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FAQ and season stats

Power Status
Da'Vonne Rogers, Frank Eudy, James Huling, Nicole Franzel joined the cast

Glenn has been evicted

Nicole is HOH
Jozea, Paulie are nominated
Paul is also nominated somehow, from Sunday show's comp maybe
Nobody is Have-not (Da'Vonne, Jozea, Paul, Zakiyah were for the first week)
Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, Paulie are in pixel suits

Someone got a special power - maybe the third nomination
Bronte, James, Natalie, Victor are safe for first 2 evictions

Upcoming Events
Saturday: Veto comp
Monday: Veto meeting (probably)

Next show is Sunday, June 26 8pm: New secret power comp

Show Schedule
Sunday 8pm, Wednesday 8pm, and live eviction Thursday 9pm on CBS (Global in Canada)

After Dark schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday midnight to 3am, Tuesday 11pm to 3am, Thursday 1am to 3am on Pop (Slice in Canada)

HOHs in order

Veto wins in order

Evictions in order
Glenn (no vote)

Day 9 - Thursday, June 23

Premiere #2

Freakazoids did Round 3 of Hit the Road comp with Victor hosting.. it involved pulling fake coconuts from fake palm trees and placing them around S-O-S letters on a tippy platform.. Nicole finished first, then Tiffany, and then it was a photo finish between Glenn and Corey.. BB gave it to Corey, and that was the end of Glenn (unless he gets a shot at Revive-a-Hamster later)

The remaining Freakazoids decided on Nicole as first HOH (which she wanted), and we had a lot of gametalk edits that don't really tell us much.. Tiffany cried, Nicole hoodwinked Corey into doing her bidding, James creeped Nicole's shower, and Jozea ticked off Da'Vonne by saying he's "the messiah of the newbies".. that helped to get Jozea nominated along with Paulie who agreed to go up as a pawn - yep he did


Have-nots got their slop and their room, which is a carnival nightmare this season.. I'd have liked to see a cargo hold to go with the theme, or they could have recycled the airplane benches from BB15 but no, we've got clowns and bumper car beds

Feeds fired up this afternoon and the fishies rolled out to the many various platforms, and the feeds will launch for real for our summer at 10pm Pacific/1am Eastern - sign up now because we're going to have a lot to catch up with!

We got feeds

Feeds came on right on schedule, but the hamsters didn't get their usual signal so they didn't do their usual screaming.. instead, Jozea was caught saying controversial things about the US military and 4th of July, and joking with Corey about the two of them being married.. both were surprised to learn the feeds had indeed come on, but Jozea didn't know his name was trending on Twitter USA (for all the wrong reasons), and Corey made a point to say he isn't gay

Word got around that we had joined them and they gathered in herds here and there to mug for the cameras and give shoutouts to family and friends, and to hawk their social media handles.. Paul transformed into "Miss Patty" character for awhile

Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, Paulie were in bikinis/loincloths that made them look like pixelated nekkies, as a result of that first comp, and somehow Paul ended up being nominated along with Nicole's noms, Jozea and Paulie.. they hadn't played veto yet

Have-nots came off their week at midnight and feasted on what they scrounged up, with all 15 at the table for a short time.. a meeting had been planned for 2am, presumably about the noms and votes, and Nicole, James, Corey, Michelle were expressly not invited (but they knew about it)

James finally met his pillow fight match in Bridgette, and they slung pillows at each other until both were sweaty, panting, and a pillow case had split.. it sounded like Natalie and Victor had already run a complete showmance cycle including formal breakup.. alliance have formed including two(!) girl groups, sides have split, the ants are in place, and all of them were psst-pssting like the best of them

I know this is skeletal info but it's early days with a lot of them, and a whole lot to catch up on - we'll get there.. meanwhile hit the Feeds Updates link up top for detailed play-by-play by @UgotBronx.. the much anticipated 2am house meeting didn't happen

Day 8 - Wednesday, June 22

Premiere #1

It's been a long year, but the BB18 premiere is finally here - the first of two, anyway.. but wait, does that heading say Day 8? Yep it does - they actually moved in and taped the "live" parts of tonight's premiere on June 15.. worse, feeds won't start until after Thursday's premiere #2 ends in the west

All those carefree poses and happy smiles probably didn't last long (if we're lucky), and there are still the four returnees to be confirmed but pretty much everyone thinks/knows they'll be Frank Eudy, Nicole Franzel, Da'Vonne Rogers, and James Huling.. we'll know for sure soon enough

And then we were off: our designated "superfan" Michelle was the first to enter.. if she was a real superfan, she'd know the first in hasn't won in 17 USA and 4 Canada seasons - it's almost a bad omen.. just one of the many fun and interesting factoids you can find at

Sure enough, Nicole, Da'Vonne, James, and Frank each popped out of the decor and were introduced as regular/non-coaching players, they all chose teams (and later named them), and they went out to their first comp, titled Ride the Rocket.. it wasn't an HOH comp but it was the traditional premiere night bikini/phallic setup with extreme innuendo commentary on the apparatus and in Diary, the very cool background graphics we saw once on BB16, and the following results:

Team Big Sister - 1st off so Have-nots: Da'Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea
Team Category 4 - 2nd off so mystery something to be revealed later: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette
Team Freakazoids - 3rd off so split $10k: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn
Team Unicorn - last off so safe for first two evictions: James, Natalie, Victor, Bronte

Then they went to another comp, Hit the Road, which consisted of a few rounds in the sand formerly-known-as-the-bathroom-floor.. Unicorns had a bye and sat it out, and Category 4 won Round 1 which was a team balancing/Jenga type affair, so they sat out Round 2, which was a building comp with puzzle pieces.. Big Sisters won that, so Freakazoids will compete against each other on Thursday's show and the loser will be evicted - it's never good when someone goes before the feeds start, and I wish they wouldn't do that.. the three Freakazoid survivors will decide who becomes the first HOH

So no Battle of the Block, but Sunday's show will have a comp in which someone will get "unprecedented power" of some sort.. we didn't get a lot of get-to-know-you beyond the usual pre-fab intro packages and edited-for-storyline Diaries, but we did get a pinkyswear (Michelle and Tiffany), first tears (Da'Vonne, in Diary), and both Paulie and Tiffany eventually came out to everyone about being BB siblings

Meanwhile, GET YOUR FEEDS so you'll be ready when they start Thursday night, and thank you for using my link to do so! Hit "previous Hamsterwatch episode" link up top for more cast and habitat info.. also note I've moved Power Status and Upcoming Events to the top of every page, and I've updated the links for East Coast airings on the left sidebar.. be sure to bookmark Hamsterwatch Updates where @UGotBronx will once again be recapping air shows and live feeds all season long

I'm keeping the Friends & Family section here for the time being - please pass it along as applicable - along with BB UK info - it's crraaazzzyyyy this season!

For the friends and families

So your spouse/significant other, sibling or child or cousin, or buddy or neighbor or co-worker has been cast on Big Brother, what fun! But you're in for a few surprises

First, realize the TV editors' job isn't to make your person look good: they're making a TV show.. they might put your person's worst or dumbest moments on the show, and they often specialize in "out of context".. nothing will change that, you just need to accept it

Second, the vast majority of BB fans and feedsters are fun, funny, kind-hearted people, but nearly all BB fans and most sites, myself included, have some fun at the hamsters' expense (I call them hamsters because watching live feeds is like watching and poking at hamsters in a cage).. some folks can take it to vicious, hateful extremes and others can become obsessive, stalkerish fanatics, and social media has magnified that exponentially in the last several years.. if you try to bait or argue with the haters or let the obsessive ones get too close, you'll probably regret it

Third, not everyone is going to love your person, no matter how much you think they should.. every single hamster has both fans and haters.. even the most popular ones have hardcore haters, and the least popular ones always have some dedicated fans.. your person is going to come home after all this and be whoever they were before, and that's what matters.. until then, count to ten before engaging with viewers of either extreme

Mostly just have fun, bookmark and save things you come across for your person when they get home, and try to relax - even/especially if they're about to be evicted.. they all survive

But don't take my word for it, read it from three who have been there: see For the friends and loved ones by BB15 Spencer Clawson's girlfriend Marilyn, about watching her guy on one of BB USA's most volatile seasons, Advice to houseguests's moms & dads by BB17 winner Steve Moses's mom Kathleen, and What it's really like to be the Mother of an All-Star by BB6/7 Janelle Pierzina's mom Ann.. ongoing thanks to both of them for sharing their thoughts


Big Brother UK

BB UK began another non-celeb season on June 7, featuring a second group of hamsters called "Others" locked in a separate habitat, at least for now.. use Hide My Ass to watch from outside the UK.. there are loads of other VPNs out there but I use and recommend HMA because it's safe, secure, and easy to use (just select a UK server), available for multiple platforms, plus they have great customer service for questions or problems.. I get a small commission if you sign up using my link, so thanks in advance

With HMA, you can watch live at Channel 5's online live stream link.. shows are usually daily but check the air show schedule - remember UK time is 8 hours ahead of Pacific and 5 hours ahead of Eastern.. the official site has archive air shows and talk shows, highlights, previews, and info


Nicole: When you assume things, later on it makes a fool out of you

Jozea: I'm like a messiah for the newbies

Frank re 2am meeting: They know I go to bed early, they're gonna take notes and tell me in the morning

Paul: I'm so glad none of you are fuckin weenies.. if I got stuck in here with a bunch of weenies, I'd be mad

Jozea to Glenn: 50 is the new 20!
Jozea in Diary: 50 is NOT the new 20

Paulie: I'm gonna human centipede this

There were a lot more (a very lot) but it was a busy night.. I'll get there


Get the feeds to see the real show

Dick at Nite with Evel Dick Donato, first show after June 23 BB

On The Block McCrae, Spencer and special guests all seasons stats, comps, factoids, and fun stuff by @attwx

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Differences between BB Canada and USA and Confessions of a BB feed watcher articles by me, for Reality Blurred

Big Brother UK
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Air shows live stream
Air show schedule (UK time)
Archive shows
UK TV for Roku for live air shows, for $1.99 per month

Ratings - Meet Your Hamsters edition

Ratings are usually based on entertainment value but this is a meet 'n greet special with extra-hasty snap judgments, so free neutrals for all.. I'll wait for feeds to decide who will be fun and who won't

Cast reveal is always dicey because they obviously have their best face on and it's not necessarily their true face. It's like how you'd act on a blind date compared to after you move in together.. wait til the feeds start before proclaiming undying loyalty (or worse) to this one or that. They're being very quiet about the missing slots and twist(s) so far, but that will all come out soon enough. I'm pleased we don't have an excess of barely legals but other than a couple more Latinos than usual, the fresh dozen does seem to follow the usual casting formula more or less, which is kind of surprising after Les Moonves' public comments about being disappointed with the BB17 group.. oh snap. Maybe he just meant too many blondes.


Bridgette Dunning, 24
Ventura, CA
(originally Fresno, CA)
Traveling ER nurse
Has a boyfriend - no showmancing

I'm always relieved when there's a medico in there because you never know. I like and respect her non-pretentious hairstyle but #Deathrace2016 might suffer as a result. She likes sci-fi and comedy (a superb combo), and she also likes yoga - maybe she'll break out the spontaneous bendy like BB15 Elissa. She says she's a 'big fan' of the show but time will tell if she always was or if she cultivated an interest in her sequester hotel room, and she says she's a 'really bad liar'.. uh oh. She gave her cat Hercules a shoutout in her Jefferview, as she should.


Bronte D'Acquisto, 26
Denver, CO
(originally San Diego, CA)
Student (graduate student/math)
Single, but more willing to fauxmance than showmance

She wants to be a mathematician and cited calculus, statistic and probability in her bio, but she doesn't know her times tables. She says she needs seasick pills to run, so spinny comps will be interesting. #Deathrace2016 might benefit if her hair accessories fail, but probably not since she's got a nice, no-nonsense 'do like Bridgette. She claims to be a fan but she amended that to 'new fan' and she's only seen BB16 and half of BB17 (in sequester?) plus she's been found on casting and modeling sites. She wants to be the new Derrick, but I have my doubts. Her voice will annoy many but I think it's cute.. I liked Holly too.

Won: $2,500

Corey Brooks, 25
Dallas, TX
Baseball coach and 'in real estate'
Single, and plans to be flirty and charming

This guy is so wholesome it's like he stepped out of Full House. He seems like he's got that combo of athletic skill, smarts, and likeability to go all the way, but he also plans on making 'as many alliances as possible' and we know how deliciously that blows up anymore. Yet he also doesn't want to be a floater, so he clearly doesn't realize his own goal is to be one. He's another recent fan who may not have heard of BB a year ago. He said his house is like a frathouse plus he likes BB16 Cody, so I expect some serious bro-ing with Paulie and maybe others. He says he's a sleepwalker - that would be fabulous feeds! He says he'll do anything to win but also that his reputation is worth more than $500,000 - if so, he should have deleted his derogatory language tweets.


Da'Vonne Rogers, 28
Inglewood, CA
(originally Lancaster, CA)
Poker dealer and 16th place BB17
Single? not sure, with a daughter

I thought she was great feeds, mostly for the things that got her an early boot. She was the Diary star for the first ep, with much misdirection that she'd be gone first but fortunately, she wasn't. Here's hoping she sticks longer than last time.


Frank Eudy, 32
Marion, AR
(originally Charlotte, NC)
Medical sales rep and 7th place BB14
Single, I think

Minority opinion maybe, but I didn't mind him nearly as much as some did. I think a lot of that came from Janelle & Britney trashing him for game purposes, and feedsters ran with it. Like Nicole, he wore two costumes with flair, and he could (almost) always be counted on to save himself when he had to.


James Huling, 32
Sumter, SC
(originally Wichita Falls, TX)
Staff recruiter and 7th place BB17
Single? I think, with a daughter

I thought he was fun feeds most of the time, especially when he stopped pal'ing around and being offensive with Jeff. He came up with silly games for the downtime plus pranks galore, he wasn't as bad a gamer as some, and he wore a kitty hat like nobody's business.


Jozea Flores, 25
Los Angeles, CA
(originally Bridgeton, NJ)
Celeb makeup artist and model
Single but 'that topic's a little bit touchy'

He thinks living in the BB house will be easy because he's had roommates before.. ha! He claims celebrity makeup but he wouldn't drop any names for Jeff. He only 'recently' got into BB, so he might be yet another recruit, but he promises 'superb gameplay'. The last time he cried was when someone took his special food at home, so he should be fun as a Have-not. People have noticed a resemblance to BB16 Devin but if they told us about two siblings, why would they keep a third secret? Also, I don't think Devin is Puerto Rican. He also goes by Jossie Flores - Google it for an eyeful.


Michelle Meyer, 23
Washington Township, MI
Nutritionist (recent graduate)

We've identified the designated 'superfan' and she's legit, feeds and all. She even badmouthed some of Rob Cesternino's Rob Has a Podcast people on Reddit so points for knowing them, but oops! She wants to go to bed early but knows that's bad in BB, she says she'll take all the punishments but she hates being cold, and she says she'll showmance if it'll help her game - well, those have been doing better lately. She snorts when she laughs and she's ready and willing to lie and backstab, so bring it on!


Natalie Negrotti, 26
Franklin Park, NJ
(originally Caracas, Venezuela)
Non-profit event coordinator
Single, but won't sleep with anyone to win

We haven't had many foreign-born hamsters before, so that's interesting. She's bilingual and bright - her finance claim is legit, as is her NFL cheerleading. She's also about pageants and makeup, and she might bring back HOH nail parties. She's yet another new fan to the show, but her aunt used to watch it so at least she'd heard of it before. She wants to create an all-girl alliance, and as welcome and refreshing as that would be, we know how it's likely to play out. She's my pre-season pick for #Deathrace2016 front-runner, because she's got a lot of hair.

Won: $2,500

Nicole Franzel, 23
Ubly, MI
ER nurse and 7th place BB16

I never had a problem with her on feeds - she's pleasant, cute, she didn't make a sticky mess of her showmance on feeds, and she endured two costumes like a champ. Granted, she already had a second shot since she won the Revive-a-Hamster comp in her season, but nobody was going to beat Derrick anyway. Best of all, she's a stellar contestant for #Deathrace2016: her hair does some wondrous things.


Paul Abrahamian, 23
Tarzana, CA
Clothing designer

Official bio says 23 but he says 22. Bio also says clothing designer, he says clothing company owner, and he also models and plays guitar in an alternative metal band. Add in Pepperdine graduate, and he seems more well rounded than many. The tats and beard will be a focus, but I love that he says he's observant and sneaky, and knows how to get under people's skin - that makes for great hamsterwatching right there. He says he's a fan since he was a kid because 'it was always on' but he can't imagine a scenario where he'd have to shave his beard.. hello, the shave your head veto could always go beardy. He promised us good feeds - let's hope he delivers.


Paulie Calafiore, 27
Howell, NJ
DJ and BB16 Cody's brother
Single, I think

Why is he shirtless in the first batch of CBS cast pics? He and Nicole will know each other, so how will that work? He knows it'd be foolish to pretend he isn't Cody's brother so he'll be open about that, even though this cast seems more recruit-heavy than usual. He says he wants to play Cody's 'exact social game' except he'd rather keep big players at the end than (Victoria). Time will tell, or not, if he'd make a similar decision at finals than Cody did, should he get there. He said he wants to pay off his parents' mortgage and sister's school bills, so expect the dreaded 'deserves it' debates.

Won: $2,500

Tiffany Rousso, 32
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
(originally West Palm Beach, FL)
High school teacher and BB17 Vanessa's sister
Single, I think

Unlike Paulie, she seems unsure whether to admit she's Vanessa's sister or not. It's not mentioned in her bio and Jeff had a hard time pulling it out of her. They speak and look similar, and she doesn't plan on volunteering that info to her roomies, or denying it if it comes out. I'm just hoping Tiffany doesn't bring a green beanie or excessive tears. She and James & Da'Vonne will know each other, so how will that work? She played and won BB17 Audrey's online Sequester game, so that gives her some BB street cred. I'm sure Jeff misspoke when he said 'obviously your season, you know everything, what to expect' right?


Victor Arroyo, 25
Slidell, LA
Gym manager
Single, and ready to flirt and showmance

He sounds like he'll be in the workout zone more often than most, but I have high hopes for some #Deathrace2016 action from his hair. He admits he's not a 'superfan' and his BB viewing sounds like it could be limited to what they gave him in his hotel room. He's a finance graduate so he's no dummy, and while that doesn't necessarily mean anything here, he knows social game is important. He seems likeable overall and I could see him being the leader of the bros, and we are heavy on bros (again). He's Puerto Rican so four Latinos, I believe? Pretty cool and unusual for BB USA, and I'm wondering if we got some of Gran Hermano US's castoffs.


Zakiyah Everette, 24
Charlotte, NC
Preschool teacher
Single, and ready to showmance

Another schoolteacher, she teaches 3-year-olds so she definitely has some useful skills for this habitat. She's going to miss getting her celeb gossip and her favorite player is BB11/13 Jordan, so here's hoping she has a good social game. She's a fan since BB3 and that's encouraging, especially among the many recruits and latecomers, but she sounds ready and almost eager to showmance, so maybe not. She says she's ready to mouth off if necessary, so I'm a bit hopeful for drama and good feeds. She's either got stellar #Deathrace2016 potential or her hair will be perfect at all times, it's too soon to call.

Won: $2,500

Glenn Garcia, 50
Bronx, NY
Mobile dog groomer/former police detective
Engaged with a 9-year-old daughter

EVICTED by comp
I don't like having to combine an intro with an obit, but that's how the dog biscuit crumbles. He seemed like a fun guy with potential for fun feeds, especially his admission that he'd be 'willing to flirt if necessary' but he also might have gotten into heated political discussions, and BB is not the place for that. He didn't technically get Jodi'd since he got to compete, but gone before feeds is never good, and neither is trial by combat. Too bad the token older/regular person/fan got the first boot but young, pretty, hormonal hamsters are all the rage anymore.


Pinkyswears: 1
Pre-feeds/premiere: Michelle & Tiffany

Stuntcasts: 6
Paulie, Tiffany plus Da'Vonne, Frank, James, Nicole

Scandals outside BB world: 1
Corey's old tweets

RIP The Soup


 1 Mixed up James and Da'Vonne
 2 Highly promoted cast reveal postponed
 3 PopTV shows BBAD starting a day early
 4 3 days? 4 days? Close enough
 5 Whose/who's error
 6 Omitted Boogie's winning season BB7
 7 Mixed up Michelle and Nicole

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Wednesday's premiere was first for the hour with 6.14 million viewers, 1.8 rating and 7 share, ahead of Masterchef on FOX with 3.73/1.0/4, American Ninja Warrior rerun on NBC with 3.56/1.0/4, and The Middle and The Goldbergs reruns on ABC with 3.82/0.8/3 and 3.34/0.8/3 respectively.

Thursday's 2nd premiere also won the hour with 5.56 million viewers, 1.7 rating and 6 share, ahead of Battle Bots premiere (2nd hour) on ABC with 3.86/1.0/4, Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge on NBC with 2.66/0.7/3, and Home-Free on FOX with 2.19/0.5/2.

Rating & share = adults 18-49
Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV


Big Brother 18 FAQ
Day 1 Move-in was June 15
Day 8 CBS premiere is June 22
Day 9 Feeds begin June 23
Day 99 Finale is September 21

Feeds are streamed by CBS, and Flashback remains accessible via All Access subscription. Call 888-274-5343 for account help, including cancellation.

CBS shows are Sundays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, eviction Thursdays 9pm (Global in Canada).

Big Brother After Dark is on POP and airs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday midnight to 3am, Tuesday 11pm to 3am, Thursday 1am to 3am. The aired blocks are recorded earlier on the same night.

The CBS app (by CBS Interactive) plays BB air shows and other CBS shows, but not feeds. Use your browser to watch feeds on mobile devices. The same All Access link used to subscribe will lead to the feeds viewing page if you're already signed up.

BB18 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. Stipend for the others is $1,000 per week again, including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. Recruits or those with established pre-season fan bases might get more.

The habitat has 87 HD cameras (up seven) and over 100 microphones.

The recorded in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

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