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February 2019

Upcoming Events

March 6: Big Brother Canada 7 Air shows Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
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Power Status

Natalie evicted 4-0

Tamar won safety from 2nd eviction

Lolo won Head of Household
She nominated Tom and Kandi
Tamar won veto/did not use
Tom evicted 3-0

Ricky was Head of Household
Dina and Kandi were nominated
Lolo won veto/did not use
Kandi evicted 2-1

Ricky won final Head of Household
He evicted Dina, and Lolo
Tamar won the season 9-0
Tom won viewer favorite


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Reminder, celebs are on an accelerated schedule with two cycles per week, so comp outages are more frequent.. good for getting other things done!

Air shows

Monday 1/21 8pm - Move-in, first HOH comp
Tuesday 1/22 8pm - Power Pair comp, nominations
Wednesday 1/23 8pm - Veto comp, veto meeting
Friday 1/25 8pm - 2nd veto comp, Anthony's exit, veto meeting, live eviction
Sunday 1/27 8pm - HOH comp, nominations, assorted drama
Monday 1/28 8pm - Live veto comp and veto meeting, live eviction
Wednesday 1/30 8pm - HOH comp, Publicist Power winner reveal, nominations
Saturday 2/2 8pm - Veto comp, veto meeting, live eviction
Monday 2/4 9pm - Nominations, veto comp, live veto meeting, live eviction
Thursday 2/7 9pm - HOH comp, nominations, assorted drama
Friday 2/8 8pm Two hours - Veto comp & meeting, live eviction, HOH comp, noms, 2nd veto comp & meeting, 2nd live eviction
Monday 2/11 9pm - Season review, Mark & Marissa visit, start HOH comp
Wednesday 2/13 9pm Two hour finale - Finish HOH comp, final veto comp, live eviction, live final HOH comp, two live evictions, jury votes, confetti

Air shows were on CBS (Global in Canada). Stream links to watch East Coast airing online are posted in Quick Links & Bookmarks on the left sidebar

After Dark aired for three hours every night on Pop - times vary by area and provider, check your cable guide

Other News

Celebrities are back! CBS premiere was January 21 and feeds started the next night.

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Hamsterwatch Forum for real-time feeds updates, screencaps, and air show recaps by @UGotBronx

Alliances charts by @89razorskate20: Feb 9 - Feb 8

Diary segment tally by @clamperls2

Ratings Watch Friday's double eviction show won the two-hour block with 1.0 rating, 5 share, 4.40 million viewers, ahead of Hell's Kitchen on FOX with 0.8/4/3.19, Be My Valentine Charlie Brown rerun and 20/20 on ABC with 0.6/3/3.30 and 0.8/4/5.16, and Blindspot and The Blacklist on NBC with 0.5/3/3.49 and 0.6/3/4.20.

Monday's clips show dropped to fourth place with 0.8 rating, 4 share, 3.55 million viewers, behind The Bachelor on ABC with 1.8/7/6.20, America's Got Talent: The Champions on NBC with 1.7/7/10.42, and The Passage on FOX with 0.9/4/3.70.

Wednesday's two-hour finale placed third with 0.9 rating, 5 share, 3.86 million viewers, behind The Masked Singer on FOX with 2.4/11/7.79, and Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on NBC with 1.2/5/8.52 and 1.1/5/7.58, and ahead of Modern Family rerun, Single Parents, and Match Game on ABC with 0.6/3/2.84, 0.6/3/2.61, and 0.5/3/2.36.
Rating and share: adults 18-49 - Rating: % of all TV households - Share: % of households watching TV

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Ryan; Kato; Tom; Tamar; Tom; Lolo; Ricky; Ricky

Veto wins in order: Ricky; Kato; Tom; Natalie; Lolo; Tom; Tamar; Lolo

Evictions in order: Jonathan 6-1-0; Ryan 6-1; Joey 6-0; Kato 5-0; Natalie 4-0; Tom 3-0; Kandi 2-1; Dina 1-0; Lolo 1-0

Cast Twitters: @Scaramucci, @dinalohan, @joeylawrence, @JonathanBennett, @Kandi, @Kato_Kaelin, @lolojones, @natalieevamarie, @Rickthelaureate, @RyanLochte, @TamarBraxtonHer, @tomgreenlive
More social media links in cast folders at Hamsterwatch Forum

Week 4 - Days 24-29 - February 8-13, 2019

Daily and Noteworthy Events

Evicted: Natalie 4-0

HOH: Lolo
Tamar won immunity comp
Original noms: Kandi, Tom
Veto winner/outcome: Tamar/did not use
Final noms: Kandi, Tom
Evicted: Tom 3-0

HOH: Ricky
Original noms: Dina, Kandi
Veto winner/outcome: Lolo/did not use
Final noms: Dina, Kandi
Evicted: Kandi 2-1

Final HOH: Ricky
Evicted: Dina, Lolo
Season winner: Tamar
Runner-up: Ricky
Viewer favorite: Tom

Day 24 Friday February 8
Morning came early with wakeup around 8am, and feeds to last year's celebs a little after 9am. In between, whispery check-ins happened between coffees, breakfasts, showers, and makeup. CBS put out a teaser for tonight's show featuring Ross and Metta in a sitcom-type sloppy house, and producer Chris Roach said it was "maybe the greatest thing we've ever done on Big Brother." Metta's tweet said Ross won last year - that was likely worded by CBS promo folks for him, so it lands on the Goof Tally. Feeds didn't come back until after the show aired.

The two-hour show began new business at 52 minutes in, after lengthy recaps, the Color Blast veto comp and veto meeting, and then Natalie was evicted on a 4-0 unanimous vote. Then the third and final Celebrity Breaking News alert hit, which all of them in the habitat missed so Julie had to repeat it as well as explain. The news was a safety competition titled Living Art. A number of models were scattered around the downstairs - some painted to merge into the background, some statues, some standing around.

They had 90 seconds to search and ring in how many models they thought there were. The answer was 22 and Tamar guessed closest with 19, earning her safety from the second eviction, but she also had to sit out the HOH comp. The HOH comp was another 90 second run through the house to determine how many models had been removed. Lolo guessed correctly, seven, and won the quickie HOH.

Lolo nominated Tom and Kandi, almost requiring Arisa Cox's "you can and you will" when she couldn't come up with a second name to sit by Tom. Their veto comp was Cousins, seven true/false detail questions about a sitcom skit starring Ross Mathews and Metta World Peace. That came down to a tiebreaker between Ricky and Tamar about how long the sitcom was. Tamar was closest "without going over" and won the veto. She did not use it, Tom was evicted 3-0, and Tamar danced as he went out the door.

Feeds came back around 7.40pm for a few minutes and again around 8.15pm, and then went back to last year's episodes. Last year feeds were down until after midnight BB time as they did their HOH comp, the endurance where they had to stand on suspended wobbling skis, so no telling when they'll be back tonight.

They came back just before 11pm and Ricky had won the HOH comp. Tamar led a dance to congratulate him and that he'll get a letter, and Lolo joined in looking forward to her letter too. I think they said something about flying in the comp, ropes were involved, and Ricky, Kandi, Tamar scraped their sides. In talking to Tamar and Lolo, it sounded like he wanted to target Kandi (and Dina will almost surely go up with her). Ricky said he'll stay in their bedroom and not use the HOH but they'll deliver his goodies there - I'll catch up his and Lolo's HOH letters etc tomorrow.

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Day 25 Saturday February 9


Lolo got her basket with letter from her sister around 12.05am, and Ricky got his room with letter from his wife around 1.32am. Both got the usual assortment of snacks, groceries, hats, etc and Ricky's music was Erykah Badu.

Feeds were down from 8.30am to 11.30am for their champagne breakfast and season review taping, chaperoned by Mark McGrath. (He told them this season has a lot more villains than last year.) It sounded like they saw Marissa Winokur last night via video (maybe hosting their comp?), so that's how both will figure into Monday's show. Dina was dismayed by the mess and the amount of leftover food, and later Lolo and Tamar said the breakfast atmosphere had been awkward, and "it was awful," referring to Kandi. That followed Ricky asking them if they had a preference which of them go up as renom should Kandi or Dina win veto. Tamar did some Kandi bashing, probably seeing this is an opportunity to get Kandi gone before finals without having to do it herself. After their very long day yesterday and champagne morning, they all took to their beds to snooze.

Ricky nominated Dina and Kandi, and Dina was grouching around when feeds came back from noms. She was called to Diary and said "glady!" as she ran in, adding "best Diary Room ever." Kandi socialized with the other three, all of them saying Dina had been acting paranoid and out of sorts, and Ricky said she hadn't done anything all season. Kandi said it was difficult coming in without knowing the game well and Ricky said "the idea is to do what you can so you don't get put on the block" - ouch, considering he said that to Kandi who'd just received her fourth nomination. Dina talked to the jurors in the lounge, and tweeted, and sniffled a bit, and packed again, before socializing a bit with Kandi and Tamar over food prep. The evening was very, very quiet with chit-chat, cards, and naps.

They got a couple bottles of wine delivered around 10pm. Lolo told Tamar about the pitch Ricky had made, that Lolo and Tamar should fight it out and whoever wins at the end should take him. Neither sounded sold on that plan and they said they'll wait to see who wins veto before they even discuss it further. At the same time, Ricky worked on Kandi but I don't think she was buying whatever he was selling and in fact, she planted some seeds of doubt with him. Afterwards, Kandi stared down the photo wall and shuffled angry cards. Ricky put in time in the hot tub/Ryan's pool, and the ladies chatted and ate. Some interesting non-game convos happened including Olympics gossip from Lolo, Kandi talking about her music background, and Tamar talking about her medical issues.

GET ALL ACCESS to watch anything/everything from the season's feeds as well as exclusive series and virtually all the CBS shows, and catch up what you missed at on my previous week's page, and/or my full season recaps, and/or Hamsterwatch Forum thanks to @UGotBronx!

Day 26 Sunday February 10
Morning got off to a very slow and very quiet start. That's all I got so far.

They were called to the living room around 4.25pm and they were shown short videos from home, which were also shown on the feeds. They played them through twice, with love and support messages from Kandi's husband and kids, Ricky's wife who'd cut her long hair off and held it up for a #Deathrace2019 bonus feature, Lolo's training partner, Dina's daughter Ali, and Tamar's little boy. It was a definite "aww" moment and they were all visibly touched, and many of them sniffly. Tamar's sniffles turned to sobs, which she kept up for much of the evening, alone and blanketing for a lot of it.

Late night brought more activity than the whole day: Lolo raced the camera down the stairs, Lolo and Tamar studied days (and got most of them wrong), and Kandi and Dina joined them to talk over the season's fights, their first impressions of everyone in the cast compared to when they'd gotten to know them, and discussing finals votes, depending which of them are there at the end.

GET ALL ACCESS to watch anything/everything from the season's feeds as well as exclusive series and virtually all the CBS shows, and catch up what you missed at on my previous week's page, and/or my full season recaps, and/or Hamsterwatch Forum thanks to @UGotBronx!

Day 27 Monday February 11
Monday was an even slower day: they all went back to bed after morning chores and hair/makeup as they awaited their veto comp, and there were occasional convos about who'd take whom to finals between naps. Ricky did some astrologizing and philosophizing, which irked Lolo and Tamar. Feeds went down at 3.33pm for their comp, and the season review clips show came and went.

Feeds returned around 9pm and Lolo had won the veto. The five of them were sitting/laying around the living room discussing the veto meeting, with Dina wondering what she'd have to do for it (nothing Dina, nothing). Lolo said something about the medic being able to "calm her down" - apparently she had an asthma flare-up, and Tamar was very sniffly and sneezy, citing allergies. It sounded like they had some effect during the comp, maybe a fog machine. They said they thought it was a new comp and Tamar agreed she hadn't seen it before. They were wearing all black, like cat burglar suits with black caps, and Lolo finished in five minutes. Tamar said "that was her challenge, it was hurdles!" They had obstacles to crawl over and under, and check-ins with "security."

Ricky poked at Dina and Kandi a bit, asking why they aren't thinking or worried about tomorrow. Kandi laughed it off and Dina didn't really respond. Lolo talked with Ricky in HOH (after her Diary session) to run her options past him. She said Kandi knows the days better than Dina, and they agreed Kandi was more dangerous to keep than Dina. Ricky said Lolo could cut a deal with either of them to take her to the end if they stay and win the final HOH. Lolo said if she uses her veto and Tamar goes up, she'd reassure her that she'd be safe. Tamar then joined them and Lolo repeated what she'd told Ricky, and Tamar said she didn't want to go up (shocker). She also pointed out Dina had come closer to winning more comps than Kandi, and what if Dina won the final HOH? Lolo said she'll talk to them again in the morning, but later she told Ricky it was a good convo and she's glad Tamar said she just wanted to avoid the block, and she'll pray on it, but she doesn't want to offend someone she's been working with all this time. Later she told Tamar "at least you're not going on the block!"

GET ALL ACCESS to watch anything/everything from the season's feeds as well as exclusive series and virtually all the CBS shows, and catch up what you missed at on my previous week's page, and/or my full season recaps, and/or Hamsterwatch Forum thanks to @UGotBronx!

Day 28 Tuesday February 12
Late last night Lolo took Orwell up to the balcony and dropped him off. He went splat on the floor, and she came back down to tell him "Orwell's dead, he's so dead." Then she threw him back up toward the balcony, he came back down with another splat, and when she threw him back up again he stayed dead on the balcony floor. I don't know.


Feeds went down around 9.05am this morning for the veto meeting and didn't come back til 11.40am. Lolo did not use her veto. Dina held a long, roundabout convo with Lolo, campaigning for her vote tomorrow, while Kandi went back to bed and snored.

Tamar eavesdropped on much of the Dina/Lolo convo, and round robin convos and retells followed all over town. Combos included Tamar/Kandi, Dina/Ricky, Kandi/Lolo, Dina/Lolo, and Kandi/Ricky. Ricky dangled a "make a deal with me" carrot to both Dina and Kandi but I don't think Dina picked up on it, and he finally told Kandi he'd appreciate it if she takes him to the end, if she wins, if he keeps her tomorrow on a tiebreaker vote.

Evening was quiet with cards, naps, anticipation about the finale and going home, and chit-chat. Ricky approached Lolo in the gym and asked if she still felt good about evicting Kandi. Lolo said "yeah, you?" Ricky shook his head no, shocking Lolo. He said he'd been thinking about what Lolo said last night, that Dina didn't know the days and couldn't win the final comp. Ricky then reported that convo to Tamar, who said Dina could beat them all in the end, and that she thought Dina "pretends a lot" about not knowing what's going on. Ricky disagreed about Dina being a slam dunk to win, and added "you can't pretend that much." Tamar then reported back to Lolo, still hesitant about booting Kandi, and Lolo said "we could do a split vote and then leave it to Ricky, or we could just take care of business, Tay." Later Ricky told both Lolo and Tamar (separately) that they can split their votes and he'll evict Kandi, "and get the blood on his hands."


Pop sent them a delivery of cheese, crackers, chocolate strawberries, and sparkling cider for making it to the end. They enjoyed the treats and then poured the bubbly and toasted to their fallen fellow hamsters and themselves.

Day 29 Wednesday February 13
The 9am feeds cut-off time arrived, but these five didn't gather to give us a farewell. Tamar gave some shoutouts, Lolo said good-bye to us, and Ricky said "bye Felicia." Tamar also told us she didn't trust either of them, then she and Ricky were back to she said/she said, the feeds blinked off, and that was that.

After the recaps they showed us the final veto comp from the other day, which was set in the BB Museum with artifacts from the season's comps. They had to crawl over and under laser beams, collect four artifacts based on season trivia clues (one by one), and get them back through the laser beams. If they hit a laser they had to restart. Times were Dina 17:34 (she hit a lot of lasers), Tamar 13:22 (she screamed a lot), Kandi 9:53, Ricky 9:21, and Lolo won with 5:08. Lolo did not use it, as we know. Julie then gave Anthony his exit interview finally, and she threw in politics to the annoyance of myself and many others. New business began at 42 minutes in, with Kandi evicted on a tiebreak by Ricky.

The final HOH comp was Celebrity Lookalike Junior, with kid actors impersonating the cast and reading three statements each about the season. The four remainders had to select which one was false. After seven rounds, Ricky and Tamar had six each and went to a tiebreaker which was how many hours from the first Celebrity Breaking News alert til the last "without going over." The correct answer was 436 and Ricky won with 185. Tamar's answer was 15 (maybe she was thinking days?) Ricky evicted Dina and Lolo.

Julie trotted out the jurors and they asked their questions, and then came the finalists speeches. Both kept them pretty general and neither Tamar nor Ricky said much about their gameplay, although both of them did a fair amount of maneuvering and manipulating throughout the season. The jurors placed their keys, and after some additional filler, Julie finally read them out.


Tamar won unanimously 9-0, the first African-American winner of the US franchise, and the first North American hamster to enter the habitat first to win their season - that includes USA summers, celebs, OTT, Canada, and Telemundo. The confetti flew, the hugs were hugged, and Tom won the viewer favorite.

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GET ALL ACCESS to watch anything/everything from the season's feeds as well as exclusive series and virtually all the CBS shows, and catch up what you missed at on my previous week's page, and/or my full season recaps, and/or Hamsterwatch Forum thanks to @UGotBronx!

Ratings - All Obits edition

VTE = Voted to evict
VTW = Voted to win

I'm glad they brought back celebs and time will tell if they felt the ratings were good enough to try it again. It was an odd season, more like a cutthroat summer than last year's mostly getalong cast, and the blissfully short season and sped-up eviction cycles once again avoided the many dead days each week that we get every summer. They went out of their way to (apparently) protect this cast from slanderous and otherwise nasty accusations in this dirty season, causing extended feeds blocks, and the edits white-washed most of the nasty but that's par for the course. The comps felt fresh and were mostly well-paced, and we still got a lot of good feeds including fights and shenanigans. Bottom line, it's always good to keep our feeds addiction sated, if only for a month.

Won: $250,000, Publicist Power, Immunity for 2nd eviction on double show
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Natalie
#2 Won veto/did not use
#2 VTE Tom
#3 VTE Dina

Like Ricky, she also planted a lot of seed-bombs of hate but she often then stood back and acted like a disinterested third party, making those who were influenced by her seed-bombs become the villain(s). She brought a lot of drama and featured in most of the fights, but she made it up with most of her adversaries, and it was particularly nice to see her and Kandi mend their long-broken fence. She brought a collection of stunt-hair and propped it around the room on mannequin heads, and while she was often loud and sometimes obnoxious, she was often fun and funny, and a larger-than-life personality, and that's good feeds.

Won: $50,000
HOH 2 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 VTE Natalie
#2 VTE Tom
#3 VTE Kandi (tiebreaker)

He spent most of the season horizontal in his bed, with occasional trips upstairs to play chess with Kandi or do yoga or talk horoscopes. But that's not to say he wasn't playing BB: he was. And he played it dirty, which is fully allowed, even if it's distasteful to some. He planted seeds-bombs of hate and distrust that took root and flourished, particularly against Tom. With one early veto and one late HOH plus the final one, he was barely in the show but that's not to say he wasn't a driving force for most of the season because he was. I was surprised he didn't mention some of that in his finals speech - if he had, he might have gotten a vote or two.

Won: Nothing
HOH 1 - Veto 2 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 No vote (nominee)
#2 No vote (HOH)
#3 Won veto/did not use
#3 VTE Kandi
Evicted by Ricky
VTW Tamar

She and Natalie formed a bond that will likely last, and it kept them joined at the hip in the game, for better or worse. But Lolo was more volatile than Natalie and featured in many fights. She was also more suggestible overall, latching on to and spreading the hate that Ricky's and Tamar's seed-bombs planted without necessarily checking first for facts. She tended to exaggerate and often adopted the victim role with her retells, as side-by-sides of some convos indicated. She tried to kill Orwell and she played BB like a team sport, but she found out too late that it isn't. She's the season winner for #Deathrace2019, but Marissa remains the reigning champ in the hair game.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2 - HN 0
#1 VTE Natalie
#2 VTE Tom
#3 No vote (nominee)
Evicted by Ricky
VTW Tamar

She barely knew what show she was on and the show barely acknowledged she was on it, and she never really caught on to how the comp/noms/eviction cycles worked. But she was a breath of fresh air with her kooky behavior, over-accessorized outfits, and random convos. And she was often the voice of reason when everyone else was spinning in chaos: things we never saw coming. She would have been an easy first boot but Jonathan fought to keep her safe and instead went himself, and Dina coasted to the end. She talked more about her kids than herself, but I guess that was living up to her 'momager' career tag. She was a world class drunk girl the few times they got booze, and I'm glad she was there to keep things balanced during an otherwise toxic season. Nev Schulman might pick her up for his next 'Catfish' project.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 4 - HN 0
#1 VTE Natalie
#2 No vote (nominee)
#3 EVICTED 2-1
VTW Tamar

She didn't win anything and she spent half the season on the block, but she did it well and never went down the poor-me path, making her the forgotten nominee for most of those cycles. Along the way she did some subtle maneuvering and set the wheels in motion for several evictions. She fought with both Tamar and Dina, but ended up close to both and Tamar fought hard to keep her every time she was in jeopardy. She was almost always pleasant and fun to watch, especially with her continual and highly gif-able reaction faces, eyerolls, and expressions. While this fanbase never completely agrees about anything, I saw more people unified in liking her than any one hamster for a very long time.

Won: $25,000
HOH 2 - Veto 2 - Noms 3 - HN 0
#1 No vote (HOH)
#2 Evicted 3-0
VTW Tamar

He might have gone further if he'd put a little more effort into playing good BB than making good TV, but he was often a hit for Team Fun Feeds between his late night house tours and showers, Cereal Box Osprey, camera goofing, and his very unique solo dancing. He pulled out a lot of comp wins but he wasn't able to keep them going when he was targeted, and he inexplicably saved Ricky who stayed til the end while Tom went home. He and Kato formed a friendship that will likely last, and he had back-to-back HOHs where he spent more time alone upstairs than BB11 Ronnie.

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
#1 Evicted 4-0
VTW Tamar

She became BFFs with Lolo and the two of them were textbook 'floaters' (floating to the power) and keeping themselves safe for the first few cycles, but then Tom and Kato were their sworn enemies after Natalie and Lolo brought Ricky into their foursome. Natalie won the football veto and then didn't use it when Tom had designs to backdoor Ricky, and she contributed her fair share to the nasty that ensued. Her stunt hair held up better than most, and she repped her 12-step program well, staying mostly even-tempered and avoiding open hostilities most of the time - more so than her bestie did anyway.

Won: 1st eviction immunity
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 1 - HN 0
VTW Tamar

He was known by most for one thing before this, despite having done a lot since he stepped off the witness stand, including winning a landmark case in libel law. He was a pretty good hamster, winning an early veto and a tough endurance (at age 59), and he was pretty much liked by all of them, at least until things went south and he was accused of being sexist, racist, and physically threatening. I think most of the accusations were gameplay - it's a dirty season - but they were effective within the game and off he went. I was glad we got to know him as more than the household name he became all those years ago, and it was gut-wrenching to hear him talk about some of the personal after-effects of all that. I think his and Tom's friendship will last long after their stint on BB, and 'Tomato' goes down in the books as one of the more solid duos and bromances of hamster lore.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2 - HN 0
Evicted Day 18
VTW Tamar

He came in wanting positivity and a clean game but he took it further than most 'just here for the experience' types when he proclaimed he didn't believe in alliances. But he cozied up with Ryan and Jonathan and their three-way bromance and lack of game savvy was reminiscent of early BB18 Victor/Jozea/Paul (the Revolution Buffoons, as I called them). I'm all for buffoonery in BB, in proper ratios, and Joey continued to deliver with his fastidiousness, kooky poses and facial expressions, nightly grooming marathons, and never-ending talk talk talk about each and every thought that passed between his ears, and he was more honest with himself than most can muster when he said he thought this experience would help him 'learn to own his quirks.' He got out when things started to really turn ugly and that's probably for the best. He seems like a good guy and a great dad, and I wish him well.

Won: Nothing
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0 - HN 0
Evicted Day 13
VTW Tamar

He was often a buffoon but a fun one, and he was able to laugh at himself which is always a bonus. I wasn't prepared for how goony or gif-able he'd be and that made for fun watching, and it was good to hear him talk candidly about his prior faux pas with honesty and maturity. They were all scared of his athletic skills and he was too busy palling around with his bros to realize they'd been targeted. He seems like a good guy and I wish him well. Him and Joey spending 10 minutes trying to figure out how Joey ended up on the block was hilarious, since Ryan put him there just a couple days earlier.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 1
Evicted Day 10
VTW Tamar

He went on the block after winning the first comp due to a faulty twist, and it was ironic he was the first voted out since Dina would have been an easy first eviction for all, but Jonathan protected her from being one of buddy Ryan's many nominees. Jonathan could have spent more time and energy securing votes, but instead he bro'd around with Ryan and Joey. He was a bit extra much of the time but he might have settled down if he'd lasted longer.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1 - HN 0
Gone Day 6

From the few minutes we saw him on the feeds sneak peeks, he seemed pleasant enough and he seemed like he had potential to be fun to watch. But then he disappeared via a supposed 'twist' that looked more like a last minute, slapped together coverup to me, but we'll never know for sure. Upside of his early exit is we won't get five minutes of politics/White House chat on every single episode like we did last year.

Lines and Links of the Day


Dina: I vict to evote Tom




Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Pinkyswears: 1
2/5 Dina/Tom

Fights: 6
1/22 Tamar vs Kandi
1/25 Tamar vs Ricky, plus Natalie vs Tamar
1/26 Tamar vs Lolo
1/31 Dina vs Kandi, plus Kato
2/1 Lolo vs Kato, Lolo vs Tom, Ricky vs Tom
2/2 Lolo vs Tamar

Blindside evictions: 1

Scandals/stories/controversies beyond our BB world: 5
Mooch's exit
Tamar vs Kandi
Tamar vs Lolo (and fake reports Lolo was ejected)
Tamar vs Kato re Miss Cleo
Dina's boyfriend she hasn't met

Celebrity Breaking News Alerts: 3
Anthony's exit
Power of the Publicist
Double eviction show safety comp

Premature exits: 1

Pre-season premature cast leaks: 2
Eva Marie, Kato


Production Goofs

 1 Didn't include Kandi's photo with the other cast reveal press pics
 2 Cast still not on CBS site 2 days after reveal
 3 Lens left on the table in house pics
 4 Posted wrong Twitter for Tamar
 5 Cameraman's reflection in first minute of house tour
 6 Photo from another show posted with press pics
 7 Misspelled Tom's and Ryan's names
 8 Still misspelling Ryan's name
 9 Posted another wrong Twitter for Tamar
10 Staffer caught by Tom in upstairs hallway
11 News crawl about HOH endurance omitted 'Household'
12 Staffers/comp testers seen on feeds
13 Some cable listings show Tyler & Dick on BBAD
14 Repeated feeds server errors 1/27 and 1/28
15 Misspelled Natalie's name
16 Misspelled Kandi's name
17 Quick trip thru camera run on 2/4 live show
18 Staffer seen scrolling their phone
19 Wrong winner for CBB1 (from Metta, likely written by CBS?)
20 Forgot to update auto-insertion graphic for AFP voting end date
21 Extra zero $25,0000 in AFP promo
22 Misspelled Lolo's, Natalie's, Ross's names
23 Didn't correct Lolo's tweet tagging the wrong Tom Green
24 Misspelled Ricky's, Anthony's, Kato's names

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