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January 2019

Power Status

Ryan is Head of Household
Jonathan was automatic nominee
Ryan nominated Anthony, Tom
Ricky won veto/did not use
Anthony left they said on feeds he was a mole and 'not really playing' -
    he was at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday
Ryan nominated Kandi in his place
Kato won veto/used on Tom
Jonathan, Kandi, Joey are nominated

Kato, Natalie Eva Marie have 1st eviction immunity

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Move-in was January 16, and the first HOH comp was that evening

Reminder, celebs are on an accelerated schedule with two cycles per week, so comp outages are more frequent.. good for getting other things done!

Upcoming Events

FEEDS ARE LIVE get a free trial

Friday: Live eviction so feeds will be down several hours that day for pre-show prep

March 6: Big Brother Canada 7

Air shows

Monday 1/21 8pm - Move-in, first HOH comp
Tuesday 1/22 8pm - Power Pair comp, noms
Wednesday 1/23 8pm - Veto comp, veto meeting

Friday 1/25 8pm - 2nd veto comp, Anthony's exit, veto meeting, live eviction
Sunday 1/27 8pm - Noms, veto comp
Monday 1/28 8pm - Live eviction, HOH comp
Wednesday 1/30 8pm
Saturday 2/2 8pm
Monday 2/4 9pm
Thursday 2/7 9pm
Friday 2/8 8pm two hours
Monday 2/11 9pm
Wednesday 2/13 8pm two hour finale

Air shows are on CBS (Global in Canada). Stream links to watch East Coast airing online will be posted in Quick Links & Bookmarks on the left sidebar

After Dark will air for three hours every night on Pop - times vary by area and provider, check your cable guide

Other News

Celebrities are back! CBS premiere is January 21 at 8pm and feeds will start the next night. Like last year, we had several short leaks during the oh-so-important first week!

Along with a zillion flying rumors, we had pretty good intel that former WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie and former OJ Simpson houseguest/witness Kato Kaelin would be among those moving in and it turned out they are. Scroll down to Ratings section for the full cast.

Important If your DVR is set to automatically record every season of BB, it won't record this one. You'll need to add "Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" as a new and separate show. "Big Brother After Dark" seems to be using the same title but check your DVR to be sure if you plan to record it.

RIP Big Brother UK Both celeb and civilian versions have ended, at least on Channel 5.

It's become increasingly difficult to cover year-round BB with ever-dwindling feeds signups, so I'm considering CBB2 a trial run for the year, and my sales will be a factor in deciding whether I continue to cover BB summers or not. I realize there are many worthy affiliate sites out there and it can be hard to decide who should get your signup click. Thank you!

Hamsterwatch Forum for real-time feeds updates, screencaps, and air show recaps by @UGotBronx

Alliances charts by @89razorskate20: Jan 22 - Jan 23

Ratings Watch Monday's premiere placed third with 1.4 rating, 6 share, 5.40 million viewers, behind America's Got Talent: The Champions on NBC with 1.6/6/9.66, and The Bachelor on ABC with 1.6/6/5.96, and ahead of The Resident on FOX with 1.0/5/5.37.

Tuesday's show remained in third with 1.2 rating, 6 share, 4.92 million viewers, behind Ellen's Game of Games on NBC with 1.6/7/7.49, and The Conners season finale on ABC with 1.5/7/7.73 (first half hour), and ahead of The Kids are Alright on ABC with 0.9/4/4.54 (second half hour), The Flash on CW with 0.6/3/1.86, and Lethal Weapon rerun on FOX with 0.5/2/2.65.

Wednesday's show remained in third with 1.1 rating, 5 share, 4.50 million viewers, behind Chicago Med on NBC with 1.3/6/9.36, and The Goldbergs and Schooled on ABC with 1.2/6/5.29 and 1.1/5/4.40 respectively, and ahead of Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back on FOX with 1.1/5/3.61.
Rating and share: adults 18-49 - Rating: % of all TV households - Share: % of households watching TV

Week 1 - Days 1-9 - January 16-24, 2019

Daily and Noteworthy Events

HOH: Ryan
Original noms: Jonathan (Power Pair nom), Anthony, Tom
Veto #1 winner/outcome: Ricky/did not use
Left: Anthony
Replacement nom: Kandi
Veto #2 winner/outcome: Kato/used on Tom
Final noms: Joey, Jonathan, Kandi
Evicted: TBA

1st eviction immunity: Kato, Natalie Eva Marie

Day 1 Wednesday January 16
They moved in early in the day, with a live (paid) audience in attendance. Ryan was called to the stage first but when he entered with the rest of the first group, he held the door open - likely more out of politeness than due to any knowledge of the first-in curse. Tamar entered the habitat first. They held the HOH comp later that day with a different (paid) audience in attendance.

Day 2 Thursday January 17
We had our first sneak peek of feeds at 2pm Pacific/BB time, for 15 minutes. They seemed relaxed for the most part, with Ricky, Kato, Jonathan, Ryan hanging out and playing pool on the skybridge, and Tom and Dina cooking up tuna steaks downstairs. It sounded like Ryan won the first HOH as Kato made a joke about having had a key made so he wouldn't have to keep asking Ryan for it. All of them were glimpsed here or there except Anthony, but he showed up near the end of the 15-minute peek after being in Diary. Joey talked about making lists of things they need as they run out of food etc - good luck with that. We're likely to get more of these 15-minute peeks before feeds officially start, so be sure you're signed up for All Access and stay tuned!

Day 3 Friday January 18
Sneak peek #2 gave us 15 more minutes at 2pm Pacific/BB time. It was dominated by Jonathan very loudly leading a workout session on the balcony with Lolo, Natalie, Ricky, Tamar, Anthony, Ryan. Meanwhile Joey, Tom, Kato, Kandi, Dina were downstairs in the kitchen, snacking and commenting about the workout, with Kato and Tom goofing and joking. Veto comp hadn't happened yet, and we didn't get any confirmation as to who was nominated (rats) but Dina seemed a bit disconnected to me, and Kato make a joke about "namaste, I'm staying!" for whatever that's worth. Joey commented that the downstairs bathroom needed cleaning, and both he and Kato made some comments about proper workout techniques - with several pro athletes and two Olympians in the habitat.

Day 6 Monday January 21
After a weekend with no peeks, we got another 15 minutes at 11am Pacific/BB time. Kato and Natalie confirmed they're not allowed to "talk shop" during these times (boo), but we did learn three are nominated, though not which three. Several were working out, Anthony got back into suit and tie to do a Diary "pickup," Ricky talked about leaving football and traveling in Asia, and Tom was encouraging Dina to talk about her daughters' careers. It sounded like Joey/Ryan, Lolo/Ricky/Tamar, and Dina/Kandi/Tom may be working together, game-wise. Much more will become clear tonight with the first premiere at 8pm Eastern, another show Tuesday at 8pm, and then feeds will start for real at 9pm Pacific/midnight Eastern on Tuesday night.

Premiere The first group was Ryan, Tamar, Kato, Natalie Eva Marie, Tom, Lolo. Ryan was first but he held the door for Tamar to be first inside. Not a good move for a "superfan" but she might be tv-only and unaware of the curse - oops. The second group was Joey, Kandi, Jonathan, Dina, Ricky, Anthony. Their first HOH comp was Drinks On Us, played in "Power Pairs". Perched and swinging on swings, one person filled a "champagne" glass from a fountain and poured into their partner's glass, who then had to dump into a giant glass at the other end of the yard. The first pair to fill their glass won. Ryan's name was randomly drawn first, and each person then picked the next. Pairings were Ryan/Jonathan, Tamar/Kandi, Joey/Ricky, Lolo/Tom, Dina/Anthony. Kato and Natalie Eva Marie sat out and thus received first eviction immunity. Ryan and Jonathan won, and battled each other for HOH, which will air on Tuesday's show. The loser is automatically nominated.

Day 7 Tuesday January 22
"Premiere #2" gave us the new show intro and move-in recap, and Ryan and Jonathan proceeded to their battle of the block comp to determine the first HOH, Blockbusters. They had to cross the yard on ziplines and knock down all the blocks in two movie posters featuring themselves as The Nominee. Ryan won, meaning Jonathan automatically went on the block.

Along the way, tentative alliances were formed including a big one spearheaded by Jonathan with himself, Ryan, Kandi, Lolo, Natalie Eva Marie, Tamar. Joey was asked to join but declined, saying he didn't believe in alliances - oookay. Within that mega group were sub-alliances of Jonathan/Ryan/Lolo/Natalie, Kandi/Tamar/Lolo/Natalie, Jonathan/Ryan, Kandi/Tamar, and Lolo/Natalie. Later Anthony/Kato/Tom agreed to team up together. Ryan wanted to nominate Dina and Anthony but Jonathan talked him out of putting up Dina due to their history, and Ryan ended up nominating Anthony and Tom.

We also had a segment featuring Ryan's lap pool.

Feeds began right on time, with some of the guys playing cards and some of the girls bikini'ing in the new corner HOH bath. But the big news came out before long: Anthony was gone! Tamar said something about "he tried it" but no details came out. They commented that his picture on the wall wasn't grayed out and they wondered if Ryan would have to nominate someone else, so it probably happened today. We'll know sooner or later.

Their back corridor opened around 10pm and Ryan got into his pool and started swimming. Between the machinery and the splashing, it's LOUD. It finally came out that Kato won the veto, but they hadn't had their meeting yet - he plans to use it on Tom. Tamar and Kandi got into a tense discussion about fame, relevance, and mutual acquaintances, and Tamar got heated in retelling it to Ricky, and later to others, calling Kandi "shady as hell." Tamar ranted around a bit and went to Diary to talk it out (thus providing drama clips for CBS).

Later Lolo and Natalie said Kandi vs Tamar had been a nightly event for the past few days and then it blows over, and Ricky and Joey both reassured Kandi that tonight's hadn't been her fault. Ricky also told Lolo and Natalie that Kandi hadn't done anything wrong to set off tonight's drama, and they agreed they needed to reel Tamar in for their games and alliance, but they weren't sure if they could. There were a lot of mentions from Tamar about voting out Kandi on Friday, but I'm unclear if she went on the block to replace Anthony, or if that was wishful thinking/looking ahead by Tamar. We'll find out.

Clarity finally came, more or less, when Lolo and Natalie Eva Marie studied their days and events thus far. They were confused what day it is now and unclear about some events but we were able to piece it all together, more or less. Ryan nominated Anthony and Tom on Day 3 (not the first night as the show implied). Ricky won the first veto comp, Giddy Up on Day 4 (Joey was the sixth player, and Lolo hosted), and on Day 5 he did not use it. On Day 6, they found out Anthony was a mole and "not a real player" and he left. Ryan nominated Kandi in his place, and Kato won the second veto comp which had a Scaramucci press conference theme. Anthony's story doesn't really add up as all his pre-show press indicated he was very much ready to play, and BB would surely have told us if he was a mole or saboteur, plus he followed a bunch of us last year - odd thing to do for a two-episode cameo. But regardless, he's gone, and we'll move forward without him. Tamar and Kandi each did retells of their drama, and Tom suggested to Kandi that maybe Tamar was playing up being "the arguing character" of the show, and maybe Kandi should nod, smile, and not engage with her for the sake of her (Kandi's) game. Kandi and Dina said they "can't be fake," so more drama's likely to come along.

We learned/confirmed there are upstairs and downstairs Diary Rooms this time, they all have weekly laundry service (Ryan's pool probably took up the washer/dryer spot), and they have a white noise machine but there are no fishies, and apparently no night vision greenlight cams.

Day 8 Wednesday January 23
The pre-veto meeting scramble was more scrambled than usual, as Ryan's renom options were severely limited. They said Ricky was exempt (even though the veto process he won was completed - he didn't use it), and Natalie had immunity since she sat out the first comp with second veto winner Kato. That left Dina, Joey, Lolo, Tamar as Ryan's only options. Jonathan didn't want Dina to go up (but Joey told her it might be her), and Ryan didn't want to put up Lolo (sounded like it wouldn't help his Reputation Repair mission to go after a fellow Olympian). Tamar was allied with Ryan (but so was Kandi, and he put her up), and Joey, who doesn't believe in alliances, is a fellow bro/jock and Ryan's workout buddy. Tom did some "I'm just here for the experience and exposure" shmoozing, but I don't buy that for a minute: he's here to play.

Meanwhile Anthony turned up in Switzerland today, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He mentioned that he was supposed to be on our little show, but didn't provide any details as to what the heck is going on. It'll all become clear in time, hopefully. For now, his picture on the photo wall finally went to black & white.

Kato used his veto on Tom as planned, and Ryan went against bro-code after all and put up Joey in his place. Hamsters scurried around in groups of twos and threes, speculating if one or two would be evicted Friday, and discussing vote scenarios and future plans, like they do. Tamar, who attended the meeting in her lip prints onesie from last night, took to her bed and sobbed undercovers. And on we go!

Early campaigning and vote plans carried on, including Jonathan talking to Ricky about evicting Kandi. The show gave us some superb insight on Ricky when he said in Diary he wants to stir the pot and keep everyone stressed - good news for us! The show also introduced the Tamar/Kandi drama, and hinted at Anthony's exit with "a shocking new twist will send a second celebrity packing" on Friday's show. Back to feeds, Kandi did a great rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," Lolo was upset about their available food choices, Tamar finally emerged from her bed (still in her lip prints onesie, but now with a hat and boots), Tom talked to us and said he's having a good time but was definitely relieved to be off the block, Natalie talked about her time with WWE and Total Divas, Ricky did some yoga on his own, Ryan/Joey/Jonathan did some working out, and both chess and poker lessons continued.

Evening started slowly again, with most of them playing cards, chess, and pool, but then Tamar revved up again, this time angrily telling Natalie and Lolo that she knows Ricky was talking privately/secretly with Kandi after the veto meeting, but he had denied it. It sounded like that was about today's veto meeting, but Tamar was also saying something last night about Ricky denying something even though she "knew what she saw," so maybe it was about the first veto meeting last week. Regardless, it escalated, and Tamar and Ricky finally talked it out. He swore he wasn't talking with Kandi, Tamar insisted he was, and after a few loops of that, Ricky apologized for anything he did that rubbed her the wrong way, asked what he could do to make it better, and said he hoped they can move past it. They ended with a hug, though Tamar's face didn't look like an "okay it's over" hug, and on her way out she mouthed to Lolo "he's lying." Incidentally, Tamar was in her onesie all day. Maybe it's a comp consequence outfit? Or maybe just a Tim Dormer-type hamster fashion choice.

Whisperings carried on about who to vote for, who was working with whom, and so forth, but it's still a long time til they vote so there's much to be waffled about before then. When most had gone to bed, Tom did a house tour that was reminiscent of "The Tom Green Show" and his internet show that followed it, way way back in the day. He toured the pantry, kitchen (with another cereal box osprey dance), balcony (where he played the functioning keyboard a bit), gym, HOH, and then he took a shower, all with Tom's own unique brand of narration. Like last night, he ran into a couple others along the way and explained what he was doing, and told them not to tell anyone else or they'd think he's weird. Greenlight night vision cams were back in place tonight.

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Day 9 Thursday January 24
They got started early in the day, with Tom doing more solo goofing and talking to us, and campaigning and vote talks revving up all over town, along with everlasting workouts of course. As of now, Kato, Lolo, Natalie, Ricky, Tom want Jonathan to go, and Jonathan, Ryan, Tamar want Kandi to go. Jonathan let Dina know she'd been mentioned a lot as an easy nominee/eviction, and that he'd protected her. Unlike most seasons, we still haven't had much action in HOH room at all: Ryan hasn't been sleeping up there, possibly more from not wanting to be alone and/or politeness than any strategic reasons, but nobody else has taken up his offers to sleep there instead, and neither he nor anyone else has been using it as an office/conference room. It'll be interesting to see if that changes with future regime(s).

Kandi and Tamar shared the kitchen space for awhile, not speaking, with tension you could cut with a knife. Feedmasters had some fun with that, cutting back and forth between their faces and Tamar's (literal) pot-stirring. Afterwards, Tamar griped to Natalie about Kandi and Ricky allegedly having talked to her, and Natalie basically told her to either get over it or have a sit-down with Kandi. Tamar finally came out of her onesie, to work out.

Tom told himself/us he wasn't sure if booting Jonathan would be the best move or not, but Kato joined him and said Jonathan has to go, stick with the plan, and Tom needed to stop over-thinking and over-complicating things. Ricky told Kandi in the gym about Tamar's accusations about Ricky and Kandi talking privately in a room. I'm curious if Tamar knew or will find out that they were having that convo in a room today, and about that it was largely about her. Drama fans hope she does find out.

Feeds were down a couple hours and hamsters were in lockdown, likely for some habitat maintenance. When they came back, Ricky was giving Tamar an astrology reading with the astrology app on their tablet. It was in-depth and seemed to be pretty positive and complimentary to her overall, which was probably wise. Jonathan approached Lolo and Natalie to do some low-key campaigning, but Joey crashed that to preach, and to talk about you-name-it, like he does. Jonathan campaigning to them probably wasn't going to do him any good anyway. Tamar told Lolo and Natalie she's leaning towards evicting Kandi but it wasn't personal - she said she's worked with her family when they weren't speaking and everything was fine. (Pretty much everyone in there and out here would agree that it probably is personal.) Ricky joined them and asked if they (Jonathan and Joey) were doing a last-minute pitch, but Lolo and Natalie said "not really," and Natalie said she hadn't liked Joey bringing religion into the gametalk.

Ricky told Tamar, Lolo, Natalie they can all agree to go after Kandi next, and "we're going to backdoor Ryan anyway," and he swore if he wins HOH he'll put up Kandi. Tamar said she'll say "I told you so" if Kandi stays tomorrow, and added "it's not personal" a few dozen more times. Tom worked on Kato some more to keep Jonathan and boot Kandi, and he pushed his anti-Ricky agenda, citing how he'd implied he'd use veto on Tom but didn't. He said if Jonathan goes now, Final Four would be Ricky, Dina, Kandi, Tamar, then Final Two would be Ricky and Dina, "and then maybe Dina will win" - that sounds loony but we've seen loonier final votes. Tom said "if we save Jonathan's ass now, [the guys] are gonna owe us bigtime." After every round, Kato said they should probably talk to Ricky, and Tom had to start over again. Ricky opened his HOH healing office and gave Dina some massaging, and Natalie, Kato, Jonathan, Tom played pool.

Backyard corridor chat turned super awkward when Tom talked about his Celebrity Apprentice firing and how he'd incorporated it into his standup act. Ricky asked him to do it for them, Tom started, paused, started again, then said his act gets political and this wasn't the time or place for that. Ricky challenged him and said he's scared, Tom explained about the energy of a room doing standup, and asked Ricky "why don't you go play football right now?" Ricky said "don't make bullshit excuses" and "I guess I should have expected that coming on a celebrity show, it's hard for celebrities to be themselves" and "I'm learning now, comedians need a crowd to be funny."

A crowd gathered and the attention turned to Ryan. Kandi asked why he came onto BB and Ryan said he'd had some issues other than swimming. Kandi said she didn't know about him other than medals, and Ricky asked Ryan to tell it. Ryan said "why not? it's out there" and started to tell when feeds switched. (Maybe his contract says they won't air that but why? As he said himself, it's out there - letting him explain his point of view and what he learned from it would humanize him and help his Reputation Repair mission.) Afterwards it sounded like Ricky had also pushed Ryan's buttons, saying he hadn't known the story and he was challenging Ryan during the telling.

Then Kato spoke up and talked about how difficult his life was after OJ - he received death threats, people said he should have been murdered instead, people would come to his daughter's school, etc, and he said he didn't want to read anything about BB after the season because those haters were still out there and he just doesn't want to see it. (It's true, some of them came into my mentions about him when I tweeted the cast names.)

Tom told Kato he was going to put his plan in action and talk to Lolo and Natalie to get them to keep Jonathan, to cripple Ricky's game and wreck his long-term plans. Tom met with Lolo and Kato met with Natalie, but Lolo didn't want to hear it. She said Ryan had tried to backdoor her twice after being on two Olympics teams with him, so she didn't want to put any trust in him, and anyway it was too late to be changing everything. She then told Ricky about Tom's plan, and Ryan and Jonathan, word got around, and scurrying and waffling went into overdrive. Along the way, Ryan apologized to Lolo, Ricky apologized to Tom, and Tom ran into a staffer in the upstairs hallway - a first! He said casually "hello, how are you?" - she jumped, squealed, and made a very quick exit.

This vote might not be finalized til tomorrow's pre-show lockdown, or maybe not even til Julie reads the votes. Bottom line is they don't need Tom's vote to evict Jonathan but will they stick to that plan, or will some of them switch it up, or throw a hinky? We'll know soon enough. Also tonight, before all the awkward took over, two different talk shows happened at the same time: Tamar/Lolo/Natalie in the lounge and Kato/Jonathan/Dina outside. Also, the ants made an appearance in the backyard corridor.

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Ratings - Fresh Celebrity Meat edition

Just the facts plus free neutrals all around, for now

Last year's celeb season was fun and better feeds than many summer seasons. Also blissfully short. I always figured they did it the first time to counter-program against Olympics, so I'm surprised and pleased to have it back again. Here's hoping for some good feeds! That's all I ask. Oh, and booze deliveries.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Dina Lohan
Age: 56
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Current City: Long Island, NY
Occupation: Momager

Divorced, 4 children
Momager as in mom/manager of Lindsay Lohan. She had a reality show with younger daughter Ali, has appeared on 'Family Therapy with Dr Jenn,' and had a DUI in 2013. She's one of several who could bring drama to the feeds.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0

Joey Lawrence
Age: 42
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Actor/producer

Married, 2 children
Actually Joey Lawrence Mignogna Jr, he was a child actor in various sitcoms and commercials, and is probably best known for his stint on 'Blossom.' Since then he released several recordings and appeared in various sitcoms, dramas, movies, Broadway, and he finished third on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0

Jonathan Bennett
Age: 37
Hometown: Rossford, OH
Current City: Newport Beach, CA
Occupation: Actor/host

In a relationship
Probably best known for appearing in 'Mean Girls,' he's been in a number of movies and tv shows including 'Veronica Mars' and 'All My Children.' He finished ninth on his season of 'Dancing With the Stars' and he has also hosted 'Halloween Wars' and 'Cake Wars.'

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0

Kandi Burruss
Age: 42
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Current City: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Singer/TV personality

Married, 3 children
She's probably best known for 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' but she's got a long list of music cred including a Grammy for co-writing TLC's 'No Scrubs,' as well as being a member of Xscape. She's released two solo albums and has written for/with Destiny's Child, Pink, and fellow RHOA Kim Zolciak, whose 'Tardy for the Party' resulted in legal battles over writing credit. She's appeared on various reality shows and has a sex toy company, Bedroom Kandi.

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Won Veto #1/used on Tom

Kato Kaelin
Age: 59
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Actor/host

Divorced, 1 child
He's best known for being OJ Simpson's houseguest which led to him being a star-turned-hostile witness in OJ's trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Afterwards he won a libel suit ('won' as in settled out of court) against a tabloid paper, that's considered a landmark case in libel law. Since then he's made a number of tv appearances as himself, had small roles in various movies and tv shows including several reality and game shows, and he's hosted a number of radio and tv shows.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Lolo Jones
Age: 36
Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Current City: Baton Rouge, LA
Occupation: Olympic track and bobsled star

Born Lori Susan Jones, she's one of few athletes who's competed in both summer and winter Olympics. She was first out on her season of 'Dancing With the Stars' and has also appeared on the MTV 'Challenge' series. She says she's a virgin and has said maintaining her virginity has been harder than training for the Olympics or graduating from college.

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Natalie Eva Marie Coyle
Age: 34
Hometown: Concord, CA
Current City: North Tustin, CA
Occupation: Former WWE wrestler/actress

She was born Natalie Marie Nelson, and was known in wrestling as Eva Marie or Natalie Eva Marie, so who knows what she'll go by for BB. She's known for WWE wrestling and its reality spinoff 'Total Divas,' and has appeared in several films and tv shows, along with doing a lot of fitness modeling. She's had her own line of hair extensions (hello #Deathrace2019 potential!) and a clothing line, NEM Fashion.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Won veto #1/did not use

Ricky Williams
Age: 41
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current City: Venice Beach, CA
Occupation: Former NFL superstar

Married, 5 children
He's a Heisman Trophy winner and had a very successful NFL career. He's also an advocate for medical cannabis, claiming its efficacy in helping his diagnosed social anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and avoidance disorder. He's been the subject of several sports documentaries, he's a qualified yoga instructor, and he has an herbal wellness company, Real Wellness.

Won: TBA
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0

Ryan Lochte
Age: 34
Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL
Current City: Gainesville, FL
Occupation: 12-time Olympic medalist in swimming

Married, 1 child, 1 on the way
He's the second most decorated US swimmer (behind Michael Phelps) but is also known for controversies, including a 2018 suspension for alleged doping, and for falsely claiming with a teammate that they were robbed in Rio de Janeiro. He later said he'd been drunk and 'over-exaggerated that story.' He finished 7th on his season on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Tamar Braxton
Age: 41
Hometown: Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Singer/TV personality

Divorced, 'seeing someone,' 1 child
She's the youngest of the musical Braxton family and has released a number of recordings with her siblings as well as several multiple Grammy-nominated solo projects. She was featured in the reality shows 'Braxton Family Values' and 'Tamar & Vince,' and was a co-host on 'The Real' talk show. She withdrew from her season of 'Dancing With the Stars' for medical reasons, and she has a clothing and shoes line, Tamar Collection. She's been watching the show since BB1.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
Nominated/veto'd off

Tom Green
Age: 47
Hometown: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Current City: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Comedian

Divorced, in a relationship
On 'The Tom Green Show' on MTV in the '90s, he pulled outrageous stunts on ordinary people (à la Sasha Baron Cohen) as well as his parents (à la Bam Margera). The show also featured parody and comedy videos, and he later appeared in several movies and tv shows, and has rapped, written, hosted, podcasted, and done standup comedy. He's appeared on a number of tv shows including 'Celebrity Apprentice' (fired by Trump on the third episode), he was married to Drew Barrymore for a minute, and he's been an advocate for testicular cancer awareness, particularly for younger men.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
Gone Day 6

Anthony Scaramucci
Age: 55
Hometown: Port Washington, NY
Current City: Manhasset, NY
Occupation: Former White House Director of Communications/financier

Married, 5 children
He was rumored for last year and around that time he went on a BB follow spree on Twitter. Our second former Trump staffer (Omarosa was on last year's edition), we can probably expect production to 'encourage' political discussion and tell-all stories. Omarosa didn't do too much of that yet every time she did, it was aired by CBS. I just hope they don't go into political discussion/debate on the feeds as that never ends well for anyone.

Lines and Links of the Day


Joey: We all gotta clean our bathroom downstairs, the sinks are disgusting

Tom Diary: Power Pairs, I had a power pair [looks down] - yeah, not anymore




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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Fights: 1
1/22 Tamar vs Kandi

TMZ mentions: 1
Kandi vs Tamar

Premature exits: 1

Pre-season premature cast leaks: 2
Eva Marie, Kato


Production Goofs

 1 Didn't include Kandi's photo with the other cast reveal press pics
 2 Cast still not on CBS site 2 days after reveal
 3 Lens left on the table in house pics
 4 Posted wrong Twitter for Tamar
 5 Cameraman's reflection in first minute of house tour
 6 Photo from another show posted with press pics
 7 Misspelled Tom's and Ryan's names
 8 Still misspelling Ryan's name
 9 Posted another wrong Twitter for Tamar
10 Staffer caught by Tom in upstairs hallway

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Ryan

Veto wins in order: Ricky; Kato

Evictions in order: TBA

Cast Twitters: @Scaramucci, @dinalohan, @joeylawrence, @JonathanBennett, @Kandi, @Kato_Kaelin, @lolojones, @natalieevamarie, @Rickthelaureate, @RyanLochte, @TamarBraxtonHer, @tomgreenlive
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