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September 7 thru 14, 2017

Power Status

Jason evicted 3-2

Alex won Head of Household
She nominated Kevin, Raven
Josh won veto - did not use
Raven evicted 2-1

Josh was Head of Household
He nominated Alex, Kevin
Paul won veto/did not use
Alex evicted 2-1

Paul is Head of Household
He nominated Kevin, Josh
Paul won veto/did not use
Kevin evicted 1-0

Upcoming Events

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Thursday night: Part 1 HOH comp, hopefully on feeds
Sunday night: Viewer questions via After Dark

Remaining Shows

Thursday 9/14 9pm Final veto comp, live eviction
Friday 9/15 8pm Final Three guided memories and clips, begin Part 1 final HOH
Wednesday 9/20 8pm Two-hour finale: Parts 1, 2, 3 final HOH, winner vote, confetti

CBS schedule is Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, live eviction Thursdays 9pm, on CBS (Global in Canada). Stream links to watch live online are posted in Quick Links & Bookmarks on the left sidebar. After Dark is every night on Pop (Slice in Canada) - times vary by area and provider.

After Dark is every night on Pop (Slice in Canada) - times vary by area and provider

Other News and Weekly Stats

Celebrity Big Brother USA will air on CBS this winter for the first time. It will have 24/7 feeds and companion After Dark.

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Real-time feeds updates and air show recaps are at Hamsterwatch Forum by @UGotBronx, plus cast bios/photos/links, and fun extras

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls: Through ninth week

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20: Day 61

Ratings Watch Thursday 9/7 double eviction placed second with 1.8 rating, 7 share, 6.13 million viewers, well behind football on NBC with 7.2/26/20.81, and ahead of Battle of the Network Stars finale on ABC with 0.6/3/2.44, and Love Connection on FOX with 0.6/3/2.00.

Sunday's show dropped to third with 1.9 rating, 7 share, 6.53 million viewers, far behind Football Night and Sunday Night Football on NBC with 4.0/15/11.35 and 8.0/26/21.56 respectively, The Orville premiere on FOX with 2.3/8/7.32, and Celebrity Family Feud rerun on ABC with 1.0/4/5.08.

Wednesday's show placed second with 1.8 rating, 7 share, 6.31 million viewers, behind America's Got Talent on NBC with 2.0/8/11.31, and ahead of Masterchef on FOX with 1.3/5/4.03, and The Goldbergs and Speechless reruns on ABC with 0.7/3/2.99 and 0.6/3/2.28 respectively.  
Rating & share: adults 18-49 - Rating: % of all TV households - Share: % of households watching TV

Week 11 - Days 79 thru 86 - September 7 thru 14, 2017

Daily and Noteworthy Events

Evicted #1: Jason 3-2
Head of Household #2: Alex
Original noms #2: Kevin, Raven
Veto winner/outcome #2: Josh/did not use
Final noms #2: Kevin, Raven
Evicted #2: Raven 2-1

Head of Household: Josh
Original noms: Alex, Kevin
Veto winner/outcome: Paul/did not use
Final noms: Alex, Kevin
Evicted: Alex 2-1

Head of Household: Paul
Original noms: Kevin, Josh
Veto winner/outcome: Paul
Final noms: TBA
Evicted: TBA

Day 79 Thursday 9/7 Christmas sort of confessed a crush on Paul last night while talking to herself/us, which had some feedsters scratching their heads and others screaming "I KNEW IT!" I'm sort of inclined to write it off as a combo of close quarters, Stockholm syndrome, and rebound. After all, her cancelled wedding was only a few days ago and that is probably on her mind. Then again, stranger hookups have happened in our dysfunctional BB world, so who knows? Meanwhile she is talking herself up more than usual lately, and grinning a lot.

Note that some or all of this week's anipals were sent to Rancho Coastal Humane Society from Houston shelters to make room for temporarily lost pets due to Hurricane Harvey. And remember your perfect pet may be waiting for you to take him or her home from your local shelter or rescue.

Julie left the dead animal bell cuffs behind and thankfully went back to Classic Chenbot to herd the hamsters through their double eviction show. Jason went out on a 3-2 vote with Christmas as the tiebreaker, and he was clearly stunned. He told Julie he'd been blindsided by "counterfeits" and Josh's farewell filled in a few blanks and further reinforced the news that he'd "got got" by Paul. Paul's farewell was far less genuine and Jason saw through it, telling Julie that Paul and friendship are over. After Jason walked out, Josh was crying and Paul was yelling at him, in a staged scene. Then they went to the first HOH comp which was Fake News, basically true/false about seven BB headlines. Alex won, the only one who got every answer correct.

She nominated Kevin and Raven, and they went off to the veto comp which was a ball pit number called Lime Drop. They had to race down several stairs, dig through a pit of yellow balls to find green ones, take them back up the stairs one at a time and drop them into a tube quite a ways below their little platform railing. Josh was first to get four green balls in his tube, winning his first veto.

Josh gave a sniffly speech to say he wasn't using his veto, and Raven was evicted 2-1, with Josh the dissenter. She wore Matt's spare blue Precious and sobbed "no you're not!" when Alex and Josh said they were sorry, but a couple seconds later she cartwheeled across the stage to do her exit interview (with lipstick on her tooth).

Julie then confirmed the upcoming schedule for us, including a "special eviction episode" next Wednesday (it will be taped Tuesday), and the last regular live eviction on Thursday, leaving us with three to go into the finale the following Wednesday. She also told us there will be a celebrity version of BB this winter: see Links of the Day below for a bit more on that. It will air on CBS and have feeds on All Access, so here go my begs again to get them from me if you'll be watching, and thanks in advance! My guess is it'll run three to four weeks, possibly to go against Olympics on NBC which run February 9 thru 25.

Alex and Paul added a pinkyswear to the tally when he swore to her he was going to be backdoored by Christmas and thus Jason had to be sacrificed, and she swore she believed him. Then they went off to and came back from their HOH comp and Josh had gotten his second win of the night. They had "Revengers" shirts for the alums video - it may have been QA about that, tying into the BB Comics theme of the week, and Alex wore pink and silver spandex plus a silver cape. They went right to non-whispered Raven gossip, including Kevin telling them about the cartwheel - the others hadn't seen it.

Paul, Josh, Christmas had a few gametalks including plans for "worst case scenario" (Alex winning veto) - Christmas said "you have to put me up" if that happens. So we have volunteer nominees at final five, and that pretty much sums up this season. The four continued to shun Kevin and/or he isolated himself voluntarily for the most part, his little jokes and one-liners just memories now.

Alex and Josh both got letters from their sisters, along with the usual assortments of clothes and junk food. Kevin attended but remained uncharacteristically quiet. Your Flashback times are 9/8 12.53am for Alex's basket and 2.13am for Josh's room.


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Day 80 Friday 9/8 Most of them napped and snacked another day away, ignoring the occasional "no napping" announcements. Kevin remained mostly isolated and stuck in place, waiting. Alex continued wearing her pink and silver spandex suit, and Paul continued wearing his replacement floatie, a gift from Kevin to take the place of the first one that deflated and died last week. Paul kept up his Anti-Kevin Crusade here and there, tossing out little hate-bombs for Alex, Josh, Christmas to run with, and the four of them also dissected some more of Raven's tall tales and bizarre persona. Paul suggested yet another fake fight with Josh to get Kevin "riled up" even though Kevin's seemed well and truly done with it all for awhile now.

Josh had one of his angsty talks with the cameras about who to nominate and what to do from here. Despite realizing multiple times what Paul's been up to, Josh and his team of Paul and Christmas (yes, BB is now a team sport right up til the end) had decided last night that Alex and Kevin would be the noms, with Alex the target.

Josh told the cameras that he's sure Paul will get the jury votes at the end and the only way he, Josh, could possibly win the season would be to take a shot at Paul now, and hope Christmas would understand and respect a "big move." But Josh had that opportunity to take a shot last night and didn't, so it's not likely he'll do so today. Most feedsters realize Paul's driven most of the game, whether they like it or not, but most would also like to see him have to break a sweat at least once along the way. Josh acknowledged if he doesn't take that shot at Paul now, he'll have to wait and do it at final three, but anyone who's seen this show before knows the opportunities to do so at that point are unlikely to arise.


I guessed correctly and Josh did not take that shot - he put up Alex and Kevin as planned. Feeds came back to Alex crying and telling Josh he was the last person she trusted and now he's stabbed her in the back. She was called to Diary (get those tears while they're wet) and when Josh left, she wiped them off and mouthed either "fake" or maybe "fucked" while pointing to herself.

Then Josh cried to Christmas that he felt like an awful person. She tried to comfort him but Paul jumped in to say Alex is a game player, Josh was being duped by Alex's emotions, and he should stop talking to her. Christmas joined in on that recommendation to shun. Kevin had retired back to his bed, perma-shunned. Later Alex told Paul she thought Josh would take her off if he won veto, but she'd be worried for Paul in that scenario.

Josh asked Christmas for a final two deal but she said she couldn't commit to that right now, and that it'd be smarter for Josh to take Paul. She added that she wouldn't want to make that decision and she'd throw the end comp(s) if it comes to that. Paul later approached Josh about finals and reminded him of a handshake they'd made, that Christmas probably won't do well on the physical comps, and she probably wouldn't care or be bitter if they cut her. Afterwards, Josh talked to the camera again and said he remained unsure whether to "flip the house," tell Alex everything, and get Paul out, or stick by Paul to the end.

Josh did later tell Alex he had a lot to tell her, but he'd wait til after the veto comp. Alex said she probably won't be friends with Josh after BB because he wasn't playing a friend game between voting out Jason and nominating her. When she left, Christmas pounced on Josh asking what Alex was doing in his room, what did they talk about etc, and "I don't mean to sound cruel or bitchy but I need you to snap the fuck out of it. You're either gonna be our teammate or you're gonna let her ruin your game. It's either/or, puppy." Paul joined in and again repeated that Alex was using Josh emotionally.

By the way, it should be noted Paul slapped Josh in the face earlier in the day, and TMZ picked that up. And on it goes, and on and on.

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Day 81 Saturday 9/9 They spent the morning waiting around for the veto comp, chatting and shunning Kevin. Josh went to pour coffee but apparently the pot's handle is bad and needs to be held a certain way. Josh didn't know this and coffee went all over the counter, cupboards, floor, and himself. Maybe when they cleaned it up they were able to pick up the stray bit of dental floss Alex had been trailing around on her shoe. Later Paul lived up to his Motormouth BB comic from last year some more, pontificating for an hour or two about religion, philosophy, and himself, but Christmas finally wedged in to talk about herself. Josh once again debated alone/aloud whether he should cut Paul or not, and Kevin continued his solo and silent bed vigil.


I've reached my limit of negativity, hate, and toxic sludge that my Twitter mentions become during a USA season, so I'm probably only tweeting headlines from here on out, and saving the convos and fun stuff (if any) to post here on the site. Yes this happens every year and yes I should be able to just ignore it, but thousands of horrid comments adds up, and I don't do this in order to see the worst of humanity on an hourly basis. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Feeds were down 4.5 hours for the BB Comics veto, which Paul won, so any shot at Josh taking that shot was definitely delayed and Josh won't have to make that decision just yet. They all had brightly colored outfits with capes and the comp was again to spot the differences while on a zipline. It sounded like Christmas didn't compete.

Paul's comic went from last year's Motormouth to Pottymouth, which upset and confused him - yep, really. Some of the other comics were Josh as a meatball leaving a wake of destruction, Alex a superhero serving up justice one weiner at a time, Kevin a merman, Christmas a lunatic on a scooter with "feliz navidead", Elena was Hell-ena, Mark was crying, Dominique a snake fighter, Raven a clawed pimple popper, Jason a nutcase featuring Ole, Jessica as hex appeal, Ramses a cosplay something, Matt a silver fox, Cody a starecrow, and Cameron a superfan.

Alex asked Paul privately if he was going to "fuck her," and Paul lied and said no. He told Christmas privately he obviously won't use the veto, but they'd need to brainstorm later to figure out what to tell Alex.

They all ate steak dinner together in their superhero suits and capes, and you could almost see the thought bubbles about Kevin's silent presence annoying the others. While it's hard to see him be shoved aside so hard, he's been through worse and he'll come out of this okay. In the meantime, it's funny and oddly satisfying to see how much he irritates them simply by being there. Petty is as petty does, and as Paul says.

Paul gave Kevin a fist bump that Alex will go, and asked Kevin to keep him safe next week, and they shook on that. A few minutes later Paul bashed Kevin to Christmas, because that's how he rolls.

Paul presented his plan to Josh and Christmas (did someone mention pimple poppers?) that he'd tell Alex he'd lose Josh, Christmas, Kevin jury votes if he used the veto on her, and he couldn't beat her at the end. He asked Josh and Christmas to back that up should Alex ask, thus passing the buck once more, but Josh said no. Paul said otherwise he'd have to expose all of them and tell Alex the truth about their trio, which nobody would or should know til after the season wraps but oops, Josh already spilled that news to the jury via his farewell to Jason. Paul repeated his plan a few more times, like he does, until Josh more or less agreed, saying Paul should do what he wants. Paul told Josh he had to rile up Kevin for the next HOH comp so he doesn't win.

Later Paul ran the plan by Christmas yet again, who wasn't keen this time around about being named as part of Paul's presentation to Alex. But on the next round, she strong-armed Josh about going along with it, saying all of them should "individually take some heat." Later Josh angrily told himself/us that he'd been playing with and for Paul and Christmas all this time but he has to get blood on his hands yet again so Paul can secure jury votes, and "Christmas is so naive she's eating up everything he says." Josh then went back to Paul and Christmas where they did some date studying, and some planning about riling up Kevin. Christmas was especially eager to go at him personally and viciously, and she begged to be on the block against him at final four "so his ego will shatter when I stay over him."

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Day 82 Sunday 9/10 The feedsters' waiting game continued, waiting for Paul to lower the boom on Alex and waiting to see how much blame he'll lay on everyone else, as well as watching the ticking timebomb of Josh's private rebellion. Will he spill all to Alex and/or Kevin? Not likely but the possibility is something to daydream about anyway.

The four did some rehashing and gossiping about some of the evictees and their personal lives/stories versus in-game words and actions, as Kevin did his solo walkabout. Paul blurted out "I think we can judge people on the outside world, and what they did in this game doesn't fucking matter." Guilty conscience? Wishful thinking? Possibly actual fear, seeing how rattled he was by his Pottymouth and toxic river comic. He seemed genuinely perplexed and upset by that, and wondered aloud several times if he's been portrayed as a villain. It seemed like genuine concern rather than his usual persuasion/brainwashing tone, which would put his self-delusion higher than say, Raven's.

The boom came at 12.54pm. Paul send Christmas to warn Josh to be prepared for any backlash, and he pulled Alex into the lounge to let her know he won't use the veto on her. Well, technically he let her know he was in a sticky spot and he didn't know what to do. He referenced Josh and Christmas jury votes but didn't bring up the bit about them saying they wouldn't vote for him, and he talked about his unsuccessful end-game last year, and he said she'd reminded him of himself last year when they met. He told her he was "torn between doing the homie move but losing, or actually maybe winning the game," and that he didn't want to blindside her, and that he wished she'd won the veto rather than him. Then he laid it on thicker by saying he'd been all alone all season, with nobody to celebrate with whenever he "escaped the block."

Alex was mostly silent, and told him he had to do what's best for his game, but she got in a direct when Paul said he thought he could beat Josh at the end, and Alex replied "that's exactly what Cody said you would do." Time will tell if she stews on all of it and gets upset, or simply accepts defeat. Meanwhile Christmas was upstairs bitching away to Josh about Kevin.

Alex scored another hit when she told Paul it hadn't been easy throwing comps to him, and they did some dancing around whether it was or wasn't "about the money." Paul said "I'm not allowed to say the things I want to say about [the money] but I think you're picking up what I'm putting down," possibly implying an offer to share, an A2AMFs bonus if you will.

They wrapped with Paul saying he'd try to talk to Josh and Christmas again about not using his veto (lie), and Alex said Paul still has her jury vote (at least until she finds out she'd been duped, possibly with Josh's farewell message, if they do any). She wouldn't give him a parting hug though, saying she had to go cry. But she went to the backyard with her rosary, while Paul cried in a Josh/Christmas sob sandwich about how hard the talk had been. Feedmasters went in for a closeup zoom, and his face looked dry. Later Paul told Josh "she called me selfish, she said it's fucked up - I pretty much took it with no Vaseline" - uhh nope, more lies.

The drama didn't end there. Josh told himself/us Christmas was naive and falling for all Paul's BS again, and he didn't know whether to blow up his game to tell Alex the truth or not. Paul said he had a "tough DR" and told Christmas to keep Alex and Josh apart. Christmas told Josh not to talk to Alex but he did: he told her he wasn't going to talk about anyone else's game but he'd been honest, she'll see when she gets out, and he was "in a fucked up position." Alex told him she should be the one crying, and she walked out.

Josh broke down to himself with big sobs, saying he hates that place, but he went back to Alex and begged her to talk to him, he loves her and he's sorry. Alex said she was tired of it all, she and Jason trusted them and they got screwed. Christmas then cussed at Josh over dishes for talking to Alex without permission, and then summoned him to the lounge where she laid a smackdown on him.

Paul went to Alex who broke down in (real) tears as Christmas kept hammering Josh. Then Paul joined Christmas to co-lecture Josh about having messed up their end-game. Josh said they should go ahead and do a split vote and he'll send out Alex, then he said "just send me out next week." Paul then took "the split vote might work" to Alex, making him look like the good guy yet again, while the whole pecking order and means of achieving it has been his doing all along. Alex made some noises about why go to the end with lame competitors, saying in Olympics and Superbowl you go against the best, and maybe she'll get AFP - sorry but no, but that isn't happening. Meanwhile Kevin enjoyed the sunshine in the backyard, far from the many lines of fire.

After the dust settled a bit, Paul continued to hammer Josh and Alex asked Christmas point-blank who she's voting out, and why did she vote out Raven. Christmas said she thinks she can win against Kevin but not against Alex, and she didn't think she'd be able to get further if Alex and Jason were both still there, and she voted out Raven because she was a better competitor than Kevin. Christmas brought in the whole "not personal" angle of course, and Alex dismissed her, saying that's all she wanted to know, and thanked her. Christmas reported back to Paul (and Josh) immediately. Paul asked if Alex said anything about him or Josh, and Christmas said no. She said she's done her job, and now Josh has to do the same.

Alex told Paul she'd do what she can for him with the jury, and they went through the photo wall. Hard to tell if she was being sincere or not, given her track record with playing for Paul, despite her apparent new awareness today. But she did say later to herself "so much for friendship." Christmas had her condescending "it was for your own good" talk to Josh about hammering him so hard earlier, then proceeded to study dates with him. Kevin had either sore back muscles or a rash and said he asked Diary for something for it "first this this summer," which he got some cream, and asked Paul if he'd help apply it, which Paul did. They also got a new coffeemaker, so that's one crisis that's been taken care of anyway.

Alex had another talk with us saying she'd been played by Paul, all his HOH wins were thrown to him, but she'll give him her jury vote anyway. Kevin asked Paul why nobody else talks to him and Paul said he doesn't know, he doesn't ask them what they think (correct, he just tells them).

After Dark and Pop sent them parts to make unicorn milkshakes: a blender, whipped cream, gummies, sprinkles, food coloring, and the like. Alex went back to bed and skipped it, and Christmas went right for a hit of nitrous. They had paper unicorn hats and had a good time with it all, more or less. Josh, Paul, Christmas seemed to get major sugar highs, especially Josh, and they cavorted around the backyard for awhile. Alex got up to snack from the toppings, thanking Pop and saying she didn't want to participate with "those counterfeits." Later she hula-hooped in the backyard and ranted about Paul, being played, her season in general, and Paul.


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Day 83 Monday 9/11 Paul did not use his veto, and Alex retired to her bed and her rosary, refusing to speak to him or hear his excuses. Kevin told Josh and Paul that he's been a fighter, he's been on the block three times in a row, he's 30 years older than the rest of them, etc. He said he wanted to say that for his nominee speech at eviction and he hoped Josh wouldn't be offended. Paul told Josh that Kevin was irritating him, rather than his guilty conscience finally rearing up about Alex, which is how it looked to me. Apparently Alex made some direct hits in her veto meeting speech, bringing up "friendship," "boys," and the rest of Paul's catch-phrases. It's always easier to blame Kevin though, so Josh and Christmas got on board with that, like they do.

In the typical feast or famine pattern that feeds often follow, yesterday was the feast and today was famine and then some, with vast stretches of silence and nothing. Alex remained isolated for her last day, reading her Bible, and Kevin stared into space from his bed for much of the day, though he did eat a late lunch with the trio and joined them for steak and seafood dinner from Josh's HOH goodies. They made a few references to 9/11 when they realized the date and they shared memories and experiences of that fateful day here and there, as well as an impromptu season review, which three of them will do again in a few days over champagne brunch.

Christmas had another doctor visit/field trip and reported good progress, but she was still using one crutch with her boot. Josh told us he was going to fight for the final four veto and play the final HOH comp(s) hard, and he hinted he might cut Paul should he get the chance, but I don't think he said he would definitively. He did add he'd keep Paul and Christmas "tied in" along the way, pretending to be 100% onboard with them as long as it behooves him to do so.

Kevin had his nightly talk to his kids and us, with Orwell's help, and Alex had her (now) nightly talk to us about "the counterfeits." Josh freaked out a little about one dead fishie and another dying, and Paul and Christmas revved him up about that, like they do. Josh felt bad about Alex being so isolated, but Paul scolded him for talking to her for a minute. Later Josh told us it's "breaking his heart" to see her like that.

Kevin also exchanged a quick pleasantry or two with Alex, so Christmas and Paul had a Kevin bashing session, including Christmas saying "every time I see that man I want to bash his face in." Paul said she can bash his face tomorrow, and he chuckled. MOMENTS LATER Christmas approached Kevin with a rolling pin (yikes!) but she rolled it on his sore arm muscles and talked pleasantly, making post-show plans and chit-chatting. Unbelievable. It was part of their plan to Occupy Kevin so he couldn't talk to or study with Alex.

Early in the day Josh asked Paul and Christmas if they're a showmance, and he said he felt like a third wheel. Paul had been petting her hair at the time, but both said no. Late night Paul told Josh not to talk like that anymore because he was worried about his girlfriend getting the wrong idea.

I haven't heard officially if feeds will be off Tuesday afternoon until after the Wednesday eviction show airs, but I have a feeling they might be. I'll tweet that news if and when I get it.

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Day 84 Tuesday 9/12 Feeds went to Puppycam around 9am, before our hamsters were even awake, so we were denied any reaction or panic about today's "surprise" eviction, although they were pretty much expecting it. Luckily, that meant we were also denied the nasty things Christmas, Paul, Josh were planning to say to Kevin to rattle him before the final four HOH comp. If they went through with that, we'll hear about it on retells sooner or later. It also meant extra time to showcase the puppies, kitties, and bunnies adoptable from Rancho Coastal Humane Society, some of whom were shipped from Houston shelters to make room for temporarily displaced anipals due to Hurricane Harvey.

After Dark ran what appeared to be taped footage from this morning. We've always had that morning block on feeds before, but not this time. Feeds will be down until Wednesday night 9pm Pacific/midnight Eastern. The BB rumor mill was working overtime today with all kinds of fake news flying around unchecked, unverified, and untrue.. so much eyeroll.

Alex was indeed evicted as expected. That made her the 26th consecutive North American hamster to enter the habitat first and not win, keeping that record at a solid 100%. That includes 19 USA seasons, one OTT, five Canada, and one Telemundo. If you ever find yourself onstage with Julie on move-in day and you're the first at the door, for the love of Grod, feign politeness and hold it open for the next person to go in ahead of you! Further news is Paul won the HOH comp, as he'd hoped all season, securing him a spot in final three into the finale. The comp was What The Bleep, the same comp he won final four HOH last year.

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Day 85 Wednesday 9/13 Wednesday's show confirmed the Tuesday spoilers: Alex was evicted on a 2-1 vote, with Josh as tiebreaker. Their HOH comp was What The Bleep, true/false to fill in a word from hamster statements during the season, which Paul won after five questions with five correct answers, versus Kevin and Christmas who had two each. Did they both throw it to him? Who knows, and what does it really matter: "it is what it is."

Feeds came back right on time, with Paul, Josh, Christmas crashed out in HOH bed, Kevin enjoying ice cream before laying down in his usual corner, and the tiny table for four in place. Paul nominated Kevin and Josh, and he won the veto. After quite a bit of silence and some artsy shots by the camera crew, Paul moved into the lounge to talk himself up again and describe his season again - he was the only vet this season, you know. Whenever he has these talks, he neglects to include how he made and dropped poison bombs to get his minions to hate his targets. I wonder if he's in denial about his hate-mongering strategy.

Kevin will be evicted tomorrow via Christmas's vote, and Paul told us he'll take Josh to the end if the choice is his. After his ice cream, Kevin retired to read his Bible and stare into space, half-hearing Christmas talk loudly about herself and her business to Josh some more in the kitchen. Like OTT Justin, it's been hard to watch someone once so happy and liked by all of them go out in such a sad state, but Justin was homesick - Kevin was ostracized intentionally by Paul. I'm glad he was on our feeds though: it's been a delight to have such a unique character with all his stories and one-liners. I have no doubt he'll rebound as soon as he's out of there.

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Ratings - They Bite edition

Ratings are based on dregs and disillusionment

I got nothing.

Won: Temptation #2 play in any veto comp; 48 hours attached to Paul; Outback dinner
HOH 2 - Veto 0 - Noms 2
#1 VTE Jason (tiebreaker)
#2 VTE Raven

#3 VTE Alex
For a 'motivational speaker' she says some of the most consistently ugly things we've seen in ages, and all because Paul says to. She confessed to herself and us that she's got a crush on him, and she seems sincere as far as laying down for him to win it all. Okay then. Along the way she talks herself up far too much for my liking, and when she berates Josh it's seriously disturbing, especially when she throws out condescending apologies afterwards and calls it 'tough love'.

Won: 1st & 2nd eviction safety
HOH 2 - Veto 1 - Noms 3
#1 VTE Jason
#2 Won veto/didn't use
#2 VTE Kevin

#3 VTE Alex (tiebreaker)
He's in a tough spot: he knows he's got an express ticket to finals, but he knows he's been used to make it so. He knows what Paul is and has been up to, but he's torn between blowing that up and becoming one of Paul's final victims, or just riding the trainwreck on to the finale. He's been emotionally fragile and set himself up as an easy target because of that, but he bounces back well and you have to hand it to him for not exploding on Paul and especially Christmas when they browbeat him.

Won: $25,027; 1st eviction safety; couldn't be 1st HOH
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 4
#1 No vote (nominee)
#2 No vote (nominee)

#3 No vote (nominee)
He hasn't done much game-wise, but he's been mostly pleasant most of the time, and he absolutely doesn't deserve the personal attacks Paul's orchestrated against him these many weeks. Especially as Paul cozies up to him privately and reassures him everything's okay and he doesn't know why nobody else will talk to him. If Paul goes through with unleashing Josh and Christmas to attack Kevin to his face this week, we might see a whole nother side of Kevin, and he'll have every reason to explode.

Won: 1st week safety; Temptation #1 safety next 3 evictions; Week 8 safety via Mark's Apple #1; 48 hours attached to Christmas; Me Myself & I set visit
HOH 3 - Veto 5 - Noms 0
#1 VTE Kevin
#2 VTE Raven

#3 VTE Kevin
Sure he's played the game and well, but do we subtract points for doing it so viciously? There's no guideline as to what makes one gamestyle better or worse than another, but a dirty game is often distasteful to watch. All season he sicced his minions onto his target(s), making it personal when it wasn't necessary. The fact that he's truly rattled by his Pottymouth comic and the idea that he's been portrayed as a villain is kind of shocking. Does he really believe he's been a choirboy this season, or that his vocabulary is TV-friendly? If so, he's as delusional as Raven, or the original misnamed 'Friendship' alliance from BB6.

Won: 1st eviction safety; 1 week camping cookout; Outback dinner
HOH 3 - Veto 1 - Noms 4
#1 VTE Kevin
#2 No vote (HOH)

#3 EVICTED 2-1
Obit to follow
She's been problematic as have they all, but it's been satisfying to hear her bash Paul for his phony 'friendship' and even more satisfying that it's getting to Paul. She seems to be his first victim he almost feels bad about, and it's about time he have to sweat a bit and face some repercussions. She's made it clear she still plans to vote for him in finals, and while that might be frustrating to some, it'll show she's not as petty as she claims if she goes through with it.

Won: 1st eviction safety; Have-not pass
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 3
#1 VTE Jason
#2 EVICTED 2-1

See Matt. She also did zero game-wise, with added ridiculous makeup, ridiculous stunt hair, ridiculously changing accents, and most of all, ridiculous and nonstop impossible stories and medical conditions. There's a fine line between entertainment value of the point 'n laugh variety, and so delusional it's not funny, and she crossed that line daily (usually while screeching). I don't know if she's a grifter or a victim, but I do know she came in with a stated agenda to raise awareness about gastroparesis and instead she gave it a bad name because of her nonsensical claims. So let's fix that with some legit info links from Mayo Clinic and IFFGD an international non-profit for gastrointestinal disorders. She did inspire one of the best things to come out of this less-than-stellar season: Raven's stories are actually old Simpsons episodes by @em__BB.

Won: 1st eviction safety; 1 week frog; 1 week extreme-o-tard; Outback dinner
HOH 2 - Veto 3 - Noms 4
#1 EVICTED 3-2

He was mostly likable with constant stories and an engaging and boisterous way of telling them. Most of them went too far or somewhere cringey, and he made a couple comments he shouldn't have and he'll have to face repercussions about those. His game strategy was a mess and he often said the wrong things to the wrong people, but from here that was added comedy, and he did very well on the comps. His relationships with Alex and with Kevin were fun to watch, and the three of them provided a lot of late night silliness until Paul made them both turn on Kevin. He joined the small club of two-time costume wearers and while he was a pretty good sport about the frog, he did the Extreme-o-tard EXTREMELY well and with flair. He brought the first baby announcement to the show, giving us all a delightful moment, and I very much enjoyed hearing him talk about his farm and his animals, and Ole.

Won: 1st eviction safety; Outback dinner
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 4

We've had some useless hamsters before but nothing like this guy. He spent 72 days cackling at Raven, wrestling with Raven, pouring liquids on and throwing food at Raven, making out with Raven, getting busy undercovers with Raven, encouraging Raven's everlasting screeching, and stuffing his face, usually with cereal. He didn't play the game, he barely played the comps, he ignored his Have-not rules, and he rarely talked to anyone except Raven and occasionally Paul, in whose pocket he lived for his last couple weeks. He wore an orange rag nearly every day that wasn't much more than a ratty cloth necklace, he folded everyone's bath towels on the kitchen floor, displayed his blackened socks on the kitchen counter, and he cleaned the kitchen and dishes with a towel he'd wiped sex off himself with. I used the same pic for him here for seven weeks and nobody noticed - 'nuff said. Good bye and good riddance.

Won: 1st eviction safety; Weeks 5 & 7 safety; Colorado trip; Outback dinner; Temptation Apple #1 Save a Friend (used on Paul)
HOH 0 - Veto 2 - Noms 3

He often had a stunned expression and he cried more on feeds and in Diary than we've seen in a long time. He said coming in that girls are his weakness and that was doubly true with Elena. His moods were largely dictated by whether she was giving him the time of day or not, but by the end, her fluctuations had him flummoxed. Along the way, Dominique and Christmas battled for his BB soul, and he was besties and mortal enemies with Josh - their pickle juice fight will live forever. Gamewise he was in over his head, bouncing between sides, but he couldn't keep his mouth or his movements covert. Advantages came his way but he didn't leverage them well, and in the end he gave his safety apple to Paul and he didn't even try for the Have-not escape his last week, even though he knew he was going. He seems like a nice guy, too nice for this dirty game.

Won: $5,000; 1st eviction safety; Outback dinner
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 3

She introduced herself as 'abrasive' but that wasn't really the case as much as randy, frisky, and often vulgar, tying Jessica in the Things We Haven't Often Seen From Female Hamsters category. It seemed like she went for shock value but it didn't shock them or us, especially after the first couple days. She paired up with Mark who fell head-over-heels, and their break up/make up cycles became a predictable and painful regular occurrence. She had a good social game for awhile, straddling both sides of the house well, but when the numbers thinned so did her good standing, and she went out because she took $5k cash and left Alex to make hot dogs. She wore a lot of makeup but was a good sport about letting Paul do hers, she talked a lot, she flirted a lot, she flashed a lot, and in a 'no naps' season she had an epic pass-out one day, complete with faceplant and drip-drip-dripping juice straw.

Won: 1st eviction safety; Week 6 safety; 1 week frog; Revival
HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 3

He came in complaining of 'victim noises' and proceeded to have a raging case of HOH-itis combined with extreme narcissism. He set his targets on Paul and when that backfired, he isolated himself with Jessica first in HOH and then in Have-not. He'd already put himself on slop as HOH, so the frog suits weren't even necessary but they did add a comical touch. He said things he shouldn't have about a pleasure trip to Ferguson MO and transgender people, but it's a safe bet he won't care about the flak or apologize for his comments. His social game improved for a minute when he was revived (thanks to Julie pointing out its absence) but that didn't last long, and he went back to isolation first with Jessica, and then on his own. He couldn't get out fast enough the second time, taking a direct route over the coffee table.

Won: 1st eviction safety; 1 week frog; Temptation #3 halt one of four evictions
HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 3

She was problematic in a number of ways but aren't they all? She was fingered by TMZ for butt-poking but only because Paul riled them all up about her, when he and Matt also did their share of poking. Jessica brought crude talk to levels we've rarely heard from female hamsters, though Elena gave her a run for that money. Her hair made her a #Deathrace2017 star due to lack of weave maintenance, visible tracks, and patchy bits. She isolated herself with Cody for most of her time there, putting themselves on the Extracurricular Tally, but she landed solo spots too for fights with Cody as well as Christmas, Josh, Raven, and the entire house on that memorable afternoon. She did pretty well comp-wise, and she did her frog week without much complaint.

Won: 1st eviction safety; Mandatory nominee once
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2

I always have a soft spot if they mention me and he did in a pre-season QA with KFROG - thanks! He was a pleasant guy who came in with the 'superfan' tag, and while he was a relative newcomer to it all, he does have a separate BB Twitter and he follows many in our dysfunctional community. But that wasn't enough and he made dual mistakes of aligning with only Jillian and not staying on top of things. He became the scapegoat for hinky votes, first night $25k, and he was threatened and berated for not throwing a veto comp hard enough when he was on the block. Being there in the first place was an unlucky temptation consequence. So the stars just didn't align for Ramses but he was fun and likable and will be missed.

Won: 1st eviction safety
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1

She seemed promising, brainier than most hamsters by far, and she started out well. She earned Mark's devotion over fake chess games and heart-to-hearts, but Christmas and Elena also tugged at him from different directions, and Dominique never got as tight a hold on Josh. Kevin let her host the talk shows, but she was too slick and professional with them, and kind of a drip. That backfired when she put Ramses and then Cody on the spot, and she confessed her job lie to several too early. She brought in more religion than most, and she 'marooned' herself in the lounge, doing a solo telethon for days. She caught on to Paul and told everyone he was a snake, and he made sure she went out the door as a result.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2

She gave us a good shockface when Julie spoke her fate, but she hadn't done much to prevent it. She wasn't there long enough to do a lot, but she didn't really do much that was memorable except repeat convos (at lightspeed), plan future shows to be on, and be on the block. Virtually everyone else campaigned their brains out around her while she was at summer camp, so it's no surprise she didn't know who did and didn't vote for her. She wasn't cut out for this game and she also attracted some political attention that nobody needs. Many use BB to escape from that kind of thing for a little while.

Won: 1st eviction safety
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1

Like Cameron, there isn't much to say since she left before feeds began. A lot of drama was stirred up by, around, and/or because of her, including a Josh rant we saw on the premiere sans context, and an alleged sabotage lie about a comment Jessica allegedly made about Alex. When Megan got home, she released a statement saying she left because of PTSD from a prior assault. You'd think those things would be discovered and addressed during the lengthy audition process, but who knows? We may never know the entire true story as we'll only have hearsay and edits to go by, but I wish her well.

Won: Nothing
HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1

What is there to say when they're gone before feeds start, other than it stinks? They were probably wise to get him out because he's a big fan who knows the show, and he's brainy to boot. At least he had not one but two comp-shots to save himself, even though he opted for a third comp to evict rather than the vote that got him the non-coveted first boot spot. He seemed likable enough and he tried some twerkish moves to save himself but alas, it wasn't enough. He dropped a hamster line in Diary which was fun, but anyone going before feeds still stinks.

Lines and Links of the Day


Julie about Celeb BB: It's not going to be all Oscar winners

Alex: I just caught that fly with my bare hands - oh shit, it's alive, gross! *stomp* Come to me, flies

Christmas to Paul, Josh: Fucking Kevin, that motherfucking dick cocksucker shove it down his fucking little fucking throat! You haven't seen Cunt Christmas come out, I will fucking rape his soul with my words

Paul: If I take Josh to the end, I think I can win
Alex: That's exactly what Cody said you would do

Josh to Christmas: I can't overnight turn into you and be cold

Alex to self: Friendship was a lie, friendship was gumpy

Kevin: Hey Paul, why is no one talking to me?
Paul: I don't know
Kevin: I didn't do anything, I didn't put anyone up
Paul: Is that anything new that no one's talking to you?

Kevin: If you could watch any movie right now, what would you watch?
Paul: American Psycho
Josh: Toy Story

Paul: 82 days of emotional mindfuck.. here's a milkshake, and a fucking hat

Josh: Are you guys in a showmance?
Paul: What? No, fool
Christmas: Why do you keep asking this?
Josh: I don't know if I'm the third wheel here but..

Christmas: There's something in the middle of your beard
Josh: His beard eats when he eats




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Raven's stories are actually old Simpsons episodes continuously updated, by @em__BB

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Shave It Off by @BB11HouseRodent

Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Fights: 29
6/29 Premiere #2: Josh vs Megan
7/6 live show: Jessica vs Christmas
7/6 HOH comp: Josh vs Cody (not on feeds or show)
7/6 10.10pm: Jessica vs Josh, plus Cody
7/17 3.30pm: Three parter: Josh vs Mark, plus Josh vs Jessica, plus Dominique vs Christmas
7/28 7.24pm: Three parter: Cody vs Paul, plus Cody vs Jessica, plus Mark vs Josh
7/30 12.25pm: Cody vs Jessica
7/31 12.47pm: Jessica vs Raven
7/31 5.04pm: Four parter (at least): Jessica vs Alex, Jessica vs Paul, Jessica vs Raven, Mark vs Alex
8/8 1.14pm & 2.23pm: Two parter: Cody & Jessica vs Josh
8/11 5.03pm Christmas vs Mark, plus Josh
8/14 5.54pm Christmas vs Mark, plus Josh, Alex
8/14 11.36pm Josh vs Mark
8/15 1.49pm Three parter: Cody vs Alex with Jason, Christmas, Elena vs Josh, Alex vs Elena
8/27 8.49pm Matt vs Raven food fight
8/28 12.00pm Raven, Matt vs Jason
8/28 2.16pm Three parter: Christmas vs Kevin, Josh vs Kevin (plus Raven, Alex vs Kevin not on feeds)

Alex camp setups and hot dog service rounds: 14

Revivals: 1

House meetings: 4
7/15 5.46am
7/17 4.21pm
7/30 2.50pm
7/31 4.52pm

Scandals beyond BB world: 4
Paul's snake outfit and face mask plans
Cody's military service questioned
Jessica's 'butt-poking'
Jason's rapey 'joke'

Pinkyswears: 4
Raven and Paul on premiere
Raven and Matt 7/11 7.56pm
Kevin and Jessica 8/10 2.33pm
Alex and Paul 9/7 7.41pm

Makeout pairings: 3
Cody/Jessica, Mark/Elena, Matt/Raven

Sex events: 17 (minimum)
7/2 3.12am Cody, Jessica
7/6 3.25am Mark, Elena
7/11 2.44pm Mark, Elena
7/26 1.00am Raven, Matt
7/30 3:29pm Cody, Jessica
8/2 1.32am Raven, Matt
8/3 1.31am Raven, Matt
8/4 1.19am Raven, Matt
8/5 11.00pm Raven, Matt
8/9 12.00am Raven, Matt
8/10 12.45am Raven, Matt
8/10 1.40am Mark, Elena
8/17 12.47am Raven, Matt
8/22 11.31pm Raven, Matt
8/25 1.08am Raven, Matt
8/28 10.12pm Raven, Matt
8/30 10.39pm Raven, Matt

Injuries: 15
Mark's dislocated finger in 1st HOH comp
Christmas's broken foot
Raven's stair crash and foot stitches
Kevin's arm burn from curling iron
Paul's mysterious wrist ailment
Raven's alleged pan-to-the-wrist ailment
Paul's infected nose-ring, again
Raven's chair-banged finger
Raven's 'chipped' tooth
Raven's sore knee from skating comp
Raven's shower door-banged arm
Jason's groin pull from hide/seek veto
Paul's skinned ankle from hide/seek veto
Jason's cut finger from broken glass in the trash
Paul's bonked eye from weights pole

Better alternatives to Jeffish: 1
Kittycam, Puppycam, Bunnycam featuring Rancho Coastal Humane Society adoptables

Premature (pre-feeds) evictions: 2
Cameron, Megan

Pre-season makeover and photo replacement: 1

Epic Twitter battles: 2
6/19 Dr Will vs Meech, plus BB18 Natalie, BB14 Danielle, Russell Hantz
6/22 Evel Dick vs James Huling


CBS Goofs

1 Misspelled 'Hitmen'
2 Pop mixed up BB seasons with AD seasons
3 Mistook USA for 'the world'
4 To/too error
5 Too many seasons for Frank
6 Conflicting Christmas ages
7 Pop had a midnight/day problem
8 Misspelled Raven
9 Random things in bikini photos
10 'An New Season'
11 Photoshoot spoilers
12 Leaked two upcoming votes
13 This season is 92 days, not 99
14 Thumbnail on feeds slider shows BB18
15 Misspelled 'receive' on tickets site
16 Misspelled 'replacement' on YouTube
17 Control room monitors on 7/6 live show
18 Day count error on 7/9 show
19 Misspelled 'drinkware'
20 Misspelled Nicole's last name
21 Misspelled Josh's last name
22 Misspelled Ramses
23 Let Jessica into DR when Kevin was there
24 Feeds timestamp 3+ hours wrong
25 Counting error on 7/20 show
26 Listed five, called it six
27 Fishies in closing credits 8/3 show
28 Wrong day/date in highlights
29 Leaked Elena Diary snippet
30 Misspelled Big Brother
31 Only posted 2 (of 6) 1st half HOH blogs
32 Fishies in HOH comp 8/10 show
33 Feeds highlights have 8/15 under Cameron
34 Forgot to update feeds outage message
35 Hashtag syntax error
36 ET Canada called Matt Martin
37 Still perpetuating Goof #6 in September

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Cody; Paul; Alex; Jessica; Paul; Josh; Alex; Jason; Christmas; Jason; Christmas; Alex; Josh; Paul

Veto winners in order: Alex; Paul; Jason; Jessica; Paul; Mark; Matt; Mark; Jason; Jason; Paul; Josh; Paul; Paul

Evictions in order: Cameron 8-3-2; Megan (quit); Jillian 8-4; Cody 7-3-0; Dominique 10-0; Ramses 7-3; (none); Jessica 7-1-0; Cody 7-0-0; Elena 6-1; Mark 4-2; Matt 6-0; Jason 3-2; Raven 2-1; Alex 2-1

Pre-jury Twitters: @CameronHeard210; @MeganAnnBB19; @jilliannicoleww; @CDmAI; @TheBBHomie1; @thejessicagraf

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Big Brother 19 SEASON FAQ
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Day 8 CBS premiere is June 28
Day 9 Feeds begin June 29
Day 92 Finale is September 20

Feeds are streamed by CBS, and Flashback is accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

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BB19 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Paul is probably getting more, and possibly Christmas as well.

The habitat has 87 HD cameras and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman. He and Julie Chen are the only staffers who have been there since Big Brother 1.

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