Justin hosted. They had to carry two balls at a time in a long tube across a balance beam, and fill three tubes at the other end with 10 balls each. Each tube was "locked" with 10 balls, but drops and falls caused tubes with fewer than 10 to be reset and they had to start that tube over. Two hours total were allotted, but Jason won it in under 20 minutes.

Nominations Days 39 and 40 Shelby activated Morgan's safety necklace and Jason activated Kryssie's for Safety Ceremony #1, and Shelby activated Alex's and Jason activated Justin's for Safety Ceremony #2, leaving Whitney and Danielle as Shelby's and Jason's pre-veto nominees, respectively. Alex was nominated by viewers on Day 41.

Hamster games Day 40 included wheelbarrow, saran wrap three-legged, egg-on-a-spoon, and pillowcase sack races, just for fun and something to do.

Have-nots Day 39 were Alex, Danielle, Morgan, who were final Have-nots, with no supplement foods. There was no vote as they were the only remaining options.

Care Package #5 Co-HOH Day 38 delivered to Jason. He and Shelby will each name one nominee. If there's a tie vote at eviction, the one who did better in veto comp will break the tie. They can share the HOH room, and neither will play in the next HOH comp.

Julie live QA Day 37 at 4pm again, with one question for each again. She showed them clips from the haunted house veto comp, and told them next week is a double eviction. The first will occur right after weekly recap show which will be at a special time (5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern), and the second will be later that night.

Middle size table for eight arrived on Day 37.

HOH comp Day 36 was BBOTT Freshman Class: seven pics of high school archetypes comprised of two morphed hamsters each. They had 30 minutes (or previous winning time) to match the correct two names to each pic. Order and times: Whitney (timed out); Alex 27:05; Kryssie (didn't beat Alex's time); Shelby 3:42; Morgan; Jason; Justin (none of the three beat Shelby's time), leaving Shelby as the winner.

WEEK 5 - DAYS 29 to 35 - October 26 to November 1, 2016

Head of Household - Danielle
Original nominees - Shelby, Whitney
Viewer nominee - Scott
Veto winner - Danielle, used on Whitney
Renom - Morgan
Final nominees - Morgan, Scott, Shelby
Evicted - Scott 3-0-0

Viewer votes:
Care Package #4 Nullify 3 votes - Shelby, she eliminated Jason, Justin, Kryssie
Have-nots - Justin, Kryssie, Whitney
Third nominee - Scott
Eviction vote - Scott

Scott evicted Day 36 with 3 votes (Alex, Morgan, and viewers). Shelby and Morgan each received 0 votes. Shelby had eliminated Jason, Justin, Kryssie from voting with her Care Package.

Halfway party Day 35 with pizza, pasta, photo cake, booze, plus Chinese and sushi leftovers from the night before.

Live Diaries took place Days 31 and 35, beginning 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Veto meeting Day 35 Danielle used her veto on Whitney, and she put up Morgan in her place.

Halloween party Day 34 with costumes, food and booze, and trick or treat visits by BB17 Liz Nolan and BB13 Lawon Exom. BB17 Julia Nolan and Austin Matelson were also expected, but didn't show.

Veto comp Day 34 (Halloween) was The Haunting of Clementine O'Grady, with Justin (Whitney's HG Choice) and Jason joining Danielle and the nominees. After watching a video about an Irish immigrant girl who killed her family on the location of the habitat, they had to find three items around the house: Clementine's rattle, hairbrush, and doll Abigail. Players competed individually with a 15-minute time limit. They were fitted with headlamps as the house was dark, with mannequins as well as living spirits scattered throughout. Order and times: Justin 1:50, Scott 2:08, Shelby 5:06, Jason 2:14, Whitney 4:52, and Danielle with the winning time 1:22.

Nominations Days 32 and 33 Danielle activated safety necklaces, in order: Kryssie, Justin, Jason for Safety Ceremony #1, and Scott, Morgan, Alex for Safety Ceremony #2, leaving Shelby and Whitney as her pre-veto nominees. Scott was nominated by viewers on Day 34.

Have-nots Day 32 were Justin, Kryssie, Whitney, with no supplement foods.

Care Package #4 Eliminate 3 Votes Day 31 delivered to Shelby, who will eliminate three votes at the next eviction.

Julie live QA Day 30 was 4pm, with one question for each. She made Whitney cry again asking why she cried the night before (wanted HOH/missing home), and she showed them Justin's "'Bout to Eat Some Pizza" video.

HOH comp Day 29 was One Strike You're Out: true/false questions about ten detailed screenshots from the season which they studied for ten minutes. Outs in order were: Scott, Alex, Shelby on #1; Morgan on #2; nobody on #3 (all were wrong); Justin, Jason on #4; nobody on #5 (both were right); Whitney on #6, leaving Danielle as the winner.

Neeley evicted Day 29 with 4 votes (Morgan, Shelby, Alex, and viewers). Scott received 3 votes (Jason, Danielle, Justin), and Whitney received 0 votes. There was much arguing and fallout immediately after Neeley went out the door.

Heated spat Day 29 several hours before eviction between nominees Neeley and Scott.

WEEK 4 - DAYS 22 to 28 - October 19 to 25, 2016

Head of Household - Kryssie
Original nominees - Morgan, Scott
Viewer nominee - Neeley
Veto winner - Morgan, used on self
Renom - Whitney
Final nominees - Neeley, Scott, Whitney
Evicted - Neeley 4-3-0

Viewer votes:
Care Package #3 Safety Servant - Alex
Have-nots - Jason, Neeley, Scott
Third nominee - Neeley
Eviction vote - Neeley

Neeley evicted Day 29 with 4 votes (Morgan, Shelby, Alex, and viewers). Scott received 3 votes (Jason, Danielle, Justin), and Whitney received 0 votes.

Live Diaries took place on Days 24 and 28, beginning 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Veto meeting Day 28 Morgan used her veto on herself, and Kryssie put up Whitney in her place.

Veto comp Day 27 was Wall of Shame. Justin and Shelby were drawn to play along with HOH and nominees. One at a time, players had to climb across a wall using hand and footholds, uncover a "shameful" question about each of the first three evictees, then work their way back to select a number answer tile, and cross the wall again to hang correct number under that evictee's question. Answers were 2 for Shane (eliminated before him in Live By the Sword), 13 for Monte (the day he became viewer nominee), 9 for Cornbread (votes to evict). They had 30 minutes each to complete, with 3-minute time penalties for falls. Order of competitors, with final times including penalties: Morgan 8:35 - winner, Neeley 26:15, Kryssie DQ (over 30 minutes), Shelby 12:18, Scott 8:51, Justin DQ (over 30 minutes).

Nominations Days 25 and 26 Kryssie activated safety necklaces, in order: Neeley, Justin, Danielle for Safety Ceremony #1, and Jason, Whitney, Shelby for Safety Ceremony #2, leaving Morgan and Scott as her pre-veto nominees. Neeley was nominated by viewers on Day 27.

Have-nots Day 25 were Jason, Neeley, Scott, with no supplement foods.

Care Package #3 Safety Servant Day 24 delivered to Alex, giving her nomination immunity all week. She got a costume and must wait on Kryssie, doing whatever BB tells her.

Julie live QA Day 23 was 4pm again, with one question for each again, and a reminder not to call her Baby or Boo. She also announced there'd be no final HOH comp(s), and viewers will vote for the winner from three finalists at the end.

HOH comp Day 22 was Perfect ShOTT: They had to find tokens in balls that rained down all over the yard, then trade in tokens for up to 10 balls at a time, and roll them one at a time down the BB18 rollyball ramp. Alex had to wear beer goggles (Day 13 veto comp repercussion), Paul Abrahamian hosted, and Kryssie won by being the first to land a ball in the box at the end.

WEEK 3 - DAYS 15 to 21 - October 12 to 18, 2016

Head of Household - Scott
Original nominees - Kryssie, Neeley
Viewer nominee - Danielle
Veto winners - Alex, did not use; and Justin, used on Kryssie
Renom - Shane
Final nominees - Danielle, Neeley, Shane
Evicted - Shane 5-4-0

Viewer votes:
Care Package #2 Pick a Veto - Scott, selected Double Veto
Have-nots - Alex, Danielle, Shelby
Third nominee - Danielle
Eviction vote - Danielle

Shane evicted Day 22 with 5 votes (Alex, Whitney, Morgan, Shelby, plus Scott tie-breaker). Danielle received 4 votes (Kryssie Justin, Jason, and viewers), and Neeley received 0 votes.

Live Diaries took place on Days 17 and 21, beginning 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Halloween costumes Day 21 Scott did a drawing for an upcoming Halloween party, with each of them volunteering for one of the costumes on 11 cards, in order: Kryssie creepy doll, Shelby Day of the Dead girl, Morgan witch, Justin zombie fireman, Shane vampire, Whitney devil, Neeley zombie nurse, Jason deadly doctor, Alex mummy, Scott werewolf, Danielle vampiress.

Veto meeting Day 21 Alex went first by random draw, and did not use her veto. Justin used his on Kryssie, and Scott put up Shane in her place.

Veto comp Day 20 Scott selected Double Veto option. Comp was Fitting In: head-to-head rounds fitting puzzles pieces into a frame. Round 1 Kryssie vs Alex, Alex won; Round 2 Danielle vs Scott, Danielle won; Round 3 Neeley vs Alex, Alex won; Round 4 Justin vs Danielle, Justin won. Surviving players Alex and Justin each won a veto.

Nominations Days 18 and 19 Scott activated safety necklaces, in order: Justin, Alex, Whitney, Jason for Safety Ceremony #1, and Morgan, Shane, Danielle, Shelby for Safety Ceremony #2, leaving Kryssie and Neeley as his pre-veto nominees (both pawns, due to his veto Care Package). Danielle was nominated on Day 20.

BBQ Smackdown Round 1: The Shade Day 19 during daily awnings, the newly reinstalled metal monster attacked, and from a cold starting position. Two seasons of storage sabbatical training had it revved up and on point, leading to near disaster as it mounted a surprise proximity attack on Neeley, leading to a dropped awning and an overturned bucket. Shane dove in to rescue her but the message was loud and clear: the grill is back and it's hungry for blood.
Final score: BBQ 1, Neeley 0

Have-nots Day 18 were Alex, Danielle, Shelby, with no supplement foods.

Whitney's birthday Day 17 They got a booze delivery and Scott, Jason, Shane did a strip show and lap dance for Whitney, then all of them danced to a new Justin song. Also the grill arrived.

Care Package #2 Pick a Veto Day 17 delivered to Scott, who will select if this week's veto will be Diamond (veto winner can remove someone and name the renom), Double (two veto winners), or Boomerang (veto winner can veto two people).

Julie live QA Day 16 4pm one question for each again, over in 10 minutes again.

HOH comp Day 15 was BB Barcode: they had to guess which numbered slat making up a giant barcode was the longest. They were each given a measuring chainlike tool, they were allowed to talk or work together if they chose, and they could only make one guess each in 15-minute rounds. Scott won on the third round when he correctly guessed slat #72.

WEEK 2 - DAYS 8 to 14 - October 5 to 11, 2016

Head of Household - Alex
Original nominees - Danielle, Shane
Viewer nominee - Monte
Veto winner - Shane, used on himself
Renom - Kryssie
Final nominees - Danielle, Monte, Kryssie
Evicted - Monte 5-4-0

Viewer votes:
Care Package #1 Save a Friend - Kryssie, used on Jason
Have-nots - Monte, Morgan, Scott
Third nominee - Monte
Eviction vote - Monte

Monte evicted Day 15, with 5 votes (Shane, Justin, Jason, Neeley, and viewers). Danielle received 4 votes (Morgan, Shelby, Whitney, Scott) and Kryssie received 0 votes.

Live Diaries took place on Days 10 and 14, beginning 7.30pm on Feed 4.

Veto meeting Day 14 Shane used his veto on himself, and Alex put up Kryssie in his place.

Spats Day 13 included Jason vs Shelby, Monte vs Danielle, Whitney vs Danielle.

Veto comp Day 13 was Veto Fore Sale: players were Alex, Danielle, Shane, Monte plus Scott, Shelby, and Jeff Schroeder hosting. Players took turns hitting giant golf balls into four different value holes, collecting tickets when successful. When they had enough tickets for a prize they could select one and stop competing, or try for more tickets. Final ticket totals and prize results after 15 rounds: Shane 60 - veto; Danielle 40 - Water Hazard (fish balls from pool for one week when signal sounds); Alex 30 - 19th Hole ("can't see straight" disadvantage for next HOH comp she plays); Scott 25 - Sand Trapped (live 24 hours in backyard sand trap with food/water delivered by others); Shelby 20 - one week caddy costume carrying clubs; Monte 0 - Missed the Cut (sit out next veto comp). Danielle's water hazard, Scott's sand trap, and Shelby's caddy began that evening.

HOH camera came out Day 12 for the first of presumably weekly appearances.

Nominations Days 11 and 12 Kryssie named Jason for immunity this week from her care package (Day 11). Alex activated safety necklaces, in order: Kryssie, Whitney, Neeley, Morgan for Safety Ceremony #1, and Shelby, Justin, Monte, Scott for Safety Ceremony #2, leaving Danielle and Shane as her pre-veto nominees. Monte was nominated by viewers on Day 13.

House meeting Day 11 confrontation between Monte and Justin came to a head followed by house meeting (sans Scott) to hash it all out

Have-nots Day 11 were Monte, Morgan, and Scott, with no supplement food. The haunted house theme Have-not room was opened, with round trampoline beds and rope webbed tops.

Care Package #1 Save a Friend Day 10 delivered to Kryssie, who will select one of them (other than herself) to have immunity for this week's original noms, viewer nom, and renom.

Julie live QA Day 9 2pm the first weekly chat with the house included a question directed to each. It was over in ten minutes.

HOH comp Day 8 was Live by the Sword: Place a crown onto a cutout "knight" of themselves with a long sword, and hold it there. After one hour, they had to go to a one-hand grip for the duration. Outs in order: Shelby, Jason, Shane, [one hour mark], Morgan, Scott, Kryssie, Danielle, Whitney, Justin, Neeley, leaving Alex as the winner after 2.5 hours.

WEEK 1 - DAYS 1 to 7 - September 28 to October 4, 2016

Head of Household - Monte
Original nominees - Danielle, Jason
Viewer nominee - Cornbread
Veto winner - Jason, used on himself
Renom - Kryssie
Final nominees - Danielle, Cornbread, Kryssie
Evicted - Cornbread 9-1-0

Viewer votes:
Jason or Jozea to join the cast - Jason
Third nominee - Cornbread
Eviction vote - Cornbread

Cornbread evicted Day 8, with 9 votes including viewers. Danielle received 1 vote (Alex) and Kryssie received 0 votes.

Live Diaries began Day 7, with each of them reading and then answering the same eight or nine questions in ten-minute sessions about their games, alliances, secrets, strategies, and their fellow hamsters. They were on Feed 4 and are viewable in Flashback.

Veto meeting Day 7 Jason used his veto on himself, and Monte put up Kryssie in his place

Annual bikini photo shoot was live on the feeds Day 7

Veto comp Day 6 was Veto Vault: players were Monte, Danielle, Jason, Cornbread plus Alex, Whitney, and Shane hosting. Players had to find clues in the house for a 4-digit code. Jason was first to correctly punch in 2449 and won the veto. Clues were 2 new chairs, 4 magnet letters on fridge, 4 sunflowers, 9 goldfish.

Nominations Days 4 and 5 Monte remotely activated safety block necklaces from HOH room, in order: Neeley, Whitney, Cornbread, Morgan, Shane for Safety Ceremony #1, and Justin, Alex, Kryssie, Shelby, Scott for Safety Ceremony #2, leaving Danielle and Jason as the pre-veto nominees. Cornbread was nominated by viewers.

First HOH Day 2 was BB Bug, elimination handoffs over 24 hours, in order: Shane, Danielle, Justin, Shelby, Scott, Neeley, Kryssie, Morgan, Cornbread, Jason, Whitney, Alex - leaving Monte as first HOH

Move-in Day 1 was live on the feeds, without hoopla. They entered one by one in approximately 10-minute intervals, looked around, and introduced themselves to the others. Entries in order: Scott, Morgan, Shane, Neeley, Shelby, Cornbread, Kryssie, Whitney, Justin, Alex, Monte, Danielle, and Jason was last, having won the viewer vote against Jozea.

A fresh dozen - plus one

We've got our cast! Big Brother Over The Top begins September 28 at 7pm PT/10pm ET exclusively on All Access - sign up to see it all play out

Confirmed: the launch show and move-in will be live, meaning we'll see the awkward first minutes and pivotal first week that often set the tone for the season! The sisters will be playing as separate entities (their choice to keep it secret or not), the season will run 65 days, and again, there will be no scheduled feeds blocks! Comps will be live on feeds as will some Diaries and all in all, it's sounding like we have a lot of potential here

We now have the new dozen hamsters who will amuse, delight, aggravate and annoy for the next 10 weeks, along with either BB17 Jason Roy or BB18 Jozea Flores, so without further ado, let's meet our hamsters

Alex Willett
25 - Dallas, TX
originally Grandbury, TX
Animation designer and Morgan's sister
Has a long distance boyfriend
Fan applicant and feedster

Evicted 6th - 8th place

Says she's obsessed with BB
Not a fan of "coasting"
Worried her extensions might get "ratchet" which is pretty much a guarantee that they will

full bio

Michael "Cornbread" Ligon
41 - Augusta, GA
Tree removal foreman
Engaged / 1 kid, 2 or 3 stepkids
Fan applicant

Evicted 1st - 13th place

Says he's a fan but has only watched BB16 in full
Applied for Amazing Race in 2014
Says "anything worth doing is worth overdoing" - well no, that isn't necessarily true, Mr Cornbread
Fourth BB Michael to go by an alias
Introduced himself as real name Chad
Newly engaged so not likely to showmance

full bio

Danielle Lickey
23 - Visalia, CA
Pre-school teacher
Single / 3-year-old son
Fan applicant (three times)

Evicted 8th - 6th place

Watched since BB5
Understands the importance of social game
Plans to win comps and join forces with a social gamer
Not looking for, but willing to showmance

full bio

Jason Roy
26 - Swansea, MA
originally Fall River, MA
Grocery stocker
BB17 13th place, "BB historian"

2nd place

Beat BB18 Jozea Messiah in a public vote for the spot
No interviews (yet?) but we know he knows the game well
Not likely to showmance

Justin Duncan
27 - New Orleans, LA
Seafood restaurant owner
Recruited after applying for a cooking show

Evicted 10th - 4th place

Plans to use his "cheffin' skills" and personality
Most likely to need a decoder ring, and to bring fishies for singing
Up for a showmance

full bio

Kryssie Ridolfi
31 - Schaumburg, IL
originally Chicago, IL
Waitress and punk band singer
Has a boyfriend
Recruited at her gym

Evicted 11th - 3rd place

Plans to adopt bits of prior BB successful strategies
Unlike most who promote a big or funny personality, she might deliver
Not willing to showmance but wants a "platonic cuddle partner"

full bio

Monte Massongill
25 - Olive Branch, MS
Engineer associate
Fan applicant He may have applied but he's no BB fan

Evicted 2nd - 12th place

"I put a guy in a seizure by a fart" - nuff said
Open to showmance

full bio

Morgan Willett
22 - Austin, TX
originally Granbury, TX
Publicist and Alex's sister
Has a boyfriend
Fan applicant, but Alex is the bigger BB fan

Won the season

Cheerleader past, cheerleader personality
Plans to use Southern charm at first and be cutthroat later
Says she won't showmance

full bio

Neeley Jackson
33 - Fort Worth, TX
Sales associate
Recruited from social media

Evicted 4th - 10th place

Bio says Jackson, she says Jonea
Bio says [Nordstrom] sales - interwebs say actress/model
Casual fan, watched early and recent seasons
Plans to downplay her brains and athleticism, and play up her stunt hair
Very open to showmance

full bio

Scott Dennis
24 - Bangor, ME
Debt collector
Fan applicant (five times)

Evicted 5th - 9th place

Says he's watched BB since he was 10
Acknowledges his nerdy appearance but plans to use debt collection experience to disarm
Strategy is to go for the jury votes - oops
Willing to showmance but no sex - self-proclaimed virgin

full bio

Shane Chapman
24 - Pisgah Forest, NC
originally Brevard, NC
Fan applicant, he says

Evicted 3rd - 11th place

A fan since BB17
Bad news: he says he's a nose-picker
Good news: he says he's a sleepwalker
Plans to lie and backstab, but "not get his hands dirty".. umm
Wants to showmance

full bio

Shelby Stockton
24 - Simi Valley, CA
originally Fountain Hills, AZ
Recent law school graduate
Recruited at a Santa Monica restaurant/bar

Evicted 9th - 5th place

Didn't know BB was still on the air
Plans to job-lie and say she's a waitress
Says she'll let people know if they're annoying - yeah, right
Hesitant to showmance but will "probably end up in one"

full bio

Whitney Hogg
21 - Whitesburg, KY
Medical assistant
Has a boyfriend
Fan applicant

Evicted 7th - 7th place

Says she's watched BB since she was "10 or 12"
Seems like she'll play up her Southern charm, Southern accent, Southern cooking, Southern everything
"Absolutely" won't showmance

full bio

More cast interviews
Promo video
CBS intro videos
The Hollywood Reporter
ET Online

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America's Care Package - over
Voting Thursdays 10am to Fridays 10am for 7 eviction cycles (including 2nd of double eviction)
Give someone a "special advantage": #1 Save a Friend; #2 Pick a Veto; #3 Safety Servant; #4 Eliminate 3 Votes; #5 Co-HOH; #6 Double Eviction Veto; #7 Final Four Challenge. One per hamster unless they've all gotten one already.

America's Have-nots - over
Voting Fridays 2pm to Saturdays 10am for 6 4 weeks
Select three Have-nots for the week. Hamsters can't be Have-not two weeks in a row. HOH cannot be Have-not. The fifth week's Have-nots were assigned by default remainders rather than voted.

SEX EVENTS - times are Pacific
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Shane and Danielle:
10.14 4.15am
10/13 3.15am
10/12 2.15am
10/11 4.20am

Big news about Big Brother Over the Top

The fall season Big Brother Over The Top begins September 28 at 7pm PT/10pm ET exclusively on All Access, and I now have more information about it.. we were told viewer voting would impact the game and it's true: the first one is whether BB17 Jason Roy or BB18 Jozea Flores will join the cast

In addition, we now know viewers will determine the winner, but they aren't going full international style: there will be a weekly HOH who will determine which hamsters are safe each week.. I don't yet know if the hamsters will evict themselves or if that'll be viewer votes

Live eviction shows hosted by Julie will be Wednesdays at 7pm PT/10pm ET.. there will be weekly recaps before those shows, as well as Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, all at 7pm PT/10pm ET.. Julie will interview evictees on Thursday afternoons (times will vary - she's a busy lady)

Safety ceremonies when HOH will declare who's safe that week will be live Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm PT/10pm ET, and there will be live Diary sessions Tuesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm PT/10.30pm ET, and we've already heard comps will air live on the feeds

And of course it'll have live feeds for everything else! BBOTT will have 13 hamsters, it's scheduled to run 10 weeks, grand prize will be $250,000, and it'll be exclusively on All Access.. sign up now and you'll be set to watch it from the start, along with anything in Flashback from BB18, along with zillions of CBS shows including BB1 thru BB18.. reminder, they recently launched a new commercial-free option

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BBOTT prizes: $250k for the winner, $25k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week including pre-show sequester (Jason could get more).

Hamsters must be awake between 10am and 10pm.

The habitat has 87 HD cameras and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.

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