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Big Brother 19
June 28: 2-hour Premiere

Big Brother Canada 5
March 11: Day 1 Move-in
March 15: Premiere
March 16: Feeds began
May 18: Day 69 Finale



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March 2017

Big Brother Canada 5


Demetres won Part 1
Kevin won Parts 2 and 3, and final HOH
Demetres evicted 1-0
Kevin won the season 9-0

BIG BROTHER 19 USA PREMIERES JUNE 28 - Feeds exclusively on CBS All Access again - using my link to sign up helps ensure I can cover the season - includes all prior BB USA seasons and many other CBS shows


HOHs in order: Karen; Demetres; Neda; Demetres; William; Sindy; Dillon; Demetres; Kevin; Demetres; Kevin; Demetres; Kevin

Veto winners in order: Bruno; Dillon; William; Neda; Kevin; Jackie; Demetres; William (found); William; Demetres; Kevin; Kevin; Kevin

Evictions in order: Mark 7-6; Dallas 12-0; Cassandra 11-0; Gary 1-0; Emily 8-1; Neda 7-1; Sindy 6-1; Bruno 5‑1; Jackie 4-1; Dre & William 0-0-3 (votes to save); Dillon 2-0; Ika 1-0; Demetres 1-0

Bruno: $490
Demetres: Three days bear suit & den; Ice water dunk; Visit with a juror (Sindy)
Dillon: $5,000; Baywatch movie (guest)
Dre: $110
Ika: Ice water dunk
Jackie: Slop pass (one week)
Karen: $20,000; Baywatch movie (guest)
Kevin: $100,000; Toyota 86; $41,000 at The Brick; Ice water dunk; Baywatch movie
Neda: Safety til jury (five weeks)
William: $1,400; One week safety; Secret veto

Finalist Twitters:
@KevinRobMartin; @KarenBBCAN

Jury Twitters:
@DemetresBBCAN; @theikawong; @DillonBBCAN; @DreBBCAN; @WilliamLapriseD; @JackieBBCAN; @BBCan3Bruno; @SindywithanS; @Neda_Kalantar

Pre-jury Twitters:
@BBCANEmily; @GaryLevyOnline; @BBCANDallas; @CassandraBBCAN; @MarkBBCAN


Canada's fifth Big Brother season has begun, hosted once again by Arisa Cox.. here's what you need to know:

Premiere was March 15 at 9pm Eastern, on Global in Canada

Air shows are Mondays 9pm, Wednesdays 9pm, and eviction Thursdays 8pm.. see "East coast air show streams" on left sidebar and/or watch my Twitter for links to stream the air shows live.. shows are viewable on the BB Canada site the day after they air

Air shows for Roku As of now, the CanadaTV channel for Roku still has one Global selection that runs East Coast airings - use the Global selection with purple logo and no location (the others are now geoblocked).. it costs $1.99 per month and can be added to your Roku here.. presumably, Canadians can still use this channel to watch Global programming from various timezones.. use my Amazon USA or Amazon Canada portals to shop Roku sticks or Roku TVs, or any Amazon shopping anytime

Post-eviction talk show is Thursdays on Facebook Live

Feeds are free again - use Hide My Ass to watch from outside Canada.. there are loads of other VPNs out there but I use and recommend HMA because it's safe, secure, and easy to use (just select a Canada server), available for multiple platforms, plus they have great customer service for questions or problems.. I get a small commission if you sign up using my link, so thanks in advance.. HMA will also let you watch archived air shows on the BB Canada site

Feeds began March 16 after the first eviction show aired, meaning someone (Mark) got the boot before feeds began, a horrible Canada tradition.. feeds are at the BB Canada site.. there will be no After Dark show this season

The habitat is spectacular once again, with a space-age theme this time - see the house pics

Premiere taping and move-in was March 11.. see my Twitter for the spoilers - there weren't many

Winner's prize will be $100,000 cash, a 2017 Toyota 86 car, and $30,000 at The Brick.. second place gets $20,000.. additional sponsors (and probable comp themes) are Kraft peanut butter, Oreo cookies, Crest, ParticipACTION, and the Baywatch movie

Cast reveal was March 8 and 9, and a house tour was March 13 on ET Canada special

Real-time feeds updates and air show recaps will once again be available at Hamsterwatch Forum by @UGotBronx

Production post-mortem Once again, the habitat itself and the comp designs and decor were beyond excellent, thanks to Marsha's alter ego Trevor Boris and his team. While I'm against returning players in principle, several of these eight vets added a very lot to the feeds experience, as did several of the rookies. Host Arisa Cox did her job very well, and she often broke the proverbial fourth wall when she watched feeds and tweeted along with us. Many of the comps and all the air shows and in-house displays were extremely sponsor-heavy to the point of intrusiveness, and the air shows glossed over or ignored most of the actual gaming with few if any illuminating Diaries.

Booze deliveries were few and most were blocked, camera crews often had trouble getting their frames right, and while they didn't do the usual blocked weekend, The Powers That Be once again did block feeds far too often and for far too long, which was especially hard to swallow after BBOTT's refreshing transparency and always-on feeds. But all in all it was a much better season than I was expecting, and it brought more than its share of what really matters: cheap entertainment.

Your cast is as follows, along with a post-season thought or two.. find out more about them from their official bios and social media links, as well as interviews with, and Rob Cesternino Part 1 and Part 2.. the official show site has video interviews - use Hide My Ass to watch outside Canada

But first here's a reminder for friends and family of the new cast members

Bruno Ielo
33 - Ottawa, ON - Construction worker, dad of two
7th place, BB Canada 3

He's a pleasant enough guy with a strong competitive streak and pretty good BB strategy. He's mostly remembered for an injured thumb.

Juror - Evicted 8th - Day 48
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Nom 1

Update He's still pleasant enough, with an occasional temper tantrum, and his birthday greeting from his kids was one of the most sincere 'awww' moments of the season.

Cassandra Shahinfar
23 - Winnipeg, MB - Marketing manager
4th place, BB Canada 4

Her game was part social strategy and part trainwreck, and she lost her mind a few times - that always makes for good feeds.

Evicted 3rd - Day 20
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Nom 1

Update She announced she'd play the same game as her first round but everybody knew what it was this time and they compared notes early, leading to her much earlier exit than last year. A lot of potential for good feeds went with her.

Dallas Cormier
25 - Edmonton, AB (originally Saint John, NB) - Lobster fisherman and welder
12th place, BB Canada 4

He said some things he shouldn't have and he didn't like playing gummy bear noms, but he also surfed the stairs in a cactus/walrus suit.

Evicted 2nd - Day 13
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Nom 1

Update He was the designated class clown once again, staging fake and/or real fights and being a general character. He attempted Evel Dick's pots 'n pans on his last night but he'd never seen Dick's version so it fell short, but was hilarious just the same.

Demetres Giannitsos
24 - Edson, AB - Oil field instrument tech

His official bio says it all: "This confident, self-professed beefcake nicknamed 'The Greek' loves to workout and grab attention from the ladies, but hes looking to align with fellow alpha males early," and his Twitter reads like BB18 Corey's did. I cannot.

Juror - Evicted 14th - Day 69
HOH 5 - Veto 2 - Nom 5 (1 auto)

Update He overcame his not-great pre-show reputation quickly and went on to break the record for USA & Canada HOH wins in a single season, with five. Unfortunately for him, he didn't win at the end when he needed to, but his and Ika's showmance was one of the easiest for many of us anti-showmance feedsters to take. His sister Marina easily wins the unofficial award for best handling of a hamster's Twitter while he was in there.

Dillon Carman
30 - Madoc, ON - Heavyweight boxer

He actually is Canada's reigning heavyweight champ, nicknamed "Big Country", but apparently there's a rabbit-punch controversy involved. The workout zone will be crowded this year. He's also been a chess champ, which adds an intriguing twist to his resume.

Juror - Evicted 12th - Day 62
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Nom 5

Update In a staggering stat, he's the 25th consecutive North American hamster to enter first and not win. He bawled like a baby the first night of feeds (one of the few boozy nights we saw) and he repeated that a few times along with a lot of heavy breathing and hitting on both Emily and Dre. His game wasn't all that but he lasted a long time and in the end, it is a game of sticking. My only real pet peeve is that he never did the promised two weeks of laundry for the ones who gave the Buzzkilled HOH win to him.

Dre (Andre) Gwenaelle
25 - Montreal, QC - Masters student

She describes herself as sassy and extra, which could mean she'll be good feeds, unless she doesn't live up to her own hype. She's worried about having to lie and about a messy house - uh oh.

Juror - Evicted 10th/11th with William - Day 54
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Nom 2

Update She started off seeming savvy and likeable but veered off course at some point and got away with double- and triple-dipping longer than seemed possible. When she was finally busted, the #DreExposedParty on Twitter was quite an event. I understand about the Canadian politics about the French language, but it was nonetheless annoying when she and William did virtually all of their gaming en français.

Emily Hawkin
23 - Toronto, ON (originally Lindsay) - Musician and server

She says she's a weirdo and might compare herself to Talla - oh Emily, those are big, hard-to-maneuver-stairs shoes to fill.

Evicted 5th - Day 34
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Nom 2

Update Since she went early and spent practically every minute stapled to Dillon, I don't have a much better picture of what she's about than I did before the feeds.

Gary Levy
25 - Ajax, ON (originally Toronto) - Artist
2nd place, BB Canada 1

He was evicted 8th, then revived, then lost the season by an error that added the phrase "getting Topazed" to our lexicon. He went on to do the Side Show for a couple seasons, and I thought we'd seen the end of him.

Evicted 4th - Day 27
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Nom 1

Update I wasn't eager to see him again but he surprised me with his humor and his game. I think I'd OD'd on his glittered Side Show persona and forgot what a pleasant person he can be when he's just being himself. His late night chats with Cassandra and Ika were something to look forward to.

Ika Wong
32 - Thornhill, ON (originally Montego Bay, Jamaica) - Financial services manager, mom of two
12th place, BB Canada 2

She's remembered for shredding letters from home, but she'll likely bring some drama any way you slice it.

Juror - Evicted 13th - Day 64
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Nom 3

Update She brought drama, attitude, and a surprising vulnerability with Demetres that was good to see. Her game was a mess for the bulk of the season but she somehow pulled it off and was the last female vet standing. She did the impossible when she wangled late game survival for both her and Demetres not once, but twice, reminding us that a good social game doesn't necessarily mean being nice to everyone. Hamsterwatch Co-Star of the Season, along with Karen.

Jackie McCurrach
22 - Port Coquitlam, BC - Pizza maker

Her bio says "fiery redhead" and "a guys' girl". Okay then. She plans on working out, learning to cook, making new friends, and creating An Experience. She could go far.

Juror - Evicted 9th - Day 54
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Nom 4

Update I think she was simply in over her head and her "Flip-Flop Floaterville" game did her no favors, but she lasted a long time just the same. While many of them complained she was "too nice" she had more than her share of run-ins and drama moments. She was a superb Drunk Girl on the first night of feeds, but subsequent booze blocks prevented us seeing more of that. Her bear story ranks right up there with Becky's train.

Karen Singbeil
53 - Victoria, BC (originally Kansas City, MO) - Real estate broker, mom of three

Being in real estate, she should know "the art of the deal" but being the token older mom, she'll likely go out early.

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Nom 2

Update Hamsterwatch Co-Star of the Season along with Ika, she was never at a loss for words and many of them were original and hilarious. From her "crack the nut" life lessons and tales of Bruce and the Shuswap, to her ongoing obsession over That Kevin Martin, Sindy stories retells, and a subtle but surprisingly good social game, she provided more than twice the entertainment than most of the ones half her age combined, and she went all the way to the end.

Kevin Martin
24 - Calgary, AB - Professional poker player
9th place, BB Canada 3

You know me, I'm all about the entertainment factor, and I don't think he brought much, especially without his showmance Pilar.

Won the season
HOH 3 - Veto 4 - Nom 3

Update I still don't think he brought much entertainment to the feeds but that isn't what wins this show. He was barely there for two months and then he won everything he had to, and he overcame missing two - count 'em two! shots at breaking up the Ika/Demetres powerhouse duo. He fauxmanced William and succeeded there when William used his secret veto to save Kevin, but the two of them constantly picking each other's backs was beyond nauseating.

Mark Chrysler
24 - Edmonton, AB - Bartender

He's that BBCan staple who will work out all the time, dominate physical comps, probably eat too much, and misplace his shirt often. Those guys tend to go far.

1st evicted - Day 6
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Nom 1

Update Oops, so much for going far! But he was shirtless when he did the requisite cameo clip later on.

Neda Kalantar
25 - Vancouver, BC - Fashion stylist and entrepreneur
3rd place, BB Canada 2

She was a savvy player, maybe too savvy for her own good - she'll likely be an early target. Her finest, backstabbiest moment was throwing out the Have-nots' condiments.

Juror - Evicted 6th - Day 34
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Nom 1

Update They need to stop these public votes when established fanbases make for inevitable results. We'll never know how things would have unfolded had Neda not been given five weeks safety, because she got the boot the minute that expired. She lost some former fans when attitudes interfered with the "my team versus your team" fanbase types, but I always say if you want a show where everyone plays nice-nice, you should switch from Big Brother to Sesame Street.

Sindy Nguyen
27 - Huntsville, ON (originally Toronto, ON) - Beauty queen
2nd and 7th evicted, BB Canada 2

Yes, we get it: WITH AN S! She was often annoying but her game was strong, between a lip-lock betrayal of Jordan and winning a brutal physical comp for revival, plus a challenging mental comp for immunity.

Juror - Evicted 7th - Day 41
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Nom 1

Update For a few weeks I thought she'd either learned from her first season mistakes or simply matured, but then the chatty and repetitive all-about-me stories started coming out again and they kept coming. She was a comp beast her first season but not so much this time, and while somebody had to break up the steamrolling vets, she did so too soon for her own good. When she couldn't decide what to do during the tense double eviction, Arisa gave us a line that will stick: "You can, and you will."

William Laprise Desbiens
23 - Trois-Rivieres, QC - Marketing student and blogger

Using three names in this setting is different - usually that's reserved for serial killers and adolescent actors. His first language is French and he has a heavy accent, so that could make information exchanges and whisper convos interesting.
Update: Turns out it's illegal since 1981 for women to take their husband's last name in Quebec when they get married, so many people born since then use both parents' names, unhyphenated. #TheMoreYouKnow

Juror - Evicted 10th/11th with Dre - Day 54
HOH 1 - Veto 2 won + 1 found - Nom 1

Update He'd said he hoped to improve his English but that's hard to do while speaking French all season with Dre. When he wasn't doing that, he was mostly back-picking with Kevin (again, eww) but he was a good one to do the secret veto hunt as he was so genuinely flabbergasted every step of the way. He was the subject of one of my favorite caps of the season.

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