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-Kyle was first to enter
-Day 82 Sept 25: 2 hour finale

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Power Status

Brochella evicted: Jasmine 2-0

Dyre Fest evicted: Joseph 2-0

Head of Household: Turner
Original noms: Brittany, Taylor
Veto winner/outcome: TBA
Final noms: TBA
Evicted: TBA

Alliance charts by @89razorskate20

Alliance maps by @Dolffica

Diary segment tallies by @clamperls4

Ratings Watch
Wednesday's show won the hour with 0.87 rating and 3.989 million viewers, ahead of America's Got Talent on NBC with 0.60/5.548, MasterChef on FOX with 0.45/2.327, and The Conners and The Goldbergs reruns on ABC with 0.29/2.018 and 0.21/1.359.

Thursday's almost-live show won the hour with 0.7 rating and 3.484 million viewers, ahead of Law & Order SVU rerun on NBC with 0.4/3.253, Generation Gap on ABC with 0.4/2.953, and Welcome to Flatch rerun on FOX with 0.2/0.729.
Overnight rating: adults 18-49, percent of all TV households

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Sunday, September 25 finale will be two hours 8-10pm

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Daily Feeds Recaps

Day 52 - Friday - August 26, 2022

It turns out last night's show was indeed not quite live: they taped about an hour early. This morning brought an early HOH lockdown as the middle-size table for eight arrived, along with a new dishwasher.

Turner got his HOH room last night around 2.40am, with a letter from his mom, beer, and music by Tyler the Creator. Meetings kicked off late and ran til 5am, with Turner pledging loyalty to Leftovers, the Pound, and the After Party - that will be hard to pull off. His noms plan was Alyssa and Terrance, so that would appease those who don't realize Leftovers are effectively done, at least until veto, but it turned out that plan was pure shmooze. This morning he and Monte and Kyle rehashed and told tales, and ran multiple scenarios with a mostly anti-Michael/Brittany angle, and Turner asked for suggestions of which order to use for Michael, Brittany, and Taylor noms. They tentatively settled on Brittany and Taylor, due to Michael's proven veto skills (even though only two will sit out veto this week, so odds are good Michael will play regardless).

Kyle said he felt Monte and Turner were the only people he can "have a logical conversation with." When Monte left, Turner and Kyle fist-bumped, and Turner said he trusts Monte and they agreed to fill him in about last week and After Party. Turner said that meeting was "a good ease" into that, and said "getting out a cluster [one of Brittany/Michael/Taylor] is more important than getting Monte." And he said Monte could then be proactive about making amends with Alyssa and Terrance, rather than it being "Kyle and Turner told me." Turner suggested bringing Monte into the outsiders group, and Kyle asked if they should tell him everything including that Kyle spilled it all? Turner said that's up to him. Turner then told Alyssa his noms will be Brittany and Taylor, and his "cluster" logic, and said Brittany/Michael/Taylor all pushed for Alyssa and Terrance noms last night.

Michael, who'd noticed how long Monte and Kyle had been in HOH, finally met again with Turner, who implied he'd still be putting up Alyssa and Terrance. And Turner said "if I learn anything you're gonna be one of the first people to know" and Michael said he appreciated that. Turner added "it'll be an easy, relatively boring week." Michael didn't act very confident afterwards, and neither did Taylor who told us "today's a little nerve-wracking." She also shouted out some of her BB faves: Danielle R, Marcellas, Kat, Tiffany, Chaddha, most of BB23, Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, and she added "those are the ones top of mind." Alyssa and Brittany shmoozed each other, and Terrance shmoozed/explained last week in the backyard to Monte, who'd already heard a lot of it from Turner and Kyle. And Monte explained the early Taylor-bashing and the Taylor/Monte/Paloma misunderstanding mess to Terrance, and he told him that Michael was the target this week. The three-quarters of a Pound remainders, Kyle/Monte/Turner, started calling themselves City Council.

Turner nominated Taylor and Brittany, apparently saying it was because Joseph said he had an F3 with them. (That left Michael uninvolved at this stage, which was smart of Turner since that's his actual target.) Naturally chaos broke out all over. Taylor pulled Terrance aside to find out what was going on, and Brittany went to HOH with Turner, and cried. Turner promised her she won't go home (jury) this week. Terrance and Turner shmoozed their brains out to Taylor and Brittany respectively, and Turner continued shmoozing to Michael when they met in Have-not/Brittany's office/Kylyssa's sex lair. Turner apologized for putting Michael's friends on the block, especially after saying last night he'd put up Alyssa and Terrance, and he implied Michael will be safe this week, and he lied that he had no idea what he was going to do until he was pulling the keys out of the bag. Michael said he felt like he "should be mad" but he played it cool. Turner later told Kyle that Michael had been chill, with an "as long as it's not me" type attitude. Kyle and Monte met up to scheme.


Turner met with Alyssa and said every time he's HOH people end up crying (welcome to Big Brother). Brittany cried to Michael because the Joseph story wasn't true, and Michael said he figured he'll be the renom but he played nice with Turner, and he stressed they both have to keep their cool. Brittany said she felt she had to tell Alyssa everything, to stay good with her. Taylor met with Turner and said she and Joseph had talked about F4 with Brittany and Michael but they never locked it in. Taylor asked if there was an F4 with the original four guys (Pound) and Turner said no (lie). I know Brittany and Michael knew about that and discussed telling Taylor but I don't know if they ever did. Alyssa, Kyle, Turner met with Monte, presumably to bring him in to After Party as discussed earlier. Kyle said "everything" came out last week from Joseph, in a "four hour bloodbath." Recall that's how After Party agreed to tell it, leaving Kyle in the clear. Alyssa said Brittany and Michael don't know she knows anything. Michael arrived so that meeting went on hold.

Along the way, Michael wondered why Joseph would tank Brittany and Taylor on his way out the door, and said he might take down Taylor if he plays and wins veto, rather than Brittany, for vote purposes. Terrance had a long talk with Taylor, talking about how they'd been voting out their own people, talking about "the demise of our people" (while being fully onboard with booting Taylor). Terrance later told Brittany she has his support. And Kyle and Michael had a mutual shmooze session. And Taylor told Alyssa everything that's been said about Joseph made no sense. Alyssa told her Joseph said the showmance with Taylor was fake, and Taylor said yes they'd agreed to say that so people would let them talk to each other sometimes, but added they did like flirting with each other. Taylor said terrible things had been said about her and Alyssa acted surprised and said she was sorry to hear that, and she hoped nobody said she'd said anything. Monte all but told Taylor outright that he thought Kyle was the outsiders spiller rather than Joseph.

Alyssa talked with Brittany and Michael, giving them openings to admit Leftovers, but they didn't. (Kyle had previously "advised" them not to.) But a little later Brittany did tell Alyssa about the alliance, and Taylor later said Alyssa had been giving the same openings they'd given Jasmine to make her confessions about what they already knew (bingo). And Taylor said everyone's Dyre stories were too similar, "it's too coordinated, too in line." Monte and Taylor agreed one of the insiders would end up going this week no matter what. She asked if he'd take her down if he plays and wins veto and he said yes. Monte told Turner he didn't really believe Joseph brought up a final four with Brittany, Michael, Taylor.

Alyssa told Turner, Kyle, Monte that Brittany had finally spilled to her. Kyle said "two hours on the block, took her long enough" apparently having forgotten already that he spilled to Terrance last week before he even hit the block. Monte and Terrance met in Have-not to check in and compare notes, with Terrance toeing his new company line about what happened in the backyard last week. Kyle told Alyssa and Turner that Brittany/Michael/Taylor were tighter than he'd realized, adding "I thought Monte, Joseph, and Taylor were the closest, it was a misread on my part." Uhh okay.

Eventually Alyssa, Kyle, Monte, Terrance, Turner were all in HOH, and they finalized their new group, but I don't think they came up with a name. Terrance said he was happy to have an alliance and said he'd be business as usual, hanging out in his room talking to his wife. In the gym, Michael told Brittany he wants to expose Kyle's white alliance plan and Cookout 2.0 references "if the veto goes wrong." She asked who she should pick for veto if she can't pick him, and he said Terrance. Monte later told Michael that Turner seemed changed, and he thought Alyssa and Terrance knew more than they were letting on. Monte also reported to Taylor. Taylor told Michael "I think Kyle or Turner knew what was up with their standing in Leftovers, and they decided to do something about it."

Meetings and whispers finally eased up a bit around 9.30pm, and several of them foraged for something to eat. Trust, all this is just scratching the surface of all the post-noms convos, and I hopefully caught anything that will end up being important later. To recap this too-lengthy collection of convo snippets: Turner is sticking with the Dyre outsiders and targeting Michael, Joseph was blamed for spilling everything and Kyle got away clean, and Monte's the new playing both sides guy.

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Day 51 - Thursday - August 25, 2022

Brittany, Michael, Taylor complained of poor sleep between hearing the outsiders' music and a random partial BB announcement during the night, plus the usual eviction/HOH eve jitters. They also wondered and fretted how the live show lockdowns would work, since Jasmine's packing as well as things she'd left for Alyssa were in the Jetsons room where the outsiders were usually stationed. Jasmine finally got up late and hobbled her way past the front door she'd shortly be exiting through and the baubles opposite. Morning feeds were only on the insiders. They went to adoptable anipals at 11.43am and didn't come back between the tech rehearsal and later hamster rehearsal as they usually do.

The show used a split screen several times to remind us there were two games underway. There was some speculation if the show taped early. I didn't notice if the usual LIVE graphic showed up or not, and I didn't notice if the tickets site had an earlier call time than usual. Not that it really matters either way but if they did tape an hour or two early, it was probably to get the Dyre out of the yard and set up for the HOH comp so the crew could get home at a decent hour. I'm guessing.


They went right to the Brochella speeches and the first vote after a short recap. Taylor and Brittany voted to evict Jasmine and she practically bounded on onstage. She had admitted in a Diary segment she'd been playing up her ankle injury to appear weak to the rest of them, which surprised absolutely nobody out here. Michael and Brittany both exposed the alliance of seven in their farewells.


Dyre Festers had a meatier recap segment including Terrance and Alyssa not believing Joseph's version of the season over Kyle's lies, plus the formalizing of After Party alliance. Their live (or taped) segment was in the yard informally again, and Turner and Alyssa went upstairs to their makeshift Diary Room to evict Joseph. He went through the house to Julie's studio, with the Brochellas locked away somewhere. He told Julie he didn't regret playing with loyalty, and he said Kyle's game is not one he'd play, and he mentioned having a moral compass but said he should have seen it coming.

Julie announced the twist was over and she sent the surviving Dyre outsiders to greet the Brochella survivors, and both sides discovered who was missing. There were hugs all around and it was pretty subdued, and then the credits rolled. Feeds came back at 7.08pm and Kyle had a quick whisper with Turner who was showering, Alyssa held court with Brittany and later Michael, Kyle and Monte checked in, and Turner shmoozed Monte as planned. Convos I heard were mostly about Tiffany hosting the insiders veto, comparing living conditions for both sides, and more shmooze at least until they knew who'd be HOH. Feeds went to anipals a little after 8pm for that.


Feeds came back a little before 10pm and Turner had won his second HOH. It was the stacking tiny things with tweezers comp that had previously been used a couple times for veto. Michael and Terrance were in punky outfits to host. Michael and Taylor had a quick check-in in the pantry, apparently oblivious to the mutiny underway. Michael said "as long as he puts those two up, we're good no matter what," presumably referring to Alyssa and Terrance? Taylor later told Terrance in the pantry there'd been "a fake alliance called Girls Girls" that she was excluded from, and he said he heard about that "too." I don't know what the too referred to, if they'd mentioned Leftovers to each other or what. Taylor said she figured Kyle would have been his target last week and Terrance said he had been originally, but then Joseph's stories didn't add up. Brittany described the stay or fold veto to Turner, and he said she'd be safe this week. She mentioned an article she'd seen with him and Megan about their shop and said she'd recognized him from that at move-in, but she wouldn't say more. Turner also told Michael he'd be safe this week.

IF YOU MISSED what came before, check my previous episode, always linked up top or from my season index, and get the feeds to catch anything you missed with Flashback!

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Ratings - TBA edition

Ratings to be updated later, based on entertainment value

Noms count: original/renom


Won: $5,000; Week 1 Backstage Pass

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0
Have-not 1


Won: Week 1 Backstage Pass; Week 1 viewer safety vote; Week 5 immunity (HOH Bestie)

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 0


Won: TBA

HOH 0 - Veto 1 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 0/2
Have-not 1


Won: TBA

HOH 2 - Veto 3 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1


Won: TBA

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1


Won: Week 5 surviving Bestie pick; 48 hr Fancy tied to Joseph

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/2
Have-not 0


Won: Week 4 surviving Bestie pick; Week 4 immunity (HOH Bestie); 1 week 4.5 days Ink 182 temp tats

HOH 1 - Veto 1 - Noms 3/1
Have-not 1


Won: TBA

HOH 2 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0
Have-not 1


Won: Week 4 immunity (HOH Bestie); 48 hr Skid tied to Taylor

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1

3rd juror - 7th evicted - Day 51


Obit to follow

Won: Week 3 immunity (HOH Bestie); London trip

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0
Have-not 1

2nd juror - 6th evicted - Day 51


Obit to follow

Won: Punkaroo 1 week concerts

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 2/0
Have-not 1

1st juror - 5th evicted - Day 44


She was often loud and often acted more like she was playing BB Brasil than USA, with more attention given to her frequent (loud) shoutouts and camera messages than to the game going on around her. She was another of the early season Taylor haters but it lingered on with Indy after the others left or backed off. Indy was one of the few who confronted Taylor face to face (over soup), but her most vicious was a tirade to Joseph saying she HATES it when he and the guys talk with Taylor. But she was often fun and upbeat, and she was a better sport about her Punkaroo punkitard than most expected. And I always give kudos for non-native English speakers in this game that's based around whispers, conversations, and retells.

Won: Nothing

HOH 1 - Veto 0 - Co-veto 1 - Noms 0/1
Have-not 1

4th evicted - Day 37


Day 18 to Taylor: 'Don't speak to me until finale. The thing you did to Paloma you're trying to do to [Nicole], you can fuck right off. You don't think America's watching all that? You don't think so? From here on out do not speak to me. I will never forget what you did to Paloma. You think she didn't spiral because of you? You didn't add to that? And now you're trying to do it to Nicole, mind game. Do not speak to Nicole like that ever again.'
Don't get it twisted. First, mental illness doesn't work that way. Second, Terrance first suggested all that, Nicole planted it in Daniel's head, and he's the one who ran rabid with it, with her urging and blessing. They were peas from the same rotten pod and each fed off the other's vileness. I hope I never hear about either of these Toxic Twins again.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1
Have-not 1

3rd evicted - Day 30


Arrogant, aggressive, entitled, overbearing, self-serving and self-centered. She took over the Taylor hate train when Paloma left and ran it off the rails. She had no redeemable watchable qualities, least of all being entertaining in the slightest. I thought about doing Ozark ratings some week but I lost my Wendy Byrde with her exit. Verbatim quote from this 'superfan': 'They've done something that no other alliance has ever done in this game, in Big Brother history, they created a pact of people to make you think you're safe and say I got your back, and then this [betrayal] happens.' Hello? Welcome to BB.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/1
Have-not 0

2nd evicted - Day 23


She was one of the Taylor haters under Paloma's direction, but she kept it up after Paloma's exit, even after Turner referred to it in his noms speech. That was one reason she went on the block as backdoor target and eventual exit, along with Michael and Kyle stressing her general smarts. She pushed for Pooch to go after he volunteered himself, and then she was blindsided when it was her own turn to meet Julie.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Boss/immunity

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 1/0
Have-not 1

1st evicted - Day 16


Volunteering to go on the block is always dicey, but especially as early as he did before any real trust is formed. And now he knows why. He's lucky Julie was COVID-distanced or she might have whacked him. He put all his eggs in a broken Oasis basket, and he irritated a lot of them with his antics and touchy-feely. When Joseph tried to help and warn him about that, he just got mad at Joseph. Like Paloma, he talked constantly and very, very fast. He seems like he's got a good heart so good luck to him from here.

Won: Week 1 Backstage Pass

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0
Have-not 0

Left the game - Day 8


She drove the game at the start, and she ignited and fueled the unjustified Taylor hate which continued to thrive even after she left. When she started to spiral, her conspiracy theories and delusions would have been comical if they weren't indicative of something more serious going on. It was probably best for her to go when she did, and for me - her nonstop superfast talking was stressing me out.

Won: Nothing

HOH 0 - Veto 0 - Noms 0/0
Have-not 0


He was replaced pre-season by Joseph, but you can catch him on America's Got Talent and The Circle.

Lines and Links of the Day


Turner: I had the most fucked dream I've ever had, it was like Inception on meth

Taylor: What if you just refuse to leave the house when you're evicted? That'd be crazy!



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Tally Items

Extracurricular Tally

Flashback times are Pacific/BB time

Nominee speech scorchers: 2
-Taylor about Nicole
-Daniel about Michael

Blindside evictions: 2

Booze deliveries: 16
-Day 1 move-in champagne
-Day 1 Daniel HOH wine
-Day 12 Wine & beer
-Day 16 Turner HOH beer
-Day 23 Monte HOH beer
-Day 26 Wine & beer
-Day 30 Michael HOH hard cider
-Day 33 Wine & beer
-Day 35 Wine & beer
-Day 37 Taylor HOH hard cider
-Day 40 Wine & hard seltzer
-Day 43 Wine & beer halfway party
-Day 44 Big Brochella beer
-Day 44 Michael HOH hard cider
-Day 47 Big Brochella beer & margaritas
-Day 51 Turner HOH beer

(Day 9 Jasmine HOH? maybe)

Minor fights: 1
-Day 30 Daniel vs Monte (8/7 show)

Makeout pairings: 1

Sex events: 3
-Day 38 Alyssa/Kyle (retell 8/14 1.59pm)
-Day 41 Alyssa/Kyle ('10 seconds' 8/15 5.44pm)
-Day 42 Alyssa/Kyle (another '10 seconds' 8/17 2.59am)

Flop/derailed twists: 1
-Week 1 Backstage Pass

New and interesting twists: 1
-Week 7 Split house

Fires: 2
-(Ongoing) Turner's vocabulary
-Day 37 Indy's oven mitt on hot cooktop

Broken habitat items: 12
-HOH doorbell
-Shower shelf
-Golf ball snow globe toy
-Swiffer (Michael fixed)
-Kitchen/bathroom hall door
-Pantry door
-Trash can
-Pool cue (by Turner)
-One Dyre Fest porta-potty
-Kitchen floor from Taylor's stiletto

Scandals that spread outside our BB world: 7
-Marvin's reality career
-Taylor's ostracization
-Daniel attacking Taylor
-Omitting Michael's HOH letter from the show
-Kyle's anti-Cookout campaign
-Sid and Nancy costumes
-Kyle's ten second sex

Premature exits: 1

Pre-season cast swaps: 1
-Joseph for Marvin


Production Goofs

 1 Wrong show time on Julie's Twitter
 2 Misspelled 'feisty'
 3 Press pics misspelled Paloma's first and last names
 4 CBS cast page requires a few toggles to get to the current cast
 5 CBS ad labeled Pooch as an attorney
 6 Staffers seen in the backyard
 7 After Dark is STILL on P+ main BB page
 8 Veto comp setup seen on feeds
 9 Fly on the Wall site still shows BBAD
10 Anipals on feeds, for quite awhile
11 Press pics misspelled Pooch's last name
12 Julie said $750 million prize
13 The show tweeted wrong show time, and forgot premiere was live
14 Wrong show time on the show's Twitter profile
15 Forgot to add Xavier to 'complete' winners list
16 Wrong day for postponed eviction show
17 P+ tweet used 'commenced' wrong
18 Press pics captioned Kyle as Michael, twice
19 Press pics omitted Terrance ID
20 Subtitle text on 7/27 show misspelled 'bawling'
21 Swinging Diary star light on 7/27 show
22 Adjusted Central time the wrong direction
23 Show went gray for a sec on 7/28 show
24 Julie eviction/nominee mixup 7/28 show
25 Forgot to update browser tab text to 2022
26 Swinging Diary star light on 7/31 show
27 Press pics put Pooch eviction on wrong show
28 Audio glitch on 8/4 live show
29 Mispelled Alyssa's name on 8/4 episode description
30 8/7 show press pics forgot to update day/date
31 Two vetos shown for OTEV comp when a Besties trio played
32 Press pics got Turner's name wrong
33 Tweeted 'down pact' for 'down pat'
34 Youtube misspelled Terrance and Monte
35 8/11 wall comp was technically 2nd endurance
36 Left three vetos on the wall after Besties ended
37 Were/we're error
38 8/14 recap credited Leftovers with Pooch's eviction, which happened before they formed
39 Episode description used 'fast' for 'fest'
40 Staffer heard on feeds
41 Press pics misspelled Jasmine's name
42 Episode description said 'who will joins Terrane'
43 Dyre Fest glimpse on feeds when they were off limits
44 Another Dyre Fest glimpse on feeds
45 Press pics still misspelling Tiffany's last name

Season Stats

HOHs in order: Daniel; Jasmine; Turner; Monte; Michael; Taylor; Michael + Terrance; Turner

Veto winners in order: Michael; Michael; Brittany/Michael; Daniel/Kyle; Michael; Kyle; Brittany + Terrance

Evictions in order: [Paloma left]; [Nobody]; Pooch 12-0; Ameerah 7-4; Nicole 9-1; Daniel 8-1; Indy 7-1; Jasmine 2-0 + Joseph 2-0

Cast Twitters: @poochie_maneee; @DowntownDurston

Cast Instagrams: @paloma.angeliki; @poochie_maneee; @ameerous; @thebutchergoddess11; @danieldurston

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Who should get Week 1 Backstage safety?
> Brittany but it didn't play out as anything



-Five inside Big Brochella and five outside Dyre Fest
-Each side plays week as usual with HOH, noms, veto, eviction
-The sides play separately, no contact with each other
-Winner & runner-up of starting HOH comp determined HOHs, who were Michael (Big Brochella) and Terrance (Dyre Fest)
-HOHs picked their teams playground style

-Surviving nominee chose another set of Besties to join
-Same rules applied as before for trios

-Everyone was paired with another
-Besties nominated and compete as duos
-Have-nots are also in pairs
-HOH determines noms but their pair has safety
-One duo to play veto with HOH duo and nominated duo
-Anyone on veto winning team can choose to use it
-Both nominees come off if veto used

-Pooch picked Backstage Boss card at move-in
-He had Week 1 immunity, couldn't compete or vote
-He picked Alyssa, Brittany, Paloma for Backstage
-They couldn't compete, be nominated, or vote
-They weren't guaranteed safety
-Twist was cancelled when Paloma left, with no repercussions



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"Position the habitat of your hamster somewhere light and airy, away from drafts, heaters, direct sunlight
and other pets. Never put it on or near a television, radio or hi-fi, or a fridge."