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SAFETY SUITE 1st 3 weeks

Optional pre-noms comp for safety, one time each, +1 guest got safety plus one week punishment, current HOH ineligible

Week 1 Don't Miss a Beat
Competed: Janelle, Kaysar
Winner: Kaysar
Guest: Janelle/star suit

Week 2 Getting Tipsy
Competed: Bayleigh, Christmas, Cody, David, Da'Vonne, Ian, Kevin
Winner: Christmas
Guest: Ian/'BB All Star Wars' scenes

Week 3 Stealing Safety
Competed: Dani, Enzo, Memphis, Nicole F
Winner: Enzo
Guest: Christmas/star babies care



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Power Status

Head of Household: Enzo
Original noms: Kaysar, Kevin
Veto winner/outcome: Kevin/TBA
Final noms: TBA
Have-nots: Dani, Da'Vonne, Tyler
Evicted: TBA

Latest alliance chart by @89razorskate20

Latest Diary segment tally by @clamperls4

Ratings Watch Sunday's show placed second with 0.9 rating, 5 share, 3.824 million viewers, behind Black Panther movie on ABC, and ahead of NHL hockey on NBC, and Simpsons and Bless the Harts reruns on FOX.
Overnight rating & share: adults 18-49; Rating: % of all TV households; Share: % of households watching TV

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Monday: Veto meeting

CBS schedule
Sundays 8pm - Wednesdays 8pm - live Thursdays 8pm
-No show Wednesday 9/16 - that veto show will air Tuesday 9/15 8pm
-Sunday 9/20 may be delayed by football

Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 25 - Saturday - August 29, 2020

They puttered around and gossiped and griped as they waited for the veto draw, which came later than most Saturdays. Tyler was vertical again after his slop sick day yesterday, Dani griped about being hungry, Dani and Nicole griped in general, Kevin made erroneous statements about how feeds work, and David said he'd wanted to do Love Island this summer. Direct and indirect tension between various hamsters continued to simmer. Veto players were picked around 1.30pm: Enzo, Kaysar, Kevin plus Bayleigh, David, Tyler. David was Kevin's HG Choice.

Nicole's wedding invitation came up yet again as Enzo and Tyler heard about her uninviting Janelle for the first time. Nicole carried it on for quite awhile, again, and it sounds like we heard her redone farewell: she actually used the word "uninvited" in her first version. She said she feels really bad and "it's gonna haunt me," but she also said "because I didn't do it to just anybody, I did it to the legend." She was reassured it wouldn't be a big deal out here, but those reassuring her didn't see/hear Janelle's eviction QAs yesterday. Nicole also said "Dani's the one who told me to do it, I never even would have thought of it on my own," which we already knew, but it was an interesting admission. Nicole kept going about it to Kevin and Dani including the various backstories, and Kevin's reaction when Nicole said "Janelle was supposed to be my friend" this season is everything. Kaysar and Bayleigh had another lengthy session of lecturing by him that was largely unreceptive by her. That was followed by after-gripes by Bayleigh to Da'Vonne and to Tyler.

Feeds were down for veto comp a little before 7pm until about 9.30pm and Kevin won the veto, so it will be used for the first time this season. Competitors were very messy and paint splattered, and several said Kevin had killed it, including David. It sounded like last year's Pose In Ivy comp where they had to hang onto slowly-shifting hand and leg "vines," being pulled in different directions while getting splatted with goop. Tyler said it was the hardest comp he'd ever done, though that may have been just talk (especially if he threw it), and there were a number of sore leg muscle complaints. David was visibly annoyed at himself, and Kaysar seemed to be also though he didn't vocalize it like David. Bayleigh tossed her goggles when she came off, and apologized about that at the showers. Memphis wore a red glitter jacket with tails and very tall top hat to host, and hurt his back somehow. Kevin told Enzo "you gave me that victory" and they said they'd talk later, so Enzo may have thrown it to Kevin at the end? We'll find out. Enzo had said Ian was his renom plan but that was if Kaysar came off the block - I don't think he (or anyone) expected Kevin to win - but he said he doesn't want to put up Ian now. Nicole and Dani did their psst-psst thing, but I need a break from listening to that. It's always the same anyway.

Enzo said someone from Slick Six might have to go up as a new pawn against Kaysar, and Cody said he would - maybe joking, maybe not. Christmas had also volunteered earlier today should the need arise. A new virus strain appeared in the habitat as Kevin started displaying signs of vetoitis, saying "I want these fools to know I'm not a fucking pawn, I'm gonna fuck up your plans." He also said he thought Bayleigh would win that comp because it was "some yoga shenanigans." Kaysar asked Ian for his vote but Ian wouldn't commit, saying it would depend who else is up and other non-answers that mean no. Kaysar joined HOH for a little while and rummaged through the snacks, adding a general awkwardness to the atmosphere.

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne discussed keeping Kaysar if Ian should go up as renom, which was a switch after they were trashing Kaysar for much of the day. Dani suggested a house meeting after veto meeting to tell Kaysar they like and respect him but he'll be going home, so he can enjoy the rest of his week and they wouldn't have to listen to him campaign. Enzo and Cody liked the idea. Enzo and Kevin again agreed they wouldn't put each other up as original or renom going forward, and this time they shook on it. Enzo's art of the shmooze is that good, that Kevin's almost grateful now that he went on the block. A loud group ball-tossing game with several of them broke out around 1.45am.

Reminder, if you missed what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and/or the detailed feeds updates by @UgotBronx, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

Day 26 - Sunday - August 30, 2020

Morning came late, with many of them still snoozing in bed at 11.30am. The usual early rise club of Memphis, David, Kaysar waited for the rest of them to start rattling around, but Memphis was fairly miserable with his sore back. He moved with difficulty to go horizontal on the living room couches, and from there to the bedroom floor, where he was a captive audience for Christmas to talk crossfit. Much of this day will be renom roulette as the various alliances decide who to pawn. Christmas is the front-runner as of early afternoon (she volunteered), but Ian's anxiety and related rocking increased.


Kevin spent some time skulking around the camera room looking for hiding places, presumably for eavesdropping spots or maybe for future hide 'n seek. He tried inside/under a bed and behind a closet, muttering to himself as he went. A late afternoon convo between Enzo and Kevin indicated Enzo would indeed take Christmas up on her offer to be the renom. Most of them still want Kaysar gone, but this will definitely set off some new waffles for the rest of the week.

The backyard finally opened again which pleased them, as always. Several of them saw something in the sky that interested and confused them - I don't know what that was about, but at 6.35pm a wall yeller hollered "Nicole and Cody are playing everyone." They yelled it twice, clearly, before feeds cut to starfishies, and then to adoptable anipals. Christmas, Memphis, Kaysar were out there chatting, as well as Cody, Ian, Tyler who were playing pool, and Bayleigh had just gone outside. I don't know who else was out there, if anyone. @BBRennyStan may have been the one who did it, and the line was suggested by @EvelDick. Feeds were down almost four hours.

There were a number of references about the yeller. Christmas asked Da'Vonne her thoughts on Nicole, saying she didn't know she was close with Cody. Da'Vonne said she didn't either "until I saw that." Enzo told Nicole in the pantry about Christmas being the renom, saying Christmas knows but don't tell anyone. Enzo reported that to Kevin, and said Kaysar had been telling him how cutthroat BB7 was, and this isn't. Enzo added this is (but we're all waiting to see it). Cody told Dani he's not getting to final three now, "I'm fucked after tonight." He also said he wanted Nicole to repair some pants but now he can't ask because everyone would think they're an alliance. Kaysar met with Enzo and ran his usual "it'd be foolish" if he did this or that loops, and said he wanted a "man-to-man conversation" to discuss renom options, saying he's a "dead man walking." Enzo told him everyone wants him out so he's going with that because everyone's aligned with everyone. Kaysar pressed, hard, and said the only chance he'd have would be against David because he's pissed off so many people, and he pitched an offer to work with Enzo going forward because nobody would suspect them.

Kaysar was replaced in HOH by Christmas who told him to expect a pitch from Da'Vonne for a new team made up of her, Bayleigh, David, Kevin, possibly Christmas, possibly Enzo, possibly Memphis, and Kaysar if he stays. Bayleigh and Da'Vonne made that pitch to Enzo, saying the other side will have majority numbers for the duration unless they did something. They stressed the importance of Slick Six but Enzo played dumb, because of course he is in that majority on the other side, and they proposed Dani as renom to get her gone. Enzo acted agreeable to that, but said it'd be better if someone else did that in a week or two.

Since "Nicole and Cody are playing everyone" didn't make most of them rethink their positions, it'll likely still be Christmas as renom tomorrow and Kaysar leaving on Thursday. Whether they let Kaysar know he's gone so he'll relax, stop campaigning, and enjoy his last days or not, there will still be pointless waffling for the next few days.

Reminder, if you missed what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and/or the detailed feeds updates by @UgotBronx, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

Ratings - TBA edition

Ratings will be updated later, based on entertainment value
See full bios in cast folder at
Hamsterwatch Forum

Noms count: original/renom

Permanent gripe/comment until slop is done: They need to do away with slop in general, but especially during pandemic plague season when good nutrition should be a major priority on their highly-touted list of safety concerns.

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: $5,000; Safety Suite #2; Safety Suit #3 (Enzo's win)/1 week star babies care
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Safety Suite #3
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Safety Suit #2 (Christmas's win)/1 week space skits
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Safety Suite #1
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Noms 2/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Nothing yet
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0 - HN 1

Won: Safety Suit #1 (Kaysar's win)/1 week star
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0 - HN 1
3rd evicted, Day 23

Obit to follow

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0 - HN 1
2nd evicted, Day 16

Imagine going on BB and not wanting to work with Janelle and Kaysar. Having them to go bat for you, hard, and then throwing it back in their faces. It's mind-boggling. She was in way over her head this season, made one bad decision after another, and she repeatedly promised us a house meeting that she never delivered.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0 - HN 0
1st evicted, Day 9

She was feisty her first time around but like all of them, she's older and more mature now, and her birthday happened before they moved in, so we didn't get any new memorable Keesha scenes. But it was good to see her again and she got a nice check for two weeks isolation and one week of summer camp.

Lines and Links of the Day


Memphis: Polar bear is my spirit animal

Enzo about his HOH yo-yo: That'll be my toy that I'm not gonna learn

Kaysar: I'm sure people at home are screaming at their freaking televisions saying FUCKING DO SOMETHING

Enzo after veto: Yo, someone's going up

Enzo: This season's boring AF, yo

Enzo: This is a game of fuckin relationships, go fuckin frolic around, go talk, that's it

Cody: Fuck Twitter, that's out
Nicole: Twitter's the worst

Ian: The last time I was told I was a pawn, if I didnt win veto, I'd be $500,000 poorer

Dani: I think America definitely hates us for voting out all their favorites

Cody: I cracked my head open a lot when I was younger

Kaysar: I wasn't invited to Nicole's wedding, I don't even know her
Enzo: I wasn't either man



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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Minor fights: 1
Janelle vs Nicole F
8/20 (not on feeds) - 8/23 show

Booze deliveries: 7
(Day 1 move-in - 8/5 nothing)
Day 7 - 8/11 2 wine, 6 beer
Day 9 - 8/13 2 wine, 4 beer
Day 9 - 8/13 Memphis HOH wine, 6 beer
Day 16 - 8/20 Tyler HOH 12 Vizzy
Day 18 - 8/22 2 wine, 6 beer
Day 21 - 8/25 2 wine, 6 beer
Day 23 - 8/27 Enzo HOH 6 White Claw

Pinkyswears: 3
8/7 11.58pm Ian/Nicole F
8/9 2.35am Kevin/Nicole A
8/18 12.21am Bayleigh/Cody/Dani/Da'Vonne/Enzo/Tyler

Injuries, illnesses, etc: 20
-Cody's broken glass/cut hand washing dishes
-Ian's slop sick day
-Enzo's sore foot/leg from backyard bicycle
-Nicole A's slop sick day
-David's cut hand from a decor star
-Nicole F's low potassium levels
-Da'Vonne's low iron sick day
-Da'Vonne's banged heel getting off the bed
-Enzo's pulled muscle from laser Safety comp
-Janelle's cut finger chopping veggies
-David's burned finger from pizza
-Dani's finger blister from 8/27 rollyball HOH comp
-Cody's burned finger from making breakfast
-Tyler's slop sick day
-Bayleigh's, David's, Kevin's, Tyler's sore legs from 8/29 veto comp
-Memphis's sore back from workout+8/29 veto host
-Nicole's shoulder problem

Broken habitat items: 3
Broken awning attacked Ian
Mirror/window light frame went out
Another broken awning

Bigger BB stories than BB22: 2
-The Amazing Race season 31
-BB21 leaked group text

Pre-season cockamamie rumors/events: 5
-Kaycee and Josh contracted COVID-19 partying together
-Nicole Franzel masterminded casting
-Public sour grapes from various uninvited alums
-Danielle Reyes will/won't/will/won't show up
-Nicole Anthony's potato salad recipe


Production Goofs

1 Premature All-stars merchandise in CBS Store
2 Promoted interviews didn't happen
3 TV Guide posted a cast list prematurely
4 Forgot to update winners list for BB21
5+6 Wrong 8/9 show time, wrong BB1 premiere
7 Unfinished spots in house pics
8 Julie interview that mentioned 'some' failing virus test was deleted
9 Prematurely released half the cast
10 Have-nots locked out of HN room on premiere
11 Wrong season for Janelle winning first AFH
12 Misspelled Tyler's last name
13 Feeds window has wrong show days
14 Da'Vonne misspelled in press pics
15 Cody in Diary visual leak on their monitor
16 Referenced Orwell in BB Rewind promo
17 Switched BB Rewind host's accent é è
18 Staffer left a walkie talkie in the house
19 Wrong Day count for noms on 8/12 show
20 Kevin's comp shirt backwards on 8/12 show Diary
21 Alliance name errors in Twitter poll
22 Julie said wrong Day number on 8/13 show
23 Forgot to update Julie's twitter
24 Misspelled Cody's last name in press pics
25 Forgot Kaysar was on BB6 and BB7
26 Official site still showing BBAD on Pop
27 Wrong Day count for noms on 8/19 show
28 Lockdown recording bleed in feeds block music
29 Wrong Nicole in press pics caption
30 Posted 8/26 veto show pics a day early
31 Wrong Day count for noms on 8/26 show
32 Control room views + wakeup music on feeds
33 Safety Suite sign still up a week after it ended
34 Wrong date for Dan's Funeral (by EW)
35 Air shows omitted a Christmas star baby

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Cody; Memphis; Tyler; Enzo

Veto winners in order: Enzo; Memphis; Cody; Kevin

Evictions in order: Keesha 13-0; Nicole A 10-2; Janelle 9-2

Cast Twitters: @BayleighDaily; @christmasabbott; @Cody_Calafiore; @danidONAT0; @davjalex; @DayDaVonne_; (Enzo deleted @the_Meow_Meow_); @TulaneTerry; @JanellePierzina; @KaysarRidha; @KeeshaSmith0801; @kcampbellicious; @MemphisGarrett; @Strongislandni2; @nicole_franzel; @TylerCrispen2

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Day 85 Finale is October 28

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BB22 finalist prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and (presumably) $50k for 2nd place. The others apparently get $40k for showing up, with additional bonus for making jury.

The habitat has 94 HD cameras (no change) and 113 microphones (no change).

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.

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