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February 2019

Power Status

Joey evicted 6-0

Tamar was Head of Household
Kato and Tom were nominated
Lolo won veto/did not use
Kato evicted 5-0
Tamar could pull herself off the block one time - unused

Tom is Head of Household
Ricky and Natalie were nominated
Tom won veto/used on Ricky
Natalie and Lolo are nominated


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Upcoming Events

Plotting, scheming, trashing, bashing

March 6: Big Brother Canada 7

Air shows

Monday 1/21 8pm - Move-in, first HOH comp
Tuesday 1/22 8pm - Power Pair comp, nominations
Wednesday 1/23 8pm - Veto comp, veto meeting
Friday 1/25 8pm - 2nd veto comp, Anthony's exit, veto meeting, live eviction
Sunday 1/27 8pm - HOH comp, nominations, assorted drama
Monday 1/28 8pm - Live veto comp and veto meeting, live eviction
Wednesday 1/30 8pm - HOH comp, Publicist Power winner reveal, nominations
Saturday 2/2 8pm - Veto comp, veto meeting, live eviction
Monday 2/4 9pm - Nominations, veto comp, live veto meeting, live eviction
Thursday 2/7 9pm - HOH comp, nominations, assorted drama

Friday 2/8 8pm Two hours - Veto comp & meeting, live eviction, HOH comp, noms, 2nd veto comp & meeting, 2nd live eviction
Monday 2/11 9pm - Probably season review and start HOH comp
Wednesday 2/13 8pm Two hour finale

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Other News

Celebrities are back! CBS premiere was January 21 and feeds started the next night.

It's become increasingly difficult to cover year-round BB with ever-dwindling feeds signups, so I'm considering CBB2 a trial run for the year, and my sales will be a factor in deciding whether I continue to cover BB summers or not. I realize there are many worthy affiliate sites out there and it can be hard to decide who should get your signup click. Thank you!

Hamsterwatch Forum for real-time feeds updates, screencaps, and air show recaps by @UGotBronx

Alliances charts by @89razorskate20: Feb 1

Diary segment tally by @clamperls2

Ratings Watch Saturday's live show placed second overall with 0.7 rating, 4 share, 3.25 million viewers, ahead of NBC Countdown on ABC with 0.6/3/2.51 the first half hour and behind NBA basketball with 1.0/5/2.93 the second half hour, and ahead of 9-1-1 rerun on FOX with 0.3/2/1.59, and NHL Hockey on NBC with 0.3/2/1.29.

Monday's live show placed third with 1.1 rating, 5 share, 4.15 million viewers, behind The Bachelor on ABC with 1.8/8/6.18, and America's Got Talent on NBC with 1.6/7/9.79, and ahead of The Passage on FOX with 0.9/4/3.80.

Thursday's show won the hour with 1.1 rating, 5 share, 4.81 million viewers, ahead of A Million Little Things on ABC with 1.0/5/5.25, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Will & Grace on NBC with 0.9/4/3.04 and 0.8/4/3.07, and The Orville rerun on FOX with 0.4/2/1.71.
Rating and share: adults 18-49 - Rating: % of all TV households - Share: % of households watching TV

Week 3 - Days 17-23 - February 1-7, 2019

Daily and Noteworthy Events

Evicted: Joey 6-0

HOH: Tamar
Publicist Power: Tamar/did not use
Original noms: Kato, Tom
Veto winner/outcome: Lolo/did not use
Final noms: Kato, Tom
Evicted: Kato 5-0

HOH: Tom
Original noms: Natalie, Ricky
Veto winner/outcome: Tom/used on Ricky
Final noms: Lolo, Natalie
Evicted: TBA

Day 17 Friday February 1
Morning kicked off with a bang when Tom suggested a house meeting to get everything out in the open (unaware it already was all out in the open.) Then everything exploded, with Lolo and Kato shouting at each other loudly and angrily, Lolo taunting Tom and Kato "fun fun fuck y'all!", Dina rehashing last night's Kandi fight with Lolo and Natalie, Ricky telling Tom he messed everything up, Natalie yelling at Tom, and everyone was griping and complaining about Tom and Kato in every corner. Flashback 2/1 10.36am and just let it roll.

Things calmed down to rehashes here and there, then Lolo was heard (off-feeds) screaming at Tom. Kato apologized to Tom in the gym for losing his temper, both apologized to us, Tom said he was concerned about being called sexist and threatening, and he asked Kato to stay close to be a witness (yep, he said that) if it happened again. Ricky went in and yelled at Tom about "dirty ass shoes" on his mat, told him to go to his HOH room, and said "I was here first!" Kato went to apologize to Lolo but she sat up and screamed at him "GET OUT OF MY ROOM! I'M NOT READY FOR THIS YET! RICKY GET HIM OUT! PRODUCTION GET HIM OUT OF MY ROOM!!"

Through it all Kandi and Tamar each watched and listened, with Kandi saying she just hoped Tom keeps her if it's a tie, Joey talked about side topics (including saying AIDS can be cured with asparagus), Dina said she wasn't stupid, and Ricky continued his ongoing instigation and stir-it-up, nourishing his seeds-bombs, as did Tamar to a lesser degree. Tamar revved up later though, saying Tom and Kato were doing "devilish stuff, devilish." Also there was some talk about Tom doing pots 'n pans (one feeble clank - Flashback 2/1 4.36am), and loudly crashing pool balls around. Ricky encouraged giving Kato the silent treatment for the rest of the day.

Rehashes raged on, along with vilifications, exaggerations, and voting scenarios. Tom planned another speech to put pressure on Tamar to keep Kandi, and Tamar and Ricky each continued to fuel Lolo's and Natalie's rage against Tom and Kato. Joey continued to jump in with side stories, and Kandi continued to play it cool and stay involved in talks, but out of the drama. I was reminded that a couple days ago Tamar and Kandi agreed to pit Tom/Kato against Lolo/Natalie/Ricky so they'd go after each other, and that Tamar - who's now the swing vote - would keep Kandi on Saturday.

Everything calmed down finally with most of them (and us) recuperating after a stressful night and morning. Tom and Kato isolated themselves in HOH and did a running comedy skit about it, and the state of things in general, while the rest of them chatted and played cards in the living room. Gametalk started up again in the evening, with Tamar and Joey making a tentative partnership if she votes for him, and Tamar asking Kato about the table slaps when he was yelling at Lolo (they were pretty much a non-issue for most watching, but a lot of drama had built up about them throughout the day), and Tamar asked Lolo about the past and had Lolo been targeting her or not. To me, it seemed like Tamar was definitely doing research about the vote and her power. I haven't seen her show and she's brought a lot of drama, but she's also the most knowledgable about BB of them all - granted, that isn't saying a lot.

Tamar also latched on to Lolo telling her Kato had wanted to say "you look like Miss Cleo, you should have seen this coming" when he put her on the block. A bit later we got four feeds on Joey's nightly grooming marathon and shower (downstairs tonight), but at one point we heard Tamar confronting Kato about it, in the distance, off-feeds. She said "your racist, sexist attitude" and "I'm done" and "based on the disgusting things that have come out of your mouth, you should be ashamed of yourself, I'm ashamed for you." After that we saw glimpses of Tom and Kato removing their mics and going to HOH, and Lolo/Natalie/Dina retelling at Ryan's pool, between Joey's marathon. It sounded like Kato was called to Diary, and Lolo told Joey he "mean mugged" Ricky who'd been on the couch as he went by. So another mess, and it seems like it's one BB doesn't want traveling wide and hitting TMZ.

Kato was glimpsed carrying a bag upstairs to spend the night, and then we got an extended period of all feeds on silent Ricky in the hot tub/pool, then more of Joey's grooming marathon, and then Dina's nightly grooming, and she and Kandi commiserating about being left out of all the loops. Also Kandi told Dina about the Miss Cleo situation, and that Lolo and Natalie told Tamar about it now because it was beneficial for them. Tom and Kato were seen for a minute playing pool, with Tom saying he thought something would change tomorrow, and that [the Miss Cleo situation] "wasn't good for the show" - true. Once After Dark ended, feeds went to the usual music/WBRB when anyone mentioned anything, including Tom's usual recap of the day with sleepover buddy Kato.

Tamar's the swing vote for tomorrow and she's promised it to both Joey and Kandi - I don't know which promise she'll keep.

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Day 18 Saturday February 2
Tom told Kato over coffee upstairs that he'd talked to Allison [Grodner], and he said he thought "everyone's getting talked to this morning, saying hey this is supposed to be fun, no personal attacks, no intimidation, so...." - feeds cut, like they do when hamsters talk about production, especially production scolding them. Yes Tom's confusing this with some other show, and that's the pitfall of "learning" BB by watching air show edits, and it also means probable continued cuts whenever anyone refers to the Miss Cleo situation, either to Joey or to We'll Be Right Back. Speaking of Joey, Tamar told him she doesn't know if Tom and Kato are the only "bad people" in there, and why did Lolo hold on to that [Miss Cleo] information? Feeds cut, of course. Producers are likely also hoping they won't have an ugly confrontation on the live show. Meanwhile I seem to be getting the content disclaimer more often whenever I switch feeds, implying damage control is well underway.

The usual late morning HOH lockdown didn't happen at the usual time, maybe to delay it until just before the walk-through rehearsal in case more drama broke out they wanted to keep under wraps. But drama broke out anyway, over their shopping list this time, of all things - sea bass and salmon vs grassfed lamb chops. Lolo and Tamar went off on each other for a few seconds and then feeds cut again -Flashback 2/2 1.23pm. It's possible Tamar was picking/pushing this one to have an excuse to evict shopping list stickler Joey, especially after not committing her vote to Lolo/Natalie/Ricky earlier, saying she was concerned about real life repercussions if she evicts Kandi. We'll see how it all unfolds in a few hours.

The show breezed past most of the drama as if it never happened, only inserting (most of) Friday morning's Lolo vs Kato kitchen fight, and then none of the fallout from that nor Miss Cleo Gate - not surprisingly. What was surprising was Lolo and Natalie voting to evict Joey, posting a 3-0 count (along with Kato's) before commercials. Everyone else also voted against Joey so out he went. He put his celeb persona back on and gave an amusing and personable exit interview, and poked fun at himself for his nightly grooming marathon (although he lowballed it at 45 minutes), and he made a dig at Lolo's temper. Whatever made Lolo/Natalie/Ricky flip their votes was not on feeds but we might figure it out from retells. After the show, Tamar told Ricky she's glad she's met and gotten to know him, and said there's never been a black BB winner "til now," and Lolo held a prayer circle with Natalie before feeds went away again for their HOH comp.

Feeds were down from approx 6.25 to 8.20 and when they came back, Tamar had won the HOH comp, which was called Picture Imperfect: spotting changes in pics, knockout style. Tamar was excited and pleased, and loudly said she'd be happy to Tom or Kato home. Her win also means another viewer vote and twist will fade away unused and soon forgotten. Ricky said the noms ceremony would be lit, as Tom and Kato, downstairs citizens again, milled around and Tom reminded Kato to be magnanimous, as they're on camera. Later Tom said some of the personal things that were said were "beyond the pale" but that dramatic moments were better than not. Lolo asked Natalie if she thought Tamar will stick to the plan and Natalie said she thought so, "Frick and Frack are going up." Later Tamar confirmed that to them, saying she didn't want either of them to get the chance to save the other.

Tom and Kato grumbled and philosophized, and debated whether they should join the others or not. Kato said he wasn't ready for that, but Tom approached the other group and said he thought it'd be good if they "try to smile through the last few days." Natalie said she's happy, and Ricky said "we smile a lot when you're not in the room." Tamar said "let's be Christians, Rick." A little later Tom was playing pool with Kandi and Dina, and Ricky went upstairs and gave him a silent fistbump. Tom said "thank you man, thank you Ricky." Ricky said "you got it," and from downstairs Tamar, who was cooking dinner for everyone, said "thank you Ricky, that was big." Natalie wanted to know what Ricky did and Tamar said she didn't know specifically, "he did something nice." Tamar gave Ricky a big hug when he went back downstairs, and much of the tension was eased. At least for now.

The peace didn't last more than a few minutes before Ricky was poking at Tom again, then invoking his usual failsafe "I'm just trying to have a conversation" when the convo went south. That sent everyone scurrying to their corners to bitch about the others. That included Kandi calling out Ricky for trying to get Tamar to vote against her, and that minor flareup caused Lolo to ask Tamar later "you were the reason why, you convinced us to keep her, why?" So now we know. Tamar said "the Holy Ghost" as her why, and when Ricky and Lolo commented that Kandi should be grateful Tamar saved her twice, Tamar said "that's not your problem." Later Tamar told Kandi she has to stay cool and play along, and Kandi said she hadn't been able to hold back because Ricky pushed her too hard.

Tamar finally got her room around 12.07am with a long, lovely letter from her boyfriend she calls T'Challa that included declarations of love and news of her little boy Logan. She also got WINE, root beer, lamb chops and grassfed mac 'n cheese (throwbacks to this afternoon's drama), the usual assortment of food and snacks, and music by Mariah Carey. "Handheld massager" won the After Dark gift poll, and they noticed a card from Pop and thanked them, but they didn't show any reaction about it - maybe they didn't register what it was, or maybe it wasn't exactly what it sounds like. Everyone attended, but Tom and Kato ducked out early and went to bed. Wine was opened upstairs and Tamar said she didn't know what to say for her noms speech, as she didn't want to be mean. Ricky said "you don't have to be mean but I think it's important to be honest" - of course he did.

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Day 19 Sunday February 3
Tom did a live Tom Green Show around 4am, featuring the out-of-tune ukulele and Orwell. He took Orwell up to the gym for part of it, and Natalie found him there this morning and wanted to know who brought him up. Lolo and Tom did say good morning to each other, so the hostilities are back to the non-open kind, at least for now, but they are still raging behind backs.

Tamar nominated Tom and Kato as expected, wearing a Sorry, Not Sorry shirt. Afterwards, Tom and Kato took to their beds and Kato said "the speech tells you I'm the one they're picking" [to target], and they talked about doing some staging for his exit. Kandi and Ricky returned to the chess board, and Tamar/Lolo/Natalie discussed the dreaded shopping list, and Tamar/Lolo wrote in requests for beer, shrimp, wings, and more because it was Super Bowl Sunday.

They did get a Super Bowl party delivery which included a sign telling them who was playing along, with a variety of Mexican food, salad, and team cupcakes. Tom and Kato ate at the big dining table and everyone else ate around the kitchen island. The rest of the afternoon and evening was a snore, often literally with nappers. Tom and Ricky had a convo that was cordial enough, talking gambling and assorted topics. The digs were still there: Ricky asking if Tom thinks he's still got a shot, for instance - Tom said "not really, no, not really."

A little after midnight Tom and Lolo had a little chat as they were passing, a friendly chat, asking each other if they're ready for tomorrow. Lolo asked Tom "you don't feel like it's over, do you?" and he said "it sorta feels like that, yeah." She encouraged him to fight for veto and he said he plans to, he doesn't want to look like he's quitting. He said he also wants it all to end "in a more friendly manner" than it's been. She said she thinks everyone thinks that, more so for him than for Kato. Tamar and Dina saw them on the spyscreen, Dina went out to listen from the balcony while Tamar glared at the monitor, then she too went out to the balcony to do surveillance. After Tom went to shower, Lolo replayed Tamar's and Kato's nominations before Lolo went up to get grilled about her convo with Tom. Lolo said if they really want Kato to go, they needed to encourage Tom to fight a little harder. And to that end, Tom was invited and joined them in HOH for a bit, where Lolo again encouraged him to play hard tomorrow (and claimed she'd "felt a good energy" from him the last couple days), and Tamar said she thinks he's a great guy.

Later Tamar, Kandi, Dina talked about and pieced together the whole backdoor plan/betrayal mess, and who lied to whom about what. Kandi asked Tamar who she'd put up if veto's used tomorrow and Tamar said she doesn't know. She did say she wouldn't put up Lolo or Natalie until she knows she's got the votes to do so. When Kandi said they would have the votes with her, Dina, Tom or Kato, and possibly Ricky, Tamar insisted Tom or Kato has to go. She said that wasn't negotiable, and explained if she did that, the Lolo/Natalie survivor would likely come for her rather than Tom/Kato like they're targeting now. Kandi pushed for Lolo/Natalie some more and they discussed it some more, and ran various scenarios for tomorrow, the next cycles, and the endgame. It sounded like Tamar won them over, but we could have another surprising live show tomorrow.

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Day 20 Monday February 4
They started scurrying as soon as they woke up, including Natalie meeting with Tamar, who told her the goal was to get Tom out tonight followed by Kato next time, and that her (Natalie's) name had not come up with Kandi and Dina - both contradictions to last night's meeting with Kandi and Dina. Tamar threw out a BB Truth when she said "do you know how long ago two evictions was?!" when Natalie made another reference to the recent/not recent past. Tom told Kandi he's in "I don't care mode," while Kato campaigned to Ricky, saying "even if you don't pick me and Tom stays, you guys have a great guy there too" and both agreed they have "no anger." Kato reported to Tom, including Ricky telling him he thought "Tom might be with the other ones" due to his visit to HOH last night.

The show brought us Julie and the usual recaps, including Natalie's "Frick and Frank" tag for Tom and Kato. They showed Saturday's Picture Imperfect HOH comp and the magazine covers they had to find detail errors on. Tamar won that as we knew, and she put up Tom and Kato as we knew. They squeaked in a bit of last night's interesting Tamar/Kandi/Dina convo I noted in yesterday's episode, in a quick editing turnaround (and at the expense of umpteen other pivotal convos, but I digress.)

New business kicked in at the 25 minute mark, with comedian Gallagher and his Sledge-o-Matic™ smashing food onto them while keeping up lively narration/patter. The comp title was Smashing Success and Lolo, Dina, Kandi played with Tamar, Tom, Kato. Julie asked seven true/false detail questions about the foods, colors, etc and Lolo won, answering every question correctly. She did not use her veto and Kato walked the plank on a unanimous 5-0 vote. Julie told him viewers called Tom and himself Tomato, she told the rest of them the power had now expired but did not tell them who'd won it, and she made of point of not telling them who won the Super Bowl. And she told us Friday will be a live double eviction.

Feeds came back to Tom expressing surprise he was still there and Kato wasn't, and he had friendly chats with both Lolo and Ricky. He said his "who's got the power" mania was about making good tv but later Ricky agreed with Tamar and Natalie that wasn't true. (I think it was half true: he did often tell us he thought it was all hilarious and good tv, between rounds of ongoing paranoia and questioning about it.) Afterwards Dina said "Tom's not stupid, he's smart isn't he?" and Ricky replied "what's your definition of smart?" Kandi and Tom had a check-in where they agreed they have to "break up the majority," and both agreed to try hard for the HOH, and that they shouldn't be seen talking together.

After Dark took the night off and feeds went down for their HOH comp around 10.40pm. They came back at 1.26am and Tom had won the HOH, in a tux, making him the first repeat HOH this season. He was still wearing the tux (but not the key) when feeds returned, chatting friendly with Natalie and then others as they came and went through the kitchen making food and eating. They said Omarosa was there, possibly hosting? They commented about how pretty she was in person, and she said she knew about Tom's #CerealBoxOsprey. I didn't get any details about the comp itself yet other than Tamar saying she'd seem a similar comp about two seasons ago, and it seemed like it had been over for a little while by the time we rejoined them. It'll come out in time.

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Day 21 Tuesday February 5
It sounded like the HOH comp was Tumblin' Dice, which was a fun one to watch. Tom got his room around 3.40am (feeds were audio only for much of it). He got a letter from friend/singer Elle King and music by A Tribe Called Quest along with the usual groceries and snacks. Dina, Lolo, Natalie stayed after the festivities to share some wine. Today Lolo prayed with Ricky before her planned pitch to Tom, asking for grace and hope for Tom to "make amends," and she said she wore pink to appear softer. Tom told Kandi it didn't matter which of the three (Lolo/Natalie/Ricky) he puts up as one of them will be going. He said he's got "a friendship [with Lolo] when she's not yelling at me" and said he might make her his perceived target against Natalie, with Ricky his true target/backdoor option. He also asked Kandi to ask Tamar for a safety deal on his behalf, if he doesn't put her up. But first Tamar got upset at Kandi, saying she's "doing too much" when she was supposed to be laying low.

Tom began his one-on-ones around 1.10pm, starting with Ricky. Tom kicked off each one with a confidentiality request, and Dina kicked off the Pinkyswear tally for the season when she promised she wouldn't spill anything, but most blabbed as soon as they got back downstairs. Lolo's meeting didn't go as smoothly as she'd prayed for, and she got stuck on Tom having broken up Team Fun first. Meetings wrapped with Tom and Kandi running all the scenarios, and Kandi reminded him any deals made at this point probably aren't worth squat. Meanwhile Natalie told Tamar that Kandi's her next target because she'd win in the end. Tamar said that was unlikely but Natalie disagreed. Later Ricky said Tom looked stressed, and Tom offered him a follow-up one-on-one, but Ricky declined.

Tom nominated Ricky and Natalie, which upset Natalie and Lolo (even though Lolo's the only one who still hasn't touched the block), as well as Tamar (but her irritation may have been more lip service and pot-stirring than genuine). Ricky sat down to play cards with Kandi, Natalie griped that Tom had said he wouldn't put her up in their pre-noms meeting, and Lolo griped that production had told them to keep it to gameplay rather than personal, and "he didn't have to use my Olympic dream" but they couldn't call him "male chauvinist pig, which he is" - feeds cut. Meanwhile Tom said to himself/us "that went reasonably well."

Unlike Tom's last HOH, there was no party tonight to amuse us. Instead, the habitat remained divided with Lolo/Natalie/Ricky on one side, and everyone else roaming around and sometimes interacting on the other. Kandi told Dina they don't need to try for veto because the others will fight amongst themselves about it, and they should save their incentive for the HOH. Dina said she didn't think the others were truly mad at Kandi, but were just following Tamar's lead (or as I like to put it, Tamar's seed-bombs were taking root with them). Tom talked to us, like he does, saying how odd the whole experience is, how much he's learned about human behavior, and how bizarre it was that there were three world-class athletes in the next room, angry at him. He called them a zen anger cult - one of the best lines ever.

Dina donned her yellow coat again, along with floppy hat, comp scarf, shades, and boots, and she and Tom sat down in the backyard corridor where Tom initiated Fireside Chats with Dina and Tom. Dina loved being interviewed, even when Tom suggested they play "a quick game called Celebrity Name Dropping." Dina rose to the bait and played along, and they talked a bit of game as well, with Tom fishing for info a little and also narrating the last few days' events. Afterwards Tom told Dina about Oprah inviting him and his parents to a Mother's Day special, but his mom wasn't speaking to him at the time because of a prank he'd done on his show. (They did Oprah.) Pop delivered AWAKE caffeine chocolates for Tom's HOH win, Natalie piled on a ton of makeup for Diary, and the rest of them were sleeping or otherwise quiet for much of the evening, with some Ricky/Natalie/Tamar chit-chat around midnight.

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Day 22 Wednesday February 6
Morning came early as they were woken up for "an event," which got them wondering. We'll see if BB has something planned for them or not but meanwhile Natalie retold to her roomies what Tom had told her about breaking his promise to not nominate her. She said he'd said "somebody got really upset" about the thought of going on the block. Lolo said "I didn't get upset about that, I got upset because this motherfucker talked about me not having health insurance and not having money to train for the Olympics" - that's a big deviation from the actual convo, but okay. She added "and CBS, fuck you for letting him do that, that's somebody's fucking dreams!" Tamar cautioned her on that, but feeds cut anyway. They also cut when Tom said good morning to Lolo, and she said she was frustrated with him and kept walking, and Tom said "stop, just talk right here." Tamar and Ricky, who are playing BB harder than some, listened to Lolo and Natalie's complaints as usual. They both let most of this stuff bubble along, throwing a little gasoline on the fires at times, and sitting back to watch at other times.

Feeds went down a little after noon until about 2.30pm for their comp and when they returned, Tom had won again. Everyone played but Lolo, who hosted in an outfit that suited her. It was called Color Blast, and sounded like it was a variation of the kick-bonk-slime comp they've done a few times, or the exploding color bombs but none of them looked excessively messy. Tom hollered from upstairs that his bathroom and shower were available to anyone who wanted to use them, but most had already started to clean up downstairs. Tom told Lolo he'd like to have a chat with her and Natalie later, saying partly because he just like talking to them and partly because he had some pitch or something for them. Meanwhile Ricky said he regrets having been eliminated so early in the comp, and he knows he's done.

Tom told Kandi about his proposed meeting with Lolo and Natalie, and how he hoped they'd be willing to work with him, and about his idea of replacing Natalie with Lolo, or someone/anyone else, with the goal of getting Ricky out. Kandi tried to tell him that might not be his best course of action, that there's too much personal crap going on, and Tom said it's a game, and he thought Lolo didn't have as much against him personally as Natalie. This probably calls for a reminder that they don't see or hear everything we do. He also said about Lolo and Natalie that he hoped to "get them also to work on their energy." Kandi said people don't like threats, and Tom repeated it's a game, it's not a threat, and "it's unfair for people to use that word." Kandi told Tamar that she might be a possible renom, Tamar told Ricky and Natalie, and Tamar confronted Tom about it.

Feeds cut mid-confrontation for 40 minutes, returning to gold room chit-chat and Tom solo dancing to his music and later rapping in HOH. Tamar said "he's a crazy person" when they overheard him rapping, and said she won't allow him to use threatening tactics, and feeds cut again. After that there was a bit of chit-chat here and there between long segments of four feeds on Tom napping, four feeds on Kandi playing solitaire, and four feeds on Ricky meditating/resting/napping followed by yoga. We had a few minutes of Kandi telling Lolo and Natalie she wasn't allied with Tom but had been working to save herself from the block and eviction, and Natalie asking for her and Dina's votes, and then we were shuttled back to Ricky x 4, Dina's hair and makeup x 4, and Ricky sleeping x 4.

There were a few minutes of Kandi telling Dina that "all hell broke loose" earlier when Dina was sleeping, and she retold her pool table chat with Tom. Kandi said Tom had said he was thinking of pulling off Natalie and "putting up someone you won't vote for" to ensure Ricky goes, and Kandi said or thought "he was coming off like the dude from Lord of the Rings." From there we were sent back to sleeping Ricky but Natalie came in and asked if he was shocked about Tamar. He said not really but if she goes on the block, it'd give him a sliver of a chance. Tamar joined and they all agreed there was no need to check on Tom (alone in his room) to see if he was okay. Dina, Tamar, Lolo, Kandi eventually settled in to play Crazy Eights and Natalie treadmilled in Ryan's pool/hot tub. I guess Tom's proposed meeting with Lolo and Natalie never happened: if it took place when feeds were blocked, we'd have surely heard all about it, nonstop. Kandi did tell Dina that Tamar had exploded on Tom, so there's that, and BB gave them kits to make friendship bracelets.

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Day 23 Thursday February 7
In a surprising move, Tom used his veto on Ricky and put up Lolo in his place - surprising because we missed so much of the feeds yesterday, we didn't see this coming any more than they did. Ricky said he credited a talk he had with Tom for the save, and Tom had the "right" energy now, and et cetera. He also said he'd had a good speech all ready to go, and that he won't save Tom if he wins HOH, "to me we're even now." Meanwhile Lolo was irritated she hadn't been able to compete to save herself and said that hadn't happened to anyone else. Kandi reminded her about Ryan, and Lolo said "yeah that's true, but like currently."

Six of them sat down to play cards and listen to Ricky philosophize, as Tom watched them on his spyscreen. He made a show of putting on a face mask and then he cradled Orwell while wearing it, which was equally comical and creepy. Dina brought him a tuna melt/grilled cheese and he said he wasn't hiding up there, he was "just giving everyone a chance to breathe and have fun." The luggage arrived and Lolo and Natalie started to pack and figure out what to wear tomorrow. Ricky asked them "do you guys have a preference if it's a tie or if it's the house?"

They got a massive pizza delivery and all seven sat down to eat together, which was a show of maturity we hadn't seen for quite a few days. Tom brought Orwell down from HOH and gave him a plate, and told others to "stare into his eyes." They chatted about this and that, and it was like a whole different group of hamsters. But it won't last, with Lolo and Natalie both campaigning without wanting to campaign against the other and the vote looming. Some have suspected a double eviction's coming, but they don't know it's tomorrow.

Tom went back upstairs, Ricky spent solo time on the skybridge and the lounge, and Kandi entertained the ladies and ourselves with great and very candid stories. They got bowling and origami and played a bit of each, but without a lot of enthusiasm. Vote chat picked up here or there, with some talk of Ricky and Tamar splitting their votes for Lolo and Natalie for bedroom solidarity, and Lolo and Natalie talked together about the tricky situation they're in, and tossed around the idea of one of them forfeiting to the other and asking everyone to vote out the forfeiter.


Tamar, Dina, Kandi had a talk that blew up when they went to separate corners afterwards, with Dina telling Kandi that Tamar's playing her but Kandi can't see it, and Tamar telling Ricky, Lolo, Natalie that Dina/Kandi are voting out Natalie, and denying that she (Tamar) had been lobbying for Natalie to stay (she was). It was a chaotic little while with everyone perturbed anew, and the gold bedroom moved Kandi up next to Tom as their next target(s). So as of now, Natalie will go, and Lolo told Ricky she's now "ride or die" with him and Tamar. Dina woke up Tom to fill him in on the latest chaos, Kandi walked in on the bathroom just after they'd been raging about her, particularly Natalie, and angry discussions broke out all over about the kitchen not getting cleaned.

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Ratings - A Big Fat Hot Mess edition

Ratings are Wednesday's, based on entertainment value, and already out of date
VTE = Voted to evict

We expected more frequent feeds blocks due to the accelerated comp cycle, like last year, but the amount of blocks due to controversial talk is over the top this year. Personally that's difficult for us feeds affiliates as we're on the front lines and get the flak for it, but on a wider scope, it points out a problem with this and any potential future celebrity seasons. The edits are misleading and full of omissions and that's par for the course, but when things began to turn ugly with name-calling and vicious accusations this season, they began to 'protect' the hamsters by blocking feeds for any references to the messy. Granted, some of these things have escalated to the point of potentially damaging the celebs' reputations or even careers, but they signed up for it. UK routinely ejected celebs for saying or doing things that shouldn't be said or done, but they had a different game (and different contracts). American BB is a dirty game and several on this cast are playing it dirty, and the onus is on them to be careful what they say if they're concerned about post-show fallout. But unfortunately, this protection racket seems to be the way it'll be until we wrap on February 13, thus propagating the unreality of celebrity reality shows and 'celebrity culture' in general.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Joey
#2 VTE Kato

She's an 'extra' most of the time, and clueless much of the time, but then she pops up with unexpectedly accurate insights sometimes. Along the way she's great comic relief between her many kooky outfits, random moments of cluelessness, and just plain oddness, and I'm glad she's still there to temper all the nastiness flying around.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2 - HN 0
#1 No vote (nominee)
#2 VTE Kato

Like Dina, she's highly likable most of the time, both inside and outside the habitat, and she seems to have a very good read on everything going on. She seems tight with both Tom and Tamar, and is often taken into the confidence of each, and that could help her go the distance. Also like Dina, she needs to step up and either win something or set some non-comp gameplay into motion to graduate from the do-nothing 'coaster' tag. Her facial expressions in any/every convo remain well worth the price of admission.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Joey
#2 Won veto/did not use
#2 VTE Kato

What can I say? She's a hot-headed, reactionary over-reactor, whose convo retells often stray far from what was actually said, and that's all good fodder for Team Fun Feeds. Much of her Tom-hate has been fueled by Ricky and Tamar, but now that it's in full swing, she and Natalie don't need much outside influence to keep it going on their own.

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Joey
#2 VTE Kato

She and Lolo rev each other up a lot but Natalie usually keeps a better lid on it than Lolo. I have to wonder if some of that is due to Natalie's 12-step experience, as it's clear when listening to her talk about that, that she's put the work in and that it's had a positive impact on her life and thinking as well as her drinking. But together they've become known as the Mean Girls, which is ironic since we have two other direct ties to that movie in this cast.

Won: TBA
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Joey
#2 VTE Kato
#3 Nominated/veto'd off

He's playing one of the dirtiest games of all, having spent the early season getting to know people's strengths and weaknesses, and the latter part exploiting both. But he's cagey about it, in that he usually plants seed-bombs with Lolo and Natalie and lets them whip up a frenzy while he sits back to watch. (Or more often, lays back - he spends most of his time in or on his bed.) Will all that manipulation be enough to win the season should he get to the end? Normally I'd think not as that isn't how BB juries have voted in recent seasons, but he's likely to have a very good and potentially influential speech if he does get there.

Won: Publicist Power
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Joey
#2 No vote (HOH)

See Ricky, as she's also been planting seed-bombs of hate all over town, but she's usually much louder about it than he is. She featured in most of the early drama but I'm thinking that may have been just to set a volatile tone to the season, as she's now staying more in the background and letting the real resentments get aired, and at the same time making it look like she's risen above all the fighting. That's good BB, and she's now in a good position to go all the way. It's time someone finally breaks the first-in curse but at this point, it seems like it's set in stone.

Won: TBA
HOH 2 - Veto 2 - Noms 2 - HN 0
#1 No vote (HOH)
#2 No vote (nominee)
#3 Won veto/used on Ricky

He's often taken the higher road in his ongoing feuds with Lolo/Ricky/Natalie, in my opinion, avoiding confrontations and open hostilities for the most part, but that's partly because he had Kato to bounce off and now he doesn't. (And higher road doesn't necessarily mean smarter road, especially in BB: he's blissfully unaware of how much they hate him.) His deadpan sarcasm doesn't help his cause with the rest of the house but since I'm only here for the cheap entertainment©, I'm totally here for things like playing Celebrity Namedropping with Dina, and labeling the other side a "zen anger cult." I like that he's working with Kandi and Dina, but both of them are tight with various others at various times too, and neither has much influence, so there's no telling yet where we'll end up.

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Joey
#2 EVICTED 5-0
He was known by most for one thing before this, despite having done a lot since he stepped off the witness stand, including winning a landmark case in libel law. He was a pretty good hamster, winning an early veto and a tough endurance (at age 59), and he was pretty much liked by all of them, at least until things went south and he was accused of being sexist, racist, and physically threatening. I think most of the accusations were gameplay - it's a dirty season - but they were effective within the game and off he went. I was glad we got to know him as more than the household name he became all those years ago, and it was gut-wrenching to hear him talk about some of the personal after-effects of all that. I think his and Tom's friendship will last long after their stint on BB, and 'Tomato' goes down in the books as one of the more solid duos and bromances of hamster lore.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2 - HN 0
Evicted Day 18

He came in wanting positivity and a clean game but he took it further than most 'just here for the experience' types when he proclaimed he didn't believe in alliances. But he cozied up with Ryan and Jonathan and their three-way bromance and lack of game savvy was reminiscent of early BB18 Victor/Jozea/Paul (the Revolution Buffoons, as I called them). I'm all for buffoonery in BB, in proper ratios, and Joey continued to deliver with his fastidiousness, kooky poses and facial expressions, nightly grooming marathons, and never-ending talk talk talk about each and every thought that passed between his ears, and he was more honest with himself than most can muster when he said he thought this experience would help him 'learn to own his quirks.' He got out when things started to really turn ugly and that's probably for the best. He seems like a good guy and a great dad, and I wish him well.

Won: Nothing
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Evicted Day 13
He was often a buffoon but a fun one, and he was able to laugh at himself which is always a bonus. I wasn't prepared for how goony or gif-able he'd be and that made for fun watching, and it was good to hear him talk candidly about his prior faux pas with honesty and maturity. They were all scared of his athletic skills and he was too busy palling around with his bros to realize they'd been targeted. He seems like a good guy and I wish him well. Him and Joey spending 10 minutes trying to figure out how Joey ended up on the block was hilarious, since Ryan put him there just a couple days earlier.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
Evicted Day 10
He went on the block after winning the first comp due to a faulty twist, and it was ironic he was the first voted out since Dina would have been an easy first eviction for all, but Jonathan protected her from being one of buddy Ryan's many nominees. Jonathan could have spent more time and energy securing votes, but instead he bro'd around with Ryan and Joey. He was a bit extra much of the time but he might have settled down if he'd lasted longer.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
Gone Day 6

From the few minutes we saw him on the feeds sneak peeks, he seemed pleasant enough and he seemed like he had potential to be fun to watch. But then he disappeared via a supposed 'twist' that looked more like a last minute, slapped together coverup to me, but we'll never know for sure. Upside of his early exit is we won't get five minutes of politics/White House chat on every single episode like we did last year.

Lines and Links of the Day


Dina: It's a game, Jesus Christmas, why is everyone so crazy?

Ricky: I wonder how many people have played Big Brother and it affected them, and is still affecting them

Lolo: Can we remember [Natalie] gave Kato that fucking win?
Dina: What win?
Natalie: For HOH.. Dina, I'm gonna need you to get it together

Kandi: What if the crew just makes up [HOH] letters and gives them to us?

Tom about Lolo/Natalie/Ricky: It's like a zen anger cult

Dina to HOH Tom: So if Ricky wins [veto] he'll take himself off and put you up?




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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Pinkyswears: 1
2/5 Dina/Tom

Fights: 6
1/22 Tamar vs Kandi
1/25 Tamar vs Ricky, plus Natalie vs Tamar
1/26 Tamar vs Lolo
1/31 Dina vs Kandi, plus Kato
2/1 Lolo vs Kato, Lolo vs Tom, Ricky vs Tom
2/2 Lolo vs Tamar

Blindside evictions: 1

Scandals/controversies beyond our BB world: 4
Mooch's exit
Tamar vs Kandi
Tamar vs Lolo (and fake reports Lolo was ejected)
Tamar vs Kato re Miss Cleo

Celebrity Breaking News Alerts: 2
Anthony's exit
Power of the Publicist

Premature exits: 1

Pre-season premature cast leaks: 2
Eva Marie, Kato


Production Goofs

 1 Didn't include Kandi's photo with the other cast reveal press pics
 2 Cast still not on CBS site 2 days after reveal
 3 Lens left on the table in house pics
 4 Posted wrong Twitter for Tamar
 5 Cameraman's reflection in first minute of house tour
 6 Photo from another show posted with press pics
 7 Misspelled Tom's and Ryan's names
 8 Still misspelling Ryan's name
 9 Posted another wrong Twitter for Tamar
10 Staffer caught by Tom in upstairs hallway
11 News crawl about HOH endurance omitted 'Household'
12 Staffers/comp testers seen on feeds
13 Some cable listings show Tyler & Dick on BBAD
14 Repeated feeds server errors 1/27 and 1/28
15 Misspelled Natalie's name
16 Misspelled Kandi's name
17 Quick trip thru camera run on 2/4 live show
18 Staffer seen scrolling their phone

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Ryan; Kato; Tom; Tamar; Tom

Veto wins in order: Ricky; Kato; Tom; Natalie; Lolo; Tom

Evictions in order: Jonathan 6-1-0; Ryan 6-1; Joey 6-0; Kato 5-0

Cast Twitters: @Scaramucci, @dinalohan, @joeylawrence, @JonathanBennett, @Kandi, @Kato_Kaelin, @lolojones, @natalieevamarie, @Rickthelaureate, @RyanLochte, @TamarBraxtonHer, @tomgreenlive
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